FAITH IS OF MAN’S HEART - The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations - SCOAN - Prophet T.B. Joshua (General Overseer)


In a powerful and challenging message, Prophet T.B. Joshua emphasized the power of the Word of God when it is grounded in the heart of man, explaining that unlike the language of today, Bible language comes from the heart.

“When the Word is in your heart it will preserve you from desiring sin. You need the Word of God to bring Jesus to the scene. The Word of God is the living presence of that Divine power if that Word comes from your heart.”

The man of God revealed that often, what hinders keeping the Word of God in our hearts is our human nature which refuses to totally surrender to the Spirit of God.

Taking the congregation back to the Gospel truth, he revealed that sin is never covered by our appearance, prayers or tears. Sin can only be removed by repentance. Telling us the way out, he said, “We must bring our wrong, mistake and sin before the Blood of Jesus before the Spirit prays through us”.



Mr Christian Iredia suffered from six years of difficulty in walking due to lumbar spondylosis which made him helpless and depressed. The pain coupled with the fear of not being able to walk again made him doubt if he would ever return to stand on his feet. Seeing how his condition drained him daily, the wife advised him to pay The SCOAN a visit. And when he received a touch from Prophet T.B Joshua in Jesus’ name, he stood straight and was able to walk again, to the glory of God. With strides of joy, he testified and made it clear that old things are passed away, all things are become new when you involve God in your matter.

Mr Iredia, furtherly added, “Seek the face of God. God will heal you permanently”.



Mrs Elizabeth Obeki was known for getting angry at the slightest provocation. At a tender age, she witnessed the divorce of her parents and the constant memory of it saddened her heart. Her father remarried and she was left in the hands of her stepmother who oftentimes antagonized her and her siblings. Growing up in such an unfriendly tumultuous home, the spirit of anger welled up within her. As a result of the damage the spirit of anger caused, her emotional life was also affected. Even though she got married, her affection towards her husband diminished to the extent that she would sleep on a separate bed. When the evil spirit took hold of her, she would nag at her husband and transfer aggression to her children, beating them mercilessly.

In a state of total frustration, Mr Obeki brought his wife to The SCOAN, knowing that what she needed was deliverance.

As Prophet T.B Joshua approached them in the midst of the congregation, he gave Mrs Obeki a prophecy, “Anger is about to destroy your family and you have a nice husband. He furtherly added, “Because of this anger, sometimes, you decide to sleep on your own”.

Confirming this, the prophet touched her and the spirit left her instantly. Today, Mrs Obeki has reunited with her family. Her husband affirmed that he has been experiencing so many changes since the deliverance of his wife. Now a happy man, he encouraged all to seek the face of God. Truly, Jesus Christ has set them free!



Ms Patricia shared her testimony with the world of her experience as a former sex slave and how her journey in search of greener pastures proved futile. Recounting her ordeal in The SCOAN with tears rolling down her cheek, she narrated how she got pregnant at age 15 during her entry to the junior secondary school 1.  she lost her mother and faced rejection in the hands of her father who drove her out of the house.

Having lost her mother and also rejected by the only family she had, she started roaming on the streets with her pregnancy. She sought shelter in the hands of her mother-in-law but that didn’t curb the maltreatment she received. The birth of a child is known to signify joy of motherhood but in Patricia’s case, it was the opposite. Oftentimes, she would sleep outside hotels with the infant child.  When the situation became unbearable, she abandoned her baby with her mother-in-law and never returned home. She reckoned it had been over 17 years since she had abandoned her child.

Being a victim of circumstance, a friend offered to end her suffering by deceiving her to travel to Europe in search of greener pasture for themselves. Unknown to her, her friend had orchestrated a plan to sell her as a sex slave to one of the brothels in Togo. And as soon as she was sold, the female brothel operator or the Madam gave the 16-year old revealing clothes to wear for her enslaved job as a prostitute. She recounted that men visited the brothel to sleep with her, whilst the Madam received the payments. She told the congregation that she was never paid as a sex worker.

After two years of exploitation, an acquaintance from Delta State negotiated with the Madam to set Patricia free. This acquaintance ‘set her free ‘ only to engage her in the same prostitution life. During her stay in Ghana, she came across a man whom she narrated her ordeal to and he introduced her to drug trafficking. In her bid to survive, she accepted the deal. She was coached into swallowing hard drugs so as to cross the border and excrete them on getting there.

A time came when the drug she was carrying in her stomach burst open and poisoned her system. Unable to bear the abdominal pain, she had no other choice but to confess to the border control officers. She was arrested as a result and spent seven years in prison. Her refusal to divulge the names of her facilitators, made her face the death penalty. But after seven years, she was released and deported to Ghana from where she returned to Nigeria.

However, as the poverty and challenges continued to entangle her, she returned to the street life in Ghana. During her stay in Ghana, she had a dream about Prophet T.B. Joshua who asked her to come back to the House of God and receive her glory.

