CHRIST AND THE WORD ARE ONE - The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations - SCOAN - Prophet T.B. Joshua (General Overseer)


“You know Christ through The Word. The Word dominating you is the Lordship of Christ in you.” – Prophet T.B. Joshua

Sunday, 17th June, 2018 was another faith-filled time in God’s presence at The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN), where thousands converged from across the globe to partake in the anointing that breaks the yoke! Prophet T.B. Joshua shared a simple, stirring sermon titled, ‘Christ And The Word Are One’, in which he challenged the faith of the multitudes listening around the world via Emmanuel TV.


“Has the Word dominated you? It is the Word dominating you that brings Jesus Christ to the scene. When the Word dominates you, instantly healing takes place. It is the Word dominating us that produces prayer fruit, that produces result – not the Word committed to memory, which is of course valuable in itself but cannot produce prayer fruit,” he emphasised.

Prophet T.B. Joshua encouraged the Church to read their Bibles without harbouring grudges in order for God’s Word to dominate their hearts and in turn, influence their conduct and behaviour. He said, “The Word dominates you when you read it slowly, attentively and repeatedly without grudges. If I hold grudges, the Word will no longer be real to me when talking, preaching, teaching, reading.”

The sermon was capped off with a powerful prayer point, which Prophet T.B. Joshua encouraged people to meditate on: “Lord Jesus, You are the Author of my faith. I need my faith right now to act. Help me – help my words and thoughts, in Jesus’ name.”

After the sermon came an anointed time of Mass Prayer where evil spirits were disgraced and satanic products such as sickness and disease were forcefully cast out! Here are just a summary of the testimonies shared:


A lung transplant was prescribed as the only viable medical option. It was so severe that the damage had consumed 90% of her lungs, leaving life literally hanging on a thread for Mrs Alex Atem. The existence of the South Sudanese lady based in Australia actually depended on the constant use of a breathing machine which supplied oxygen to her frail system. It was so critical to the degree that the Australian government had declared her disabled!


Mrs Atem was under the bondage of this affliction for thirty years – the condition progressively getting worse as she grew older. Before coming to The SCOAN, she could barely even talk as the effort to clearly voice out was too taxing for her feeble body. Discovering Emmanuel TV via YouTube whilst in Australia, Mrs Atem began taking keen interest when she saw someone with a case similar to her own receiving healing. With an operation already booked, she resolved to visit The SCOAN in search of Divine intervention! Last week, Mrs Atem was among the thousands who received prayer – an encounter that proved to be life-changing! “Ever since Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for me, I have been breathing freely without the use of the machine,” she happily testified.

“I never believed God existed,” Winnie – her doting daughter who supported her mum throughout her ordeal – admitted. “But with my mother’s healing, I have seen that Jesus is real!” What a God we have to worship! What a Son we have to praise! What a future lies before us!



Brought in a car, unable to walk due to lumbar spondylosis and osteoarthritis of both knees, Mrs Grace Uwoloh sat helplessly outside The SCOAN looking unto God for solution. Just as God sent His Son Jesus Christ to give us something, He also sent Prophet T.B. Joshua to be used as a channel of healing where there was sickness in the life of Mrs Uwoloh.

Five years of excruciating pain became a thing of the past as Mrs Uwoloh received prayer in Jesus’ name that loosed every chain of bondage and affliction! When Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for Mrs Uwoloh, she instantly found strength and walked joyfully out of the vehicle and into good health. One week later, an excited Mrs Uwoloh testified to the entire congregation that she has been walking freely ever since that Divine encounter with Jesus Christ.



Mr Vernumbe Emmanuel was dumbstruck when he learned he had been diagnosed with nose cancer. His search for treatment over the past two years did not come to any fruition as the hospitals he visited held no solution to alleviate the life-threatening nose cancer. His concerned aunt, Mrs Billy Afoke, recalled that the problem caused her nephew sleepless nights as he had difficulty in breathing. In addition to the difficulty he encountered to find sound sleep, he had to endure severe neck pain and chronic headaches.

Testifying to the goodness of what God has done in his life, Emmanuel said that during the Mass Prayer, he felt something burst inside his nose and then the blood flow started immediately. He told people of God that the severe headaches and neck pains ceased instantly, to God be the glory. He advised the congregation and viewers all over the world to believe in God and that there is never a problem Jesus Christ cannot solve and never a sickness Jesus Christ cannot heal.



In 2014, Mrs Jane Sakala was suffering from serious stagnation in her job. As a woman of faith, she came to The SCOAN, believing that God Almighty would provide a solution to her problem. During the service, the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua, gave a prophecy encouraging people to invest in farming – a message which struck Jane’s heart. Fortunately, she owned a 13-acre plot of land she inherited in 2004, but before then, she didn’t know what to do with it.

Prophet T.B. Joshua’s word of prophecy gave her the inspiration to use the land for farming. She started planting a few crops, buying chickens, pigs and other livestock. To the glory of God, the crops and the livestock flourished. She had to build many large pig and poultry houses and even hire a large staff of workers to tend the crops in the field. Mrs Jane became such a successful farmer that she was able to build a large home for her family and buy brand new flats to rent as well as a new car. The Zambian advised the whole world to take the words of the prophet seriously and make the Word of God the standard for their life.



