READ THE BIBLE, READ THE HOLY SPIRIT - The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations - SCOAN - Prophet T.B. Joshua (General Overseer)


It was not “just another Sunday Service” at The SCOAN; for many, it was a life changing encounter that broke the uncanny silence of the enemy, unlocked hidden destinies and unravelled mysteries. The undeniable, incontestable power and wisdom of God witnessed by the congregation and viewers worldwide held no bounds. Following faith building testimonies, Prophet T.B. Joshua’s message, READ THE BIBLE, READ THE HOLY SPIRIT, tugged at the hearts of all who were willing to receive it and with a promise of God attached, “The message is going to terminate every spiritual weakness in you”, who could withhold their ears from hearing what the Spirit of God had to say to the Church.

At the beginning of his message, Prophet T.B. Joshua said, “We are overwhelmed by many things, by many distractions. Jesus needs your heart; that is a place of contact. Many spirits are in bondage – bondage of unforgiveness, anger, hatred, bitterness, just name it.” He encouraged all hearts that were in bondage to pray along with him, “Oh Holy Spirit, free my spirit to follow You” adding, that this is the easier way to invite Jesus into your heart.

Talking on the need to have a free spirit, he said, “If your spirit is not free, you cannot follow Jesus. A free spirit attracts Him”. Using 2 Peter 1: 20-21 as his proof text, he said, “The Bible itself is the letter inspired by the Spirit of God. When you are reading the Bible, you are reading the Holy Spirit. As the Lord breathed His Spirit into certain men, so He breathed His Spirit into certain Books. The Holy Spirit is the most sensitive of beings and is easily hurt by lack of attention and regard. We pray, we read the Bible without any regard and attention to the Spirit of God. We do not place Him where He rightly belongs, knowing how important He is to us and God.” The man of God continued, “Before reading the Bible, we need to seek the attention of the Holy Spirit because the Bible is the tool in the hands of the Holy Spirit. You cannot use it without the Holy Spirit.”

When the question posed by the man of God, “WHY DOES THE BIBLE NOT COME ALIVE TO SOME OF US?” he explained that the Bible can no longer come alive because of the bad feelings we have towards others. To ‘come alive’ means to understand and know what it is to read – for salvation, deliverance and all of God’s blessings. If you hold grudges against your neighbour, you should not be surprised if the Bible makes no meaning to you. You are just reading literature, events.

He advised all to read the Bible as often as possible and to keep meditating on it until it becomes a reality. He said, “You may not understand it at first when you read. It’s not like any other book. Read it slowly, attentively and repeatedly. Even though your reason may reject it, let your heart crave for it”.

Following are some of the testimonies shared during the course of the service…


The demon flared up and spoke vehemently, “She is my wife. I am a dragon – Ancient dragon. She will sleep and I will wake her up to go and look for cigarettes. I introduced it to her through her ex-husband… no man will stay with her. I caused hatred and distraction in her life!” This was not the first time the dragon had boasted of its evil deeds in the life of Ms Ellah Mwamba, a Zambian living in the UK who had sought long and hard for deliverance from the demon behind her afflictions and healing from an 11-year-old problem of difficulty in walking due to disc protrusion, but it was to be the last.

During the service, before the demonic manifestation, Prophet T.B. Joshua had asked Ms Mwamba who had displayed her problem on a placard, “What is the state of your heart? Are you free now?” An affirmative yes from her led the prophet to prophesy the true state of her affairs, “What of this issue of your husband you are carrying?” he asked. “We divorced”, she replied. “That is what I’m saying; this is the second disappointment”, the prophet revealed. It was time for Ms Mwamba to stop pretending. “Man of God, help me!’ she cried. The prophet then prophesied that she was also owing a debt and that she had almost joined a cult through the internet. Her friend who stood beside her quickly interrupted, “I confirm the Word of God! That’s why I brought her from London. It has been a war. She takes medicine every three hours. She is lonely and that has caused depression and suicidal thoughts”.

Working as a nurse in theatre, Ms Mwamba was a pain to her colleagues at work, always calling in sick. Outrightly refusing surgery as the only viable option, she was told she had to remain on medication. The man of God revealed to Ms Mwamba that the cause of her sickness was the unforgiveness and bitterness she had not let go of, adding that on the inside, she was not happy. Confirming this, she said, “Man of God, I covered this up so that I can be happy, otherwise I am breaking down in pieces. In my heart, I’m having palpitations”, she said tearfully. After she confirmed the prophecies to be true, the demon in her life was exposed and cast out, along with the sickness it had used to tie Ms Mwamba’s life down. The man of God prayed, “In the mighty name of Jesus Christ” – and she was set free from her physical and spiritual afflictions.

