GOD’S LOVE NEVER FAILS - The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations - SCOAN - Prophet T.B. Joshua (General Overseer)



The Sunday Service at The SCOAN was one to be remembered, filled with life-changing testimonies, an anointed time of mass prayer, a stirring sermon and incredible miracles. Prophet T.B. Joshua gave a wonderful message titled, “God’s Love Never Fails,” which opened with Romans 8:35, “Who shall separate us from the love of Christ?” He revealed in his message that what is troubling people all over the world today is worry.


“The trap satan sets out there now for Christians is worry. Worry about present, worry about future, worry about failure, worry about family, work about work responsibilities, worry about our appearance. Each time you look into the mirror, you have something to worry about. Worry, worry, worry. The list of worries is endless.”


Stressing the negative effects of worry in the lives of Christians today, he continued: “Worry interferes with God’s Spirit in our lives. Despite all these worries, God’s love for us remains unfailing. Even the great heroes of our faith experienced their own share of failure. Abraham, Moses, Elijah, John, Peter, Paul – they all knew what it was like to make serious mistakes but God used even their mistakes to bring them to the place where He wanted them to be”.


Prophet T.B. Joshua further encouraged people to not get bogged down by life’s setbacks and struggles. “Today, everybody desires breakthrough. Today, everybody desires success, whereas disappointment sometimes serves to keep us for success. Failure sometimes serves to keep us for breakthrough. Setback sometimes serves to keep us for the future we desire for. God used their failure to bring them to the place where He wanted them to be – the place of honour.”


In his final word of exhortation, Prophet T.B. Joshua encouraged The SCOAN congregants and Emmanuel TV viewers around the world: “What we see as failure is not failure at all from eternity’s perspective”.


After the sermon, Prophet T.B. Joshua moved in the midst of the congregation as the lightning power of God flowed through him to bring healing and freedom to those in affliction and bondage. The service concluded with a powerful mass prayer accompanied by pinpoint prophetic messages to individuals! The rain of the Holy Spirit descended as people throughout the auditorium were touched by the healing hand of Jesus Christ.



“Camera, move around! There is a woman in a pool of blood!” These were the prophetic words spoken by Prophet T.B. Joshua that led The SCOAN team to where Mrs Lehlohonolo was indeed hovering over a pool of blood. It was the blood of fibroids that had tormented her career and marriage for many years, causing Mrs Matany to take days off work due to pain and hospitalisation. She was constantly around doctors who gave her medication and even blood.


Then one night, Mrs Matany’s husband dreamt that Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for his wife. In the morning, they made their travel plans to The SCOAN. The dream became reality as, during the Mass Prayer, the fibroids suddenly began bursting out of her body. Mrs Matany recalls, “When the man of God was praying, I felt pain in my abdomen and I began bleeding. I just rushed to the bathroom; I didn’t tell anyone. As I was on the queue, I heard the man of God prophesy, ‘…there is a woman in a pool of blood’. At that point the fibroids just fell out of my body and The SCOAN team found me!”


The man of God further prophesied that the fibroids would continue to come out until Tuesday and that Tuesday, the final fibroid was expelled.  Beaming with joy and new health, Mrs Matany testified that the bleeding has stopped and she is fibroid free – all because of Christ!



Sitting in The SCOAN with electric patches fixed to his legs, a Nigerian medical doctor residing in Gabon waited with pain for his miracle to come. Crippling sciatic pain coupled with the detachment of several discs in his back left him writhing in agony. After travelling worldwide for different medical options, he was told by medical professionals that as there was no solution, he would simply have to live with the pain. Numerous pain-relieving devices were prescribed to him, such as those he was wearing and his life and career waited on standstill as all his attention was fixed on relieving his pain.


“I was hopeless and lifeless, thinking I would die,” Dr Uchendu Alexander admitted. But as Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for him, the lightning power of God coursed through his entire system, rejuvenating and restoring him from the inside out. Walking, running and moving pain-free, Dr Alexander exclaimed, “There is God here!” No longer living with pain, he advised all, “Do not run away from God because He is the only hope for the hopeless. Thank You, Jesus Christ!”



Seven times, Miss Janine Draai from South Africa was hospitalized with debilitating pain. Disc protrusion and spinal stenosis led to a stiff neck, the pain of which could not be relieved even with medication and a large neck collar. Doctors advised she undergo an operation or further damage and deterioration would occur. Unable to care for her young children or even pick them up and hold them, the young mother was frustrated and depressed.


During one stint in the hospital, she slept and saw Prophet T.B. Joshua in front of her, telling her to stand up and change. She woke up and immediately made plans to visit The SCOAN. Believing God for a just a touch, she was surprised when Prophet T.B. Joshua saw her in her condition and gave her a word of prophecy, “You need to forgive the father of your children…”. She agreed that God’s Word was true in her life and as she received prayer in the power of the Holy Spirit, the evil spirit affecting her life manifested and she was loosed from her torment, in the name of Jesus Christ.


