COMMITMENT ENHANCES FAITH - The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations - SCOAN - Prophet T.B. Joshua (General Overseer)


With a shout of glory and an applaud for Jesus, one could feel the fresh overflow of God’s power and awesomeness as the cherubim moved in The SCOAN Sunday Service. God’s anointed, Prophet T.B. Joshua, introduced a heartfelt and powerful sermon titled, “Commitment Enhances Faith”. Using the proof text John 15, which states that ‘The World Hates the Disciples,’ the Prophet elucidated in his message that, “The moment we become identified or accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour genuinely, the world will hate us”.

Using the text as an eye opener, he stressed on the fact that, “The day we make a total commitment to Jesus, we have declared war against satan. By identifying ourselves with Jesus of Nazareth, we have made ourselves a bitter enemy”. Reminding everyone of God’s position in their lives, he urged the congregation to allow God to dominate their every activity. He stated that, “We own now but God owns our future”.

With the confession of the song, ‘This world is not our home,’ Prophet T.B. Joshua admonished all to put to remembrance that, “There is a barrier between us and everything here on earth. Once Jesus purchases us, we become aliens here on earth”. In his final words of exhortation, Prophet T.B Joshua admonished The SCOAN congregants and Emmanuel TV viewers around the world to recognize God’s position in their lives.

After the sermon, Prophet T.B. Joshua moved in the midst of the congregation ministering prayer, healing and deliverance in Jesus’ name. The presence of God dominated the auditorium and those in bondage were set free – Hallelujah! Testimonies of those who received this powerful touch from the Lord in the previous weeks, came joyfully forward. These are a few of those accounts.



The essence of the Holy Spirit on earth has manifested in ways we cannot imagine; He heals our lands, purifies our souls, restores our losses and comforts our broken hearts.

The touch of the Holy Spirit upon Zimbabwe-born Mr Derrick Nyirenda who suffered from a fracture of the femur can only be proof of God’s healing power bringing health to all flesh. Mr Derrick dreaded the thought of not being able to walk again as he was forced to aid himself with a metallic crutch. Constantly in excruciating pain, he refused to resign himself to fate – an existence based on codeine medication. He initially hoped it would provide him much-needed relief but opposite was the case. He therefore made up his mind to seek God for his healing.

Seated in The SCOAN auditorium, he listened to the faith-building message from Prophet T.B. Joshua. Afterwards, the man of God touched him in prayer in Jesus’ name and immediately, the power of the Holy Spirit descended upon him in an unusual way, causing him to vibrate suddenly and fall to the ground. As the congregation watched in total amazement, Derrick got up from the floor looking surprised, realising that he could not feel any pain. Basking in the euphoria of freedom, Mr Derrick started walking, jumping unaided and giving thanks to God.

Recounting his encounter with the Holy Spirit, Mr Derrick said he felt a surge of power drive through his entire body and the pain disappeared completely, leaving him with a renewed energy and strengthened bones. All thanks to God Almighty, he could walk again!


There is clarity that God is everywhere; He alone is omnipresent, omniscience and omnipotent. He walks through the Spirit, heals through the Spirit and speaks through the Spirit. This fact was demonstrated when Ms Bwaanje Ng’andu, who was diagnosed nine years ago with cervical osteoarthritis resulting in a stiff neck, was told by Prophet T.B. Joshua to stand in the exact same spot where Mr Derrick was seated before he received his healing. She stood up and moved forward. The moment her feet touched the spot, she received her healing and her neck that was stiff, moved freely.

Indeed, God proved Himself mightily and not only did He heal her of a stiff neck, God also cured her of scoliosis. Before her encounter with the Holy Spirit at The SCOAN, Ms Ng’andu’s neck was aided with a neck collar without which she endured horrendous neck pain and migraines. She could hardly clean or wash and anytime she walked a long distance, she would have an attack. Different hospitals offered her medication and referred her for physiotherapy where she received massages and did exercises, all to no avail. There was still no solution, no relief. But a touch from Jesus Christ was a touch of power – power that broke the yoke of nine years of stiff neck, cervical osteoarthritis and scoliosis. Now a free woman, Ms Ng’andu advised all Christians to be steadfast in trusting Jesus.

