A GLORIOUS SUNDAY ON THE SCOAN ALTAR - The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations - SCOAN - Prophet T.B. Joshua (General Overseer)


By the time The SCOAN Choir were done inviting the sweet, healing and mighty Spirit of God to take over ‘The Arena of Liberty’, many congregants had fallen under the anointing, vomiting the evil deposits in their system. Delivered from the shackles of the enemy, the people then sang along with the choir and it was soon clear that the Spirit of the Lord had been called down into the people’s midst.

Prophet T.B. Joshua opened his message with a few remarks on the Living Water Service of Friday, 27th September 2019. Reading from 2 Corinthians 12:7, he noted that a faithful and faith-filled Christian may sometimes be faced with a situation of continuous trial that is meant to keep them humble and focused on their Creator. He said that God sometimes withholds answers to a Christian’s prayers in order to prepare them for the challenges ahead. According to the man of God: “Knowing how to believe that God hears you when you pray is a much greater blessing than anything because a prayer of faith can be repeated ten thousand times. God does as He wills.”

In like manner, Prophet Chris spoke on the topic RELATIONSHIP BEFORE RESULT. The kernel of his message was the need for Christians to cultivate a proper relationship with God so that they can have lasting blessings that come with peace of heart, eternal joy, assurance of life and the security of God’s presence – in essence, not just success but good success, as Joshua affirms in Joshua 1:8. Likening a prosperous person without a deep relationship with God to a beautiful car with no engine, Prophet Chris said that “the main thing about Christianity is our relationship with Jesus” and that “nothing is more important than our relationship with Jesus.” The proof text for the message was Ephesians 2:19-21 but the preacher also read from Mathew 5 and Mathew 16:26 to show that lacking a relationship with Jesus will leave many unanswered questions in a person’s life.



Ms Linda Motsa, from South Africa, had been suffering from a stiff neck due to injury to her clavicle. Although the 56-year-old woman had sustained the injury way back in boarding school, it was only 15 years ago that the problem became so serious that she had to start using a neck collar. As an IT professional, she was wary of telling her employers about her condition, even though it kept affecting her productivity. During the special Living Water Service last Friday, Linda got a chance to pray on the Mountain of Prayer and God healed her perfectly. On Sunday, she testified in church: “I’m starting my life afresh and will reclaim whatever I have lost.” She advised people to stop doubting God’s anointing on The SCOAN.


Neck collar, lumbar corset and knee braces – these were the walking aids that helped Mr Frank Awey to manage a bit of mobility. For the past 10 years, the electrical consultant had suffered from severe osteoarthritis and lumbosacral pains leading to stiff neck and difficulty in walking. Following futile physiotherapy sessions, Mr Awey attended the Living Water Service last Friday. After calling on God on the Mountain of Prayer, he could declare, “I feel light, like a load has gone away from my body.” Testifying on Sunday, he said, “Today I can now raise my arms and legs – things I could not do before.” He advised the church: “Do not rely on yourself or your money; run to God.” Thanking God for her husband’s healing, Mrs Awey said, “God is our own Finisher.”


“Glory be to God! I am healed! I have no more pains!” So screamed a grandmother, Mrs Gloria Okeke, as she sprang to her feet again after over seven years of difficulty in walking due to osteoarthritis. Despite her knee braces, lumbar corset, elbow support and compression socks, she said she could not do anything with her hands, not even carry her grandchildren. Although she received medical treatment in the USA and Nigeria, she never found any improvement. However, two weeks ago, she attended the Sunday Service to receive prayers, in the name of Jesus. As it turned out, she had a chance to pray on the Mountain of Prayer, where she rolled across the floor as she prayed to God. Testifying on Sunday, she said: “The God of T.B. Joshua visited me with favour. Immediately I stood up, I started dancing and thanking God.” She advised all to trust in the unfailing power of Jesus Christ.


