CAPACITY TO BELIEVE - The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations - SCOAN - Prophet T.B. Joshua (General Overseer)


After entering the Holy of Holies to worship the Lord through the Blood of the Lamb, The SCOAN Choir called on the Holy Spirit to breathe in them and the congregants. Thereafter, they glorified the name of the Lord for His “never-ending reckless love.” 

God’s servant TB Joshua continued his teaching from last week. Sunday’s message, titled CAPACITY TO BELIEVE, extended the prophet’s earlier teaching about faith or belief meaning trust. It was a slowly, steadily and carefully delivered sermon. The man of God read from Mark 9:2-3 and took his proof text from verse 23, although he also quoted the Books of Matthew 14:26 and Philippians 4:13 for recommended reading. Encouraging Christians to learn how to trust in God even in the most difficult of times, he taught the church: “Belief is like a seed. We don’t plant a seed today and harvest the next day; it develops in stages.” He therefore reasoned that no true believer would complain when faced with negative experiences, since challenges can only toughen faith.

On how to develop deep faith that commands God’s attention, Prophet TB Joshua again restated the need to engage with the Bible as the mind of God. He said it was more important to read God’s Word slowly and carefully in order to truly understand it, rather than reading it rapidly but failing to have it feed our soul. In his words, “The capacity to believe depends on the rate at which you feed your soul with the Word of God”, that is, “by reading the Bible slowly, repeatedly, attentively and with forgiveness.” He also said it is necessary to exercise faith in relation to only what God has promised and to avoid distractions from the cares of the world. He concluded: “The more you meditate on what you read, the more your spirit, your heart, acts upon the Word. The development of the Word of God in your heart gives birth to the belief in your heart; it determines your capacity to believe.”

Prophet Racine taught the church on waiting for GOD’S APPOINTED TIME. He began by citing the case of King Saul’s hasty decision, which led to his fall from divine grace (I Samuel 13:8-14). He urged congregants to see life as a marathon rather than a sprint and to beware of “opening doors that God has not opened.” Deploring the quick-fix mentality of the ‘Internet generation’, Prophet Racine said the journey of life starts with discovering the truth while watching and praying. Reading from Habakkuk 2:2-4, Genesis 18:14, John 2, John 7:26, John 17:1 and Luke 2:14-33, he noted that people of vision always wait for God’s time. In his words, “When it is time for the promise of God to be made manifest in your life, there will be a driving force that will change your actions and location – inner grace.”  



It was in 2016 when Mrs Eveline Balassy, a Hungarian, had first come to The SCOAN after discovering The SCOAN on YouTube. As at that time, for 31 years she had had the problem of deafness in her right ear, a condition that affected her social life in many ways. She constantly had to be tapped by people trying to converse with her. Doctors had told her that her problem was incurable but she had defied their pronouncement and sought refuge in God. During the Saturday Service that year, Eveline received a touch from Prophet T.B. Joshua and fell under the power of the Holy Ghost, her head feeling warm. As she returned to her seat, she found that hearing had been restored to her right ear as the person seated to her right engaged her in conversation. The following day, the 41-year-old attended the Sunday Service and received words of prophecy on her depressive state. Eveline confirmed all the prophecies she received and, during her testimony last Sunday, she told of the loss of affection in her marriage and of how she and her husband had been verbally abusive of each other. “We lived together more like roommates; we were not interested in each other’s activities,” she disclosed. After hearing Prophet T.B. Joshua say, “What we are going through will soon be a memory,” Eveline called her husband and suggested that they stop using unpleasant words. He agreed, and since then affection has returned to the marriage, to the glory of God. “When God speaks, changes begin. Never doubt God’s will to help you,” she told the church. 


