THE NEW WAVE OF PERSECUTION - The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations - SCOAN - Prophet T.B. Joshua (General Overseer)


On the remarkable date of 02-02-20, positively unusual things happened at The Synagogue, Church of All Nations. It all began with the uncommon praise and worship session that The SCOAN Choir led on that morning of amazing spiritual energy and fervour. That this would be no ordinary service was already evident from the sheer intensity of the manifestations that happened during the singing ministration. As the choristers sang their hearts out, the Holy Ghost overshadowed ‘The Arena of Liberty’ and God’s will was done in the lives of His children.

Angela took to the pulpit and began her message on a very personal note. She told of how God’s power had saved her from a debilitating condition that some of the world’s brightest medical minds had been unable to fathom, much less fix. Already with “an expiry date” over her head, she said a video from Nigeria miraculously showed up right there in her Californian church, in the United States of America. After watching the testimonies in that video, she eventually made her way to The SCOAN and God Almighty healed her through the prayers of Prophet T.B. Joshua. After her healing, people started asking questions suggesting their scepticism: Americans wanted to know why she went to Nigeria of all places, while Nigerians asked why she went to T.B. Joshua of all clerics in the country. Nevertheless, her healing had happened – and 11 years on, that healing remains permanent in the mighty name of Jesus Christ!   

Having said that, she started her message titled “THE NEW WAVE OF PERSECUTION”. It was a particularly striking message that seared deadened consciences and stirred many to examine their hearts even further. Angela invited Christians to re-evaluate their actions and words in respect of fellow Christians. Although she drew her illustrations mainly from the waves of persecution and campaigns of calumny against God’s servant, Prophet T.B. Joshua, her observations actually went to the heart of Christianity as practised today – wherein denominations rise up against one another and preachers of the Word speak ill of one another. She read from Matthew 18:20, John 17:1-23, Romans 9:1, 1 Corinthians 12:3, Acts 9, Acts 10 and Acts 5, and noted the absence of unity in the Christian community. According to her, “The Gospel of Christ unites us as one but our gospel today divides us into pieces because the names of our churches are different.” Noting that names are only symbolic, she urged Christians to view Jesus Christ as “the Head of the Church, the Hope of Glory.” An injury to one part of the church, she reasoned, is an injury to all the parts. As such, she passionately called for unity in the Body of Christ, saying: “Don’t rejoice that you bear a Christian title or position but rejoice that your name is written into this story where hostilities are destroyed, where enemies become friends, where a brood of vipers becomes a seed of saints and where the lion dwells with the lamb.”

As if to put a stamp on Angela’s words, God Almighty let loose His Spirit upon The SCOAN as Yinka, Chris and Anne went into the midst of the congregation ministering healing, deliverance and salvation in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. During the ministration, various forms of spiritual wickedness in high places were pulled down, with people vomiting and discharging the root causes of their problems.



For eight years, Engr. Ben Onowu had difficulty in walking due to sclerosis and lumbar spondylosis. Without using a lumbar corset or walking stick, he was unable to stand, walk or bend down.  Having ingested tons of pills without any improvement, Ben decided to seek divine healing. Two weeks ago, he came to The SCOAN for prayers in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. After an anointed touch from Prophet Chris, Ben parted ways with his lumbar corset and walking stick, and walked unaided for the first time in eight years.

The Anambra indigene returned to church last Sunday with his wife and two adult children. He told of how his wife, who is a professional nurse, had tried her best to restore him to full health and how she cared for him unceasingly. “I knew I would get my healing once I got to ‘The Arena of Liberty’,” Ben told the church. After the prayer, Ben said it felt as if three bags of cement had been lifted off him. “Since then, I have not experienced any pain at all,” he declared, even as he marched smartly on the church aisle. Ben advised people to take their problems to God.


Forty-seven-year-old Mrs Nkenu Ayebe, from Cross River State, suffered from difficulty in walking for 17 years. The police officer, who had lumbar spondylosis and relied on a lumbar corset to reduce her pain, also suffered from poor vision. In faith, she presented herself for prayers at The SCOAN Sunday Service two weeks ago. As Prophetess Yinka prayed for her in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, Nkenu’s body began to vibrate uncontrollably and the spirit in her confessed its atrocities before fleeing forever.

