CONCENTRATE ON YOUR FUTURE - The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations - SCOAN - Prophet T.B. Joshua (General Overseer)


It was an atmosphere of celebration and self-reflection as worshippers from different countries all over the world joined Prophet T.B. Joshua to commemorate the day of his birth, June 12.

It was amidst this celebration that Prophet T.B. Joshua gave a short story of his life, documenting his humble beginning: “Happy birthday! Who are we celebrating? Don’t forget – he is not a superstar but a man of the people. I have a record to share with you. It is full of mystery. This record is not a way of saying I have arrived but to encourage the weak – those without fast legs or human help – that there is hope, and Jesus is the hope.”

Accompanied by exclusive footage of the early years of his life and the environment he was born into, Prophet T.B. Joshua explained that there was always a mighty force that encouraged him to concentrate on his future.

“In those early years of my life, I knew I would be blamed if I gave my attention to what I was going through. Consequently, I did not want my focus to be broken. I chose to direct my focus on the right path, on what was right because of the strong force that was directing me. I could not resist that force. As I’m standing now, there is a force I cannot resist, which God is behind. Each time I try to go wrong, it will say to me, “No; go this way”. Anytime I felt I was missing my focus, it became a very strong motivation to pray and be closer to God. It is still the same strong force, mighty force that kept telling me, “Concentrate on your future because what you are going through may not be found tomorrow. Concentrate on your future. What you are going through is a preparation for your future; it is a bridge to your future”.

In a historical moment, the man of God showed the congregation and viewers the very stone that almost took his life as a seven-day-old baby. “Opposite the house I was about to be named in, there was a company that was blasting rock for water and suddenly a very big stone, (the stone is here with me), flew from the opposite direction straight to the same humble home and landed on the exact net I was lying on.”

Before leaving the arena for the viewers to watch his documentary in full, the man of God encouraged all those who wanted to celebrate his birthday, to do so by sharing their time, love, energy and effort with the needy. He said, “This is a man of people. To celebrate him, you must locate, look for those who are in need of what you have, your love, your care, look for them. Someone is out there in need of your care. Someone is out there in need of your money. Someone is out there in need of your love. Someone is out there in need of your smile. Look for them. Thank you. Happy birthday!”



Travelling from the United Kingdom, Mrs Rita Desewu cried her way in pain all the way to The SCOAN for God to set her free from her stiff neck problem and its associated severe neuropathic pain. The pain, which radiated through her arm and rendered her left limb nearly incapacitated, was so excruciating that she did not mind accepting any pain relieving medication from another passenger on board her flight. Getting a sound sleep became a thing she never thought could come her way, for retiring to bed at night became a daunting task. It was the encouraging message within the words of Prophet T.B. Joshua, embedded in “when we run out of rope, we should turn to the Master Healer Jesus Christ” that gave Mrs Rita Desewu the faith to run to God after all medical treatments had failed to alleviate her suffering.

As soon as Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for Mrs. Rita Desewu during the Sunday Service at The SCOAN, she took off the neck collar and began to demonstrate her total freedom by turning her neck and moving her arms. As Rita testified to the goodness of the Lord, she told the congregation and viewers around the world that she is going back to drive the new car she had had to pack away during her ordeal. Advising the congregation, she said “when you break down, go back to your Maker”.



Reverend Stacy Roy George flew in to Lagos, Nigeria, from the United States with a burden in his heart. A torn knee cartilage, for which he had to undergo two knee replacements within 4 major surgical operations, deprived him of the ability to walk, sit up in a chair or watch television for a short while without the associated pain discomforting and disorienting him. During the entire 5-year period of his ordeal, he had to rely heavily on pain killers as the knee replacements provided no solution the once very active man.