Mr Djazton Miczaakhmed, from Uzbekistan, had been under the bondage of the spirit of lust for years. He also had serious allergies that caused his eyes to redden and his nose to run, thereby making it hard for him to sleep well. Constantly lusting after girls, Djazton became addicted to porn. One day, his mother invited him to her room and asked him to watch Emmanuel TV. As the prayers were going on, he fell under the power of the anointing and his temperature rose to 40 degrees. When he recovered, Djazton vomited copiously and his temperature came down. “After that, I felt free and delivered,” he told the church on Sunday, having made his way to Nigeria to testify at The SCOAN. He advised people to watch Emmanuel TV and to pray along with Prophet T.B. Joshua.


Mr Christian Onyido, a Nigerian living in Togo, had been afflicted with what he called “the plague” of a stiff neck for the past four years. Finding that the 40-year-old’s spine was resting on his nerves, doctors and physiotherapists recommended that he start using an inflatable neck collar to help raise his neck a bit. Despite using the collar, Christian felt no relief and he would often ask his wife and children to stand on his back as a way of helping to ease his terrible body pains. Although his wife was fond of watching Emmanuel TV, Christian had been skeptical about The SCOAN owing to his wife’s behaviour at home. In fact, as his wife said, one day he had yanked off the TV cable in anger, just to prevent her from watching the channel. After futile attempts by doctors in Togo and Nigeria, as well as by native doctors, to help cure him, Christian visited ‘The Arena of Liberty’ two Sundays ago and received an anointed touch from Prophet T.B. Joshua. To the glory of God, he instantly received his healing. “Could this be magic?” he had asked in amazement. During his testimony on Sunday, Christian told of how the condition had affected his business and made his life miserable. Speaking alongside her husband, Christian’s wife said that his condition had in fact begun as far back as 2013. The couple advised people to stop doubting the efficacy of God’s power.


During her childhood, Julia had fancied herself eating wet cement but had never done so until sometime in 2015. At that time, she had become a married woman. She told her husband about it and he advised that she try taking magnesium or calcium. There was no improvement and in fact the Russian also started taking lime scale from her kettle whenever she could not get wet cement. Despite the fact that her addiction was causing her weakness and diarrhoea, Julia continued with it. One day, however, as she was watching Emmanuel TV, she slept off and dreamt of Prophet T.B. Joshua praying for her. In that dream she had fallen down and felt a warm sensation all over her body. By the time she woke up, Julia no longer desired to eat wet cement. In another testimony, Julia said she was healed of a foot abscess after ministering the New Morning Water that she got from a friend who had visited The SCOAN. Her doctor had told her that she would need surgery but the surgery could not be done since Julia was then breastfeeding and could not take painkillers. According to her, the abscess had dried up within two weeks of ministering the water. “No matter your problem, just believe God for your solutions,” Julia advised the church on Sunday.


In the past five years, Mrs Claudia Thullah, aged 66, had been suffering from the effects of lumbar spondylosis and osteoarthritis of both knees but her condition had worsened in the last two years. Things got so bad that she could not supervise the running of the school she established after retiring as a teacher; neither could she continue with evangelism and church attendance. Abandoned by her children, who accused her of witchcraft, the Sierra Leonean was aided to The SCOAN by a nephew, who himself left shortly after dropping her off at the church. As such, she was left at the mercy of a Good Samaritan, who took it upon himself to wheel her around in her chair.In church two Sundays ago, Claudia received prayers in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. As Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for her, Claudia felt the fire of the Holy Ghost surge through her waist and knees. Then the man of God said to her, “You are free.” After that, Claudia began jumping in excitement, grateful to God for her perfect healing, her walking aids no longer needed. During her testimony on Sunday, Claudia thanked Prophet T.B. Joshua for his hospitality since her healing. She told the church that God’s Spirit is at work in The SCOAN.


