THE ISSUE OF BELIEVING - The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations - SCOAN - Prophet T.B. Joshua (General Overseer)


From one Spirit-inspired song to the next, The SCOAN Choir filled ‘The Arena of Liberty’ with a joyful praise as people of different races and tongues gathered to worship God and thank Him for His help in times past, His help today and His help to come. By the time they were done, it was clear that the Spirit of the Lord is indeed in The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations.

Prophet T.B. Joshua’s message focused on firm belief as the key to receiving from God. He read from Mark 9:19, the passage where Jesus chides His disciples for failing to exercise enough faith that would have seen them heal an epileptic boy. “The problem of believing is made simple when we know that it is acting on what God has spoken,” he said. He urged believers to be sincere to themselves on their standing with God, insisting that “If you are a Christian, you can know.” However, he also noted that having belief does not prevent one from facing trials and temptations. After further words of exhortation on the need to hold God to His Word through unwavering faith, he urged congregants to confess their weakness as they wait upon the Lord for the promised blessings. “A prayer of faith,” he said, “should be followed by an absolute trust in God that He is now working out the answer.”

Prophetess Yinka taught in like manner as she treated the topic: TRUST GOD EVEN WHEN LIFE SEEMS TO MAKE NO SENSE. She read from James 1:5-8, Job 1:20-22, Proverbs 3:5-6, Genesis 22, James 1:5-8 and from Daniel 3:12-18, which was her proof text. With the faith-building story of Shadrack, Meshack and Abednego she enlightened the church on the importance of trusting God wholeheartedly, no matter the situation. She said, “You love God when you love nothing in comparison to Him but in reference to Him alone.” In such a circumstance, she asserted, we will be basing “our relationship on the Deliverer and not the deliverance itself” and “on the Healer and not the healing itself.” She then urged congregants not to practice “conditional Christianity,” which glorifies God’s name only in good or happy times.

Stepping from the altar, Prophetess Yinka stretched forth her hand in prayer in Jesus’ name and multitudes received their healing and deliverance out of the hand of the enemy. Peace and life were proclaimed and people dropped their crutches, walking aids, breathing machines and other medical devices as they began to walk in the light of their testimony. May you bask in the light of God’s glory as you read the testimonies that follow:


For 13 years Mrs Sevidzem Bimela, a 34-year-old Cameroonian physical education teacher, had been afflicted with the problem of anus cancer that her doctors had misdiagnosed as simple constipation. By the time it was eventually discovered, the cancer had taken on a most hideous form with a nasty growth protruding from Sevidzem’s posterior. She could not sit properly, much less do her work effectively and was filled with shame and pain. When Sevidzem managed to take a picture of her cancer, she became deeply disturbed by the state of her anal region. In tears, she disclosed her sadness to Prophet Racine as she leaned behind a seat among those on the Prayer Line two Sundays ago. “I have been through pain for the past 13 years,” she had told him. “This cancer will go, in the name of Jesus Christ,” Prophet Racine had declared as he laid an anointed hand on the distraught woman. “Be healed, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ!” he prayed. “Madam, you are free, in Jesus’ name,” he ended. In her testimony last Sunday, Sevidzem declared that after the prayers, “I received my healing instantly”. She advised people to “hold God by His Word” while avoiding sin.


Falling on her knees in prayer, Miss Justina Tarebide suddenly began to vomit blood and poisonous substances. As the Spirit of the Lord continued to move in her system, she then began to urinate! For the fainthearted, the deposit on the floor might have been a source of visual disturbance. Yet, that had been God’s way of delivering Justina from the problem of stomach pain that she had suffered from for the last five years. Justina’s healing had come a fortnight ago as God’s servants Prophet Racine and Prophet Chris ministered during the Mass Prayer session. “I could not eat, breathe or sleep well,” Justina had begun her testimony last Sunday. She said she used to feel excruciating pain but doctors had been unable to help her. When she disclosed the problem to her mother, she told Justina to come to the village, where her native doctor stepfather did his bit, to no avail. On Justina’s return to Lagos, a neighbour brought her to The SCOAN where the Lord located her. Now pain free, she advised people to believe in God, who does all things.


From Abuja, Nigeria’s Federal Capital Territory, came Mrs Chinwe Dike two weeks ago to participate in The SCOAN Living Water Service. Chinwe had recently had an operation on her glaucoma-infested eyes. She also had high blood pressure that constantly caused her severe chest pain. As such, she had to take a variety of medication to keep her stable. Despite the surgery, she had begun to lose vision in the right eye. As someone who had initially been unsure of God’s presence at The SCOAN, she had rejected the advice that she come to the church for prayer. As her situation worsened, however, she came to ‘The Arena of Liberty’ and humbled herself before her Creator. Before stepping on The SCOAN Altar, she confessed her sins to God and asked for His mercy. Thereafter, she proceeded to minister the Living Water in her eyes. She explained that she felt a flash in her right eye as she regained perfect vision. She went on to drink the rest of the living water. Instantly, Chinwe said, she experienced relief from her chest pain and every other form of discomfort. Testifying last Sunday, Chinwe noted that, “If I had come here earlier, I wouldn’t have needed to go for surgery in the first place.” She added, “I have not taken my blood pressure drugs since that day.”


