AT THE COMMAND OF JESUS - The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations - SCOAN - Prophet T.B. Joshua (General Overseer)


The SCOAN Sunday Service of October 28, 2018 was indeed a supernatural one! The service started in an atmosphere of worship as The SCOAN Choir filled the heavens with hymns and spiritual songs, making melodies to the Lord with songs composed directly by Prophet T.B. Joshua himself. The auditorium was filled with thousands of international visitors from nations as far away as Vietnam, India, Eastern Europe, North and South America and all nations of Africa.

Extraordinary testimonies from individuals from around the world followed and came to a close only when Prophet T.B. Joshua sent a minister to the altar in what was to be a ground-breaking affair.

In an inspiring message titled: TAKE CARE OF YOUR HEART, Chris vividly demonstrated how feeding on resentment, bitterness, pain of the past and envy can block God’s blessings from landing in our lives, much like obstructions on a runway can prevent an airplane from landing. “You are what is in your heart,” he explained. “Your life reflects what is in your heart…When you take care of your heart, God will take care of your miracle.” Therefore, he implored, “to have a healthy heart, don’t feed on resentment or bad feelings towards anyone”.


As he closed the sermon, he moved towards the rows of individuals who had come to The SCOAN for prayer for healing of various diseases and disabilities. Instructing the congregation to remain in an attitude of prayer without ceasing, he astonished both those in the auditorium and those viewing on Emmanuel TV by suddenly stretching forth his hand in prayer – and Jesus Christ was instantly on the scene!

Ministering prayer, healing, prophecy and deliverance in the name of Jesus, Chris was used mightily by God Almighty to set the captives free. Those whose bodies were riddled with sickness and disease were instantly cured, took up their mats and walked, in the name of Jesus! As he prayed, he simultaneously spoke forth prophetic messages to those in the auditorium, revealing the root cause of their pain and bringing permanent solution in the power of Jesus Christ.

Halfway through the ministration, he was joined by a fellow minister, Racine, who began to lay hands on those in the congregation, ministering in the power of the Holy Spirit with signs and wonders following. Darkness had no hiding place in the lives of those gathered in the auditorium as the ministers sent out by Prophet T.B. Joshua went about their Father’s business. Accurate words of prophecy were spoken and instantly confirmed by international visitors who had flocked to The SCOAN seeking a touch from our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. As the mass prayer began, deliverance and healing continued to manifest in spectacular ways.

                                                                                           Chris and Racine

The entire congregation was energized by Christ as the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua made his way to the altar to pray for the viewers of Emmanuel TV. “At the command of Jesus,” Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed, “Peter walked on the sea. At the command of Jesus, Blind Bartimaeus regained his sight. At the command of Jesus, the storm stood still. At the command of Jesus, let there be calm, in Jesus’ name!” At this powerful proclamation, chains were loosed and those in captivity were set free.

Testimonies began to pour in from viewers around the world, exclaiming the saving power of our Lord, Jesus Christ! Among those who shared their stories of that powerful touch are the following:

Mr Tran Nha Hoa from Vietnam came to The SCOAN with the problem of deafness for six years and had been subjected to using hearing aids in both ears. As the minister of God touched him, he removed his hearing aids and could immediately hear again! Joyfully answering questions and instantly engaging in conversations without the hearing aids, he testified undoubtedly to the miracle-working power of Jesus Christ.                                                                                        Mr Tran – During Healing

Mr Tran – Healed In Jesus’ Name


Mr Alexander came all the way from France seeking divine intervention as he had become fully incapacitated. Depending completely on a pair of crutches to move him around due to a fractured knee, he was frustrated and irritated and in need of a way out. After visiting top medical facilities in France with an exasperating result, he decided to run to God. Receiving just a tap in prayer from Prophet T.B. Joshua, he immediately threw down his crutches and began to walk freely. One week later, he bounded into The SCOAN, joyfully sharing that his miracle remained permanent as his heart remained fixed on the Word of God.

Mr Alexander

Mr Harcourt had come to The SCOAN with an arm-sling tightly holding his arm in place as it had suffered a severe fracture after a major accident and the cut and jagged bones were creating excruciating pain. Finding no solution in the hospitals, he came to the hospital of God and after a touch from Prophet T.B. Joshua last week, he removed his arm sling and began using his arm freely – void of all pain! Demonstrating his healing, he abruptly grabbed a pen and sheet of paper in front of the auditorium and began to write – as the congregation burst into praise to God for his restoration.

                          Mr Harcourt

As Prophet T.B. Joshua exclaimed, “Feeding on God’s Word makes our way plain before us”. We pray that your heart continues to feed on God’s Word as you reflect on this ground-breaking Sunday Service, in Jesus’ name!