There are times when we cry to God to be rescued from our incessant pain and battles confronting our lives. “The challenges we face are not meant to separate us from God but draw us closer to Him” –  Prophet T.B Joshua

We could say the same for Mr Otonye, a retired Director of Audit from Bayelsa, Nigeria, who woke up one fateful morning with a startling swollen leg. He was taken to the hospital and series of test were conducted. Aside the swollen leg, he was also diagnosed with Hepatitis B and a kidney problem. In the midst of these turbulent battles, his career was affected and he had to depend on his wife for everything. Defying all medication, Mr Otonye’s leg began to rot and the doctor’s only option was to amputate it. Turning down their offer, sought after God’s healing.

Mrs Matilda Otonye, an ardent viewer of Emmanuel TV, called on a family friend who had received the New Morning Water as a partner of Emmanuel TV. With faith, she ministered the New Morning Water on her husband and immediately, Mr Otonye began to walk, even though to the physical eye, the leg was still rotten. As the days turned into weeks, the wound on his leg began to dry up and the leg which was once swollen and rotten, came back to normal. He received his permanent healing even to the amazement of the doctor who thought he was never going to walk again. The skeptical doctor demanded proof so, they ran tests on him. Lo and behold! The test result proved that Mr Otonye was totally healed of Hepatitis B and kidney problem!


At a certain point in Mrs Kate Echie’s life, insanity struck and she became mentally unstable. No longer able to relate with her loved ones, the once vibrant woman withdrew to a life of torment, affecting not only herself but her beloved husband. As her situation worsened, the family beckoned on her brother in Lagos who was reduced to tears on finding her in chains. Mr Augustine Asibong rushed his sister to The SCOAN for God’s divine intervention and with just a touch from Prophet T.B Joshua in Jesus’ name, sanity was restored. Returned to a right state of mind, Mrs Echie shared her testimony with the world and advised all that when they or their family members encounter any challenge, they should not abandon them to a destructive fate but rather, run to God for help and healing.


As Prophet T.B Joshua ministered prayer and deliverance to the congregants, a woman who had been downcast with the problem of bedwetting was prophetically located. “There is a lady there; you are a bedwetter,” Prophet T.B. Joshua prophesied, adding that the problem had compromised her marriage and embarrassed her in several ways.

Perceiving that the message was directly for her, Mrs Ngozi Betty Nmezi, a professional caterer, braved her way towards the altar to confirm the prophecy. She revealed to the congregation how the problem of bedwetting had brought shame to her life. She regularly wrongly accused her daughter just to shield her secret from leaking to the public. Mrs Ngozi also shared with the congregation how she was forced to turn down several high profit contracts just to cover up her secret bedwetting shame. With a simple prayer in the name of Jesus Christ, the issue of bedwetting that had robbed her of joy for so long was brought to an end!


Mr Rillojim woke up from a nightmare of a strange being trying to abuse him sexually. Still contemplating what could have warranted him having such a frightful dream, he went about his daily routine but to his utmost surprise he discovered that he could no longer pass out urine. Something had blocked his passage. At first, it seemed like a dream to him but he kept on trying and failing. Consulting a specialist, Mr Rillojim was informed that he had Urethral Stricture and would require a catheter to pass out urine. Perturbed by the information disclosed to him, he later succumbed to the operation only for the doctors to discover that it was impossible to pass a catheter through his manhood. They carried out another procedure where the catheter was inserted directly into his bladder. For three months, Mr Rillojim was passing out urine abnormally, through the use of the catheter.

