RELATIONSHIP UNDER REPAIR - The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations - SCOAN - Prophet T.B. Joshua (General Overseer)


The SCOAN Sunday Service opened with prayer and heartfelt praise, creating an atmosphere conducive for the Holy Spirit to operate. Prophet T.B. Joshua further lifted hearts and faith as he delivered a touching sermon titled, ‘Relationship Under Repair’, dealing with some of the central issues plaguing society today.

He said, “We don’t have to look far to find things we do not like in our society. Look through your immediate surroundings and what you may see seems to be frightening”. Despite this, he encouraged all listening to take a clear-cut stand against such evil in our communities and “be known as people who are for good, not just against bad” because “a little example can have a big influence”. He added that we should see it as our “personal responsibility” as this will lead to our improvement and maturity. “When we see something that needs to be improved, removed, changed or adjusted in our society, we must recognise our personal responsibility to do something about it.”

Motivated and positioned for victory by the message, all present in the church and those watching the service live on Emmanuel TV joined in an exhilarating, Spirit-filled time of prayer. Darkness was disgraced and the fruits of light shone forth as the congregation declared in faith that their limitation, setback and failure were over!  The service was also filled with several interesting and faith-building testimonies, some of which can be found below:



“After getting divorced, I was so angry and turned my anger on married men.”
After getting married at the tender age of 21, Mafora’s life quickly nosedived into a messy concoction of smoking, alcoholism and extra-marital affairs. Egged on by her immoral husband, it reached a point where she would barely sleep in her own house as parties and clubs became her new ‘home’. The turbulent marriage ended in divorce five years later but the demonic activity only seemed to intensify. The young South African began actively engaging in affairs with married man, under the illicit slogan – no strings attached.

In a party, she would strive to drink the largest quantity of alcohol so as to prove she was the most ‘wild and dangerous’. However, peace remained elusive throughout and Ms Setati realised the grave was close if she continued in such promiscuity. Her desire for change was met with stiff spiritual opposition – as a strange man began sleeping with her every night in the dream. She would even physically sense the spiritual husband’s presence in her room. She moved around churches throughout South Africa without finding deliverance when someone introduced her to Emmanuel TV.

Finally reaching The SCOAN early in July 2018, Mafora had an incredible encounter as Prophet T.B. Joshua offered Mass Prayer. “I saw an angelic being and fell to the ground under the power of God,” she recalled, as the evil spirit responsible for her troubles was instantly exposed. Mafora testified that something visibly left her at that moment – and life has never been the same since! The urge to smoke, drink and fornicate disappeared and a renewed hunger and love for God came instead. Incredibly, her sister – who suffered ceased menstruation for two years – was also healed during that same Mass Prayer as her menstruation returned. “If you are sleeping with someone in your dreams, it’s not normal,” Mafora advised the congregation. “Seek the face of God for deliverance!”



A fibroid, which she described ‘as big as her head’, had caused Rosanna Marte to cancel surgery three times. Doctors had explained she needed to do the surgery otherwise she would likely lose her womb. Despite the warning, the searing pain and excessive visits to the toilet due the pressure on the bladder caused by the size of the fibroid, Rosanna repeatedly avoided surgery in order to hear from God first.

She had no doubt that God would intervene and would not do anything otherwise. After watching Emmanuel TV for two years, she believed that her crisis was to draw her closer to God. Remarkably, the very day she was warned by the doctors, Rosanna was also informed that Prophet T.B. Joshua was shortly going to The Dominican Republic for a crusade. It was on the third day of the crusade Rosanna travelled from the US to the Pastors Conference in the Dominican Republic.

The Holy Spirit rewarded her effort. During the conference, from the pulpit, Prophet T.B. Joshua prophesied directly about Rosanna’s case saying, “There is a woman there who will be going for an operation this week. She has been booked for the operation three times but tried to avoid it. You will still go back for the surgery but nothing will happen… God will lead the doctors to do it.”

“Then,” said Rosanna, “I knew that God had invited me to the crusade”. When Rosanna returned home, according to the prophecy, she went ahead with the surgery and God took control just as Prophet T.B. Joshua had said. The massive fibroid was removed and her uterus was also saved and remains intact, to the glory of God! With pictures of the operation by her side, Rosanna gave all glory to God for being so faithful, the salve to every malady.