With a fracture in her left ankle, Sierra Leonean Ms Monica Green had been told she would be condemned to using a pair of crutches and a moon boot. Last Friday, she moved with severe difficulty as she climbed on the Mountain of Prayer at The SCOAN, during the special Living Water Service. Back home, the 46-year-old financial management specialist had been an object of pity, as she needed help to do virtually everything. While praying on the Mountain, “I lost consciousness,” Ms Green testified before the church on Sunday of her healing and total restoration. She also told of her challenges during the flight from home. Narrating her experience on The SCOAN Altar, Ms Green said a voice had whispered to her “to make an open spectacle of the devil.” As she ended her testimony, she urged people to realise that God’s anointing is available at The SCOAN.


One morning, as she used the bathroom, 65-year-old Mrs Veronica Esedunme found blood coming out instead of urine. She overlooked it. Two days later the situation remained the same, so she ran to the hospital. “It’s cancer of the womb,” the doctor told her after a pelvic scan. “We will need to remove your womb,” the doctor added. She went to another hospital and the story was the same. A third hospital confirmed the same thing. Rather than panic, Mrs Esedunme took her medical documents to The SCOAN,

believing in God’s healing power. During a Living Water Service, she got a chance to pray on The SCOAN Altar and took the Living Water. When she returned to Abuja, her base, she found that the blood had ceased. Confidently, she approached her doctors for checks. To the glory of God, they declared her womb to be in a perfect condition as no traces of cancer was found. She advised people to have faith in God because He never fails.


After eight surgeries and several millions of naira spent, not to talk of the physical inconvenience of moving her 10-year-old daughter all over the world in search of a cure for bilateral Blount’s Disease, it was understandable that Mrs Bola Fadahunsi had become easily irritable and aggressive. Her daughter Morayo had been unable to lead a normal life owing to her condition, which had meant inability to walk. After eight surgeries, each taking no less than five hours, the little girl’s condition had in fact worsened and her mother had become very miserable indeed.

Morayo missed school for the whole of last year and had been unable to run errands for her mother. Mrs Fadahunsi’s attention was drawn to Emmanuel TV by her daughter and they began watching and praying with the man of God. Along the line, Morayo herself suggested that they visit The SCOAN after she saw a young girl like herself get healed on Emmanuel TV. At this time Morayo had ‘progressed’ from the wheelchair to using a pair of crutches, proof that God had begun His work in her life. “I will walk today,” she had assured her mother as they prepared to climb on the Mountain of Prayer two Sundays ago. After the prayers, to God’s glory, Morayo got up and walked for the first time without her crutches. “Surely the Lord is in this place! Surely the Lord is here!” Mrs Fadahunsi proclaimed as she began her daughter’s testimony on Sunday. Morayo and her mother advised people to have faith in God, believing that He can do the impossible.


Last Friday, during the special Living Water Service, Ghanaian Mrs Stephanie Nosore was one of those who experienced God’s awesome touch. For over six years, the 62-year-old had suffered difficulty in walking due to lumbar spondylosis. With a lumbar corset around her waist, Mrs Nosore climbed on the Mountain of Prayer with help from the ushers. In her testimony on Sunday, the pensioner said that she had been unable to do her work effectively. “Sometimes the pain would be so much that I would lose consciousness,” she told the church. During her search for a solution, Mrs Nosore was told that her bone had shifted and there was a compression around her hip, the point where she had felt the most pain. After a few minutes of prayer on the Mountain of Prayer, Mrs Nosore declared, “Thank You, Jesus! All pain is gone.” She said the healing hand of God had settled upon the exact point of her pain, even as she demonstrated the things she had been unable to do in the past.

“This Prayer Mountain is an invisible hospital that takes care of any form of ailment,” she said of the upper part of The SCOAN Altar. She advised people to stay connected to Christ and to keep a clean heart.


On Friday, Ms Amevi Lucas, a Ghanaian, received her healing from heavy bleeding as Prophet T.B. Joshua ministered during the Living Water Service. No sooner had the man of God mentioned the case of a bleeding woman than the cameras captured Ms Lucas’ blood-stained gown. Since Friday, Ms Lucas testified on Sunday, the bleeding and pain has ceased completely, to the glory of God. Accompanied by an equally elated sister, Ms Lucas told the church she is now strong and no longer needs pads. She advised people to trust in God.


