OUR COMMITMENT TO JESUS - The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations - SCOAN - Prophet T.B. Joshua (General Overseer)





The Sunday service at The SCOAN was comprised of powerful testimonies, incredible deliverances, supernatural healings and profound prophecies that changed lives, nations and the world.

Prophet T.B. Joshua preached a life-changing sermon titled, “Our Commitment to Jesus”. He opened his message with the Book of Matthew 16:24-25, “Then Jesus said to his disciples, “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me. For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me will find it.”

He explained in his message that, “Salvation is more than just saying, ‘Lord Jesus, I am a sinner. Wash me with Your precious blood. Save my soul today…’ and then, going on your merry way. Salvation is a total and complete commitment to Jesus”.

He unveiled the profound depth of what our decision to follow Jesus means when he said, “If you do not take up your Cross and deny yourself and perhaps even get killed for your belief in Him, you are not worthy of Him.”

Referring to the Book of John 15, the prophet said, “As soon as you make a true conversion, satan hates you as he hates Jesus. The moment you are saved, you are engaged in a phenomenal battle.”

The man of God gave insight and encouragement to believers all over the world, saying that, “The level at which satan attacks us seems to be equal to the level of our commitment to God. Job was totally committed to God Almighty. That is the reason God was willing to take up satan’s challenge against him. If you are totally committed to God Almighty, He will take up satan’s challenge against you. The life we live is not ours; we no longer belong to ourselves”.

During the Mass Prayer conducted by Prophet T.B. Joshua, thousands of people received deliverance from demonic spirits that tormented their lives and poisonous substances that were deposited in people’s bodies were vomited out and they were freed to the glory of God.





“I’m turning,” Victor said and someone with a different voice, character, nature and movements appeared.

From Australia, Victor turned to drugs as a child to cover up the disturbing effects of an abusive and broken home. As his addiction to heroin, marijuana, cigarettes and methamphetamines increased, he noticed a spirit inside of him overtaking him, manifesting through him with different characters and names. He lost ability to sleep and eat for weeks at a time and was taken several times to mental hospitals due to drug-induced mental illness. With the loss of a marriage and the death of a newborn child, he began running from state to state, looking for a fresh start, only to find himself in a deadly cycle of life. He attempted numerous times to commit suicide – by hanging, overdosing, jumping over bridges and into pools. He was hearing voices and people screaming while sleeping and while awake. He began stealing money, cars and chemicals to get more drugs and sold drugs to young people on the streets. He met his current wife but both were addicted to drugs and tried several times to physically harm each other. 

Realising their lives were in grave danger, they decided to turn themselves over to God. They began attending a church where the pastor introduced them to Emmanuel TV. A skeptic at first, watching a testimony of a former drug trafficker from the USA who received deliverance at The SCOAN changed Victor’s heart. His pastor sponsored he and his wife’s visit to The SCOAN and when Prophet T.B. Joshua touched him in prayer, he felt a force he could not describe hit him. At that point, the evil spirit trying to kill him manifested and was cast out, in Jesus’ name. He remembered nothing until Mass Prayer started when he unexpectedly began to vomit out poisonous substances. He testified that since his deliverance, he is more loving towards his wife, has no urge to be aggressive, is clear headed and can even read his Bible.

He said, “Every time I read the Word, it is speaking to me in ways I have never experienced before. It has turned my life around. I have no urge for drugs of any kind!”


His wife, Mrs Christel revealed that she met Victor just after he was released from a mental institute and she had been released from the hospital – both due to drug addiction. Shortly after their relationship started, she noticed that the spirits in Victor would take over his body. One moment she was speaking to Victor and in another moment she would see someone she did not recognize. Most days, they would be in the same room but she felt like she was alone as he kept his headphones on and rarely spoke to her. She knew they could not have a lasting relationship while addicted to drugs but they could not escape the spirit of addiction. When Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for Victor, those spirits left and she testified that both were delivered. She has noticed his change in affection towards her and is finally enjoying her marriage.

The happy couple encouraged all viewers to run to Christ for help and deliverance as only He has the power to break the chains of bondage! With their wounds of many years of drug abuse healed by the compassion of Jesus, the couple were also supported with the sum of 3,000 USD by T.B. Joshua and Emmanuel TV Partners to start their new life.





 Alfred Otwav’s body was covered in severe fire burns which caused blistering open wounds. He had suffered from epilepsy for over 5 years when one day the fateful incident happened.

