MAN AND HIS REBELLIOUS NATURE - The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations - SCOAN - Prophet T.B. Joshua (General Overseer)


The SCOAN Choir sang in English, Spanish and French as they welcomed the Holy Spirit into theirs and the people’s hearts and called for sin’s power to be broken over the church. And to the glory of God, signs and wonders happened in ‘The Arena of Liberty’ as the Holy Ghost arrested all contrary spirits.

Evangelist Anne preached on the topic “MAN AND HIS REBELLIOUS NATURE”. She took her proof text from Numbers 16:1-33 and cited several other Scripture references: James 4:6, Jeremiah 29:11, Proverbs 17:11, Zechariah 10:4, James 4:6, Isaiah 14, Genesis 2:11, Numbers 32, 2 Corinthians 12:10 and Job 23:10. Quoting the Bible to show that pride is the harbinger of rebellion, Evangelist Anne said that rebellion against God is as bad as witchcraft and as sinful as idolatry. She explained that rebellion comes from discontentment, which in turn leads to division. According to her, some of the effects of division include moral oppression, institutionalised corruption in high places, religious intolerance, demonic and physical oppression as well as diseases and disabilities. In her words, “Pride will mask the true condition of your heart, dim the eyes of your understanding, distort your vision. Pride will make you see yourself as a victim and not a perpetrator or architect of your fate or condition.”

Further saying that satan uses temptation to distract God’s children and cut them off from dependence on Him, she advised congregants against losing the Spirit of God by complaining about the tests that are meant to prepare God’s children for bigger positions in life: “For those whom Christ wishes to admit into the most intimate acquaintance with Him, He first makes them sensible to realise how undeserving of His grace they ordinarily are. I mean, those whom Christ wishes to admit or those whom Christ must admit or adopt into His family, they must first be tested.” She ended by asking congregants and viewers to invite the Holy Spirit to take more of them and give them more of Himself.

The healing, laying of hands and Mass Prayer sessions were another manifestation of the grace of God upon The SCOAN, as hundreds of international visitors and local worshippers were set free from bondage and released to heavenly light in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.


In 2012, professional Portuguese footballer Amido Balde was diagnosed with pulmonary embolism, a condition in which the arteries of the lungs are blocked, leading to difficulty in breathing. Shortly after the condition was discovered, Amido transferred to a Scottish club called Celtics in a move worth millions of euros. With so much money at his disposal, Amido let himself be overtaken by worldly cares. And when he started having problems with Celtics, he transferred to another club in Angola, where he soon became a chronic nightclubber and womaniser. As he was no longer concentrating on the football, the Angolan club also sent him packing. Amido returned to Portugal and realised that his breathing problem had worsened. Of course, his career suffered. One day, he suffered a crisis at home and quickly drove himself to the hospital. His doctors marveled that he had managed to drive himself to the hospital, given what they found after checking him: Amido’s oxygen level was only 30%! From then on, no club was willing to sign him on and doctors told him to find another career. It was as if Amido’s world had come to an end. At that point, he discovered Emmanuel TV and realised that he had just seen a ray of hope. He promptly informed his wife and made his way to The SCOAN, where he received an anointed touch from Prophet TB Joshua; he also got the New Morning Water, which caused him to vomit evil substances once he ministered it. Amido had tried to resist falling when the man of God touched him but he did fall flat on his back. However, as Amido rose back to his feet that day, he also recovered his career, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Perfectly healed, Amigo returned to the football turf, securing a contract in Indonesia and scoring 10 goals in his first three matches there. He even emerged as the highest goal scorer, with 25 tallies. Amido also witnessed a turnaround in his relationship with his wife. When doctors checked Amido’s health status, they confessed that he was probably the fittest footballer alive. “My career is going higher and higher,” Amido disclosed. He has now moved to a new club in Vietnam. He advised people to believe in God and not try to live without Him.