“I’m feeling pressed,” Ugandan Miss Betty Cherop had said, tugging at her belly in discomfort as the Spirit of God visited her on The SCOAN Altar during the Living Water Service two weeks ago. The poisonous substances from her bladder were purged out as she began to vomit. In the restroom, Betty ‘pressed’ out the remaining evil deposits in her system. She was now free indeed! Last Sunday, she told the church during her testimony that she used to feel severe pain in her stomach and that her family had the affliction of asthma. She could barely eat because of the pain. During cold weather, Betty, as well as her father and siblings, would experience severe coughing and difficulty in breathing. As she was about to get on The Altar for prayer, Betty sowed the seed of forgiveness and, to the glory of God, she reaped the fruit of deliverance from asthma and stomach pain. To show her healing, Betty took in many deep breaths and exhaled painlessly each time. She advised people to obey God’s instructions on how to approach God. “I know we are all free in my family now,” she declared.


Miss Emmanuella Addeh’s deliverance from six years of severe bleeding from multiple uterine fibroids happened two Sundays ago after Prophet T.B. Joshua mentioned her case during Mass Prayer. The man of God had specifically stated that a woman was in the process of cleaning herself up in the restroom. When she finished, Emmanuella quickly came out to confirm the prophecy. In her testimony on Sunday, she said that doctors had refrained from performing surgery on her after they noticed that her heart had enlarged due to severe blood loss. They instead gave her blood medication yet her blood count never rose beyond 18%. Always exhausted from the blood loss, Emmanuella had to quit her job as a medical worker. Every day, she would use more than one pack of menstrual pads to contain the blood. The young woman did not know what else to do until, all the way from London, an uncle’s voice rang out loud and clear: “You have a prophet in Nigeria – go to The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations.” To God’s glory, Emmanuella’s condition is now a thing of the past. “I am no longer bleeding and I can now climb stairs and run – no more palpitations,” she told the church during her testimony last Sunday. “God is reliable. One day He will answer your prayer.”


It was a word of prophecy that ended Miss Kairatou Sema’s bleeding affliction a fortnight ago. During his ministration, Prophet T.B. Joshua had said, “There is a woman bleeding there – you are bleeding as I am talking now. And you know you are bleeding; come out, for the glory of God. This is fibroids you have been battling with.” The USA-based Togolese had promptly come out to identify herself. On Sunday, she returned to church to testify about her healing. She said doctors had diagnosed her with a hernia, although she actually had fibroids. She said she used to get tired easily and had a swollen stomach that forced her to bend while walking. Since the prophecy, she said, “My belly has felt light and I no more feel pain when I touch my belly – no more bleeding.” She advised people to have faith in God and to expect His touch wherever they are.


“There is a gentleman here – I see your hot temper will lead you to murder.” Those were the initial words of Prophet T.B. Joshua as he prophesied about a man whose wife was “provoking” him. As it turned out, the prophecy was for Mr. Chikolola, a Zambian security official, who had eventually come out when he heard more specific details about his situation. That was two Sundays ago. Last Sunday, Chikolola’s wife, Pamela, accompanied him to church, alongside his older brother and his wife. Chikolola said he had been hot-tempered from childhood but the situation had worsened when he got married. “I’m a person who is easily provoked,” he disclosed. He also said that nagging from his wife had sometimes made him think of getting rid of her. “I often thought of killing her and killing myself,” he added. But, since the prophecy, he noted, “My life has changed – even the urge to drink beer is gone. I just have the urge to read the Bible.” Pamela confirmed the prophecy and narrated an incident in which her husband had threatened to kill her but later locked himself in, drinking all day, keeping her out of the home and threatening to kill himself. She said he had unlocked the door only when his family came to plead with him. She also said that she used to get even angrier whenever her husband lost his temper. “By now, I could have been a dead woman, if not for the prophecy,” Pamela said as she thanked God for restoring peace to her marriage. Also commenting on Chikolola’s “fiery temper” were his brother and his brother’s wife, who glorified God for changing Chikolola into a peace-loving and cheerful person who now wants to be with his wife always. Chikolola’s older brother, who sponsored the family’s trip to The SCOAN, said there was “a real risk of Chikolola shooting his wife” and he thanked God for His graciousness in paying attention to the details of his family’s life. Chikolola advised people to seek God’s help for their problems, even as he said he is “now married again.” Pamela advised women to take their marital problems to God.


Two Sundays ago, as Prophet T.B. Joshua ministered during Mass Prayer, a prophecy came in respect of a man who was in doubt about the paternity of a male child from his wife. It turned out that the prophecy was for Mr. Napoleon Amanfo, a middle-aged Nigerian who was in his second marriage, having lost his first wife to death in 2009. The real source of his doubt had been the stubborn presence of his new wife’s former lover – or so she had described him. With repeated warnings that she break off all further interactions with the man unheeded, Napoleon began to fear that he might not be the boy’s father, after all. All along he had secretly kept a picture of the intruding man and constantly checked the growing boy’s features against the man’s image. To resolve the matter, he had come to church to seek God’s face. After God’s Spirit located him, he was advised to return to church last Sunday, alongside the boy and his mother. As man and estranged wife made their cases, however, it was impossible to determine where the truth lay using human eyes. The testimony was therefore suspended, as Prophet T.B. Joshua took the matter before the Lord. The church did not receive the answer until the man of God came out for his ministration. Speaking under the direction of the Holy Spirit, he said that the child was Napoleon’s blood. However, he told the couple that they needed to subject themselves to deliverance sessions, after which they would have to seek God’s direction on the future of their relationship.

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