When summoned by his mother to bring food from the kitchen, he dropped the food on the floor and had an epileptic attack which caused him to fall into the fire. When his mother did not see her son come back with the food or reply to her calls, she entered the kitchen and found her son stretched on the fire already burnt to an extensive degree. Three general hospitals were not able to treat him due to the severity of the case. It was in the fourth hospital that he was diagnosed with severe diabetes which did not allow the open wounds to heal. The wounds would rot, oozing a terrible odour, making the atmosphere unconducive for breathing. Also a victim of severe diabetes, the young boy would inject himself with three rounds of insulin daily. Desperately seeking for help, they rushed to The SCOAN and by the amazing grace of God, received prayer from Prophet T.B. Joshua. Immediately, young Alfred received his permanent healing; the wounds started drying up after his encounter with the man of God and he later came back to show to the world his new skin from Heaven. Standing before the congregation with evidence to total healing from diabetes, Alfred’s advice to the congregation and viewers all over the world is for all to seek God’s presence for nothing is impossible with God!




As a young lady, Christina Fakude was a frequent visitor to the home of the sangoma. Little did she know demons were at work to divert her own destiny down a similarly destructive path. Christina only fell pregnant after a diabolic concoction was given to her. As Octavia – the child that came forth through such devilish circumstances – grew older, the fruits of darkness became all the more evident in her life.


Octavia was plagued with a spiritual husband who became her constant nocturnal companion, robbing her of affection and interest in other men. Bouts of anger were common but the uncontrollable rage the young South African displayed was certainly not. When she finally got married, Octavia would find happiness outside her house – drinking alcohol and partying with friends – preferring not to spend time with her Nigerian husband. “Sometimes, she would not talk to me for two weeks at a time,” her husband Tony explained, adding that his wife’s anger was extreme.

Last week, as Prophet T.B. Joshua approached Octavia, she felt anger swell within her coupled with the unnerving desire to attack him. However, the power of God overpowered the angry demonic force and she was completely delivered.

During the same service, Christina Fakude equally received prayer for a terrible back pain that left her practically bedridden. A spiritualist, fortune teller and palm reader, Christina had a shrine where people would consult her in search of solution to their challenges. She was also a chain-smoker, having smoked for more than 30 years. 

Realising that ancestral spirits were not only destroying her but using her to destroy others, Christina decided to visit the only place she knew she could find total freedom – The SCOAN. Ever since Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for her, she received not only physical healing but spiritual disconnection from the chains of darkness. “I have now accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour,” she boldly told the world, adding that her life as a sangoma had come completely to an end, as had the urge for cigarettes.  Both mother and daughter healed and delivered, it was truly a day of joy for the Fakude family! It did not end there as after the service, Prophet T.B. Joshua blessed the family with 2,000 USD. To God be the glory!





 Knocked down by degeneration of the spine, osteoarthritis and difficulty in walking, Honourable Mrs Orima Woko suffered in the hands of crippling ailment for 9 years. This affected her family and political career as she could no longer travel on business trips and get actively involved in politics. Having visited several hospitals both at home and abroad, and having undergone series of surgical operations, solution never came to Mrs Orima Woko. The pain only worsened and the doctors resolved to injecting her 6 times during her third operation but even after that, the sickness thrived on.

When the pain refused to give way, Mrs Orima decided to take a leap of faith to come to The SCOAN. Motivated and positioned for victory, she received her healing and was totally delivered. Unashamed to express her joy, Mrs Orima Woko gave thanks to God both in English and her native dialect. Her son, Engineer Nathaniel Gabriel, added that his mother’s ailment had a negative bearing on her political career which spiraled down to shambles. He expressed his relief at his mother’s total deliverance and freedom, in Jesus’ name. Mrs Orima Woko advised the congregation and viewers all over the world to believe in God who cured her for free. 

Sharing his own testimony, Mr Gabriel confessed to having been a drunk and smoker for over 15 years. Believing that he had kept such low life secret from his loved ones, he was surprised when his wife-to-be told him they needed to put their wedding date on hold until he was cleaned from his smoking and drinking habits. For someone who did not believe in the ministry of healing and deliverance, stumbling across Emmanuel TV, he thought that it was acting and refused to take it seriously. However, when his mother demanded to be taken to The SCOAN to be set free, the anointing of God located the smoking and drinking habits in him and delivered him. Laughing, he recalled that when Prophet T.B. Joshua touched him, it felt like he had been hit with a 10-bundle of cement that sent him to the floor. The instant he received the touch, he said he felt different, renewed, light and the urge for smoking and drinking immediately left him.

Mr Gabriel advised the youth to refrain from drinking as it is a catalyst for even worse addictions. Now convinced beyond reasonable doubt, he said that he has experienced firsthand the miracle working power of God.




