LET GOD’S WORD ABIDE IN YOU - The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations - SCOAN - Prophet T.B. Joshua (General Overseer)


Engaging the hearts of the congregants and viewers all over the world, Prophet T.B. Joshua ushered them into the presence of God with three powerful prayer points:

“Make sure your heart is not fearful. Make sure your heart does not condemn you. Make sure your heart is in perfect fellowship with His living Word. Be conscious that you are welcome.”

With an anointed prayer to terminate every root of bitterness and unforgiveness in the lives of the people, the man of God laid emphasis on the decision to forgive, following the example of Jesus:

“It is not always easy to forgive the pain of the past but we that are Christ’s followers must follow His example. If Christ could forgive the people who were killing Him, we can certainly find a way to forgive those who hurt us.”

Using the book of 1 Corinthians 2:1-5, Prophet T.B. Joshua explained that today, our faith rests on human wisdom but in the ministry of the apostles – the ministry of Christ Jesus, the spirit of man is the fountain of faith. The prophet also reminded all listening that, “The just shall live by faith. Faith has given birth to all the great achievements of man. Feeding on the Word of God is feeding on God’s wisdom, God’s ability, God’s very life.”


The impact of meditating on God’s Word was also emphasised during the message as the prophet explained, “Controlling our meditation while we read the Bible gives us the ability to control our conduct and speech. Yielding our hearts over to the Word makes the Word a reality. When the Word becomes a reality to us, we become God-minded and Word-minded. In the morning, our spirits unconsciously go to God for guidance and wisdom for the day.”

Not only were all present and those tuned in enlightened by the powerful Word of God, they were also blessed by a variety of testimonies shattering any shadows of doubt about God’s ability in our lives today.




According to Mrs Taiwo Ambali, she started smoking and drinking at the age of 13. She would consume alcohol until she reached a state of drunkenness. This brought shame and disgrace to her parents who were always questioned by neighbours because of their young daughter’s delinquencies. Due to lack of concentration on her studies, she had to quit school. Her mother made countless attempts to rescue her daughter from the destructive life she was living but eventually died without seeing her daughter set free.

Mrs Ambali later married a traditional community leader, Chief Ambali, who, at that time, was unaware of the bad habits she possessed. In an effort to keep her habits unknown, anytime Mrs Ambali went on drinking sprees, she would frequent bars in downtown areas. But as a community leader’s wife, people would recognise her and ask what she was doing in such places. However, she always had a ready answer to cover up for her misconduct.

Knowing how bad her addiction had become, Mrs Ambali embarked on days of fasting to get rid of this problem but rather than subside, her urge to drink and smoke increased. Her husband soon became aware of her destructive addictions but found himself in a helpless situation bearing the brunt of her violent outbreaks that sometimes ended with his clothes being torn by his drunk wife.

One day, she was watching a pornographic channel that went off by itself. Flicking through the channels to see what else she could view, she found Emmanuel TV, where Prophet T.B. Joshua was praying for the viewers. She stretched out her hand to pray along and fell down right in front of her TV. By the time she stood up, she had the conviction that she needed to visit The SCOAN to finally clean up the embarrassing mess she was in.

Mrs Ambali followed what God put in her heart, came to The SCOAN with her husband and received deliverance that very day. Today, she and her husband have a wonderful story to tell of the transformative power of God, changing her from drunk to sober, from weak to strong, from lost to found. Witnessing all God had done in his wife’s life, Chief Ambali spoke about his readiness to accept Jesus Christ as His Lord and Saviour. He also advised others to seek God as He is the solution to all fundamental issues of life.


As a Station Officer and Inspector of Police, Sunday Okolo shouldered big responsibilities. Daily, he was involved in posting and supervising officers and armory amongst other tasks. But in the twinkle of an eye, his life took a downward spiral. What followed was worse than a nightmare. A serious motor accident robbed him of his mobility, peace and freedom. It happened the day he was dropping his friends to the nearest bus stop. A car came at high speed and collided into the driver’s side where he sat, wrecking the car he was driving, breaking his right wrist and fracturing his left humerus. Sunday was trapped inside the car. He was rushed from the scene to the hospital where he spent a month in intense pain. He recounted, “I was on drips and injections. I could virtually do nothing”. After a surgical procedure where metal screws were inserted into the fractured bone, his wife became his carer. He explained that as a married man with children, he had to be fed like a baby. With his arm in a cast, his wife, also a police officer, would have to assist him to urinate and do everything.

