THE LEADERS OF TOMORROW - The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations - SCOAN - Prophet T.B. Joshua (General Overseer)


  So contagious was the joy that filled the entire SCOAN auditorium that it flowed to viewers all over the world. It was a special service indeed,  as Prophet T.B. Joshua began by felicitating with the children on Children’s day. Honouring Jesus’ words in Matthew 19:14, he said,    “We want to salute you, you children and we so much believe you are the leaders of tomorrow. We salute you”. He moved on to encourage congregants and viewers all over the world, not to allow unnecessary anxiety about now and the future to take over them, explaining that, “these are the tools satan uses to trap us, torture us and capture us”. Prophet T.B. Joshua urged everyone to work on the state of their hearts, “You have to work on your heart, if it is not at its best, you are just wasting your time because your heart is a contact point”. He concluded by reiterating God’s love for His children and calling on God’s children to cast their burdens on God who will care for them.



Mr Vincent Ogwal from Uganda had no idea that his 12-year affliction of cervical spondylosis which was accompanied with severe pain and discomfort, was demonic in origin. He would struggle as a teacher, unable to perform his normal daily activities and all his efforts to find a solution medically, proved futile. He was left with no other option than to wear a cumbersome neck collar and take medication as recommended by doctors. “Medication did not work out… I told my family there is no solution”, he said. 

Mr Ogwal would watch Emmanuel TV and see many people in similar conditions receive their healing and after a while, something spoke to his heart to make a move to come to The SCOAN. As Prophet T.B. Joshua was praying for him, the evil spirit behind his affliction manifested and began to confess its evil deeds and intentions towards the body it occupied, “I am Lucifer; I want to kill him”, it said angrily as it writhed on the ground. Mr Ogwal said, “When the man of God approached me, I saw a force coming to me and it was shaking me; I couldn’t believe I was the one. I was not myself”. Prophet T.B. Joshua used the name of Jesus Christ to deal with the stubborn demon, and the power in that name was evident. “When the man of God touched me, I felt so much power and from there, I don’t know what happened”, he said.

Testifying about how God healed the bones in his neck, Mr Ogwal said, “The cracking sound is gone!” After demonstrating complete healing, turning his head in all planes without pain, he advised all to trust in God who is the only One who can “physically heal and spiritually save us”.



Miss Ruth Naomi from Ghana said she missed out dearly on motherly care as her biological mother left her at the age of two. As she grew up, she found herself living a wayward street life. Sometime in her early age, she came across a random woman, who offered her a drink she later learned had been spiked. She passed out, only to wake up in the nude and discover that she had been taken advantage of by the woman.  When she confronted her, she told her that men were a disappointment and she needed to have nothing to do with them. From that moment on, the spirit of woman took over her person and she began having strings of affair with fellow women. She also took to excessive drinking and turned her back on trying to live right. Her wayward lifestyle made her depressed and angry at life. She also suffered from ceased menstruation.

She confessed that the demonic power inside of her was so strong that any woman she approached – both married and unmarried – yielded to her overtures without any resistance. Ruth recalled that she used to have a dream in which a woman visited and slept with her. Following such a dream, she would exhibit serious anger at any trivial issue and throw a fight with anyone who crossed her path.

It was in The SCOAN that her life turned around as a word of prophecy about her struggles in the past was followed by a deliverance where the evil spirit that had disturbed her life was cast out. Today, she stood before the congregation, testifying that her menstruation is restored and along with it, her joy and peace. Now delivered from the spirit of woman, Ruth explained that the affection she had for her fellow women has gone. She advised everyone to run to God.



“Honey, I am home!” A man comes home and calls for his wife, he later discovers that she is not at home. He hears her phone ringing on the table and picks it up. The caller hangs up immediately he speaks. They say, curiosity kills the cat and indeed, his curiosity led him to search on the internet for software to hack his wife’s phone and monitor the phone calls. Unknown to Mr. Alex, his action would lead to anger, resentment and separation of his marriage; he discovers that his beautiful wife, Mary, is cheating on him and defiling their union as husband and wife. 

