PROPHET T.B. JOSHUA’S MESSAGE TO BAYELSA GOVERNOR-ELECT DAVID LYON - The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations - SCOAN - Prophet T.B. Joshua (General Overseer)


Last Sunday, it was a morning of many manifestations as The SCOAN Choir worshipped God in the beauty of His Holiness. Whilst they called for the power of sin over the people’s lives to be broken, the Holy Spirit put potency in their words and the anointing fell mightily upon the church, leading to the expulsion of evil deposits of various sorts.

Among The SCOAN congregation on Sunday, 1st December 2019, was Bayelsa State governor-elect David Lyon, a regular caller at ‘The Arena of Liberty’ whom Prophet T.B. Joshua described as “one of the brethren.” On Saturday, 16th November 2019, Bayelsans had gone to the polls to elect a new governor as the incumbent’s tenure winds up on 14th February 2020.

In his message to the governor-elect, Prophet T.B. Joshua charged him to commit to good governance. Always a prophet with a passion for the people’s welfare, the man of God advised the incoming governor to focus on meeting the expectations of the Bayelsa people.

In Prophet T.B. Joshua’s words, “My brother, I am at your service. When I say I am at his service, I mean I am at his service to see that the expectation of the Bayelsa people is executed.” The prophet further said, “I want you to know that the only way Bayelsa people will believe you are the one they voted for is for you to meet the expectations of the Bayelsa People.”

More importantly, Prophet TB Joshua reiterated to the governor-elect during his sermon, “It is better to live poorly upon the fruits of God’s goodness than to live plentifully upon the product of our own sin.”

Within the Spirit-saturated ambience of ‘The Arena of Liberty,’ Prophet TB Joshua began his prayer-filled exhortation with words of wisdom. He explained that it is the Word in our heart that gives the value of the name, Jesus. According to the prophet, the Word of God in our heart brings the value of the name, Jesus, the authority of the name, Jesus and the legal right of using the name, Jesus. He further explained that anyone can say, “In the name of Jesus” but it is not everyone that can say, “In the name of Jesus” in the power of the Holy Ghost. Finally, Prophet T.B. Joshua said that the Spirit makes us know that believing is possessing. The moment you believe, you have.

For his FREEDOM FROM FEAR message, Prophet Chris took his proof text from 2 Kings 6:14-17, the passage about Prophet Elisha and his servants’ encounter with the Syrian army. While Elisha’s servants panicked because they looked upon the physical, Elisha reacted calmly, assured that the battle was of the Lord. In the same vein, Prophet Chris said, the people of God should always view their situation with the eyes of faith, no matter what. After listing the negative effects of magnifying our fears rather than focusing on God’s limitless capacity to help us overcome our troubles, he said Christians need to open their eyes of faith in order to see the light of God’s awesomeness. “Don’t be afraid, for fear is a thief of faith and of hope,” he counselled the church before reading from 2 Timothy 1:7: “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.”




Owing to disc prolapse and nerve root compression, Ugandan Army major and Member of Parliament Mrs Susan Lakot had severe difficulty in walking, a condition that affected her work as an officer and legislator. For three years, the 44-year-old had moved from hospital to hospital as she sought a solution. However, all her doctors could offer was a lumbar corset, as well as drugs that she was supposed to use forever. “This problem disabled me,” Susan said when she presented herself for prayers at The SCOAN two Sundays ago. Unwilling to subject herself to a surgery that was not guaranteed to cure her, she had visited The SCOAN after watching numerous similar cases on Emmanuel TV. “Out – in the name of Jesus Christ!” Prophetess Yinka had declared over her. And within seconds, the Hosts of heaven went to work on Susan as she shivered and fell to the floor. By the time she got back up, she had been perfectly healed, to the glory of God! During her testimony last Sunday, the officer in Susan manifested as she marched briskly and executed press-ups, to the admiration of the church and the glory of Heaven. She advised people to give God the priority in their lives.


For 10 years, Ugandan citizen Mr Donald Lukwiya had difficulty in walking due to degenerative thoracic and lumbar spine disease. To help ease his pain, doctors gave him a lumbar corset and knee braces. Two Sundays ago, he had taken a step of faith and visited The SCOAN, after failing to find a solution at home or abroad. A friend had introduced him to Emmanuel TV, insisting that he needed a divine cure. As Prophetess Yinka prayed for Donald, the power of God surged through him and he fell to the floor.

During his testimony last Sunday, Mr Donald Lukwiya told the congregation how terrible his condition was before he received his healing “It was a very hard situation and I could not lie on the left side of my body. I had a moving object in my back. It caused my body to become very hot,” Donald told the church.

However, this is now a thing of the past. “That moving object in me is no more. I am very peaceful,” Donald brimmed before the congregation as he exercised his newfound sprightliness. “This is true deliverance, healing!” he gushed. He advised people to keep trusting in God.


When she went to visit her basketball-playing son at a US college in December last year, Sweden-based South Sudanese national Mrs Flora Duku sustained a fracture in her right foot. She had thought it was a simple matter and that things would soon return to normal but, to her surprise, her doctor in Sweden told her she would need surgery.

In the meantime, she was swarmed with painkillers. Flora decided she did not want the surgery, despite being unable to do most of her daily activities. She asked the doctor for a year’s grace while she planned to visit “the Master Healer” – Jesus Christ! “As the woman of God prayed for me, I stood up and there was no more pain,” Flora told the church during her testimony last Sunday.

Now no longer needing her ankle support, Flora can wear whatever type of footwear she wants, to the glory of God. She advised people, “Don’t run from God; run to Him.”


“This is surgery. Please, I just see it’s nothing to talk about because I know God is in control. Fluid is coming out of your body,” Prophet TB Joshua told Mrs Pamela Ainomugisha as he ministered during the Mass Prayer/Prophecy session of The SCOAN Sunday Service a fortnight ago.