Fifteen years of anus cancer was more than what Prince Vincent Onyeamula could take. “Any day I visited the toilet, it was hell”, he said, referring to the excruciating pain he suffered at the hands of the disease. “I would cry like a baby to the bedroom, crawling on my knees. I would take injections but would still experience severe pains for four to five hours at a time. Each time I visited the toilet, blood would flow as if I was urinating”. The condition pushed him to the point of suicide. “I would say, ‘God take my life instead of me going through this’. I decided to commit suicide but God saved me”, he said. Doctors advised him that if he went for an operation, it would be 50-50 and that if he survived it, he would not be able have a child.

Prince Vincent started to watch Emmanuel TV and saw the miracles that God was doing through His servant, Prophet T.B Joshua. Deciding to come to The SCOAN, he received the Morning Water and started ministering it in Jesus’ name after which he passed out blood. After that day, everything disappeared! He proudly showed the pictures of his ‘before and after’ –  pictures proving that God had indeed healed him from anus cancer. He encouraged others waiting for their own encounter with Jesus, “God can do anything. If He can do it for me, He can do it for you!”



Bernhard Zaaruka came from a wealthy home in Namibia but despite his privileged upbringing, multiple addictions left him a pawn in the hands of the devil – and destruction easily followed in their wake. It started with petty stealing from his father – but the theft soon graduated into more serious actions as Bernhard strove to maintain his fast-paced lifestyle fueled by drugs, alcohol and womanising. His parents tried everything to discipline him and prevent him from going down such a dangerous path – especially considering their repute in society – but all attempts proved abortive.

“One day, my parents told me we were going to Cape Town but I ended up in rehab for three months,” Bernhard recalled. After the expensive and extensive treatment, he delved straight back into narcotics – to an even worse degree. “I would tell my mum I was going to buy cigarettes but then not return for two days,” he explained, adding that he did whatever he wanted without any thought of the repercussions. He would be out in parties or clubs whilst his parents were stressing at home, struggling to sleep at night as they worried about his whereabouts.

His parents practically ‘forced’ their rebellious son to come to The SCOAN, who admitted that his father categorically told him this was his ‘last chance’. Last Sunday, Prophet T.B. Joshua met Bernhard in the midst of the congregation, prophesying that he was given a ring in the past and God saved him from death. Bernhard recalled that he was given a ring by a girl some years earlier but never knew the spiritual implications of the object. After prayer, Bernhard testified that his life had radically changed! “This is the longest time I can recall in my life that I have not taken drugs or smoked,” he testified, adding that all the urges and desires for such an immoral life had disappeared after deliverance. “Don’t give up on your children,” his mother, Loide Zaaruka, advised. “Bring them to a place like The SCOAN where they can be delivered.”



To the glory of God and the shame of the devil, Mr Kenneth narrated his ordeal in life with the demons of drunkenness and a spiritual wife that tormented his life for 24 years. His first encounter with alcohol was at the age of 13 in a village party, where he was part of a dance group invited to perform. It was there he encountered his late grandfather’s friend. The old man was very happy to see young Kenneth and he reminded him of how his grandfather was an expert drunkard and his record had remained unbeatable. The old man initiated little Kenneth by offering him some local alcohol, claiming it was in honour of his late friend. Kenneth surprised everyone at the party by drinking four horns full of the local alcohol! He explained that as he grew up, alcohol was always at arm’s reach because his community made their own alcohol. At that young age, Kenneth began drinking excessively and would even boast of drinking more bottles of alcohol than the elders in the community.

Shortly afterwards, his parents enrolled him into a boarding school which gave him freedom and deepened his addiction to drinking alcohol and smoking. When he got to college, his case got out of hand. Rather than studying, he went clubbing, partying and never let a day pass without alcohol and cigarettes. His rugged lifestyle had a toll on his schooling as he could not achieve anything tangible academically.