After her healing and deliverance, Ms Mwamba testifed, “No pain in my body at all! Thank You, Jesus; I am free! I can move, kneel down. Father, I glorify Your name!” It was a far cry from the back pain and mobility problems she had suffered in the past and the emotional turmoil following two failed relationships, not to mention her addiction to cigarettes and medication.

Besides going to doctors for a solution to her problem, Ms Mwamba had gone to numerous churches. There, the demon inside her would mock the pastors who would try to deliver her. Following subsequent manifestations and failed deliverances, she would get up from the floor and the demon would tell her, “Do you know I am still here? I’m not going.” Feeling hopeless, she would resort to tears. On one occasion, she recalled that in a particular church where she was prayed for, when the evil spirit within her manifested violently, two hefty bouncers grabbed her to subdue her but she overpowered them, pulling them down to the floor.

Ms Mwamba testified, “Since my deliverance, I have not heard any demonic voices and my craving for smoking has completely gone. I can kneel down and twist my body. I feel light and I’m free!” Her friend who had introduced her to Emmanuel TV and The SCOAN declared, “I have seen a lot of changes in her and that gives me joy. Since she is delivered she is transformed and I can confirm it!”



Pastor Park Soon Gyu from Korea came to The SCOAN because she had a spirit of fear. It all started when she received news that her friend was on the verge of death with pancreatic cancer. Her family asked her to go and pray for her. The pastor decided to go to the hospital and quickly sent a message to her prayer team of 30 members to begin praying. Then something strange happened. She began to hear a voice telling her it would take the soul of her friend. When she finally arrived at the hospital and saw the state of her friend’s health, she was very disturbed. Her friend’s condition was so poor that when she opened her mouth, she could smell her decaying flesh. Saddened, she prayed for her, for over an hour before returning home, only to later receive a call that the woman had died. After receiving the news, she noticed that the motion sensor light outside her house that would only come on when someone was present, had remained on. She called out to ask if anyone was in front of the house but no one answered her and she could not see anyone standing there.

From then, a spirit of fear entered her and she consistently felt like a spirit being was following her. One day, as she brushed her teeth in front of her bathroom mirror, instead of her face, she saw the face of her late friend. The image in the mirror then began to speak to her, telling her that it was going to kill her the same way that it had killed her friend and that it would stop her ministry. Soon after, when she went to her church and began praying for the congregants, she saw that same spirit approach her and enter into her. From there on, her life fell into shambles. Her husband became easily irritated by her and they began to quarrel every day. It was so bad that there was a time she even wished him dead. Her ministry was also affected. Her congregants told her that whenever she was preaching, they saw a spirit being standing in the same place as her. She knew what they were talking about because anytime she was on the pulpit preaching, it was no longer her who was preaching, it was the evil spirit. She could no longer sleep because of the torment. She asked her prayer team to pray for her but the problem continued.

Pastor Park finally found comfort when she watched Emmanuel TV and saw all that God was doing through Prophet T.B. Joshua. She began to believe that if she came to The SCOAN in Nigeria, she would be set free. She came to The SCOAN and as she was sitting in the church, Prophet T.B. Joshua explained that if you pray for someone without first delivering the person, you will inherit the problem of that person. The message was speaking straight to her heart. When Prophet T.B. Joshua came to her, she became afraid and wanted to run away but could not. She had been to many churches and received prayer but never had that experience before. After the prophet prayed for her, she fell to the ground before standing up, free and light.
She testified after her deliverance that now, she has peace in her heart, sleeps like a baby and no longer has the feeling that someone is following her. She reminded all that satan has come to kill, steal and destroy but Jesus Christ came to give life abundantly, so they should give their life to Him.



“There is a young couple over there. Your wife always beats you.” Mrs Obiora looked around to see who would do such a thing. It was then, she noticed that her husband had left his seat and the realisation hit that she was the one whom the prophecy concerned.

“I never tasted what they call a happy home” Mr Obiora explained. He gave further details about their union saying, “We are both very young and married at a young age in 2015”. Raised as a Christian, Mr Obiora did his best to live by what he had been taught and when he decided to marry, he searched for a year before choosing Mrs Obiora.

The first time he spoke to the young lady who had just finished secondary school, he asked her if she would marry him and she agreed.

