I BELIEVE; HELP ME OVERCOME MY UNBELIEF - The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations - SCOAN - Prophet T.B. Joshua (General Overseer)


During the singing ministration, the right hand of God landed upon worshippers as a rich array of songs flowed from The SCOAN Choir repertoire. ‘The Arena of Liberty’ was charged with amazing evidence of the supernatural. From the vomiting of blood and other poisonous substances to uncontrollable contortions of the body, God’s awesomeness was visible all the way.

Prophet Racine started his message on the culinary note of the tastiness of ‘Djolof rice’, although his real focus was on what he called ‘Djolof manna’ – the metaphorical divine food that keeps the Christian perpetually filled. Quoting David’s assertion in Psalm 119:103 – “Your words are sweeter than honey to my taste” – Racine asked the congregation several questions regarding who a true Christian is and how to tell such a person apart, citing Hebrews 11:6. In answering the question, he said it would be wrong to hinge true Christianity on mere outward efforts to stop doing certain things, e.g. smoking, drinking, lying, without being truly righteous inside. He described righteousness as a gift from God and stated that it is only God’s enablement that can help a person to truly stop sinning and exercise implicit faith in God at all times, no matter the circumstance.

As such, his message titled “I BELIEVE; HELP ME OVERCOME MY UNBELIEFdwelt on the need for Christians to prayerfully rely on God in all situations. Like the father of the demon-possessed boy in his proof text of Mark 9:23-29, Prophet Racine said that anybody who wants to make spiritual progress must admit their weakness and seek God’s help in dealing with the storms of life. He further added, “God looks at the heart. He is not looking at love now but love in fifteen years, love in thirty years, love forever. Not faithfulness now but faithfulness in five years, ten years, faithfulness forever.” He ended by advising Christians not to boast of their own works but to seek to create the right atmosphere and relationship with God.

After the well-received sermon, God Almighty moved mightily amidst His people as the prophets and prophetesses laid anointed hands upon worshippers, bringing down demonic strongholds for good.



For 10 years, former Malawian diplomat Mr Carlton Sichinga and his wife jointly suffered from difficulty in walking due to lumbar spondylosis. Equally, both also experienced burning sensations in their chest. Straddled with supports around their waists and affected areas, the couple hobbled about their lives.

Having exhausted their options, the couple ran to God a fortnight ago as they presented themselves for prayers at The SCOAN. After the prayers, husband and wife took to their feet once again without using any mobility aids. “We had a tough, tough time in our house,” recalled Mr Sichinga, saying that his wife hadn’t been able to give him food and he hadn’t been able to render her any services himself. “I felt as if something came out of my head, as if my head had disappeared,” he said hilariously of what he had felt when Prophetess Yinka laid an anointed hand on him. Mrs Sichinga said that her doctor had advised her to visit The SCOAN after examining her condition. “I felt as if something shocked me and I became very light,” Besta said of the effect of the prayer on her body. Carlton advised people to realise that God’s power exists and is available to us all.


For eight years, Malawian Mrs Hilda Sheena, a 54-year-old based in the USA, had suffered from difficulty in walking due to lumbar spondylosis and spinal stenosis. Despite being given a knee brace and ankle support, as well as participating in several physiotherapy sessions, Hilda could not walk for long distances. She also could not sit for long and sleep frequently eluded her. She always had to swallow painkillers and receive injections to help ease her pain. Tired of this debilitating condition, Hilda had sought divine help at The SCOAN two Sundays ago. She said, “I believe this is my last bus stop and that God will heal me in Jesus’ name.” During the healing session of the Sunday Service, Prophetess Yinka commanded, “Whatever chain satan must have used to connect you to himself – out, in the name of Jesus Christ!” Immediately, the anointing surged through Hilda and she began to vomit the evil deposits in her system. Afterwards, she burst into tears of joy as she glorified God for healing her. Last Sunday, Hilda returned to church for her full testimony. She told of how her former ailment had caused her severe discomfort. “It was a very difficult journey,” she said, adding that she could do no more than make a cup of coffee for herself. She said that her faith had been lifted by the miracles she had seen on Emmanuel TV. “This God is an awesome God,” she asserted. She advised people to bring their problems before God.


After being bitten by a dog in a compound, a grotesque, cancerous wound developed on the leg of Mrs Eucharia Egelonu. Doctors had advised that she have the leg amputated. Even large amounts of stitches could not close the gaping sore. As time went on, her leg became extremely smelly and repugnant. The revolting odour caused friends and family to keep their distance. Eucharia was then advised to visit The SCOAN where she received prayers from Prophet T.B. Joshua. Immediately after the prayer, Eucharia received strength in her leg and began to run and jump.