Mrs Josephine Kelefio, a Central African Republic national, had been suffering from Sleep Apnea and difficulty in walking for 25 years. As all medical treatments and heavy medication yielded no solution, she had to resort to a breathing machine and a lumbar corset. The excruciating pain and hotness of the body that followed overwhelmed her daily activities. As a frequent traveller, she came across Emmanuel TV in one of the hotels she stayed in. It was at that point she decided to visit The SCOAN, to become a part of God’s miracles taking place there.


Arriving at The SCOAN in agony and crying out of pain at the slightest attempt at moving a limb, three people had to carry her. Sharing her testimony, she said that as soon as Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for her, the pain disappeared immediately and strength returned to her limbs. After physically demonstrating her healing and walking freely, she advised anyone going through the ailment she had experienced to trust in Jesus Christ for their healing.




Mrs Agatha Mantey, her sister Esther Tetteh and niece, Mrs Bertina Abgotta came to The SCOAN from Ghana last week seeking divine intervention in their family – and received the mother of all miracles. After five years of difficulty in walking due to back pain and osteoarthritis of the knee, Mrs Mantey was exhausted. Her husband, who had been caring for her, passed away and the knee brace and lumbar corset provided by the doctors were also no longer offering her any comfort or support. She could not even stand for up to five minutes at a time. When the doctors told her the only solution was an operation, she called her family together and ran to The SCOAN. With just a touch of prayer from Prophet T.B. Joshua, the pain left and she felt immediately at ease. She began to walk without any support and slept throughout the night. Testifying joyfully, she exclaimed, “I can even catwalk now” as she beamed excitedly. 

Driving one afternoon, Mrs Esther Tetteh suffered a horrific car crash. Photos of the devastation gave every impression that no one could have survived. Mrs Tetteh was left with difficulty in walking and stiffness of the shoulder. She was given a lumbar corset and arm sling to support herself and alleviate the pain but she still required heavy medication. With all that, she was still not able to walk and for many days, was not able to stand up from her bed. As Prophet T.B. Joshua stretched forth his hand in prayer, she received her healing and her arm sling and lumbar corset were removed. She stood up and moved her arm freely and walked perfectly, for the glory of God.

Mrs Bertina Agbotta fell into depression after her father passed away and began seeing him, conversing with him and following him in her dreams. One night, she saw herself outside of her body, standing beside it and trying to re-enter it. She woke up terrified and from then on, was scared to sleep for fear of dying. She could not take care of herself or her son and no longer had the desire to go to work. She followed her mother and aunt to The SCOAN and as the Prophet was ministering to the congregation, she began praying, “Oh Holy Spirit, take more of me and give me more of You”. Instantly, the evil spirit tormenting her manifested and was cast out, in Jesus’ name. Since that day, she has slept peacefully without nightmares or depression and even her salary, which was the lowest at her workplace, was increased after her deliverance.

The joyful family advised all that when their backs are against the wall, they should run to Jesus Christ – He is the solution.




 Dr Adorgloh Edith from Togo suffered from neck pain due to cervical spondylosis and lung damage for which she had to use a nebulizer for 10 years.
The problem started with an acid reflux problem in her stomach where the acid also entered her lungs, making breathing a difficult and painful task. As a medical doctor, she was restricted in her duties as she was dependent on the nebulizer both day and night and could not make any strenuous movement. She always found herself short of breath as if she had just been on a long walk. She could not even go to the market because of the problem and her family regularly complained of her severe snoring. As her condition worsened, she decided to seek the face of God in The SCOAN. When the man of God prayed for her in the power of the Holy Spirit, she took a deep breath and realised that her lungs were now completely clear. No longer using the nebulizer and able to breathe in and out without pain, Dr Adorgloh was so grateful to God for her new lease of life.




Ms Cindy Nshuti, a Rwandan, living in the USA, suffered from a swollen knee, which affected her career as an Aerospace Engineer. This problem put her life on hold and further crippled her ability to associate with people. As a trained triathlete, she could no longer participate in sporting activities as a result of the excruciating knee pain. This affected her ability to stand or sit for a long period of time. 

In the course of her career, she was sponsored by NASA for further training but the knee problem prevented her from actualizing her dreams. At some point, when the problem worsened, she had to resort to the use of knee brace and crutches to support her movement. she was left heart-broken and was in agony.

Introduced to The SCOAN by her mother, she longed to attend one of the services to be touched by the man of God and immediately she was prayed for, she received her healing jumping, kneeling and walking to the glory of God.

Now completely healed and able to walk perfectly, she advised all to wait patiently for God’s time.