Seconds later, Nkenu screamed, “Jesus, I am fine!” Last Sunday, Nkenu returned to The SCOAN to testify to God’s power. As she began her testimony, it was clear that her excitement knew no bounds. She said she used a variety of drugs and always had heavy people stand on her body as a way of massaging it. Because of her pain, she could not wear regular shoes and had to wear bathroom slippers to work. Nkenu demonstrated her perfect healing in different ways, marching excitedly and saluting professionally. She advised people to believe in God’s ability to heal them.


Nightmares, bedwetting and spiritual wife: These were the three afflictions the demon in Mr Eminus Ajana mentioned before fleeing from his life two Sundays ago during The SCOAN Sunday Service. For 17 years, the demon had tormented Eminus, right from when he turned 19 years old. Last Sunday, he returned to church to give his testimony of how he was delivered from bedwetting and the evil spirit that caused him to lust after men. He said it had all began after a dream in which a lady slept with him. When he woke up, he found that he had wet his bed. He visited several places in search of solution but all to no avail.

Eminus also told of how he had emigrated to South Africa as he tried to run away from the spirit troubling his life. On the flight to South Africa, he had wet himself and immigration officials had almost sent him back home. To worsen matters, the spirit in Eminus began to make him desirous of male affection as a male figure would appear to him in the dream and kiss him. As time went on, Eminus’ condition worsened and the evil spirit began to visit him both day and night, sometimes three times during the night. Eminus became depressed and suicidal. However, as God’s power surged through him during prayers from Prophet Racine, the evil spirit in Eminus confessed and ran out. He reminded everyone that Christ is the solution to their problems.


After a motor accident, Ms Sarah Achwao, a Ugandan, found it impossible to raise her left arm despite being treated at different hospitals. Apparently, the injury on her left shoulder was refusing to heal. In September 2019, Sarah attended The SCOAN Living Water Service, where she prayed on the Altar before taking and ministering the Living Water on her painful left shoulder. Immediately, she felt better and could freely move the arm. During her testimony last Sunday, she recalled, “I could not lie on my left arm and my shoulder remained suspended.” However, she testified that after taking the Living Water, she has been able to sleep on the previously stiff shoulder and the pain has vanished. “Believe in God and He will give you life,” Sarah advised her listeners and Emmanuel TV viewers.


Ten years ago, Edo State indigene Mr Eugene Momoh had been struck violently on the right ear by somebody who attacked him from behind. After the attack, the ear began to hurt badly. Two years later, Eugene sought the help of a pharmacist, who injected him with a substance that led to total deafness in his right ear. For the past eight years, he had been unable to use the ear until two weeks ago when he ministered the Living Water in it after praying on the Mountain of Prayer.

Last Sunday, he testified alongside his wife and daughter. He told of how his life has now returned to normal, as his family no longer have to strain themselves to speak to him. He said that as he ministered the Living Water, he felt a sensation in the ear and began hearing again with it. “My children no longer make jest of me,” Eugene told the church. His wife, Patience, confirmed the testimony and thanked God for taking the reproach away. Eugene advised people to take their problems to God and patiently wait for Him to act on their case.


Ms Kafata Buhlebenkosi, a Zimbabwean living in South Africa, used to suffer from seasonal asthma and allergies – afflictions that had arisen in her life in 2014. She told the church during the Living Water Service a fortnight ago, “It affected me a lot in summer, especially during windy days. My chest used to be very tight and I would cough continuously.” She said the condition always left her weak when she went to work in the morning after a restless night. After praying and ministering the Living Water, Kafata received her healing in Jesus’ name. During her testimony on Sunday, she told of how her eyes used to be teary and itchy. “At night, my chest would be tight, as if I had a stone on it.

I could not read from afar, so it affected my academics,” she further said. After Kafata’s mother died, she became so broken that she lost her zest for life and became bitter. In the end, her condition worsened. After the Living Water ministration, however, Kafata saw herself begin to breathe freely and she let go of bitterness. “I became a prayer machine,” she said. She advised people to realise that God’s love is available to all.  