Distressed and upset, he made preparations to travel to France to undergo another operation. He disclosed his travel arrangements to his friends who advised him to travel to The SCOAN instead. Heeding their heartfelt advice, he came to The SCOAN and received a powerful touch of prayer from Prophet T.B. Joshua in Jesus’ name. After the touch, he rushed to the restroom to confirm his healing. Lo and behold, Mr Rillojim could pass out urine through his manhood. Giving glory to God, Mr Rillojim said, “For the first time in three months, I can pee!” Returning to the hospital, he requested the catheter be removed. The doctors were astonished and to confirm that his urethral passage was functioning, he was instructed to urinate through his manhood.

Dumbstruck, the doctor removed the catheter and Mr Rillojim became a full man again. Healed at last! Glory to God!


An extraordinary healing also took place in The SCOAN which involved an eight-year-old girl. Many years ago, Loveth Obi was rushed to The SCOAN by her father to be healed of the severe fire burn that consumed her body. The fire burn removed the skin from her chest all the way down her left thigh, leaving only red, bleeding tissue. She could barely walk, stand or wear clothes. The situation took its toll on the little girl as she could no longer go to school, play like other kids did or live a normal life. The situation brought tears to the eyes of her family as she became helpless and bedridden.

Helpless but not hopeless, her father drove her to The SCOAN yearning for the touch of the man of God. As soon as Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for her, little Loveth received her healing in Jesus’ name and the injury began to dry up rapidly.


Eighteen years have elapsed since Loveth’s body was burnt in that fire. Now 27 years old, she returned to The SCOAN along with her parents and younger sister to glorify God’s name. The once burnt little girl who thought her life was over is now a university graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing Science. While sharing her testimony, she recalled that as soon as the man of God touched her, she felt a cold sensation all through her body and the pain immediately left her. She urged the congregation and the world not to lose hope in God because His presence has the power to heal, deliver and restore all that has been damaged. With God, nothing is impossible!


In the early hours of the morning, Mr Sunday Robinson was attacked by notorious armed criminals on his way to work. Fully armed and totally rugged, the criminals barged into his house, pointing guns at his face and demanding for money, jewellery and other valuable items. Haunted by this unwelcomed visit, Mr Robinson was dumbfounded and terrified. While engulfed in such horrible house arrest, he prayed for God’s intervention. There was no one to rescue him and there were no police personnel to call on – he was trapped. Whispering words of prayer, the Holy Spirit reminded him of the New Morning Water he had in his pocket. As they kept on demanding for his wallet, he brought out the New Morning Water and stretched it towards them saying, “This is all I have to give!” Irritably, one of the robbers snatched it from him and opened it. He realised he was being played and angrily pointed the gun to Mr Sunday’s forehead. Unknown to him, the Holy Spirit was right there in their midst. He tried to shoot but the gun refused to go off! After flipping the trigger repeatedly but unsuccessfully, the criminals took to their heels in utter confusion. Mr Robinson was delivered from the hands of death by the power of God in the New Morning Water!


Egged on by her struggle to survive, Mrs Evelyn Okungbowa was caught in the web of prostitution. A mother of two lovely children, she thought only of taking care of their needs as she dived deep into the scandalous act but God had another plan for her. Entering The SCOAN to seek the face of God, she was arrested by the Holy Spirit through a prophetic message revealed by Prophet T.B. Joshua. “There is a woman there; you are a prostitute. Almost five men are waiting for you outside”. Coming out to confirm the prophecy, she revealed to the church that her clients were waiting for her and one of them happened to be, at that precise moment, outside the church premises. The prophet continued, instructing her to look for a young girl. With tears in her eyes, she revealed that the girl he was referring to was her daughter. As the man of God ministered deliverance, Mrs Evelyn received the touch of God which sent her straight to the floor, delivering her from 6 years of prostitution and 30 years of smoking.

Appreciating God for her total deliverance and restoration, Mrs Evelyn, in company of her daughter and son, shared her testimony with the world, bringing tears to the eyes of many. To encourage her in her new life in Christ Jesus, Prophet T.B. Joshua went further to provide accommodation and full scholarships to both of Mrs Evelyn’s children. Truly, Jesus Christ turns our lives around!