The Ugandan confirmed the prophecies, saying that for five years she had had endometriosis, which gave her “bad, bad pains.” Last Sunday, she returned to church to testify about the transformation in her life since the prophecy. She said that she had visited numerous gynaecologists, who recommended various operations that only increased the pain.

Pamela also said that condition caused her public embarrassment several times, as regular sanitary and maternity pads could not contain the fluids. “It affected me in every way,” she said. Speaking further, she said that it was sometime in 2016, after a surgery, that she had discovered Emmanuel TV, which she watched from 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m. the following morning. After another surgery in 2017 that only caused her more panic, Pamela decided she had to make her way to The SCOAN. “I’m looking for God now,” she said she had told her herself. And so, two weeks ago, as she slept for the first night after the prophecy, Pamela found that her fluids had disappeared forever. “No more pads, no more suffering. This prophecy brought me deliverance and breakthrough,” Pamela said, with happiness and peace written all over her face. She advised people, “God is the Ultimate Healer.” She also urged people to ignore all negativity from those who scorn God’s power.


While he was yet a child, it would have been normal for Joseph Ubokudom to wet his bed during sleep. However, when he failed to stop doing so as he crossed infancy into early childhood and into his teens, it became clear that Joseph’s case was abnormal, especially when it followed him into adulthood and marriage. No longer wishing to suffer in silence, Joseph presented himself before the Lord and sought a divine solution to his affliction. Two weeks ago, while he worshipped at The SCOAN, a prophecy located him as Prophet T.B. Joshua mentioned his case. Joseph promptly came out to confirm the prophecy and asked for God’s intervention. Last Sunday, he returned to The SCOAN to tell of how the childhood scourge had been lifted since the prophecy. Explaining his ordeal before the Lord set him free, Mr Ubokudom disclosed how people would trick him in his dreams into urinating in a supposed public place only for him to wake up and find that he had wet his bed. “I would place my baby on the wet part of the bed just to fool my wife,” he added. Joseph said the condition made him change primary schools a number of times, even as it embarrassed him during his university days, causing him to do badly in his academics and social life. In fact, he added, the condition kept causing him disfavour and disappointment. To the glory of God, Joseph has ceased bedwetting since the prophecy of a fortnight ago. He advised people to seek God for the solution to any problem.


“This is a woman here. You have this attack – you are not pleased with a single man. You just go from one man to another. This is an attack after this nightmare you had.” Those were the words of prophecy for Ms Blessing Ihonre, who had visited The SCOAN for worship two weeks ago. After Prophet T.B. Joshua spoke about her condition, Blessing stepped out to confirm the prophecy, explaining that she had become afflicted with the spirit of lust over 20 years after a dog slept with her in the dream. “I kept moving from man to man and it cost me so many relationships,” she disclosed. She also said that men would frequently sleep with her both in the dream and in reality. However, last week, she returned to church to thank God for taking away those dreams and ridding her of the spirit of lust. She advised people to seek God for their deliverance.


On the 24th of November 2013, Ghanaian couple Mr and Mrs Ebenezer Tetteh had come to worship at The SCOAN. At the Prayer Line, Prophet T.B. Joshua prophesied to Mrs Tetteh: “How are you? There is a controversy over a child. Two, forgive this man. You should learn how to forgive and put it behind you and move forward. Forgiveness allows you to move forward. You have not been moving forward.” Last Sunday, six years after those words of prophecy, Ebenezer and Martha retuned to church to confirm what had transpired since then.

Martha spoke first. She said she had been unsure about the prophecy and, realising its implication, confronted her husband about it. Ebenezer would have none of it, as he dismissed every insinuation about his having an undisclosed past. He said his wife might in fact be the one hiding something – and a misunderstanding ensued. Two and a half years later, Martha continued, the truth came out during the burial plans for her father-in-law. “As I lay on the floor watching Emmanuel TV,” she said, “my husband stormed into the room and said, ‘I can see that the devil wants to work through my mother and my younger sister. They brought a boy to me, telling me that I am the father.’” Initially panicky, Martha recovered her calm and reminded Ebenezer about the prophecy. Then it all dawned on him!

Willing to forgive her husband over the matter, Martha asked him to bring the boy home. After initial hesitance, Ebenezer agreed. “Oh, dear, this is your photocopy!” Martha assured her husband. She told him there was no need for a DNA test and that God had already spoken on the matter. She suggested that they call a family meeting involving the boy’s mother. When Ebenezer took the microphone, he said, “All my wife said is true. I don’t want to repeat her.” He however admitted to having a brief relationship with the boy’s mother, saying he had disowned her pregnancy when she told him about it.

To cut a long story short, the Tettehs brought home the boy, now renamed Perez from ‘Felix’, and since then Ebenezer’s life has taken a turn for the better. He confirmed that his business has been booming and that he has been experiencing uncommon favours since Perez joined his four other kids from Martha, to whom he has been married for 19 years. To the glory of God, as Perez showed up during the testimony, the church erupted in excited confirmation as the uncanny resemblance between father and son stared all in the face. Perez said that on several occasions he had questioned his mother over his father’s whereabouts but had got no satisfactory answer. Eventually, he said, he received a call from a woman who called herself his grandmother. He said she then invited him over for his grandfather’s funeral, where he first met his father. Perez thanked God for leading him to his father, who now provides him a much better quality of life. “I had never flown on an airplane until I met my father,” he said. Speaking further, Ebenezer said he now has several more assets, including cars and houses. “I no longer have visa problems for my travels,” he added. In terms of his health, Ebenezer said he is now rid of all ailments, including ulcer. He advised men with his kind of case to seek out their abandoned children and ask for forgiveness from the women involved.