MAINTAIN YOUR BLESSING - The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations - SCOAN - Prophet T.B. Joshua (General Overseer)


The SCOAN Sunday Service began with a rich offering of songs of praise and worship which ascended to Heaven, causing an outpouring of God’s Spirit upon the congregation as many received salvation, healing, deliverance and breakthrough, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. 

As it was the day after world-renowned Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke passed away, the man of God T.B. Joshua called for a minute of silence in honour of the departed God’s General. Prophet T.B. Joshua then stated that it was all about Jesus Christ and not about himself or Evangelist Bonnke. He began his message for the day by telling congregants they can only maintain their blessings by gaining the power to read the Bible with Holy Spirit-inspired understanding. He said when we read the Bible we have to approach it as the mind of God, which is also reading us as we read it.

Insisting that quality (or depth of understanding) is to be preferred to quantity (coverage of Scripture), he advised, “Read your Bible slowly, attentively and repeatedly, with forgiveness because we need corresponding power to understand what you are reading.” He therefore admonished Christians against trying to get ahead of the Holy Ghost and instead let go of all offence as they seek God’s face. Moreover, the man of God said that sincere prayer comes from the heart, hence the need to worship God in Spirit and truth. “Our heart is the prayer room,” he stated, even as he urged the people to model virtues such as humility, love, pardon, goodness and forgiveness.

On his part, Prophet Racine exhorted the church on the topic “AN APPOINTMENT WITH JESUS.” He quoted 2 Corinthians 6:2, “In an acceptable time I have heard you, And in the day of salvation I have helped you.” Behold, now is the accepted time; behold, now is the day of salvation. The kernel of his message was the need to rely fully on Jesus Christ for our needs, for “no one is hopeless whose hope is in Jesus Christ” and “there is appointment in disappointment if God is involved.” To make Jesus be for us what we want Him to be, we need to discover our weakness so that we can discover our need for God’s strength, he said. Prophet Racine closed his sermon with the words: “Believing in Christ Jesus redeems our life. Believing in Christ Jesus redeems our way. Believing in Christ Jesus redeems our time.”

Stepping into a time of prayer, the name of Jesus Christ indeed brought redemption to multitudes as they cast down their medical devices, walked out of bondage and ran into the light of Jesus Christ! Testimonies followed…


“There is a woman there – you put on underwear but at the same there are a lot of things you put under you to cover up because you are always seeing yourself – I will not call it bleeding because it is not blood alone; fluid and everything just come out of your body after an operation you did. So, please come out; God loves you.” Those were the words of prophecy that located Ms Elyse Kangela, who had come all the way from DR Congo to seek God’s touch at The SCOAN a fortnight ago. Somewhat timidly, Elyse had stepped out to identify herself as the recipient of the prophecy. Last Sunday, she returned to church to testify about what had happened since then. “In 2017,” she began, “I had an operation for multiple fibroids.” She said after returning home, she had kept bleeding and had gone back to the doctors. They told her they found no fibroids but saw signs of endometriosis. They suggested removing her womb but she objected. Consequently, she had to start wearing baby napkins, sometimes changing them up to three times a day. “It was so embarrassing for me,” she said. “Immediately after the prophecy,” Elyse added, “I went to check myself and couldn’t believe it was all over. I was so happy and excited.” She advised people to trust in God and believe in the name of Jesus Christ.