Trusting in God and believing strongly in Jesus Christ to deliver, heal and set him free from the pain and inability to walk freely, Rev. Stacy Roy George – an avid Emmanuel TV viewer over the past two years – received the touch of God through Prophet T.B. Joshua that completely restored his agile. With his wife, Dr. Maria George, at his side, one could see how the power of the Holy Spirit sparked a restoration in Rev. Stacy Roy George as he began to shout with joy and instantly walked without any pain or discomfort to demonstrate his freedom in Jesus Christ’s name. When the couple shared their testimony during the last Sunday Service to glorify the name of the Lord, Rev. Stacy Roy George ran in front of the congregation and also climbed the stairs a few flights to show that he can now do the things that were impossible to attempt during the past 5 painful years. In his advice to viewers all over the world, Rev. Roy George encouraged everyone to trust in God for He will make a way where there seems to be no way.


When Mrs Ukaoma Ugoeze Maria stepped on an object 4 years ago, little did she know that she had actually stepped on a toxic matter that would not only afflict her person but also turn her home upside down. In the aftermath of the incident, an unbearable pain took over Mrs Ukaoma Ugoeze Maria’s body and she ended up going from one hospital to another until doctors suggested the theatre after diagnosing lumbar spondylosis, osteoarthritis and knee problems. The mere thought of going under the knife became a thing her family worried about. As they contemplated and talked through the best decision to make, Mrs Ukaoma Ugoeze Maria listened to a message of faith from Prophet T.B. Joshua. That message encouraged her faith and she made the bold decision to sign herself out of the surgery and look to Jesus alone for her complete healing. Her husband, His Royal Highness Eze Christopher Ukaoma – a traditional ruler in Abia State of Nigeria and an engineer by profession – joined his wife in faith and she subsequently travelled to The SCOAN to seek the face of God.

As Mrs Ukaoma Ugoeze Maria received the touch by Prophet T.B. Joshua in the name of Jesus, the demonic spirit that had connected itself to her manifested and said it was responsible for her ailment, and that it made her to step on a poison. The darkness that took over her body and spiritual life was cast out and she was set free in the name of Jesus Christ. Mrs Ukaoma Ugoeze Maria removed the knee braces and lumbar corset, and immediately began to exercise her body to demonstrate her total freedom.

Joining her wife to share their testimony during the Sunday Service, HRH Eze Christopher Ukaoma recalled how his wife’s situation threw their home into chaos that he never knew he would live to share a testimony of total freedom in his wife’s life. He added that after his wife returned home following her deliverance, she slept undisturbed for 14 hours and developed an extraordinary appetite for food, to everyone’s surprise. Accompanied by their son, the family thanked God for their total freedom and returning joy to their home. Mrs Ukaoma Ugoeze Maria advised people all over the world to have faith and trust in God.



As Prophet T.B. Joshua offered the Mass Prayer to the congregants and viewers all over the world, one could see the mighty move of the Holy Spirit. Suddenly, a lady rushed out saying, “As the man of God was offering the Mass Prayer, I noticed something burst out of me”. Going to the rest room to check what had happened, she discovered that her menstruation that had ceased for a long time had started to flow.

According to Mrs Peace Okezie, she had gone far and wide, taken so many medications just to get rid of her ceased menstruation problem but all to no avail. However, she was instantly set free through the healing power of Jesus!

She advised all to run to God no matter the situation they are facing and He will see them through.



Mr Udekwe Kennedy Obinna wept until his tears ganged dry. Every moral fiber within him had been shaken at the gruesome sight. Yesterday, they had eaten together. Joked together. Dreamt together. Now, he had become nothing more than another statistic – another forlorn figure to add to the growing number of lives lost at sea in their quest for something that never materialized. His closest friend’s lifeless face was reminiscent of the unwritten book of horror. His friend died by drowning, along with the dreams that never happened. “If I get through this, I’ll tell the story he (friend) never could,” the young migrant firmly resolved. He offered a silent prayer and dug a shallow grave to lay the deceased to rest.