Due to the infidelity of his wife, Mr. Alex found it difficult to forgive her and demanded that she moved out of their home. Since 2016, they had separated. Mrs. Mary knew that the battle in her life was a spiritual one and that the spirit of lust that had driven her to destroy her home needed to be uprooted. Her only solution was for God to intervene in her life and marriage.

Fortunately, they both came to The SCOAN and Prophet T.B Joshua located their case saying that there was a couple who had a very hot clash in their marriage. The man of God assured Mr Alex that despite the abomination, he should forgive his wife. After the deliverance, Mr. Alex testifies that the anger he had towards his wife immediately dissipated; the spirit of forgiveness came and the love for his wife was restored. Mary also confirmed the prophecy and testified that after her deliverance, she is free from satan’s bondage. The couple embraced themselves, thanking God for the love and restoration of joy in their marriage.
Mr Tshiteta advised people of God not to allow their emotions lead them astray but to allow God to lead them to the right path.



It looked and felt like the scene of a fast-paced spy-thriller. But this was no film. And this was no farce. This was a real-life encounter between an estranged husband and wife whose heated separation saw no plausible signs of recovery. Looking feverishly to the left and right before whipping out her phone, Ijeoma dialled her mother. Speaking in hushed tones, she told her to proceed immediately to the airport with her passport and that of her children. The man she met and married, who had brought her from Nigeria to Germany, and was the father of her three beautiful children – had become her worst enemy. So deep was the divide that even their return to Nigeria was filled with fears of him kidnapping their young children. Ready to escape at any time back to Germany where divorce proceedings were well underway, it took a word from Heaven to settle the seemingly irreconcilable… 

Mr David Okeke, a German citizen of Nigerian origin, lived in a pristine home with his wife and three kids. On the outside, it seemed like a happy home but beneath the surface lay a complicated cocktail of marital chaos – replete with domestic violence, counter-accusations and regular police intervention. Before travelling to Europe, David experienced marital disappointment, which rippled into a failed marriage in Germany – albeit culminating with one child. Mr Okeke finally returned to Nigeria to marry a lady from his state, bringing her with him to his base in Germany. Problems quickly mounted over David’s refusal to change his surname from the German name he adopted from his first marriage. Preferential treatment for his first son from the German mother further complicated their already worsening relationship. However, it was the increasing regularity with which Mr Okeke began to physically strike his wife in the midst of their heated confrontations that proved the final straw.

After the police had been called countless times, Ijeoma decided to leave the marriage for good, running away to a home for mothers and children and officially lodging her intention to divorce with the German law courts. Despite intense times of counselling from their local pastor, the duo had seemingly reached a point of no return in their marriage. However, a dream where Ijeoma saw herself receiving prayer from Prophet T.B. Joshua, coupled with her estranged husband’s insistence that they seek God together at The SCOAN before concluding on divorce, the family travelled together to Lagos, Nigeria. Distrustful of her husband, Ijeoma only agreed to come on the condition that their pastor accompanied the family.

Last week at The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations, a word of prophecy rang forth from Prophet T.B. Joshua, pinpointing the exact clothing David was wearing and the exact marital situation they were in. Today, the couple embraced – each asking for forgiveness for the varying roles they played in contributing to the marital mess. Mr Okeke agreed to assume his rightful name and show equal love to his children, further adding that the spirit of anger which propelled him to physically abuse his wife had completely disappeared. On her part, Ijeoma said she had agreed to withdraw the ongoing divorce proceedings and return to live with her husband – after over six months of living separately. “The laws of the courts cannot give you a happy home; seek the opinion of God in your marital problems,” David happily advised. Their pastor who accompanied the family capped off the testimony by acknowledging the superior anointing he saw at work in The SCOAN, adding that he knew the couple’s complicated case would be solved once they entered the Arena of Liberty!


Crack! That was the beginning of a painful story of Mrs Rachel Ogong, a Ugandan who is based in the UK. How it happened? In just in the blink of an eye, good health became the thing of the past as she was unable to walk anymore.

Shocked by the unbearable pain, Rachel went to a doctor and was given painkillers. The doctor promised her that within 48 hours, she would be well but opposite was the case. The doctor gave her a pair of crutches and a lumbar corset to wear to support herself and a warm blanket that would generate heat, without which she would not be able to sleep due to the excruciating pain she had.