Weeks later, Eucharia had returned to The SCOAN to show the state of her once-battered leg: Only the scar remained. Last Sunday, 20 years after her healing, Eucharia yet again returned to testify of the permanence of her healing. Now close to 60 years of age, she recalled how she had felt when Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for her. “It was as if that leg was removed and I was given a new one,” she said. She explained that the blood and fluid had in fact dried up after two days. “See my leg now, 20 years after,” she said while raising her dress for all to see. “I was so smelly then!” she also remembered. Eucharia’s daughter, who accompanied her to church, said, “There is nothing God cannot do.” Eucharia urged people to believe in Jesus Christ.


After an accident 22 years ago, then 29-year-old Ms Graziela De Sousa began to find it difficult to walk owing to lumbar spondylosis. Because of her condition over the years, she also came down with other ailments such as kidney stones, migraine, low blood pressure and depression. Despite her lumbar corset, the formerly sporty Mozambican lost her agility as pain took over her body. Two Sundays ago, as Prophetess Yinka prayed for Graziela, she asked her to look unto Jesus Christ, the Healer. She thereafter commanded God’s power to flow through every damaged area of Graziela’s body and instantly, the power surged through Graziela, causing her to almost break into a sprint. Graziela started her testimony last Sunday by saying, “I arrived here in pain.” She told of how she had had to use loads of medication, reporting, “I didn’t get used to the medications; my medications got used to me, so they stopped working.” It was in that state of health that she had come to The SCOAN as “the last resort,” having been egged on by her mother over the years. Graziela said of how the prayer made her feel, “It felt as if a sticker was being pulled off my body,” as she shed tears of joy. She now sleeps peacefully and can walk perfectly. She advised people to seek the Lord for healing.


During Prophecy Time at a Sunday Service sometime in the latter part of 2019, Prophet T.B. Joshua pointed to a woman among the congregation. He asked her, “Where is your little one?” “He’s at home,” she gestured backwards with her hand. The man of God further probed, “Do you know the reason I am asking?” The woman answered, “Yes, sir,” to which God’s servant noted, “You struggled to have that one.” He thereafter told her that she had lost a child before and that she was on the verge of losing another one. “I am seeing the same spirit pursuing this one,” Prophet T.B. Joshua disclosed. That was the prophecy given to Mrs Lorenta Oseyande, whose son, Genesis, had been lying on a hospital bed in South Africa for two months. He had been struck by a disease that was causing him to waste away. Foaming at the mouth, he could neither talk nor eat and could not move his hands. Following the advice of a close friend of Genesis, Lorenta ran to The SCOAN for divine intervention since he was not responding to treatment. After Lorenta’s encounter with God’s servant, Genesis was visited by relatives who showed him a video of the prophecy his mother had received. Within hours, Genesis began to improve. When told that the young man’s mother had been to The SCOAN for prayers and had received a prophecy from Prophet T.B. Joshua, the doctor promptly acknowledged God’s uncommon anointing upon the ministry. “My son called me on Tuesday, two days after the prophecy and said he was recovering,” she told the church. Also in church last Sunday, Genesis himself spoke of how he had felt a sensation in his body after watching the video. Demonstrating his healing, he advised young people to give their lives to Christ. His mother advised people to believe in God’s ability to give them a testimony.


“I put her where I want her to be – scattered and tattered…. I am the Queen,” so said the evil spirit that had been troubling the life of Mrs Tricia Egharevba during her deliverance two Sundays ago. Standing beside Tricia was her husband, who was carrying their daughter and their two sons, the younger one for whom the couple had in fact been in church owing to the seizures he had been having. Last Sunday, the family returned to church to testify about God’s goodness in their lives. Tricia’s deliverance was not the only blessing that the family received, even if it appeared to have overshadowed everything else. She told the story of how the spirit of anger had tormented her in her school days, causing her to be expelled twice from school. She also told of how she had been a menace to her children and husband. She would beat the children mercilessly and would randomly pick fights with her husband, threatening to quit the marriage over the slightest reason.

Unknown to Tricia, her aggressiveness had caused her 11-year-old son to develop a deep-seated fear of her person. To help him cope with the situation at home, he would feign illness or injury, having realised that was the only way to witness his mother’s soft side. Along the line, he took solace in eating paper after finding a schoolmate doing the same. Although she always regretted her actions afterwards, Tricia took pleasure in harassing and fighting her husband, often making him go through avoidable stress by forcing him to cook for the family after a long day at work, despite her being at home for the whole day. Tricia told of how, at eight months of pregnancy, she had fought her sister-in-law fiercely over a little matter. She told of how she had fought her husband after finding out she had fallen pregnant with their third child. Despite the pain she felt during the pregnancy, Tricia continued to fight her husband. These are but a few of the experiences that had tormented the Egharevba family but freedom finally came after they visited The SCOAN.

