BELIEVE AND CONFESS part 2 - The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations - SCOAN - Prophet T.B. Joshua (General Overseer)


At the Arena of Liberty on Sunday, the service began on a note of expectation as usual. Congregants from all over the world turned up in their numbers to worship God for His goodness and mercy, even as they trusted Him to save, heal, deliver and bless them. As The SCOAN Choir moved from one soul-lifting song to the other, worshipers’ hearts received ministration that prepared them for yet another manifestation of God’s incredible awesomeness. From virtually all of the world’s continents, the worshipers offered their Creator a dance offering that put the devil to shame.
Continuing his message of last week, Prophet T.B. Joshua reiterated the need for members of organisations to act as true team players by not only doing their own assigned duties but also informing the leadership about things that may not be in the organisations’ interests. He noted that failure to report while being hard-working will ultimately detract from a person’s hard work, as the required synergy will not be achieved. In any case, he added, failing to report is in fact an indication that a person does not believe in the value of their own hard work. Drawing from Romans 10:8, he likened working hard and reporting to mouth confession of faith in the Lord Jesus which must be accompanied by true belief in the heart. Consequently, any Christian who fails to achieve this blend will not be able to act in accord with God’s Word, hence the Word “will remain idle, meaningless and often destructive.”

Insisting that “Working alone cannot help an organisation to grow”, Prophet T.B. Joshua illustrated how failure to report on wrongdoings frequently leads to problems in business and the home, as well as other areas of life. Describing the setting up of Emmanuel TV as a reporting medium for The SCOAN, he further noted that satan hates it when a Christian has an independent mind that can speak for itself. He also said that a person who constantly reports will be helping to make the work environment not only more productive but also more guarded. As he put it, “If you’re the one that works as well as reports, people will be very careful with the way they relate with you because they know you will report.” Apparently, those words resonated with the congregation as they nodded in affirmation of their truthfulness.

One of the high points of the message was the observation that there are four categories of people in our life: those who add value by helping our faith to grow, those who subtract from us by pulling us out of our faith, those who multiply the value in us by helping to nurture our potential, and those who divide our lives by acting as parasites who eventually derail our focus from God. Chris also cited 1 Corinthians 15:33 and Proverbs 13:20 to encourage Christians to yield to only positive influence. He closed the message with some bits of advice. First, he admonished Christians to have a focus for the future. Second, he urged them to expect disappointments from people. Third, he advised them to be careful about their emotions. Finally, he warned them not to “trade issues” with those who are not serious about their own future.




For 13 years, satan and his agents believed they had a right to withhold good health from Ms Jane Fischer, so they tormented her with damaged knee cartilage, then followed it up with osteoarthritis. Not done, they went ahead to afflict her with degenerative disc disease before topping it up with gastritis. Their plan was to make life miserable and meaningless for the 57-year-old Nigerian resident of Germany. And their warrant of arrest – if one might call it that –was the pact they had with the idols of her father’s house. That much was revealed by the Holy Spirit, who spoke through the woman of God when Ms Fischer finally found her way back home and received God’s touch at The SCOAN. “I can see your name in front of the idol,” the woman of God declared. The symbols of Ms Fischer’s health baggage were a pair of crutches, a lumbar corset, a walker and a wheelchair – the borrowed legs without which she

could not make the slightest movement. Having agonised for years over the solution to her problem, and having become an ardent viewer of Emmanuel TV, Ms Fischer had decided she would no longer be like the thirsty palm tree that was situated close to the river. “At a point, I had to rely only on welfare benefits from the German government,” she confessed, as she could no longer do any work.

She said it had been sometime in 2014 when her legs finally packed up as she walked to work. Immediately after prayers in the mighty name of Jesus, Ms Fischer received her healing. She said, “I felt something leave my body and I started walking again.” Confirming the prophecy about her family idols, she recalled days when her parents would slaughter chickens and use their blood for sacrifice. Ms Fischer ended by advising people not to waste time in seeking divine solutions to their problems.




When Franca Abianuwe, a Nigerian from Delta State, visited the Master Surgeon, Jesus Christ, she presented the following symptoms: difficulty in walking, difficulty in breathing, high blood pressure and peptic ulcer. She had had the problems for seven years, and in the process her daughter and other children had had to bear the brunt of it all as they attended to their mother’s every need.

“I couldn’t climb the staircase or walk long distances; my children were helping me,” she said. Continuing, she said she had been to various hospitals and worship places without getting her healing. “This is my last bus stop; I believe that God will visit me today in Jesus’ name,” she declared by faith. When it was her turn to receive prayers in the name of Jesus Christ, Mrs Abianuwe was first given words of prophecy: She was under the influence of very bad dreams and the enemy wanted her to have a history of broken marriages. As prayers were offered, Mrs Abianuwe fell on the floor as her body shook momentarily. “Stand up – you are healed!” the man of God proclaimed in the mighty name of Jesus. “Ah! Thank You, Jesus!” Were some of the first words Mrs Abianuwe uttered as she almost broke into a sprint after her healing. Testifying alongside her mother, Chioma thanked God that she can now face her own life as her mother is now healed. Advising those needing healing, she said: “Run to God. The God that healed me will also heal you in Jesus’ name.”






