RIGHT PROCESSING MAKES THE DIFFERENCE - The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations - SCOAN - Prophet T.B. Joshua (General Overseer)


The ‘Arena of Liberty’ was full of the vitality of God’s Spirit on Sunday as The SCOAN Choir sang songs of praise and worship.

It was a particularly down-to-earth message by Prophetess Yinka. Her subject matter was how people came to be who or what they are at the moment. Titled “RIGHT PROCESSING MAKES THE DIFFERENCE,” the message drew on many examples of people’s actual behaviour in the church, some of it less than exemplary. For the major matter, however, Prophetess Yinka was concerned to show that in all we do, God must come first, since it is the only way our success in life can outlive us and pass over to coming generations. She said that those who abide in God’s presence will end up making a difference in our world. She stated that “Homelessness is man’s condition without God” and that one “can be rich, famous or popular and yet be homeless.”

For her proof text, Prophetess Yinka read from Romans 8:1-2, 31-32, 35, 38-39 and advised congregants not to let anything separate them from the love of Christ. She observed that “If our processing is in line with God, nothing can separate us from the love of God.” Noting that “The way and manner we process our lives is what is working for or against us,” she admonished the church on the need to build a lasting legacy, like the God’s generals of old who focused on winning souls for the Kingdom of Heaven, without thinking of merely erecting church buildings all over the place. She therefore asserted: “Until we begin to build people, only then will our ministries outlive us for the generation yet unborn.”

Echoing Prophet T.B. Joshua, Prophetess Yinka declaimed: “If you have been following the right processing and you have not yet seen the results, don’t worry. God may be taking His time to prepare you, enable you, equip you for the journey ahead. You are about to receive the mother of all blessings. God is preparing you for something greater than what you are saying, something greater than your situation so be patient because God will still have to mark your work.”

After the sermon it was another awesome manifestation of God’s power on Sunday as God’s anointed servants laid hands on the congregation, flushing out sickness, disease and every form of demonic infestation from the lives of the people and thus restoring them to divine glory. 



Since 2017, Mrs Gladys Beri, a Cameroonian living in Canada, had been virtually bedridden due to knee joint effusion and arthritis. She could not walk and her business suffered. Anytime she moved a little she would begin to feel her knees shake. The 58-year-old had knees that were knocking together despite using knee braces. Not willing to subject herself to an operation, Gladys made her way to The SCOAN two weeks ago, believing in God’s power to heal her. After prayers in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, she stood up and walked again without feeling any pain. “It was as if a breeze blew through me,” she recalled. Testifying last Sunday, she told of how she had walked for an hour to confirm her healing. She also said that the problem had in fact brought her closer to God, as she kept praying and hoping for her healing. She advised people to seek God as they watch Emmanuel TV.


For two years, 65-year-old Madame Christine Deplanque suffered from sleep apnea, which meant that she could have died at any time during sleep. She also had dryness of the eyes, a condition which always left her eyes irritated. To prevent her from dying in her sleep, her doctors gave her a breathing machine that she had to use during sleep. For her eye problem, she was given drugs that frequently caused her discomfort. Despite using the breathing machine each night, she sometimes still found it hard to breathe, leading to constant body weakness. Two Sundays ago, however, her problems ended as she received prayers at The SCOAN Sunday Service. “Every blockage in my chest immediately cleared up,” she told the church last Sunday. Regarding her eye dryness, Christine said that she shed tears the following day when emotions overpowered her. Previously she had been unable to shed tears due to her eye condition. “Now I sleep even more peacefully than a baby,” Christine said cheerfully. She advised people to look up to Jesus, the only true Healer.


Mr Nnamdi Kingsley, a 29-year-old from Abia State, had woken up one morning with a swollen leg with a rash on it. After a few days the rash became a gaping, hideous ulcerous wound that refused to heal despite treatment by medical and herbal doctors. At one point, the suggestion was made that the leg should be amputated. In the meantime, Kingsley could neither walk nor bathe himself and had to depend on his loving mother for every form of support. Determined to find help for her son, Kingsley’s mother brought him to The SCOAN, where he received prayers in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. As Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for him, Kingsley fell off the chair and his ailing leg began to react to the prayer. Minutes later, the man of God declared him free, in Jesus’ name. Last Sunday, he told the church how his friends had abandoned him when flies became his unwanted companions. “After the prayers,” he said, “all the pains disappeared and I felt free.” Sharing in Kingsley’s moment of glory was his mother, who told of how she had been neglected by family and friends. “I used to clear his mess and bathe him,” she told the church. “After the prayer, everything about him came back to life,” she added. To demonstrate his healing, Kingsley tapped on his scar and stomped hard on the floor with the affected right leg. He advised people to put their hope in God. His mother advised parents to stick by their children always.


Forty-six-year-old Mrs Grace Cokoto, from South Africa, suffered a torn shoulder ligament during an accident five years ago. In the last one year, she had been experiencing severe pains and doctors had booked her for an operation, as her shoulder support and arm sling could not ease her pain. Two Sundays ago, Grace attended The SCOAN Sunday Service and received prayers in Jesus’ mighty name. As she removed the arm sling and shoulder support, then lifted her left arm, she burst into tears of joy. Last Sunday, she returned to church to thank God for her healing. She told the church that she had been unable to do most things by herself, including wearing and taking off her clothes. She also said that she had suffered from shoulder spasms and could barely sleep at night, with her doctors suggesting an immediate operation. Speaking of the effect of the prayer, Grace said, “Jesus brought back my smile.” She advised people to see challenges as opportunities to draw closer to God.