She had been one of those who scoff at God’s work at The SCOAN, believing the miracles wrought there are arranged. Last Friday, however, Ms Chelsea Oghenetega had an encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ as she got on the Mountain of Prayer and received the Living Water. She had not even planned to attend the service for herself but had been there to get the Living Water for her ailing older brother, after being repeatedly urged by her cousin to visit The SCOAN. When on Friday Tega saw the incredible crowd, she had reluctantly joined the long queue of people to partake in the Living Water Service. In what seemed like an out-of-body experience, she suddenly said, “Look at Jesus there! See Him standing there! The light is too much; I can’t look.” Still in the trance-like state, she said Jesus told her, “Your problems are over. I am here to meet your needs. I am the Living Water.” Then she broke into song: Jesus the Son of God, I believe in You. Thereafter, she exclaimed: “Thank You, Jesus!” Back to her normal self, Tega asked, “What are you people doing here?” She was referring to those interviewing her and fellow participants in the service.

On Sunday, Tega returned to church to testify about her experience. She said she had been unaware of her utterances and actions during the experience of Friday. “As soon as I got the water, I felt a force hold my leg and I couldn’t move. Everything became blank,” she told the church. She also said she saw some angelic beings dressed in glittering robes and jewelry bowing down to a bigger Figure who was so majestic in appearance. In the end, she said, the bigger Figure asked her, “Do you now believe?” Tega also disclosed that later that night, where she slept, she saw a golden sword appear from the wall and swirl around before vanishing. Still in awe of the extraordinary experience, Tega concluded by acknowledging before the church, “God is in this place!”


Seven-year-old Miss Destiny Obed was brought to the church on Sunday by her mother, Winifred. On Friday, she had been one of the numerous children who got on the Mountain of Prayer to say their prayers to their Creator. Destiny had asked God to heal her of chest and hand pain. She had been unable to raise her left arm and always felt her heart beat very fast. In her testimony on Sunday, Destiny advised fellow children to believe in Jesus.


Mrs Memory Chirinkigunda, from the United Kingdom, had lost her well-paid job in January 2019 following what she believes was a conspiracy by colleagues. Saddened by her inability to make ends meet, as the family’s breadwinner, Memory felt bitter towards the conspirators. To vent her feelings, she wrote a lengthy email to Prophet T.B. Joshua lamenting about her situation.

The following day, she recalled, the man of God preached about the benefit of failure. And, in obedience to God’s Word, she decided to forgive and let go of all the hurt. She then made her way to The SCOAN, where she received deliverance in the mighty name of Jesus. Returning home with the New Morning Water, she started ministering it. In a dream, Prophet T.B. Joshua congratulated her. Afterwards, a voice began to urge her to start her own business. With her wealth of experience in the care business, she then decided to start a partnership with a fellow carer. They were initially working from home, hoping to rent an office in about six months. As God would have it, within only three weeks the partners were able to open an office. Since then, the business has prospered incredibly with over a hundred employees, some of whom were in fact her former detractors. She advised people to forgive by all means and see failure as a path to success.


Mr Mathias Yameogo had very dreadful leg ulcers so he visited many hospitals, herbalists’ homes and prayer houses but all to no avail. Unable to bear the pain, he would weep like a baby in front of his wife. He could not have regular relations with his wife and he found it hard to focus on his professional classes. Then his wife stumbled upon Emmanuel TV and urged him to visit The SCOAN. When the Burkinabe visited The SCOAN, Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for him, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Months later, on Sunday, he returned to church to testify on his perfect healing, along with his wife, Vivienne. Mr Yameogo glorified God and urged the people to accept that God’s power is present at The SCOAN.  


During a fire in his home, Mr Franklin Ozegbe had taken the audacious step of walking into the burning home in an attempt to fling out a burning stove, the source of the fire. In the process, his clothes caught fire and he got badly burnt in the arms and legs. After two weeks in the hospital, his situation failed to improve.

He decided to visit The SCOAN, where Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for him, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. On Sunday, he returned to testify on his healing. It was clear that his skin had been fully restored and that he was fit as a fiddle. “I have gone back to work as a businessman,” he told the church. Run to God,” he advised the congregation.