Later in life, Mr Kenneth decided to go into business in an effort to make something out of life but the evil spirit that tormented him was not ready to let him go. He could manipulate people to get money from them but all the money he got went into drinking and smoking. He would travel for business and end up lavishing his capital on alcohol and cigarette consumption. He was well known in the top beer parlors in Kenya. The spiritual wife continued tormenting him as he would dream every night of a lady making love to him. In the morning, he would feel too lazy to go to work and would rather spend the entire weekend from Friday to Monday drinking himself into a stupor.

All his businesses crumbled and he was in debt to the tune of thousands of dollars. Frustrated with life, he began searching for solution to his predicament. He went all round his country in search of deliverance from the devil’s torment to no avail until a friend introduced him to Emmanuel TV. Encouraged by his wife, he began watching and praying along with the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua. He was privileged to one day visit The SCOAN and he received the Morning Water. He continued praying and ministering the Morning Water and he noticed the urge for drinking alcohol, smoking and engaging in all sorts of immoral acts left him.

Mr Kenneth told the congregation and viewers all over the world that he has completely stopped drinking alcohol and smoking and is now a free man. To confirm that he is totally delivered, he encountered a friend who wanted to help him with a business opportunity. The friend invited him to a beer parlor for a discussion and offered him alcohol to drink while they talked. Mr Kenneth declined and requested for a soft-drink. As he attempted to pour the drink, he noticed suddenly that he could not see. Mr Kenneth quickly requested to be led out of the beer parlor and once he got outside, his sight was restored.

Mr Kenneth encouraged the congregation and viewers all over the world to always bear in mind that Jesus Christ is above all. No matter your situation, Jesus is on top of the matter and He will set you free at His appointed time.



Eleven years of barrenness is not easy to endure; ask Mrs Dorothy from Cameroon and she will tell you. “This problem caused me shame and disgrace” said Mrs Dorothy who explained that on visits to the market she would be taunted and even received a slap – because everyone knew she was a barren woman. The trouble spilled over into her marital life as quarrels and fighting resulted in no peace in the home.

It was only through watching Emmanuel TV that a glimmer of light shone into their hopeless and gloomy situation. Mrs Dorothy had tried all means medically and traditionally until she came to The SCOAN and received the Morning Water. Upon getting home, she ministered the Morning Water with her husband and soon after, to her greatest joy, when Mrs Dorothy did a pregnancy test, she was found to be with child! The labour went smoothly, Mrs Dorothy testified, holding her beautiful baby girl aptly named, ‘Miracle’ in her arms. She advised others that God’s time is the best and our time doesn’t matter.



Incredibly protected after two close shaves with death, Chief Christopher Ndubuisi and his wife dashed to The SCOAN to testify to the world that indeed, we serve a faithful God. He had his first gory encounter on the day of his return from a trip he made to the USA. Reaching Abuja, Nigeria, the plane started descending for eventual landing but alas, up it went again! The cause – very bad weather. The pilot made another attempt at landing. Just as the wheels were about the touch the ground of the runway, the plane went up into the air again. By this time, as expected, all the passengers on board had become scared out of their wits, envisaging what would happen if no immediate help came their way. Chief Ndubuisi got hold of the Morning Water in his possession and ministered it inside the plane. Making the third attempt, the pilot was able to land successfully.

Still basking in the miraculous way the Lord delivered him from untimely death, he had a further confirmation of God’s unfailing love as he was rescued from a motor accident just a day after. According to Chief Ndubuisi, he was returning from an event when his vehicle somersaulted off the road, ending up in a ditch. Miraculously, he was able to get out of the damaged vehicle despite the fact there was no one in sight to offer him assistance. A police officer who rushed to the scene of the accident asked the whereabouts of the driver because no one would believe he was the very one as he did not have a single scratch on his body.

Meanwhile, this happening had got to the hearing of the organiser of the event who rushed to the scene. However, on getting there, it was a different story entirely as the police officer who had earlier hurried to the scene of the accident narrated that he saw Chief Ndubuisi enveloped in a bright light and surrounded by angels. Though he was taken to the hospital, the doctors checked him and could find nothing wrong with him.

Chief Ndubuisi also testified of the completion of an estate building only after ministering the Morning Water on the site which caused an increase in his finances. Concluding his testimony, he appreciated God for the love and mercy He has shown to him.