“I now live a life of purpose”, said Mr Keston Brown from the Caribbean Islands of Trinidad and Tobago. After receiving deliverance through praying along with Prophet T.B. Joshua during a Mass Prayer on Emmanuel TV, the spirit that led him to watch pornography and engage in masturbation no longer had a hold on his life but another issue weighed heavy on his home, barrenness for seven years. His wife Mrs Brown suffered from a huge fibroid and ovarian cysts which medically stopped her from conceiving a child.

Knowing what God had done through Emmanuel TV, Mr Brown decided to bring his wife to The SCOAN in Lagos, Nigeria – a journey that took almost 48 hours from the Caribbean Islands! They came to The SCOAN, received prayer and the New Morning Water. Mr Brown encouraged his wife to continue to trust and believe in God’s unfailing promise. Several months later, Mrs Brown herself was the one lifting the banner of faith as she came to her husband with a positive pregnancy test in her hand as proof of Jesus’ mighty power still present in this day and age.

She said, “If I conceived, the doctor told me that I would have a miscarriage or that my baby would be born premature but to the glory of God, my baby was born after 9 months and she was a big baby weighing 4.6 kg!” Today, they came for the second time with their miracle in their arms to present their child to the church and also show that she was again pregnant with her second child. The couple advised the congregation to continue to trust in God and believe Him in every situation!



Mr Godwin Agrey was at his barber shop when a broken glass cut him in the foot. What began with a small cut soon expanded into a very large sore that covered more than 90% of the foot. When doctors failed to treat the large wound, they suggested amputation of his foot. The alarming thought of becoming an amputee at his age led him to seek alternative treatment through a native doctor. However, spiritualist had no solution to Mr Agrey’s predicament. After exhausting his search for a solution, he turned to God through watching Emmanuel TV at his home in Gabon.


As Prophet T.B. Joshua ministered healing prayer to viewers all over the world, Mr Agrey raised his affected leg towards the screen of his television and prayed along with Prophet T.B. Joshua. Testifying to the goodness of God’s work in his life, he recalled that he felt a shocking sensation in his diseased foot. Within two days following his encounter through Emmanuel TV, the large ulcer covering his foot began to noticeably dry away along with the associated excruciating pain. A week later, the only thing that remained was a small scar – serving as an undeniable testimony to his remarkable healing! Mr Godwin advised the congregation and viewers all over the world to have faith in the Word of God, and that distance is not a barrier.




“God sent me to you. He said I should tell you that you will see your son on Thursday!” Queen Georgina awoke in a cold sweat. Was that actually Prophet T.B. Joshua? It was the most vivid of dreams in the most drastic of circumstances with the most poignant of messages. Her Majesty’s little son had been kidnapped for almost two weeks, a ransom demanded for N20m and threats of his murder looming large. After an extensive police search proved abortive, the royal monarch turned to God – who supernaturally intervened…

The Queen of Ogoni-land in the Niger-Delta region of Nigeria, Georgina Tenalo was shocked when she returned home from work to discover her young son was not in the house. Pandemonium ensued and the police were quickly called. They searched the creeks of the surrounding area and interviewed countless suspects but none could reveal the whereabouts of her little boy. Finally, the kidnappers established contact, threatening they would kill the little boy and send the picture of his dead body to Queen Georgina unless the sum of N20m was promptly provided.

An extensive search mission, aided by police and security throughout the region, yielded no fruitful result and the kidnappers threats became even more severe. With hope dimming and time running out, the Ogoni monarch contacted a sister who she knew to be a member of The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN). On hearing the pitiable condition, she quickly organised for the Morning Water to be sent to Niger-Delta. After ministering it on herself and all the clothing of her missing son, Queen Georgina was set aside for God’s attention and had a remarkable dream. Prophet T.B. Joshua appeared to her giving words of assurance that her son would be released, even specifying that he would be freed on Thursday.

Immediately after the revelation, the monarch contacted all of the parties involved in the far-reaching rescue mission and told them to call it off as she knew her son would be released! Remarkably, that Thursday, her driver suddenly confessed that he was the one who organised the kidnapping of her son, who was aptly named Goodnews, revealing his location and that of his accomplices. That very Thursday night, mother and son were remarkably re-united! The story was even published on several local newspapers. “This Morning Water is not something to joke with,” she advised. “I gave my son the name Goodnews and God has brought meaning to that name! Thank You, Jesus Christ!”





 Mr Jude Oraka came to The SCOAN with a horrific, ‘snake-like’ skin disease covering the entirety of his body. In the words of his sister, he was a “dead man walking”. For six years, he suffered untold pain and agony – rejected by society. All medical help proved abortive as the strange disease refused to yield to any treatment. It was in this critical condition that Mr Oraka chose to visit The SCOAN with the aid of his doting sister. At the prayer of Prophet T.B. Joshua, the

Anambra State indigene began violently coughing and vomiting out a strange substance.

To the glory of God, a healthy, plump and handsome man – almost unrecognizable from the time he initially came to The SCOAN to share the incredible testimony of the transformation in his life, health and fortunes! There are no natural words to describe this, except to say, “Thank You, Jesus Christ!” Truly, the evidence of Jesus Christ is lives changed!