FINDING TRUTH IN A FAKE GENERATION - The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations - SCOAN - Prophet T.B. Joshua (General Overseer)


Almost throughout the worship session, The SCOAN Choir sustained a mellow note. Through a song composed by Prophet T.B. Joshua, they called for mercy from the Son of David, who alone makes a way for the penitent and devoted. Then they besought the Holy Spirit: “Take more of me and Give me more of You.”

One day our sins will find us out, Prophet Chris seemed to say in his message titled “FINDING TRUTH IN A FAKE GENERATION”. The proof text was Acts 19:13-16, the passage in which seven sons of Sceva met their spiritual Waterloo at the hands of a demon who publicly ‘called them out’, to borrow the language of social media, which itself Prophet Chris identified as the source of much modern-day misinformation and malign messaging. The preacher also read from John 8:32, Matthew 26:40and Matthew 22:14. Quoting Prophet T.B. Joshua, “To become God’s person, you must follow His process”, he cautioned congregants against seeking the shortcut to spiritual or material success and against focusing on physical appearance rather than spiritual reality. Prophet Chris said, “The problem is that our generation today are too impatient to go through the process, which is why we seem to prefer fake over real.”

Prophet Chris gave a series of powerful examples and illustrations to back up his message – from the contexts of interpersonal relations, politics, business and even the church. In all, he showed clearly that those led by the flesh tend to fall for fake things while those led by the Spirit always survive the battles of life.  He therefore advised worshippers to depend on God alone and to arm themselves with the armour of truth. In his words, “You can fight fake and defeat fake but you cannot fight truth and win. God is the only One who can expose fake. Satan is fake; he cannot expose himself.” As he closed his sermon, Prophet Chris repeated the warning about ‘one day’: “Stop fighting the truth, because truth does not lose the battle. I mean, God does not lose the battle. Whoever you are, whatever your status or stature is in society, remember that one day you too will face the test of legitimacy.”

After the sermon, it was a time for God’s Spirit to move mightily in the midst of the people as God’s servants Angela, Anne, Yinka, Racine and Chris ministered healing and deliverance to congregants, hundreds of whom vomited the evil deposits in their system just as negative spirits fled from the lives of many.  



For 16 years, Ms Kate Addei, a 53-year-old Ghanaian based in Canada, suffered from difficulty in walking due to osteoarthritis of both knees. For the last 13 years, she had been on the Canadian disability programme owing to her inability to work. And for the last 12 years, she had had to leave Canada for Ghana during the non-summer seasons. If she hoped to make any movement at all, she had to rely on her walking stick. And after sitting for a while, she could not dare to stand up and walk immediately; otherwise she would fall. Needless to say, the condition prevented her from doing her household chores and she had to rely on her children for help. Tired of her condition, she sought God as she worshipped at The SCOAN.
During the prayer session, Kate experienced God’s power surge through her as woman of God Anne prayed for her in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Within seconds, she received strength in her body and legs as she stood up and broke into a run for the first time in 16 years. Before ending her testimony last Sunday, she advised people to take their problems to God.


Ugandan Mrs Anoo Naume had rheumatoid arthritis for nine years, which meant difficulty in walking for all of that time. As a farmer, she became a liability to her children and husband. To no avail did she visit the numerous government and private hospitals as well as the herbalists that she sought help from.

Two weeks ago, Anoo received prayers in the name of Jesus Christ as she attended The SCOAN Sunday Service. She recalled of how the prayer made her feel, “It was as if there was fire all over my body.” She said that thereafter she felt as if a huge burden had been lifted off her body. “There is Jesus here,” she advised the church as she ended her testimony on Sunday.


A fortnight ago, Mrs Chinaza Ekpo was one of the congregants at The SCOAN Sunday Service. While the Mass Prayer session went on, God’s power fell upon her and the affliction in her body came out as she urinated uncontrollably. Last Sunday, she returned to church to testify to the Lord’s power upon her life. It transpired that she had had four childbirth surgeries in the past and a medical error had seen nurses fail to remove her stitches from the last surgery, thus causing her to leak fluid. As the prayers went on, Chinaza felt hotness and pain in her stomach before the fluid started coming out of her two weeks ago. To demonstrate her healing, Chinaza pressed hard on her stomach just before ending her testimony. “Keep believing in God and trusting in Him,” she advised the church. Her husband also advised people to put their faith in God wherever they are.


To Mrs Eseh Charles, it had seemed as if blood was not flowing to her right leg. Why had she felt so? Because for the last 28 years the leg had been a source of constant pain and concern. Mrs Charles, the wife of a reverend, had all the while believed in God’s capacity to heal her. To this end, she and her husband had been subjecting themselves to spiritual exercises as a way of getting God’s attention. Two Mondays ago, during The SCOAN Living Water Service, God located Eseh in a mighty way as the evil spirit in her manifested, causing her to thrash about on the Mountain of Prayer. Given that Eseh had limped in pain towards the Altar just a few minutes earlier, it was indeed clear that only the Spirit of God could have given her the level of energy that was now surging through her body.