A light came to put an end to his dark tunnel the day he came to The SCOAN and received prayer from Prophet T.B. Joshua which led to complete healing in the name of Jesus Christ. Being fully restored in health, for the first time, Sunday was able to raise his hand. “I can raise my hand and write!”, he exclaimed.

Today, sharing his testimony with his wife by his side, he said, ‘The devil had planned to take my life. He had set so many traps to take my soul. I thank God for giving me a second chance. Today, many people would have been pointing to my graveyard but the God of Prophet T.B. Joshua, in His infinite mercy, has kept me alive! I was dead and now I’m alive!”
His healing was followed by a double promotion at work, Sunday and his wife, being both individually promoted to a new rank of Assistant Superintendent of Police. Sunday stated, “Now, I have the privileges, power and authority of a police officer”, adding that “The name of my wife followed me behind”.


As Prophet T.B. Joshua approached, the fire became too much for Mrs Maria Moeketsi to bear. The demon within her suddenly screamed, exposing its identity and devilish plan in her life. But what caused this respectable South African lady to abruptly jump and manifest wildly in the midst of the congregation – even before Prophet T.B. Joshua began to pray? Maria came from a family stooped in ancestral worship. Her aunt, who practiced as a sangoma, placed charms throughout her body as a young girl – a ritual which was renewed yearly. “I became an assistant to my aunt and helped bathe the people who came to her with the blood of animals,” she recounted. As she grew up in such an environment, a strange dream became a recurring feature. Two snakes, who spoke and related with her as playmates, would appear regularly in her dreams – enticing her into the ‘water’ with them.

Growing up, Maria decided to abandon her roots and leave anything related to witchcraft. But the spiritual connection was still strong – and where she sought for help ended up deepening her ties with darkness. “I went to a very well-known church in South Africa for help and the prophet there prophesied to me that I had the spirit of a prophetess,” she explained. Maria soon rose through the ranks to become a prophetess in that institution – but the source of her revelations remained as dark as her background.

“The snakes would appear to me in the dream on Saturday and tell me the prophecies I would give to people on Sunday,” she revealed. All the ‘revelations’ that came forth were negative – predictions involving death and destruction. “The prophecies I gave didn’t bring solution; they rather created fear,” she admitted. And even whilst supposedly operating in the prophetic, Maria’s own marriage and life was filled with anger, unforgiveness and strife.

The moment of change arrived when a family friend introduced Maria’s husband to Emmanuel TV. “When I watched Emmanuel TV, I saw Prophet T.B. Joshua prophesy to people with solution and then those people come back with testimonies,” she revealed. Moved at what she saw, the couple decided to visit The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN). Last week, as Prophet T.B. Joshua was about to start ministering to the congregation, the evil spirit within Maria wildly manifested. “I could not control myself at that moment,” she recounted. “When I came back to my senses, I felt ashamed and tried to hide because everyone was looking at me.”

Ever since that touch from Jesus Christ, life has radically changed for Maria! “I have so much peace in my heart now and those terrible nightmares have completely gone,” she joyfully testified. Her husband confirmed the transformation, adding that the intense anger he knew her wife for had been replaced with renewed love, affection and unity. “If you want to be a Christian, be a Christian,” Maria advised congregants. “Don’t play with Christianity or else you might end up being deceived.”



Fifty six year old Mr Iheke Okorie slept one night, waking up to discover that he could no longer pass urine. He was rushed to the hospital for treatment and was diagnosed by the doctors with prostate cancer, resulting in a urinary tract disorder. They told Mr Okorie that they would need to insert a catheter or he would not be able to urinate at all. The catheter was fixed and he was discharged from the hospital.