“There is a brother there – you went to the cemetery. Somebody took you to the cemetery and suddenly when you looked back, the person that took you to the cemetery, you could not see the person again. The person automatically disappeared. It is still a mystery to you. Sometimes you want to run naked…. I am seeing you commit suicide this time.” Those were the exact words spoken by the Spirit of God through Prophet T.B. Joshua two Sundays ago during the Mass Prayer session of The SCOAN Live Sunday Service. They were for Mr Musa Mansaray, a 31-year-old Sierra Leonean who used to be on a contract with the Iraqi Ministry of Defence and had been having serious marital and mental issues because of the spirit tormenting him. During his testimony last Sunday, Musa started by disclosing that life expectancy where he was stationed was very short. When he found that he was not being paid as well as others, Musa resigned his contract and secured another one with a US firm, which sent him invitation documents for Texas, USA. During a stopover in Dubai on his way back to Sierra Leone for his visa appointment, Musa met a man who advised him to consult spiritualists who would “wash” him and help to simplify the visa application process. They met in Nairobi, Kenya and went to a native doctor. After paying the sum of 200 dollars, rituals were performed on Musa’s behalf and Musa was instructed to go out with another man to a cemetery. At a point during the journey, the man asked Musa to stop and within seconds he disappeared. When Musa returned to the native doctor, he was asked, “Do you think we are here to joke?” Musa went to the US Embassy the following Monday, certain that he would get the visa. Musa, however was the last person to be attended to. He then got the shocker of his life: His documents were passed through four different embassy officials before finally denied. Confused, Musa decided to apply for a ‘blue badge,’ from the UAE Embassy which would have enabled him to do the least job in Iraq. He was again denied. He returned home and persuaded his mother to sell their house, took the money and invested it in a business that unfortunately, failed to thrive. Frustrated beyond control, Musa became a wife beater whose wife eventually left the home with their two children. He was now indebted to several people, who kept pressing for their money. At night, he would walk into the streets in his boxer shorts, showing signs of depression. He left for Abidjan to be free from it all but his situation never eased up. One day he met a man who knew the meaning of the ritual incision marks around the cusps of his elbows. “I cannot deliver you. Why don’t you find your way to The Synagogue?” he advised Musa. Musa jumped at the suggestion, sold all he had left and braved the odds to visit The SCOAN. After the prophecy and prayer with Prophet T.B. Joshua, Musa broke free from the evil forces that had dogged his life for years. He testified that three years earlier he dreamt that he had gotten trapped in a cage. That same night after he received the prophecy, he dreamt that a giant figure dislodged Musa’s spiritual jailor and handed him a rope with which to climb out of the cage. Since then, Musa has seen the light of deliverance and salvation, to the glory of God. “Now I’m the normal human being I used to be,” he said. Musa said God’s power has also eliminated the evil odour that stuck to him after the rituals. “The best way is Jesus,” he advised the church.


Sixty-three-year-old trader Mrs Helen Aigbomia had suffered from a leg ulcer for two years. The ulcer had developed from a leg injury sustained when she fell into a gutter. Owing to the odour from the ulcer, Helen became an object of ridicule by her customers, most of whom stopped buying from her. Certain that God was her only source of healing, with the hospitals having failed her, Helen had attended a SCOAN service in 2016. After prayer, she returned home with the assurance of her healing. In a matter of weeks, her hideous ulcer had dried up, with only a scar to remind her of the torment she had endured for two years. Last Sunday, Helen returned to church for an official testimony, accompanied by her son Favour, who had advised that she visit The SCOAN. In her excitement, Helen tapped on her scar to demonstrate her perfect healing, in Jesus’ mighty name.  Favour advised people to believe in God and keep praying while his mother said, “Trust in God; He is the Finisher.”


Two Sundays ago, Mr Gift Ikeagu and his wife, Evelyn, came to The SCOAN for prayers of deliverance and healing. While Gift suffered from chronic insomnia that had defied all medications, Evelyn constantly experienced foot pain and hotness in her palms. For 18 months, Gift had been unable to catch any sleep at home, only managing to get a wee bit of sleep at work, where he stayed for two weeks at a time each month. Even during those snatches of sleep, he would get troubling visits from his departed parents. After one such dream, he called his wife and disclosed his financial status to her, thinking he was about to die. For mother-of-six Evelyn, the foot pain and hotness of palms had begun over a year ago. More important, she was scared of losing her husband but encouraged him to trust in God. Realising that her husband’s problem might be spiritual, especially when she found that their home’s CCTV cameras would inexplicably shut down once her husband arrived home, Gift had committed to praying for him every day, sometimes wearing his clothes as she stood in the gap for him. She also said that after one of the prayer sessions, an elderly figure crouched in front of her but vanished once she screamed the name, Jesus. At The SCOAN, Prophetess Yinka had laid an anointed hand on husband and wife as she called upon God’s power to intervene. In the end, it was the demon in Evelyn which manifested before fleeing forever, while Gift quietly received his deliverance from the spirit of insomnia. “Since that day, up until today, my husband has been sleeping peacefully,” Evelyn testified last Sunday, adding that she no longer feels any pain. The couple advised people to keep the focus on God.


Eight years ago, Ghanaian Ms Dede Doe had a dream in which a dog had sex with her and bit her breast. From then on, she became afflicted with the spirit of lust and would sleep with any man that came her way. Troubled by her daughter’s lifestyle, Dede’s mother took her to a witch doctor who declared, “We will need to bury a pig and have your daughter bathe on the burial spot; then she will be free.” But it turned out to be a lie. If Dede was taking four men per day before, that number more than doubled as she sank deeper into the abyss of promiscuity. She would hop from bed to bed, barely cleaning up before submitting her body to the next client. Her sister Tofikatu was forced to keep lying to the many other clients who wanted Dede’s services but could not reach her on the phone because she was so occupied. Two Mondays ago, Dede and Tofikatu had made their way to The SCOAN Living Water Service. Why had they come? They were seeking healing for a brother of theirs who had been vomiting blood. However God, in His infinite mercies, decided to give the sisters a double portion. So, as Dede stepped on The SCOAN Altar that Monday, the demon in her begin to manifest. In the end, the spirit of lust departed from her forever. Meanwhile, the sisters got the Morning Water and sent it to their brother in Ghana, who immediately received his healing. The sisters joyfully advised people to rely on God always.