Dr Andrew Edjua, a Cameroonian university teacher, had a motoring accident following which he had a herniated lumbar disc, causing difficulty in walking. For someone in the teaching profession, this condition took a huge toll on his work and career for three years. Despite using a lumbar corset, Andrew felt no relief and did the simplest of tasks with severe difficulty. His doctors could not agree on whether or not he needed an operation but had no doubt that he should continue swallowing loads of pills while receiving intensive physiotherapy. “I know Jesus Christ will heal me,” Andrew declared as he came for prayers at The SCOAN. “What is impossible to man is possible to God,” Prophet Racine assured Andrew before praying for him in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. “Jesus has set you free,” Prophet Racine asserted after the prayers. And indeed, Jesus had confirmed Andrew’s healing right there on the spot. On Sunday, he returned to church testifying to the Lord’s power. He told of how the condition had “totally destroyed his life.” Besides the herniated disc, Andrew had a few weeks ago suddenly started vomiting and stooling blood. When they checked him, doctors found that he had also developed a rectal tumour. They asked him to submit himself for immediate surgery but instead he chose to take his case to God, having been an ardent follower of Emmanuel TV. And to the glory of God, he now has a new lease of life. Andrew advised people to act in faith and take their case to God, even as he demonstrated his healing by jumping energetically on The SCOAN aisle.


An extended lower jaw, a protruding belly as well as a swollen scrotal sack and legs: Those were the scary symptoms of the kidney and liver disease that the devil had inflicted on 17-year-old Master Isaac Lawrence, from Abia State. For two years, his parents had been at a loss as to how their little boy had managed to come down with a disease associated with older people. In faith, they took him to The SCOAN for prayers. “Whatever that is not of God in your blood, in your fluid – I command them out, in the name of Jesus Christ!” so prayed Prophetess Yinka over Isaac. When they returned home, Isaac began to urinate the root cause of his problem and his swollen body began to return to shape. A few days later, he returned to church to show the state of his recovery. And in his testimony today, he was accompanied to church by his parents, who told of how the family had spent huge sums of money on dialysis. They told of how he had been unable to eat, sit or sleep. “I could no longer do the things I used to do and it was as if I had drunk all the water in the world,” Isaac himself recalled. Speaking of the effect of the prayer, Isaac said, “It was as if something left me; I became light.” He advised congregants and viewers, “Have faith in God; nothing is hard for Him.” Before giving her own advice, Isaac’s mother told of how she had resisted the suggestion that she take her son to traditional healers. She also told of how Isaac had slept for an unusual number of hours after he received prayers at The SCOAN. “Believe in God,” she advised the church. Isaac’s father said, “There is God here.”


Fifty-seven-year-old Canadian Mrs Nyrva Guerrier had difficulty in walking due to spinal stenosis, disc herniation and knee pain. Fitted with a lumbar corset and knee braces, she still could not move easily. And although a nurse, she could not treat herself for the eight years that her condition lasted, hence her decision to visit The SCOAN for prayers. “I’m seeing a child that needs your attention,” Prophet Chris said before praying for Nyrva. “Rise up, madam; you are free,” he told her after the prayer. Last Sunday, Nyrva returned to church to give her testimony. She told of how she had stumbled on Emmanuel TV and started following it. After some time, she said, she had a dream in which Prophet TB Joshua prayed for her, leading to her regaining some strength and being able to visit The SCOAN for physical prayers. When she returned home after the prayers, Nyrva reported to her doctor, who, though impressed, told her the hospital door was still open to her. She returned to work, assured of her healing, which has remained permanent. Regarding the prophecy about her son, Nyrva said she has now managed to make out more time to bond with her son despite her busy schedule. She demonstrated her healing and declared, “God is wonderful.” She advised people to see Jesus as the Healer.


Some three years ago, Cameroonian engineer and businessman Derrick Enow had a dream in which an insect entered his left ear, causing the ear to ooze out pus and worms. Not long after, the evil dream became a reality and Derrick’s left ear began to leak pus and he could barely hear anything with it. He constantly needed tissue paper for cleaning the pus, even as he always tried hard to prevent people from noticing his problem. At times, he would avoid important business meetings just to save himself from embarrassment. Certain that God’s power would heal him, Derrick attended The SCOAN Living Water Service and ministered the water in his ears after making heart contact with God. “It felt like a balloon had burst, like the evil insect had left, and I felt cool air entering the ear,” he said after climbing off the Mountain of Prayer. He said the pus had stopped and that he could now hear from the ear. Phillip, Derrick’s younger brother, thanked God for healing his brother and advised people to waste no time in visiting The SCOAN for prayers. Derrick advised people not to doubt God’s anointing on The SCOAN.