Ever since that Heavenly encounter, all the pain and stiffness associated with her past condition disappeared! Demonstrating her newfound freedom in both body and spirit, she revealed that she had contacted the father of her children, forgiven and requested forgiveness, just as God had instructed in His prophetic message to her. Miss Janine, who explained that she “could not be who I was because of this problem,” is now rejoicing in who she is in Christ Jesus, advising all to have faith in God as He alone can provide the solution.



Severe chest pain and a worsening difficulty in breathing pushed Mr Alfonsus Oloh, a Nigerian residing in South Africa, to the hospital. Thinking he would be diagnosed with inflammation or an infection, he was stunned with the prognosis – lung disease. He was instructed to use a breathing machine along with an array of strong medication. However, “the drugs I was taking only seemed to multiply my problem,” he explained.


Unable to breathe freely on his own, he decided to turn to the Provider of breath Himself – Jesus Christ. He came to The SCOAN believing for an encounter with his Creator and as Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for him, something supernatural unfolded. “The place the man of God prayed for me was the exact place I felt the pain,” he exclaimed. “I then felt a cold sensation throughout my chest!” That was it! Freedom! Ever since that encounter, Mr Oloh has been breathing freely and fully with only the assistance of his Creator. His advice to others is to experience God and in doing so, find a lasting solution.



A 60-year addiction to drinking and smoking had taken its toll on 82-year-old Ms Yolanda Alleyne. Feeling she had nothing else to keep her busy, she would go out for cartons and boxes of cigarettes and finish them in a few days. The urge only became stronger even after a heart attack and warnings from the doctor to stop. Even medication intended to stop the urge could not break the unearthly addiction.


One day while browsing on the internet for movies, Emmanuel TV suddenly popped up on her screen. She was at first hesitant but on watching closely, she discovered that she was watching someone with the same addiction to smoking and drinking receiving deliverance! In that moment, she knew she could be free and she decided to make her own visit to The SCOAN.  As Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for her, he prophesied to her that she suffered from loneliness and felt cheated. She immediately confirmed the prophecy and was delivered.


Ever since that prophetic word, Ms Alleyne has not tasted or touched alcohol or cigarettes – something she thought to be “impossible” before visiting The SCOAN. Positively beaming during her testimony, she confirmed that she fell further into the world of addiction due to the loneliness the man of God prophesied about – a loneliness that came from missing her only child who stayed away from her. But since her deliverance, instead of loneliness, she feels the presence of the Lord and instead of an urge to smoke or drink, she feels a system that is clean and healthy. She advised everyone, especially parents, to put Jesus first in all they do and to monitor their children so they don’t get involved in this life of addiction.



Streams of deportees from Libya have been arriving to The SCOAN, seeking the face of God for help and a new beginning. A few who arrived among the groups this week came out to share their shocking experiences. The first to speak was Cynthia who narrated her horrific experience where, in search of a better life, she found herself sold into prostitution, having to sleep with up to 20 men in a day. She was beaten and injured by the women managing the brothel and at a point, even shot in her leg. The bullet entered her leg and came out of her foot, leaving her unable to move for four months. Thrown into prison, she was later deported to Nigeria. Cynthia advised people not to believe what they are promoting on the internet about the journey to Libya and Europe, explaining that it was a “horrific journey” which she wouldn’t advise anyone to undertake.


Mary, another one of the deportees, had no parents and was convinced to travel to Europe via Libya for a better life to help her family. She left Nigeria and travelled through the desert where she saw multitudes of people dying in the desert. Some were even “buried alive”, she admitted, likening her experience in the desert to the “fire in hell”. When she arrived in Libya, she was forced into prostitution by the person who took her there. The man forcibly took a picture of her nakedness and threatened to post it on the internet if she did not do the work of prostitution. She had to sleep with up to 10 men in a day. On many occasions in the brothel, she was beaten with broken bottles. During a police raid of the brothel, Mary was put into prison with no food or light and later deported back to Nigeria. She advised all that Nigeria is a very blessed country and people should value it and build their life with what God has given them.


Washington, a Liberian national, was deceived by a friend to go to Germany via Libya. When he got to Libya, he was kidnapped and put into prison. Later bailed out by a friend, he then spent three days in the desert with no food or water. While there, four of the people he was with were captured again and put into prison. When he finally arrived to the coast of Libya to take the rubber boat across the Mediterranean Sea, he was captured and also put back into prison. He was put on the deportation list but there were no flights back to Liberia – as he was the only Liberian languishing in that particular cell. His request was repeatedly denied until he heard from Nigerians there that Prophet T.B. Joshua in Nigeria often helped people who were in such terrible situations. Washington then claimed that he was a Nigerian, hoping to also find a way out of Libya and help from the man of God. Washington advised people to never attempt the illegal route through the desert to Libya and Europe, admonishing people to take the legal route by plane. When he came to The SCOAN, Prophet T.B. Joshua and the Emmanuel TV Partners helped him financially and he began to eat regularly and was given medical assistance for his injuries and illnesses.