“There is a woman that is bleeding. You are bleeding right now.” No sooner had Prophet T.B. Joshua uttered those words than the cameras found a woman who had been bleeding during the Mass Prayer session of the Live Sunday Service two weeks ago. Promptly, the woman came out and identified herself. She was Ms Patience Kombat, a Ghanaian. While coming out, she was shedding tears of joy. Thereafter, she went to the restroom and washed up. Since then, Patience told the church last Sunday during her testimony, the blood has dried up. She explained that she had vomited as the prayers went on. Patience also told of her healing from peptic ulcer and liver problems. Since the word of prophecy, Patience has now been healed of her ulcer and liver ailments, as she can now eat peppery food. She advised people to be patient and to exercise faith in God’s power. 


“There is a woman that has non-stop fluid. Go to the restroom and check yourself. The fluid has stopped.” That was how the Spirit of God had located Mrs Blessing Igwe a fortnight ago as Prophet T.B. Joshua ministered during the Prayer and Prophecy session. Blessing had been discharging since after a surgery. Embarrassed by her condition, she had kept it to her husband and doctor. “I had visited the toilet about four times before the man of God located my problem,” Blessing told the church on Sunday during her testimony. She also said that instead of singing in gratitude to God for what He had already done in her life, as other worshippers were doing, she insisted on not thanking God for what He had not yet done. Mercifully, she began throwing up and Prophet T.B. Joshua mentioned her specific case.  “Now I am free and the fluid is no longer coming out,” she declared to the church. “I am grateful, Jesus, for all You have done for me,” Blessing sang before advising people to trust in God and wait for His time.


Ms Makuta Turay was not sure that a word of prophecy had actually located her, hence her hesitance when Prophet T.B. Joshua mentioned a case of bleeding two Sundays ago. For five years, Makuta had been bleeding profusely and she knew it was not normal. After identifying herself, Makuta heeded the man of God’s instruction and went to check herself in the toilet. “Since that day I have been totally free,” she told the church last Sunday. She thanked God for saving her from the embarrassment of staining her bed as she had done in her hotel room while preparing to come to church. Declaring herself healed and delivered, Makuta advised people to trust in God’s power to change their situation.


She started smoking when she was 18 years old – and continued doing so for the next 40 years! In her more reflective moments, Ms Bella Argse had tried to quit smoking but all her attempts had ended in failure. At one point, she had tried to replace cigarettes with nicotine bubble gums but her chest had started hurting after three days, so she returned to smoking. Other remedies suffered the same fate, until one Sunday, in September 2013, when the ardent Emmanuel TV viewer prayed along with Prophet T.B. Joshua as he was praying for a man who had been smoking for 20 years. According to Ms Bella Argse, “I said, ‘Lord, deliver me from smoking today but don’t let me get sick or desire nicotine again.’” Thereafter, the South African called her friend and declared herself delivered from addiction to smoking. Soon after, however, Ms Bella Argse started bleeding uncontrollably from the nose and eyes until one doctor found that the cause was a lesion in her nostril. “I felt something come out of me and I became light that day I prayed along with the man of God,” she testified on Sunday, her very first time at The SCOAN. “If you have faith like a mustard seed, everything is possible. I eat and sleep Emmanuel TV,” she told the church.


Two weeks ago, 52-year-old Mr Paul Eze, a Nigerian living in Niger Republic, came to The SCOAN for prayers in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. He had the problem of severe difficulty in walking owing to waist and knee pains. After visits to hospitals in New York, USA and Madrid, Spain, his doctors could only recommend that he ease his pains with a lumbar corset and knee braces. “For five years,” Paul said, “the problem affected me in many ways. As a businessman, I could not reason well or direct people well.” After an anointed touch from Prophet T.B. Joshua, Paul said he felt cold all over his body. “No more pain now – I can do everything,” Paul told the church last Sunday. He advised people to have faith in God.


Still on the impact of the Living Water Service, participants have continued to send in their testimonies via email. On Sunday, two of such testimonies involved people who received spectacular breakthroughs in business and career life. In the first testimony, a real estate developer recorded incredible sales of properties after four months of a spiritual embargo on his business. In the second testimony, a first-class graduate of Chemical Engineering secured a plum job with a Danish firm. The God who answered their prayers will also answer yours, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ!