LOVE EVERYONE BUT TRUST ONLY GOD - The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations - SCOAN - Prophet T.B. Joshua (General Overseer)


On the first Sunday of 2020, The SCOAN Choir reflected their vocal versatility when they prefaced The Synagogue’s unique songs with two traditional hymns, ‘O God Our Help In Ages Past’ and ‘Joyful Joyful’. As congregants watched the screens, they sang along with the choristers about God’s unfailing support for His children from the past to the present and the future, even as they implored God to teach them how to love one another and live in peace even in the midst of life’s troubles.

Having been seeking the face of God for the new year 2020, Prophet T.B. Joshua shared with congregants and viewers some of the prophecies he had already received. Among the prophecies later read out by one of the evangelists was the recent incident involving the nation of Iran, an incident for which a prophecy had been given, though not released, shortly before it transpired. Stressing the need for God’s servants to be sure they have truly heard from God before they release any prophecy, the Prophet T.B. Joshua gave prophecies concerning the USA, Russia, Nigeria and the UK among others. More details about these prophecies are now available on The SCOAN’s official social media accounts including this blogsite. As instructed by Prophet T.B. Joshua, the evangelist said that the second part of the prophecies would be released after “thorough confirmation from God.” 

In a very frank message titled LOVE EVERYONE BUT TRUST ONLY GOD, Prophet Chris began by asking congregants to focus on God rather than on the means He uses to bless them. He also advised them to love everyone but trust only God, who never disappoints. Trust is reserved for God, who has no beginning and no end.” As he went into the message proper, he cited John 2:24-25, Isaiah 2:22, James 4 and Luke 5, all of which reiterated the key message: trusting only in God. Prophet Chris, however, urged the congregants to show unconditional love to others but to realise that, as humans, they can disappoint or betray us at any time. According to Prophet Chris, the challenge we have today is that we have certain expectations of those we give to. We expect them to at one point reciprocate or we want them to appreciate or say, “Thank you.” This should not be the case when giving or helping someone. He explained that when we give to someone, their reaction should not determine our action. Whether they reciprocate or not, keep giving. Whether they appreciate or not, keep helping.

To the glory of God, it was again a harvest of goodness, favour and mercy as people received healing and deliverance during the Laying of Hands and Mass Prayer sessions.



On Sunday, 32-year-old Mr Sunday Akinboyewa testified about how God had healed him of a fracture in his tibia and fibula that had caused him to depend on a pair of crutches. He had been riding on a motorcycle when a vehicle hit him from behind. As he rolled in pain on the expressway, many sympathisers rushed to the scene of the accident and took him to a clinic, which rejected him. He was later rushed to a herbal home, where he remained for six weeks with no improvement in his health. He then decided to come to The SCOAN to seek the face of Jesus Christ, the Master Healer. “During the prayers, I began to shake, wondering what was happening,” he said. After the prayers, Prophet Chris asked Sunday to stand up and walk. “From then on, I received my healing,” he told the church while demonstrating his healing. Sunday advised people to have faith in God, who can do all things. His wife also thanked God for healing her husband perfectly and giving her rest of mind. She equally advised people to trust in the Lord.


For 44 out of her 54 years of existence, Mrs Ginette Laguerre, a Haitian living in the USA, suffered severe difficulty in walking due to osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. “I moved like a 350-year-old woman,” Ginette told the church, adding that she had lost cartilage in both knees, forcing her to depend on powerful anti-inflammatory drugs. As her conditioned deteriorated, Ginette decided to take her case to God. After receiving prayers at The SCOAN, she stood to her feet and began walking again without her knee braces. “I was looking all over for the pain but I could not find it,” she said excitedly, demonstrating her healing. “I have no problem moving,” she said repeatedly. To God be the glory!


“I am the old woman. I tied everyone,” so confessed the contrary spirit in Natalia as Prophetess Yinka prayed in the mighty name of Jesus Christ during The SCOAN Sunday Service a fortnight ago. Last Sunday, Natalia returned to testify. She said her problems had been nightmares, stagnation and the spirit of ‘old woman’. In her dreams, she used to find herself in a graveyard keeping the company of six old women. They would give her clothes and shoes and help comb her hair, even telling her whom to interact with. Troubled, Natalia asked her mother if she could identify the women but her mother had no clue. Later, after Natalia began to see the names on the tombstones during her dreams, her family confirmed they were the names of long-dead relatives. The dreams persisted and sometimes Natalia would sleep for days, causing her family to panic and call in medical personnel. When she would finally wake up, Natalia would feel weak but filled, as if she had been eating all along. The dreams became so routine that Natalia stopped talking about them, yet they took a toll on her, causing her to be depressed and antisocial. At work, she always avoided projects that would involve teamwork, even fearing promotion since it would mean more exposure to others. “I was always turning down opportunities,” she said. Many times, Natalia attempted suicide; one such attempt was swallowing her grandmother’s collection of pills. After doctors revived her, they counselled her but it was all to no avail. “I was not scared of dying at all,” she added. As Prophetess Yinka approached Natalia two weeks ago, she had wanted to run out of the church but God’s Spirit took control and she was delivered. Later that night, Natalia had the dream but instead of six women she saw only two, one of whom was crying while the other pled with Natalia not to eject them. Natalia ignored them and woke up to the world of reality, thus breaking the chain that had connected her with the devil’s agents. “Whatever strange situation you may be facing, run to God Almighty,” she advised the church and viewers.


For a good nine years, Ghanaian Mrs Mercy Foli did not get her monthly period as a woman; her menstruation had ceased and the condition caused her constant body pains and general discomfort. Her marriage was affected and she could barely eat or sleep. In search of healing, she visited several hospitals and herbal homes all to no avail. Two Sundays ago, however, her period returned during The SCOAN Mass Prayer. She said she had suddenly felt something burst inside of her. “I felt pain in my abdomen and waist and my tummy felt hot. Then, blood began to drip out of me,” she told the church last Sunday. “I’m a free woman now,” she proclaimed. Excited to have been healed even without being touched by Prophet T.B. Joshua or any of the prophets, Mercy advised people to believe in God.


“I’m undeserving of Your blessing; have mercy on me,” Prophet T.B. Joshua asked worshippers to confess as they prepared to climb on The SCOAN Mountain of Prayer during the last Living Water Service for 2019. Among the congregants was a couple from Ghana. Dorcas had been experiencing ceased menstruation since after undergoing a Caesarian Section to evacuate a troubled pregnancy. As Prophet T.B. Joshua ended his prayers, Dorcas felt a sensation in her body and she rushed to the restroom to check herself. To her sheer delight, her menstrual flow had returned – and she had not even climbed on the altar yet! Confirming the testimony, her husband, Alex, said, “I feel happy now, knowing we will soon be coming back here with our baby.” He therefore urged people to realise that God’s power heals permanently and fully. Dorcas advised people to have faith in God and believe in the capacity of His power to locate them anywhere.  


For the Chigozies, the last Monday of 2019 was a day of miracle and restoration. Mrs Ifeoma Chigozie had been suffering from severe bleeding that caused her pains, dizziness and weakness. The bleeding used to be so heavy that it came in clots, causing Ifeoma to fear that it might take her life. Luckily for her, she was one of the attendees at the last Living Water Service of the outgone year. As she prayed, “Son of David, locate me in Your mercy, locate me in Your favour,” she made her way to The Mountain of Prayer and drank the Living Water before ministering some of it on her tummy. In faith, she then went to the restroom to check herself and, to the glory of God, the bleeding had stopped. Before ending her testimony on Sunday, Ifeoma advised people to trust in God and believe in His servant.

On his own part, after confirming his wife’s testimony, Kingsley sought God’s forgiveness and apologised to God’s servant, Prophet T.B. Joshua, saying that he regretted taking advice from family and friends to break all ties with The SCOAN, where he had received divine elevation and blessings. Kingsley had not only destroyed all the faith tools he received at The SCOAN but also blocked Emmanuel TV from his cable TV subscription. “Then I began to have serious problems of stagnation at work. I lost concentration and could hardly sleep.” In his bid to find a solution, he took advice to consult a spiritualist, who asked him to provide items such as sand from a crossroads, sand from an uncompleted building, as well as red, blue and white candles. “If you cannot get them, you can provide us the money,” the spiritualist assured him. Thereafter, he was asked to undergo a 14-day fast that he broke at 6 p.m. daily. On the last day of the fast, even though he had become very exhausted, the spiritualist required Kingsley to run as fast as he could around a plate of incense placed on the floor. As he ran around the incense, each of three women surrounding the incense would land a blow on him. Kingsley ran and received blows until he passed out. After the exercise, the spiritualist told him that he was now delivered. How was he to prove his breakthrough? Well, Kingsley had a visa appointment at the American Embassy the following Monday. He went but was denied the visa! “I decided to go back to my roots,” Kingsley said. He unblocked Emmanuel TV and apologised to his family. He attended the Living Water Service. After drinking the Living Water, the problem of insomnia which he had been nursing for a long time disappeared. “Everything has picked up for me since then. I no longer want to leave my home,” Kingsley said. “Never speak against any man of God,” he advised people.   


All her life, sixty-two-year-old Mrs Sarah Ishaku from Kaduna State had never heard from her right ear. During the last Living Water Service of 2019, she had a chance to petition the Son of David as she drank the Living Water and ministered it in her ears. As the water coursed its way into her right ear, she felt a sensation that indicated she had finally received her healing. “So it is true, these testimonies that people give here all the time?” she exclaimed, jumping up in excitement and thanking God. Before her healing, Sarah had been unable to converse easily with her children, neighbours and customers. She could only answer calls by pressing the phone into her left ear. Doctors told her they could find nothing wrong with her ears, so they told her to keep managing the condition. An ardent viewer of Emmanuel TV, Sarah had eventually visited The SCOAN for the Living Water Service where she received her healing. “Holy Spirit, take more of me and give me more of You,” she had prayed while proceeding to The Mountain of Prayer. Sarah’s son, Daniel, said he had jumped up in excitement when he watched his mother on TV testifying during the Living Water Service. He therefore advised people to believe in God and run to Him for solutions to their problems.