Today, Tricia has become a new creation, doing the home chores, petting her children and caring for her husband. No longer easily moved to anger, Tricia is now filled with calmness instead of vitriol towards those who try to provoke her. Happy that his wife is now a changed person, Mr Victor Egharevba said things have been awesome since his wife’s deliverance, with their second son no longer having seizures. “Nothing is impossible for God to do,” he said. In very articulate expressiveness, the Egharevbas’ first child narrated all he had suffered at his mother’s hands and thanked God for the peace that is now in the family. “Run to any living church for your deliverance,” Tricia advised her listeners and viewers.


As at mid-February 2020, Abuja-based Mrs Blessing Amaechi’s pregnancy had been overdue by two months. It had all started when she had a dream in which an evil wind blew over her tummy, swaying the pregnancy left and right. Then seven months gone, she had been unable to move on the bed. After all the women in her ante-natal class had delivered their babies, Mrs Amaechi stopped going to the hospital out of shame and disappointment. Her husband became a prayer warrior, denying himself sleep and praying all through the night. As an ardent viewer of Emmanuel TV, Mrs Amaechi kept praying along with Prophet T.B. Joshua. Two Sundays ago, she made her way to The SCOAN and received prayers in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. When she got home that night, she began feeling labour pains. She managed to go to sleep and dreamt of Prophet T.B. Joshua appearing to her alongside prophetess Anne, who had prayed for her earlier that day. She said the man of God had asked the prophetess to join her faith with her own so that she would be able to have her baby. During the dream, Blessing’s right hand began to vibrate and when she woke up she placed the hand on her tummy, pronouncing deliverance upon herself. Immediately, she went into labour and had her baby at the hospital shortly afterwards that night. She named the boy Victor Miracle Amaechi after his miraculous delivery! She advised people to view their problems as no bigger than a mustard seed.


Miss Naomi Higgins, a 14-year-old student from Botswana, has always been an ardent viewer of Emmanuel TV. With her faith already solidified based on the miracles she always sees on the channel, she took the audacious step of applying to write her country’s Form 3 examination while in Form 2. Although the examination should ordinarily have been very difficult for her, Naomi found herself waltzing through it, having been inspired by Prophet T.B. Joshua as she prepared for the examination. She began to have revelations in her dream, with solutions suggesting themselves to her. Despite the fact that the devil had been trying to make her fear, Naomi had proceeded in the confidence that God would be with her. When the results were released, Naomi found that she had not only passed the examination but had also passed it with distinction, emerging as the only student to score an ‘A’ in her school. Local news outlets picked up Naomi’s story and she happily told them of how she had been inspired by Prophet T.B. Joshua’s quotes and sermons. Mrs Ruth Higgins, Naomi’s professional teacher mother, also spoke of how she had overcome career stagnation by praying along with Prophet T.B. Joshua on Emmanuel TV. As God sped up Ruth’s promotions, he made her skip one of the steps in the promotion line. The degree holder is now so favoured that she is leading fellow teachers who are more certified than she is. She advised people to realise that distance is no barrier to the move of God’s Spirit, urging them to place a demand on the anointing available at The SCOAN. Naomi advised the youth to realise that with God, everything is possible.


 Mr Cyriacus Chukwu was suffering from difficulty in walking due to lumbar disc prolapse and sciatica. There was little else doctors could do for him beyond handing him a lumbar corset and several painkillers, as well as special socks to help cushion his pain. He also had shoulder pain that made living a severe burden. As somebody whose job requires moving around, this condition made normal living very difficult for the Lagos resident. Two Mondays ago, he attended The SCOAN Living Water Service, where he got the chance to pray on The SCOAN Altar and drink the Living Water. Once Cyriacus had rolled on the Altar as he made heart contact with God, he received his healing instantly, walking down the steps with a bounce in his stride. He had been accompanied to the church by a medical doctor brother, who not only medically explained the problem that Cyriacus had been having but also how his healing could only have been divine. In his testimony last Sunday, Cyriacus told of how the condition had made him unable to function. “Back then, I used to put on my shirt with tears,” he recalled. Surprisingly, doctors had been unable to find the source of Cyriacus’ problem. To the glory of God, however, God’s power had taken control and the ailing man was restored to full health. His medical doctor brother, who had full understanding of the anatomical defect involved, expressed amazement at God’s power, as he wondered several times how it had all happened. He therefore advised people not to try to take God’s glory, since doctors only treat but God heals. Cyriacus advised people to seek God at any living church