Ms Patricia later returned to Nigeria, where she ended up in the company of unsuspecting men, who tricked her into believing they were going to engage her in a business deal. Upon falling for their entrapment, the men kidnapped her and were driving her at top speed when a vigilante group spotted the suspicious act and gave them the chase. In the event, the suspected ritualists pushed Patricia out of the moving vehicle, causing her head to hit the concrete street. She sustained an injury to the head, but due to lack of money she could not receive any medical treatment. The only thing she could afford was to nurse her head injury with warm water. In her miserable life, she asked her sister to bring her The SCOAN, to seek the face of God. To God’s glory, Patricia received the prophecy that brought her out and she was delivered by man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua.

Ms Patricia returned to The SCOAN today and shared her testimony to the congregation and viewers all over the world. She appealed to be reconciled with the child she abandoned more than 17 years ago. She advised the people of God to seek God and surrender to Him as there is no gain from a fast-paced life of sin and suffering.



Ms Joy Odey, was granted admission to study in a higher institution. Being a young scholar, her parents were expectant of what their daughter was soon to become, a pilot. But her dream came crumbling down when she encountered a roommate who introduced her to hard drugs. She got so addicted that she lost focus at school. Having spent eight years in school, the parents were disturbed by the sudden retrogression. Unknown to them, Ms Joy was entangled in a web of hard drugs.

Consumed by an uncontrollable urge to do drugs, she would sell expensive gadgets such as laptops and ipads just to feed her habit. At this point, she could do just anything to get money to buy drugs to satisfy her incessant urge. At a point, she started posting her pictures on the internet, inviting men for friendship, leading her to a life of prostitution. Sharing one of her worst experiences as a prostitute, she gave account of how a man she was having an affair with suddenly took the form of a beast inside the hotel room, yet, this did not put a stop to her life of prostitution.

Having taken her to many rehabilitation homes all to no avail, her mother, a minister of the Gospel, brought her to The SCOAN. Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for Joy and she was delivered, in Jesus’ name.

Today, Joy and her mother stood to testify of God’s goodness upon their lives, appreciating Him for setting her free from satan’s captivity. Joy testified that she no longer has the urge to take drugs. To God be the Glory!



Peace Adesina Oluwatomi, an altar girl at The SCOAN, took a step forward to appreciate the immense help of Prophet T.B. Joshua and the Emmanuel TV Partners in her life story. With their financial assistance and the Prophet’s mentorship, she successfully graduated from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in Ghana with a First Class Honours Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering. During her four-year course, she won the Best Student Awards and Excellent Student Awards, meaning, she was always at the top of her class. She accredited this to the words of wisdom she received from Prophet T.B. Joshua during her time spent in the church.

The prophet’s words inspired her to go further and so she applied for and was accepted to one of the world’s best Universities, the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom. Truly, time spent in Christ’s presence is time well spent.

Prophet T.B. Joshua and the Emmanuel TV Partners are sponsoring her master’s degree programme at the University of Cambridge at the cost of approximately 55,000 pounds. With gratitude to God, she advised youths to follow the process of God in all their endeavors for if God could take a formerly depressed girl like her and put a smile on her face, He can do the same for them. “It doesn’t matter what school you go to; what matters is your relationship with Jesus”.

In the words of Prophet T.B Joshua, “It takes focused action, personal discipline and lots of energy every day to make things happen”.



Mr Titus Okonkwo, confirmed the word of prophecy he received at The SCOAN. He confessed to the congregation how he developed the urge to steal items and money from his mother’s bag. He added that he would oftentimes hear a voice telling him to steal. The spirit would instruct him to leave class and venture into the forest for reasons he couldn’t explain. Eventually, he ended up as a drop-out. This annoyed his mother greatly. His father sought a way out and decided to send him to school. He would send some amount of money to cater for his needs in school but Mr Titus would rather use such money to fund his immoral lifestyle. Having developed relationships with bad friends, he decided to quit schooling. With the negative influence from his friends, his stealing habit only worsened and he developed a reputation for stealing within his neighborhood. He recounted a particular occasion where he went with his colleague on a stealing mission. He jumped through windows and fence and made away with two generators and two laptops. When the owner of the stolen items discovered the theft, he levied a stealing allegation against Mr Titus Okonkwo. Mr Titus was then invited by the police and vigilantes for questioning. He confessed to the crime and was subsequently detained. He was however bailed by his father.

In order to help him start life afresh, the father bought him a motorcycle for commercial purposes and even paid for a one-year accommodation for him to make him change but his stealing adventure thrived on. Despite all he received from his father to curb the shame, he would still go out to steal. That was when it dawned on the father that his son’s case was a spiritual one which needed God’s intervention.

Having received a word of advice from his father, Mr Titus took a step of faith to pay The SCOAN a visit where he received a word of prophecy. He returned this Sunday with his family to confirm the accuracy of the prophecy. The family narrated their ordeal and mentioned that the stealing habit of Mr Titus had put a great strain on their resources. They had also suffered emotional trauma as a result of Mr Titus stealing behavior.

Mr Titus confirmed that he has received his full deliverance after the prophecy and no longer hears any voice instructing him to steal. His family equally testified that he’s no longer arrogant and has since received a new life in Christ. Mr Titus advised the viewers and congregants to stay away from anything that is not of God. He advised his friends to learn from his testimony and draw closer to God so as to avoid being used as an agent for satan.