Limited in movement due to the pain, he was unable to go to work, provide for the home or have any relations with his wife due to the distressing disease. Apart from the pain, he was forced to carry the bag of his own urine everywhere he went as it was attached to his catheter. He was advised to go for an operation but decided to run to The SCOAN for prayer, instead.

With just a touch from God’s servant, he felt freedom in his entire system that beautiful Sunday morning and joyfully returned home. Instructing the doctors to remove the catheter they had inserted, he began urinating freely, to the surprise of the doctors! Testing him thoroughly, they exclaimed excitedly that there was no trace of prostate cancer and the urinary tract disorder had cleared up. His life has now returned to normal and he is fit and free, in Jesus’ name.

His wife, Mrs Chinyere Iheke explained how she had been the one to empty her husband’s urine bag and help him with his treatments. She praised God for the restoration of her husband and thanked Him for the joy He had returned to her home.



Miss Juliet Ikeh from Imo, Nigeria grew up very fast. Her parents, who sent her to a girl’s boarding school to avoid any abuse at an early age, never knew that a spirit of woman would possess their daughter in the boarding house.
Even as a young girl, she would see a man in her dreams making love to her and would wake up with a serious urge that would only be satisfied when she went to see and touch other young girls naked in the shower. Juliet continued her downhill spiral by watching pornography and downloading it onto her phone. The spirit of woman continued to disturb Juliet until one day, she stumbled upon an online group of girls who would share pornography and then sleep with each other. Although she felt more comfortable with women than with men, she finally agreed to marry a man who proposed to her and followed him to visit a witchdoctor. It was during a money ritual there that the spirit of dog entered her and she was consumed with uncontrollable lust. It was so bad that Juliet could not even remember the men that she slept with because there were so many. This spirit caused her to start bedwetting even while she was at school and she almost went mad. It was at this time that her cousin saw Juliet in a dream, tied up like a dog and sleeping with different men. He immediately tried to locate her and when he eventually contacted her, he narrated his dream to her. Juliet broke down in tears, confessing that this was a true picture of her life. It was then that her cousin decided to bring her to The SCOAN for deliverance through Jesus Christ.

As Juliet stood in the congregation, she began to vibrate and when Prophet T.B. Joshua touched her head in prayer, she felt an electric shock go through her entire body. It was a radical transformation. Not only did the spirit of woman and dog leave her instantly but she stopped bedwetting and began to reason well. Juliet advised the youth to use the phone for what it was made for – phone calls – rather than allowing it to be an instrument in satan’s hands. Speaking about the deceptive spirit that had possessed her, she said, “This spirit of woman has destroyed many homes. We need God; He is the only One who can deliver us”.



Coming all the way from Benue, Nigeria was Mr Jude Alobo who was brought to The SCOAN by his parents, after suffering from the distressing problem of permanent erection. How he got to that painful point was a story he sorrowfully told. Studying building engineering at university, he began to develop several bad habits, among them, taking marijuana and sleeping with prostitutes. These negative activities affected his mental health and one day, he was rushed to the hospital.

After a thorough examination, he was diagnosed with depression and schizophrenia. Placed on a strict regimen of drugs, he noticed that instead of getting better, he rather got worse and after several treatments, he developed a permanent erection. He stopped taking the medication and returned to the hospital. Doctors suggested an operation, though it only had a 50% chance of success. Mr Jude refused, and decided instead to come to The SCOAN. Unable to stand, sit, walk or urinate due to the pain, Mr Jude was lying down outside the church auditorium as Prophet T.B. Joshua came to pray for him. With just one word of prayer in Jesus’ name, Jude was up and walking, instantly testifying that the pain had left. Mr Jude returned to The SCOAN to share his wonderful testimony that after the prayer, the erection came down and his life returned to normal.


Mr and Mrs Arubi Alobo gave thanks to God, expressing the sorrow they endured as their son passed through this trial and their joy as Jesus Christ wiped his tears away. Their advice was that all watching should entrust their children into the hands of God and turn to Him when they encounter any distressing situation.