“There is a gentleman there, you eat faeces. When I say faeces, it could be urine…when this attack comes on you. Right now as I am talking, you are delivered.” That was how the prophecy rang out for one of the congregants at The SCOAN Sunday Service two weeks ago. Stepping out to confirm the prophecy was Mr Julien Dossou, a Benin Republic national living in Nigeria. Last Sunday, he returned to church for his testimony. He said it had all begun after a dream in which he accepted the invitation of an old woman to have a meal of faeces. From then on, the he was hooked on the bizarre ‘aroma’ of faeces and would relish both his own faeces and urine. One day, he made his young son try the strange menu. Julien said his urine tasted like a carbonated drink. Occasionally, he would defecate in his bed at night but would hide it from his wife. Since it was a spiritual attack, Julien began to experience resentment and disappointment as his life came to a standstill. “It seemed I was the recipient of all of the world’s hatred,” he said. To the glory of God, however, Julien has since entered into a new lease of life with no more evil dreams or desire to eat faeces or drink urine. “Jesus is wonderful,” he declared, even as he thanked God’s servant, Prophet T.B. Joshua. “Don’t run from God for He will see you through one day,” Julien advised.    


Sometime in November 2019, Ms Sandra Ifezue got a chance to commune with God at The SCOAN Prayer Mountain. The first petition she presented to God was her mother’s partial stroke, which had affected the old woman’s right arm. Sandra prayed over her mother’s picture. She also called to inform her about the prayer session and urged her to pray along at her base in Anambra, eastern Nigeria. That very night, the old woman had a dream in which seven angelic figures operated on her stroke-afflicted right arm. When she woke up, she noticed that she had regained the use of the arm, to the glory of God! This much was revealed during the testimony session last Sunday, when mother and daughter glorified God’s name. Sandra’s mother urged people to wait on God wherever they are, while Sandra herself advised everyone to exercise faith so that they can be a contact point between God’s Spirit and their ailing loved ones.    


“There is a woman there. The house you are living in – your husband and the landlord are fighting and you are the cause. You know that. Your relationship with the landlord – you are going too far. Please don’t let them kill your husband. Please come out for deliverance because you cannot help yourself. Your husband is an innocent person.” Those were words of prophecy from God’s servant T.B. Joshua two Sundays ago and they were for Mrs Gbemisola Oni, who was in church with her husband, Gbenga. Last week, the couple returned and told it all. It had so happened that two years ago, mother-of-two Gbemisola had somehow ended up in bed with their landlord, who had taken an interest in her the very first day she had gone in search of accommodation at his house. Although the landlord had been persistent in pressing for an affair with her, Gbemisola said she was sure that the man had actually employed diabolical means to get into bed with her. Once the landlord had his way, he began to consider Gbemisola his property. Consequently, he antagonised her husband. In the process, he also made Gbemisola suffer, as he would cut off electricity and water supply to the Onis’ flat. Meanwhile, Gbemisola was no longer the peaceful woman she used to be, as she would flare up at and even fight her husband at the slightest opportunity. Gbenga suddenly lost his job and Gbemisola began to have bad dreams. She even saw spots of blood in their compound, a clear sign of fetish activity. At one point, her peaceable husband threatened to leave the home. Although Gbemisola had been unhappy with herself for sleeping with the landlord, she could not yet bring herself to tell her husband what had happened. When the landlord tried pressing on with the affair, she cut off all phone communications with him, a situation which caused him to approach her in her flat. And once Gbemisola had accused the landlord of bewitching her, he increased his ‘punishment’ on the Onis. Eventually, Gbemisola opened up to her husband after Gbenga had embarked on a three-day dry fast to find out why there was crisis in the family. An ardent viewer of Emmanuel TV, Gbenga said he had quickly overcome his initial shock and resolved to forgive his wife, hence the decision to visit The SCOAN. After the prophecy, the Onis received deliverance prayers and their marriage is now back on track. They have also moved out of the house in question. “Be close to God,” Gbenga advised. After apologising to her husband, Gbemisola urged people to be prayerful so as to maintain their blessing.