“Once we got married, trouble started”, he said. In their first year of marriage, Mr Obiora found his wife to be more interested in social media than him. Feeling abandoned, Mr Obiora decided to show his wife that he too could play the game by indulging in every social media app he got in contact with. Realising that this kind of behaviour caused a complete breakdown of communication in their home, he stopped and tried to talk to his wife. When he tried, it was a slap that answered his plea! This violent behaviour continued, to Mr Obiora’s dismay. Mrs Obiora herself said that at times, she would not even know when she hit him!

Tired of it all, Mr Obiora came to The SCOAN knowing that he needed Someone stronger, smarter and wiser than himself to see him through and indeed his prayer was heard and answered in the form of a prophecy delivered by Prophet T.B. Joshua.

That prophecy came along with deliverance and reconciliation which was plain to see, as Mr & Mrs Obiora held hands in front of the congregation, a stark contrast to the bewildered and annoyed couple that we had seen previously. “Because of what happened last Sunday, my wife can hold my hand now. She is focusing on me and even resting on me! Our marriage has been restored.” Now, happy in each other’s company, the couple testified of God’s good grace that changed everything, bringing peace, love and mutual respect to their home.


Engineer Fajorin Damilola came to The SCOAN to testify of his deliverance from bedwetting for the past two years. As a computer programmer, he spent more than 15 hours a day on the internet which eventually led him to watching pornography. One day, while indulging himself in watching pornography, a force entered him and took control of his body. This encounter marked the beginning of Damilola’s woes as he started to bedwet every night, between 2:00 am and 4:00 am. Damilola’s parents would notice him struggling violently in his sleep and all efforts to calm him down would fail until he wet the bed.

His problem robbed his family of peace and joy as they watched their lovely son suffer satan’s torment. It also affected him socially as he could not pass the night outside his home for fear of bedwetting. His parents sought medical help. Doctors examined him but found nothing wrong with him. A family friend introduced them to The SCOAN and they decided to come for the first time, last Sunday. As the man of God was ministering during the mass prayer, Damilola heard a strong voice telling him that the end had come to his problem. He sensed the power of God touch him and fell to the floor. Not long after that, he heard the prophet prophesying about his case and he came out to receive his deliverance. He testified that since that glorious day, the bedwetting has stopped, he doesn’t have evil dreams anymore and he sleeps peacefully like a baby.

Engineer Fajorin Damilola’s father, could not express his gratitude enough as he narrated his son’s experience, saying that the problem began just before his final year in university. He testified that after visiting The SCOAN and receiving deliverance, his son no longer bedwets.
Damilola advised viewers all over the world not to be engrossed with this world’s fast paced technology but to always remember to make time to study the word of which is an essential part of their being.


Prince Chukwu Emeka Ogoloma from Rivers State was successfully running a private school before the debilitating affliction of lumbar spondylosis and osteoarthritis rendered him unable to walk. The condition affected his hips and for 10 years, he was dependent on his family members to assist him to do almost everything. He was totally dependent on medication, having to take 15 tablets a day. Prince Ogoloma who was formerly running a private school was forced to leave his business in the hands of others, while he battled with the sickness that left him in pain and anguish. Different health care professionals did all they could to assist him, giving him various supports to use and medication to manage his condition but a permanent cure was not found.

All hope was not lost as his sister, Patience took him to The SCOAN where Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for him in the name of Jesus Christ. What followed was a total overhauling of Prince Ogoloma’s health. He rose to his feet immediately after the prayer and walked independently from the car which brought him. Two weeks after his healing, Prince Ogoloma testified that he no longer needed to take medicine and advised all to “Run to God in every situation”. A happy, new Prince Ogolomo said, “I can go to the Olympics now!”


Mrs Ivie Ebegbaje suffered from severe cervical spondylosis due to an accident she had in the past, resulting in a stiff neck. For four years, she was in constant pain that intensified at night, feeling as if her neck was going to pull away from the rest of her body. Her emotional life was also greatly affected by this problem as she was always angry. She went to different hospitals in search of a solution to her problem but all proved abortive. Doctors placed her on a cocktail of painkillers that did not help her condition in any way, instead they made her feel weaker.
Tired of her situation, she decided to come to The SCOAN to seek divine healing. Mrs Ivie was prayed for and she encountered the healing power of God through Prophet T.B. Joshua. She explained that as the man of God touched her, she felt a cold sensation flow through her body and she was immediately relieved of the excruciating pain that had tormented her for years. She immediately turned her neck.

After her healing, she now sleeps peacefully and has continued to experience victory, even in her spiritual life. Further encouraging her faith, she had a dream where she killed a giant bird. Mrs Ivie Ebegbaje is grateful to God for His continuous intervention in her affairs and advised the viewers all over the world to hold on to God, the author and finisher of our faith.