During her testimony last Sunday, together with her husband, Eseh narrated how doctors had been unable to find the cause of her problem. She could neither kneel nor bend her body owing to the pains. She also said that her reverend husband had always prayed with her and anointed her with oil. “I felt fire from the sole of my feet and I began to feel vibrations all over my body,” Eseh said. She stated that she felt God’s Spirit fall upon her on the SCOAN Mountain of Prayer. Reverend Charles said he had advised his wife to visit The SCOAN for prayers, adding, “God is wonderful in this place.” Of the Living Water, he said, “This is raw power!” He advised men of God to approach those with a higher level of anointing whenever they are facing issues. Eseh encouraged people to bring their problems before Jesus Christ.


Over a year ago, Ghanaian Mrs Angela Tawiah had been sleeping one night when she suddenly felt a burning sensation in her eyes. Since then, she had been experiencing even more severe problems with her eyesight, which had been poor for over 20 years. Doctors gave her medicated glasses which she used all the time, even while in the kitchen. At some point, her doctors had suspected she was becoming rather frantic over her condition. A fortnight ago, however, she attended The SCOAN Living Water Service. As she moved towards the Mountain of Prayer, something seemed to pull her back.

When she eventually stepped on the Mountain of Prayer, her eyes suddenly shut on their own. Try as much as she could, she could not open them and ushers had to lead her to one of the Living Water taps. After ministering the Living Water, Angela’s eyes opened immediately and her once weak sight received life in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. “My sight has been perfect since then,” she told the church. Citing John 9, the story of the blind man’s healing, she advised people not to doubt God’s power.


Mr Charles Okanya, a pharmacist from Cross River State, used to have peptic ulcer and piles, which caused him severe back and waist pain. Owing to the peptic ulcer, he could not eat spicy food. And because of his piles, he could not sit or stand in the same position for long. As a pharmacist, he could not help himself despite his knowledge of drugs; even doctors could not help him, as most drugs for treating pain could not be used by people with peptic ulcer. Not knowing what else to do, Charles decided to seek God’s face by attending The SCOAN Living Water Service two Mondays ago. After praying to God and ministering the Living Water, he received instant healing and called for spicy food!

Last Sunday, Charles testified in church and told of how he had felt hot all over his body as he lay on the Altar and thereafter ministered the Living Water. “It was as if a heavy load was lifted off me – all the pain was gone and I enjoyed the spicy food that was served to me,” he told the church. He urged people to accept the reality of Jesus’ presence and power at The SCOAN. 


“Your kidneys and bladder have been damaged.” That was the grim news from the doctors after they examined Miss Morayo Hassan, who had been urinating blood for the past three years. For a young girl who was just starting life, this was devastating news indeed, especially as her parents lacked the money to pay for the suggested surgery. A believer in God’s power, Mr Michael Hassan and his daughter attended The Living Water Service a fortnight ago. As Morayo got set to climb the Mountain of Prayer, she declared, “I expect that Jesus will heal me because this is my last bus stop.” To show evidence of her condition, she had urinated reddish substances in a bowl. After prayers on the Mountain of Prayer, Morayo ministered the Living Water on herself after sipping a bit of it. She then returned to the restroom to confirm that God had heard her prayer; there was no more blood in her urine! She told her father once she returned to her seat. Not believing that it had indeed happened, he asked her to drink some more water, then sent her off to the restroom with her mother. The report was again positive.
And Mr Hassan knew that God had indeed shown mercy to his daughter! To express his gratitude, he rolled on the floor in praise to God Almighty. In her testimony, Morayo told the church that she used to feel dizzy and weak and was always in poor health. “Now everything in me has changed; I no longer fear going to the toilet. I am very happy now,” she told the church. Her parents confirmed, “Our daughter is now very strong.” Morayo advised people to keep trusting and hoping in God.


After the birth of her last child, 36-year-old Mrs Regina Zinsou suffered degeneration of the tendon, which caused her to have her right hand in a wrist brace. The Beninese national living in France had been unable to carry her newborn child, much less tend to her as a mother should. As a banker, her work also suffered but there was little or nothing the doctors could do for her. Consequently, Regina decided to visit The SCOAN for prayers, having been following Emmanuel TV at her France base.
“Leave this body, in the name of Jesus!” commanded woman of God Anne as she prayed for Regina during the Sunday Service two weeks ago. Once Regina stood up, she started exercising her arm excitedly, feeling no pain whatsoever. During her testimony last Sunday, she waved her hands vigorously and enthusiastically to demonstrate her perfect healing. She said she was ecstatic to be returning home to share the testimony of her healing.