Mrs Rachel Ogong, a Ugandan, living in London, could no longer do basic things in her daily life independently, including going to the toilet or bathing herself. She was advised to have an MRI test done. She was diagnosed with disc prolapse with canal stenosis, and the doctors advised her to go for surgery. Unable to manage the pain any longer, Mrs Ogong decided to seek the face of God at The SCOAN for His divine healing. She had faith that she would be healed, in Jesus’ name.

Mrs Ogong was brought to The SCOAN by her husband. It was a stressful journey where she was transferred from one plane to another on a wheelchair. During a Sunday Service, Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for her and immediately Mrs Rachel Ogong received the touch from Heaven, she started screaming as the spiritual operation took its course. Just seconds later, she shouted joyfully, “Thank You, Jesus. We are healed!” Her life had been transformed from sickness to good health as she began walking without any aid, to the glory of God!



 Forty-five-year-old Mr Patrick Busima from Uganda, confirmed the prophecy he received through Prophet T.B. Joshua that he had been possessed with a spirit of man that made him to be sexually attracted to both males and females. Mr Busima confessed that at the young age of 7, he had been sexually abused by a male family member. It was at this point that the spirit of man entered him and caused him to be attracted to men around him. The urge to engage fellow males in seductive conversation and to subsequently have an affair with them was always triggered by a strong itch he used to experience around his private part. He said that whenever this itch began, he would engage any man nearby and talk him into the bed. Tormented by this spirit, he used to search for men through the Internet and then arrange physical meetings with them. This secret struggle had tormented him for 38 years, 20 of which he spent in a daily pretence with his wife, unable to tell her the truth.

Mr Patrick Busima explained that his situation compromised his love for his wife, in the sense that the attraction they had for each other at the beginning of their marriage drifted away. Any time the itch came, he would rush to the bathroom to scratch his private part for at least ten minutes. Thereafter, he would return to bed but then feel too weak to go near his wife. What would happen next was that a man would come to him in his dream and sleep with him.

A month ago, in a unique twist of fate, his wife’s phone was stolen by thieves. This led to her using his phone temporarily. To her ultimate surprise, she got to read graphic text exchanges between her husband and other men. When she confronted him as to whether he was having strings of affair with fellow men, he was forced to admit the truth. Disgusted by such discovery, she relegated him to their guest room and began talking divorce, but her husband pleaded with her to give him the chance to visit The SCOAN for God’s intervention in the darkness he was battling with. In preparing for his visit, Mr Busima continued to watch Emmanuel TV and was particularly encouraged when he saw how a pastor was delivered from the spirit of man.

On visiting The SCOAN and attending the Sunday Service, Mr Patrick Busima received a word of prophecy that rewrote his history. The prophecy about the spirit of man that was living within him positioned Mr Patrick Busima for his freedom. Smiling with joy, he testified that after the prophecy and deliverance, the affection for men and the itchy sensation in his private part disappeared. Testifying to the goodness of what God had done in his life, he asked his wife for forgiveness and advised people of the world to seek the face of God if they found themselves faced with a similar torment.

After the service, the man of God saw the couple personally and revealed to them the opinion of God that their marriage was of God and now that the evil spirit disturbing their union was cast out, their marriage would go from strength to strength.




Mary Marcus had been incapacitated due to a severe problem of inability to walk due to lumbar spondylosis. As a nurse working at a reputable Government hospital and despite assistance from many doctors, she found no solution to the pain and agony she experienced daily. Her weakened spine only allowed her to sit in one position all day and as a result, she had to be aided to do everything she needed to do. Salome, her 30-year-old daughter whose social and private life had been affected by this ailment was her only means of support and consolation. With a series of medication and a lumbar support recommended to her by the doctors, she could still not walk. After exhausting all medical solutions, she sought the help of herbal specialists, a quest which also proved abortive.  
She was introduced to Emmanuel TV and began watching it; that was how her faith grew. With her body racked with pain, she was brought in a vehicle parked outside the gates of The SCOAN. Filled with compassion, the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for her and that was how the agonizing problem became a thing of the past. Since then, she has been walking and living in liberty and freedom in Christ Jesus.
She advised all to have faith in God and to believe that Jesus Christ is still the Healer.