He was just 29 years old, yet satan wanted to condemn him to using a knee brace. Mr Redson Zulu, a Zambian, had found that he could no longer cope with the reproach of using a knee brace due to joint dislocation, so he sought the intervention of the Lord God Almighty. Seated at the Prayer Line and stretching out his knee-braced right leg, Mr Redson was sighted by the woman of God. At once, the Spirit nudged her to pray thus: “You spirit of lust, I command you to come out of this body right now, in the mighty name of Jesus!” Although he had come seeking healing for his right knee, what Mr Redson did not know was that God’s Spirit sees beyond the physical. And so, that Spirit saw beyond his indigestion and inability to walk long distances owing to the joint dislocation. He confessed: “I could not spend a day without being on the phone watching pornography.” Now a healed and changed man, Mr Redson no longer feels the urge to watch pornography. He advised people to avoid pornography and embrace the peace of God.







The couple had come all the way from Karakalpakstan, one of the nations that made up the former Soviet Union. It all began with a vision God showed his wife when she was still a little girl: She

often dreamt of a lion in Africa who used to comfort her and treat her kindly, as he did to many other people. And she knew that it meant one day she would have to come to Africa. The fulfilment came through her marriage, more precisely through her husband’s illness. In 2018 she discovered Emmanuel TV and began to pray along with Prophet T.B. Joshua. Soon, she got healing for her brain tumour as well as blood abnormality. Her feelings of depression also disappeared. Her child also got healed of sore throat and allergies, in addition to quitting womanising and becoming more obedient. After praying along with Emmanuel TV, the boy received his healing after vomiting poisonous substances from his system. However, her husband, Mr Mansur Kulchikou, wasn’t buying all of that; it was all fake to him! And although Mr Kulchikou had in 2011 accepted to give out Emmanuel TV DVDs to his congregation, he himself never believed they carried God’s anointing. In any case, he lived a sinful life and hurt his wife in the process, leading to marital issues. Confronted with business failure and being bedridden after falling off scaffolding, Mr Kulchikou decided to come clean with his wife and make peace with God, especially when the doctors told him he would be bedridden for a year. Not willing to be operated upon, he prayed along with Prophet T.B. Joshua and vomited afterwards. “Two weeks later,” he said, “I got back up on my feet.” Today, Mr Kulchikou no longer doubts that God’s power knows no barriers.



When the woman of God laid hands on her, the demon in Mrs Matilda Vordzorgbe reacted very aggressively, trashing about on the floor for a few seconds. It was the ‘spiritual husband’ manifesting as he lost grips over his captive. “For seven years of our marriage we have been fighting. I was the man in the house. I thought I was wiser than my husband.” Those were her words as she testified in church days after her deliverance. She was so mean that she insulted her mother-in-law at will and starved her out of the house.

She was also very violent with her children and the little girl who was her domestic help. She would not stop beating her until blood flowed. To worsen matters, the man of the house began to face very hard times in his business, failing behind on the rent and failing to put food on the table. In short, the family started to beg. Prior to the hard times, Mr Vordzorgbe had put his wife in school hoping to make her happy, but all he got for his efforts were insults: His wife wanted to keep up with the Joneses on social media! As push came to shove, Mr Vordzogbe asked her to leave his life. She did, although she worr

ied about the children. But she soon became sober – and God’s Spirit urged her to write to The SCOAN. Then she was invited over, and the manifestations happened. To the glory of God, the Vordzorgbes are now fully reconciled, even as this testimony has been given from only the woman’s perspective. “Her peace has returned,” her husband confirmed. “I am proud to have him as my husband,” she said. “Be patient in your marriage, seek the face of God and ignore social media,” she advised.


Mr Nagbe Weah was five years old when his grandmother took him to the United States of America. By the time he turned 10 years old, the little boy had become very familiar with his new home. He soon developed the spirit of rebellion and left home. Once out on the streets, he joined gangs and started doing drugs. Things got so bad that the young man went in and out of rehabilitation centres, eventually having a GPRS device attached to him to monitor his movements and activities. He went on and off drugs until he turned 18 years old. One day, gang members lured him into an operation that, unknown to him, entailed him driving a stolen car. The police got wind of the chaotic, violent scene and gave chase to Mr Weah as he left at high speed. Apprehended, Mr Weah refused to tell on his friends even though jail stared him in the face. Despite being informed that his friends had in fact told on him, the young man remained loyal to his oath of secrecy and pled no contest. Eventually, he was sentenced to eight years and put in a maximum-security prison for adults, despite him being a juvenile, due to his hot temper that always pushed him to violent deeds. No longer able to bear her grandson’s imprisonment, the old woman got in touch with the boy’s mother in Ivory Coast and directed her to visit The SCOAN for prayers. And Mrs Matu Kamara did visit The Arena of Liberty, where the man of God Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for her. By this time the young man had spent over four years in detention. And in June 2018 the angels of the Lord got into action and released Mr Weah after only five years! Believing God still had more to do in her son’s life, she brought him to The SCOAN to receive spiritual deliverance and the Spirit of God opened his case file through prophecy. “I can see you in the jungle – a jungle where people take drugs…” Surprised as his past life was painted in pictures before him, Mr Weah had no option but to submit to the Word of God spoken by the woman of God. Today, Mr Weah is a new creation indeed. Rescued and made fit by God. Emmanuel!