After graduating from Nnamdi Azikwe University in Music, Mr Udekwe Kennedy Obinna faced disappointments as he had difficulty in finding a job or translate his talents into a lucrative occupation. Thus, when his senior brother began posting online enticing pictures of his time in Europe, claiming it was a “land flowing in milk and honey”, Udekwe’s imagination of a successful future overseas grew. He made enquiries and was told it would be an easy journey. He would make it to Italy within a week, he was made to believe.

The journey through the Sahara Desert was a torturous one. After two days in the blistering sun, they ran out of drinking water. By a stroke of luck, they came across an aged well in the midst of the desert. Even though a fresh corpse lay within the well water, Udekwe drank from it. The thirty other travelers followed suit. The remains of unfortunate victims who succumbed to the horrific conditions lay strewn across the desert floor. “We never waited for anyone who dies on the journey; they just throw their body onto the sand,” he recounted.

Arriving in Libya, Udekwe was sold into slavery. “All the girls were forced into prostitution and the men were beaten to compel their families into paying a ransom,” he explained. Udekwe languished for two months in the custody of his heartless captors. After his family finally raised the sufficient fund of N220,000 to buy him his freedom, he was recaptured and resold to a Libyan woman. Managing to escape from her iron first one night, he finally made his way to the seashore where prepared to float his way to Italy on a rickety rubber dinghy. Going on the voyage alongside with 180 others, Udekwe hoped that favorable weather conditions would enable their safe arrival in Europe.

Three hours into the journey, the engine failed and water began to fill the boat rapidly. The fuel leak mixed with the salty water produced a toxic substance which left any exposed skin horribly burnt. Fearing the worst, Udekwe jumped into the water and began to swim. He mustered enough strength to make it back to shore, only to be recaptured by the authorities.

After a 5-month incarceration in a Libyan prison, Udekwe found himself among the Nigerians deported back home on Tuesday 5th June 2018. His first point of call, alongside 90 others, was The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations. “I came here to thank God for keeping me alive and to warn my fellow African youths to NEVER undertake such a journey,” he candidly told congregants. “Please, you can save a soul,” he passionately pleaded. “If you know anyone who is considering such a journey, do everything within your power to stop them. They are going on a suicide mission where out of 100, only one survives.”

The Anambra State indigene was among those who received the financial assistance of N3,000,000 from Prophet T.B. Joshua upon their visit to The SCOAN to enable them start life afresh back in Nigeria.



Mr Augustino Charles Funelo was possessed with a demon that propelled him to perpetrate all kinds of evil. Such occult spirit entered him when hard times entangled him as a result of his business failure. As he lamented about his tough financial problems, he was advised to seek the help of a witchdoctor. The witchdoctor he visited made incisions on his chest and back, and then handed him a demonic ring and various currencies. He then instructed him to visit a particular hotel in the afternoon. When he did, he found himself in a spiritual world within the hotel he entered. All the people he saw in the hotel wore black suits and dresses. Apart from that, he discovered that at the time he was entering the hotel, it was broad day afternoon outside but he found himself in the night inside the hotel. His curiosity was satisfied when he enquired from one of the women in black about the time and she confirmed to him that it was indeed in the night and not day. A controlling voice instructed him to take a particular drink. He obliged without any protest. After that drink, he felt something entered him. He walked out of the hotel minutes later, and again he found himself in the afternoon outside the hotel.

From that point onwards, the evil spirit possessed Mr Augustino Charles Funelo and he began to drink himself to stupor and cursing people. He smoked profusely and gambled away what was left of his coffers. When it struck him that his life was at the brink of wasting away, he began to seek solution and decided to come to The SCOAN for deliverance. The man of God Prophet T.B. Joshua delivered him and also gave him a prophetic message, pointing him to his future success. Mr Augustino Charles Funelo testified that after his deliverance, his life has turned around and he is no longer the same person. He encouraged people to trust in Jesus Christ and look to Him for solution to their problems.