For five years, Ms Bile Akissi, a 44-year-old, suffered from severe osteoarthritis of the whole body that had led to loss of cartilage in her bones. Already booked for an operation, she made her way to The SCOAN two weeks ago, decked in her neck collar, wrist/neck braces and walking aid. “Be healed, in the name of Jesus Christ!” prayed Prophetess Yinka as she laid an anointed hand on the France resident. Moments later, Bile stood up a healed woman. Last Sunday, she testified before the congregation, disclosing how the condition had made her life miserable. “I always needed several cushions any time I had to lie down,” she recalled. She constantly suffered dislocations owing to her lack of cartilage. “There is no cure for your condition,” doctors had told her. Consequently, she would miss work for weeks, to her utter unhappiness. During the prayers at The SCOAN, Bile said, “I felt peace come into my heart.” She advised people to watch Emmanuel TV as a point of contact with God’s power.


As woman of God Angela laid hands on congregants two Sundays ago, one young male adult was among them who had a date to keep with destiny. He was Victor Nwaiwu, from Abia State. From a very young age, Victor’s effeminate looks and voice had endeared him to older men, who lustfully preyed on him. As he grew older, he seemed to be relishing the lifestyle, frolicking with fellow males all over town. Because of his looks, Victor constantly had to prove his maleness to people, by showing them his chest, yet many failed to believe him. At some point, he felt like committing suicide, telling the church last Sunday as he testified, “I was tired of having to answer questions about my sexuality.” Victor said he always converted his trousers into ‘bum shorts’, to his parents’ anger and frustration. Since his deliverance, however, Victor no longer desires male attention. He therefore thanked God for helping him overcome the spirit of man. In an interesting confession, Victor’s mother said although she had known that only God’s power could save her son, she had ruled out The SCOAN because of the negative rumours she had heard about the church. In any case, she said, her own mother had decided that she would bring Victor to The SCOAN and she had agreed to the suggestion, without believing anything would come out of it. After her son’s deliverance, however, Mrs Nwaiwu now believes that God’s power is indeed upon The SCOAN and His servant T.B. Joshua. “Now I think only about girls; it seems my brain was reset,” Victor said in childlike innocence. When asked if he still felt like killing himself, Victor fired back, “God forbid!” Mrs Nwaiwu said she had thought that beating would change Victor but he had remained the same. She also said that Victor had said he wanted to become a hairdresser. She advised parents to monitor their children closely. Victor advised people to move close to God, who alone can solve their problems.


Mr Adebowale Adeosun, a mariner based in Port Harcourt, had for long been unable to use his right eye, from which water constantly dripped despite his use of medicated glasses. For someone who needed to be able to see the ship’s radar clearly to do his job effectively, this was a huge problem that could cost him his source of livelihood and life, as well as those of the crew. Unwilling to undergo an operation, as suggested by his doctors, Adeosun attended The SCOAN Living Water Service of two Mondays ago. After praying on the altar and ministering the Living Water on his troubled eye, Adebowale regained his sight fully. During his testimony on Sunday, he said that something had seemed to drop from his eye while he waited for his turn to climb on the altar. He had then gone ahead to minister the water to solidify his healing. Since then, Adebowale has not had to use his glasses and no longer has headaches from the eye pain. He advised people to exercise faith as they approach God.


When Mrs Preye Hamilton climbed on The SCOAN Mountain of Prayer to minister the Living Water on her eyes two Mondays ago, little did she know that the contrary spirit in her would manifest. But manifest it did – and the manifestation led her to her healing from chronic eye and waist pain. The spirit had called itself a ‘strong man’ and said that it had been responsible for her sight problem and waist pain. Preye had been unable to look at any bright light with her naked eyes. For over nine years, she had to endure severe pains around her eye region; during those years she also suffered severe pain in her waist. In the end, she seemed to be ageing prematurely. With all medical remedies having failed, Preye took her husband’s advice to attend The SCOAN service in question. As Prophet T.B. Joshua gave words of exaltation during the service, Preye suddenly found herself feeling cold, even though those around her thought it was rather warm inside the church. As she ministered the water, she had immediately felt a burning sensation in her eyes and, after the manifestation, had found herself seeing clearly with her naked eyes. Interestingly, only when she returned to her hotel room did Preye realise that she no longer had the waist pain that had made her life miserable. Before ending her testimony last Sunday, she advised people to find time to participate in the Living Water Service.


Five years ago, Mrs Hauwa Thomas, from Kano, repeatedly dreamt of going blind. Four years ago, she actually went blind momentarily while driving. Although she recovered her sight in that instance, Hauwa later lost her sight for real. Even more, she developed a condition in which her entire body became numb, a condition that made it difficult for her to work. A very worrying dimension of the problem was that one of Hauwa’s older sisters had lost her life to a similar disease, meaning that Hauwa’s problem was genetic and leaving the doctors with little or nothing to do. Unable to help herself, the professional teacher had left the care of her children to her supportive husband. Two Mondays ago, Hauwa attended The SCOAN Living Water Service, where she prayed and ministered the water on her eyes. She had in fact regained her sight while she prayed on the Mountain of Prayer, rolling on the altar and wiping her eyes with hands that she had rubbed on the altar floor. When she finally drank the Living Water, Hauwa vomited the evil deposits in her system. Moments after, she stood on her feet and found that she could walk steadily again. With this miracle, Hauwa, who had been brought to church by her sister Rekiya, realised that God had overturned the verdict of the doctors, who had said she would become paralysed in about six months. During her testimony last Sunday, Hauwa, who had lost her job because of her condition, prayed in visible excitement: “Anybody that comes here looking for a testimony God will give you one in Jesus’ name!” Rekiya added, “The God that did it for us will also do it for you,” even as she described the Living Water as “amazing”. She advised people not to forsake their ailing ones but to direct them to a place of healing and deliverance. Quoting Proverbs 3:5-6, Hauwa advised congregants and viewers to watch and pray.