While playing with her brother, little Miss Vanessa Osabor fell and landed on her left arm, leading to a fracture of the radius and ulna bones. Doctors immediately put the arm in a cast and advised that water should not be allowed to pour in it, else Vanessa would experience itching. But it was always difficult for her mother, Comfort, to avoid this while bathing the child. Worried about the doctor’s suggestion that the arm might not heal perfectly with just the plaster of Paris and that surgery might be needed, Comfort brought Vanessa to The SCOAN Living Water Service. She ministered the water on Vanessa’s arm and, to the glory of God, the little girl felt no itch whatsoever; instead, she began to move the once-stiff arm in excitement. During the family’s testimony on Sunday, Vanessa’s parents thanked God for healing their daughter. Instead of the six weeks that the doctors had anticipated, Vanessa had healed in only two weeks! Vanessa’s lecturer father said that his mother-in-law, a great fan of Emmanuel TV, had recommended the visit to The SCOAN. He said he had watched his daughter receive her healing on TV and that his faith has now been boosted. “If you are in crisis, just trust in God,” he advised the church. “Bring any sickness or problem you have to Jesus,” Vanessa advised. Her mother said, “There is nothing impossible for God to do; always trust in Him.”


At almost sixty years of age, Mr Anthony Chioke had had hardness of hearing in his right ear since childhood, a condition that used to give him severe headaches. Three years ago, the Kaduna-based Enugu State indigene also started having severe waist pain that affected his legs. An ardent viewer of Emmanuel TV, Anthony attended the Living Water Service two weeks ago and presented his case before God. He ministered the water in his right ear and on his feet. “When I ministered the water in my right ear it felt hot but I soon began to feel a cool sensation,” he said after getting off the Mountain of Prayer. On Sunday, he testified heartily about his healing, explaining that he had often failed to answer people’s greetings because he could not hear them. Anthony not only received healing for his right ear but also for his legs. He advised people to keep the focus on God, no matter the severity of their condition.


Alhaja Abolarin Abiodun, from Oyo State, had been at The SCOAN Sunday Service two weeks ago. During the Mass Prayer session, the power of the Lord had fallen upon her and she had vomited the evil deposits in her system among which were four cowries. Before coming to church, she had tried to kill herself because she believed she had been doing very badly in life. Her problems had begun when she was robbed of a huge loan she had taken from her bank. While trying to swim out of the ocean of debt, Abolarin had consulted numerous clerics and spiritualists who gave her different concoctions to swallow. Instead of her situation to improve, however, things became worse and she began to experience strange movements all over her body. She could not eat or sleep well and she felt pains all the time. While trying to slip her neck into the suicide noose hanging from the ceiling, Abolarin had fallen off the stool. There on the floor she cried herself to sleep and dreamt of an encounter with a male figure dressed in white. He said his name was Emmanuel and asked her why she had wanted to kill herself over nothing. He prayed for her and declared her delivered. When she woke up, Abolarin shared the dream with her daughter and together they searched the Internet for this ‘Emmanuel’. Once she saw a picture of Prophet TB, Joshua, Abolarin knew right away that he had been the figure who had appeared in her dream. Interestingly, after receiving a touch from one of God’s servants, before the Mass Prayer session, she had wanted to leave the church owing to irritation over the fact that her body had kept shaking after the touch from the prophet. Luckily, she had been encouraged to stay by two fellow congregants, Mrs Saratu Joseph and Mrs Augusta Thompson. Herself suffering from stomach pains, Augusta too benefitted from the aura of God’s power on display during the service and today she no longer feels any pain. While Abolarin’s ordeal lasted, she had been examined by several doctors but only one of them had suggested that she have an X-ray, which indicated there were four tablet-like objects in her body. The doctor had suggested immediate surgery but Abolarin could not afford the cost. Even for her to attend The SCOAN she had to sell one of her phones at a giveaway price so that she could raise the transport fare; she had sold her house and car in order to pay her bank loan and had become dead broke. While Abolarin’s deliverance was going on, Prophet TB Joshua had sent a word of prophecy about her condition: Someone had taken her somewhere and she had passed the night there and she had started eating with ‘elders’ in the dream. Abolarin confirmed that she had once been taken to the head of the witchcraft coven in her village. Before ending her testimony last Sunday, Abolarin said there was still something she needed to part with and she slipped off a set of waist beads that she had received from the spiritualists who compounded her woes. She advised people to seek God only when facing the storms of life.