Akeem, yet another deportee, shared his terrifying experience of being kidnapped and captured in the desert. He was instructed to get his family to send money to bail him out but when he called his mother, she did not believe him. The kidnappers then made a video call to her, showing Akeem being brutally beaten and ‘hung’ like an animal prepared for slaughter. She quickly sold her land and sent the money to the kidnappers. Akeem was severely beaten and later put in prison. Some time later, he was released and found a job but after a week of work, instead of paying him, the man pulled out a gun and shot him. Akeem ran away with a broken bone in his arm and was later caught and deported. He advised people not to be deceived, that people are falsely promoting the journey to collect money.


After hearing their sordid experiences abroad, Prophet T.B. Joshua gave each of the four deportees N200,000 to help re-establish them. Tears streaming down their face, they appreciated the life-changing gift from the Emmanuel TV Partners and promised to learn from their past mistakes. In addition, Washington was assured that the ministry would process his travelling documents and finance his return to Liberia.



In the prime of her life, Mrs Judith Eze soon realised that her menstruation had suddenly ceased. After waiting several months, hoping futilely for it to return, she eventually heeded her mother’s advice and began visiting spiritualists in search of a solution. One such spiritualist performed a ritual and made her sleep in an altar with several other girls. From that night forward, she began bedwetting. This problem occurred repeatedly. Not knowing what to do, she confided in her brother who told her the only way out was through Jesus Christ. He advised her to install Emmanuel TV in her home so she could begin praying with Prophet T.B. Joshua.


Last week Sunday, they watched The SCOAN Live Sunday Service and as Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed, “You have been set aside for Jesus’ attention,” she felt something leave her! As he prophesied to another lady who was in the congregation, she touched the screen of Emmanuel TV and immediately fell on the floor, under the influence of the Holy Spirit. Truly, distance is not a barrier for the move of God! She got connected by faith and today, testified that the bedwetting has completely stopped! Not only that, her menstruation that had been ceased began to flow, to the glory of God! She advised all watching that there is no substitute for the power and presence of Jesus Christ!



Mrs Oby and her daughter, Chineye were in a festive mood as they went out for a celebration near their home in Spain. Their joy was interrupted with a jolt as outside the venue, a car came from nowhere and hit the daughter, throwing her five feet in the air before plunging her back to the ground with a broken leg. An ambulance rushed her to the hospital where they wanted to perform an emergency operation. Mrs Oby quickly ministered the Morning Water over her body in Jesus’ name and placed the Good Morning Sticker on her.


Chineye said she felt a force enter her and as they began to wheel her into the theatre, her leg began to vibrate. Soon after, the doctors returned, saying there was no need for an operation, only the placing of a cast. Within a short period of time, doctors stated there was no longer any need for the cast and they removed it, revealing a healed and perfect leg. Now, Miss Chineye testifies that she is well, strong and healed, for the glory of God, with only a small scar on her ankle to tell the story. Truly, when the power of God is present, healing is just like breathing!



Helen Awuri Okora’s life had been ridden with shame and embarrassment as a result of bedwetting for 11 years. She would find herself sleeping with a spiritual husband and this would cause her to bedwet. It not only became a nocturnal affair but also occurred during the day as well. This kept her away from socialising with her family and friends. In a case where it was necessary to visit her in-laws and stay overnight, she would be very cautious of sleep as her husband would constantly watch over her to make sure she did not sleep off and bedwet. Alas, the inevitable would occur and Helen’s husband would have to cover up for her saying it was her period that stained the sheets and she would quickly pack them to wash to the amazement of her in –laws. This began to put a strain in her marital life, coupled with the problem of childlessness and pressure from external forces for Mr Okora to leave her and remarry.


Frustrated to a point of giving up on the marriage, she decided to visit The SCOAN for solution. During the Mass Prayer held by Prophet T.B. Joshua, she received a prophetic message from the man of God and deliverance followed. Since her deliverance, she testifies that she has not experienced the spiritual attacks and the problem of bedwetting has become a thing of the past. Mr Mathias Okora, Helen’s husband, glorified God for her deliverance that even during pressure from his family to divorce her, he refused, believing that one day, God would visit them. He said, since her deliverance, she has stopped bedwetting and their marriage has waxed stronger than before.


These life-changing testimonies, coupled with the instant testimonies during The SCOAN Live Sunday Service on the 15th of July 2018 prove conclusively that GOD’S LOVE NEVER FAILS!