Abia State indigene, Mrs Ijeoma Maduekwe used to be a doubter of God’s power at The SCOAN. Although her father-in-law had repeatedly urged her to visit The SCOAN and pray for her asthmatic son, she had stuck to her guns until two Sundays ago. For her own sight condition, Ijeoma had been content with using recommended glasses. However, she eventually made her way to The SCOAN on the Sunday in question after further persuasion from her father-in-law.

The following day, she attended the Living Water Service. After praying on the Mountain of Prayer and ministering the Living Water on her eyes, Ijeoma received healing for her condition of short-sightedness. “It was like a light flashed into my eyes,” she said of her experience after ministering the water in her eyes. “I began to see clearly,” she added. Ijeoma is now an ardent Emmanuel TV viewer. With her faith now built up, Ijeoma also brought her son to church last Sunday for prayers. She told doubters: “Jesus is here; these miracles are real.” 


When she was about six or seven years old, Ms Isabel Xoco developed a boil in her left ear. Shortly after, the ear began to ooze out a mixture of water and blood. Later on, the ear became completely deaf as the doctors diagnosed ear drum damage. Now 59 years old, Isabel has since then heard only through the right ear. And since 1987, she had had to rely on medicated glasses.

Two Mondays ago, she attended The SCOAN Living Water Service where she prayed and ministered the water in both her ears and eyes. To the glory of God, Isabel regained hearing in her left ear and her weak sight returned to normal. During her testimony last Sunday, she told of how she had been ashamed of her condition and had hidden it from everyone but her children. “It’s only now that the whole world knows about my condition,” she confessed. After reading from the tiny print of her Bible, Isabel advised people to exercise belief in God’s power.


For over six years, Malawian Mrs Patiwa Mgoli had experienced deafness of the right ear, with pus and other substances initially oozing out of both ears. The condition had started while she was in DR Congo and had to travel to South Africa for surgery, after which the right ear had become totally deaf. Strangely disoriented, Patiwa lost her sense of auditory bearing and she became unable to determine the source of sound. When at home, she had to depend on family members for help but she always felt embarrassed whenever she was with outsiders.

Owing to the disturbance that noise caused her, Patiwa started to avoid the praise and worship sessions of church services. In 2016, she started watching Emmanuel TV and she became convinced that she would receive her healing at The SCOAN. Two weeks ago, she attended the Living Water Service and ministered the Living Water in her right ear. Shortly after, she felt a lot of heat in her ear. As she returned to her seat, she tested herself by engaging her daughter in a conversation with the good ear covered and her face turned away from the child. When she could hear perfectly, she knew that she had indeed received her healing in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. She advised people to exercise faith in God’s power to heal them instantly.


For two years, South African Ms Grace Nogunisa suffered from bleeding as a result of fibroids. She also had severe pain in her back, shoulders and knees, and there was a cyst in one of her kidneys. Owing to the constant loss of blood, Grace always felt weak despite the many medications that she was taking. A fortnight ago, she had a chance to petition God on The SCOAN Mountain of Prayer during the Living Water Service. She ministered the Living Water on her abdomen, shoulders and other parts of her body. Thereafter, she went to check herself in the restroom.

To the glory of God, the root cause of her problem had been taken away and the bleeding had ceased. During her testimony last Sunday, Grace narrated how the bleeding had embarrassed her on several occasions. “Something happened in me; I shivered,” she said of how she felt as she prayed on the Mountain of Prayer. “I felt light in my shoulders,” she added. She advised people to believe in God for their healing.


For eight years, Ephraim Anegyemene, a Ghanaian soldier, suffered from piles, which caused him constant stooling of blood. He also experienced severe back pain as a result of lumbar spondylosis. For two months, he was receiving physiotherapy treatment for his back but there was no improvement. In Ephraim’s search for a solution, he visited different places, including the homes of witch doctors. Two Mondays ago, Ephraim decided to take his case to God, when he attended the Living Water Service.

After he took the Living Water, Ephraim found that the heaviness in his legs, as well as the bleeding due to piles, had vanished. He demonstrated his healing by sitting fully on his buttocks and marching briskly on the aisle. He advised people to take their problems to Jesus only.