YOUR DOMINION IN CHRIST JESUS - The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations - SCOAN - Prophet T.B. Joshua (General Overseer)


Coming to the altar, Prophet T.B. Joshua led the congregation in prayer, “Lord Jesus, restore our sight to see God’s acts of mercy. When our eyes are restored, we will feel His touch. When our eyes are restored, we will hear Him say, ‘You are healed! You are blessed! You are saved’!”

              PROPHET T.B JOSHUA

In the atmosphere of prayer, he continued, “You said, ‘Come unto Me, all ye that labour’. We are here, Lord; restore our dignity and dominion!”

Addressing the congregants, Prophet T.B. Joshua gave the following instruction in righteousness, “Now, stand in your dominion in Christ Jesus and reject any torture from the enemy of your soul – anxiety, sadness, depression, worrying about the future”.

The man of God then began to move in the midst of the congregation, ministering prayer, healing and deliverance in Jesus’ name as he prayed, “Lord, Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done, in Jesus’ name we pray!”

Truly, Jesus’ will was done in the lives of those who testified….



               MRS SUZANA MACHOL

24 hours a day, 365 days a year for six years – pain encompassed Mrs Suzana Muchol’s life as rheumatoid arthritis took over, crippling her stature, restricting her daily activities and disrupting her household. Depending on her children for everything, it came to the point she could not cook or even take up a pen to write. She visited hospital after hospital and took medication after medication but Mrs Muchol, a South Sudanese and resident of the USA, was left only with hand and knee braces as her constant companions.

Seated in The SCOAN auditorium, she prayed for just a touch from Jesus Christ, the Master Healer and as Prophet T.B. Joshua stretched forth his hand in prayer, she received what she came for! She testified that the pain and heaviness left her on the spot and she was immediately able to move her limbs freely, for the glory of God! That night, she slept like a baby for the first time in six years, completely pain free!

Beaming with joy, she advised all to put their trust in God for no difficulty is difficult for Christ Jesus!

Groggily opening her eyes, Mrs Munganga Chantal looked around to see yet another unfamiliar hospital room, this time in India – far from her home in the DRC and still filled with unbearable pain. Her delicate heart problem compounded the complicated surgery and she was rushed to the intensive care unit after losing consciousness.


She had already undergone operations and treatments in South Africa and the USA, all to no avail. Returning to the Democratic Republic of Congo, doctors warned that if she did not undergo a further operation, she would be dead within three months!

Frustrated with her daily struggle of life caused by lumbar canal stenosis and numbness of the hands, she suffered difficulty in walking, bending and holding anything in her hands. After five years of suffering, freedom to her was just a dream that she prayed would one day become a reality.

Choosing to trust completely in Jesus Christ, Mrs Munganga Chantal skipped the operation and travelled instead to The SCOAN. The moment Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for her, she testified that her problem and its pain, disappeared! That night, she slept soundly until 10am the next morning!

Lifting her hands and praising God, she walked freely without her lumbar corset, living her dream at last, in Jesus’ name.



Susan was just 13 years old when she was first introduced to drugs. Surrounded by friends, she started smoking cigarettes and marijuana and using cocaine. Suddenly addicted, Susan was smoking one to two packs of cigarettes daily and could not do without marijuana or cocaine. Her distraught family checked her into many rehabilitation centers in the USA but as soon as she was released, she started her deadly habits once again. Addiction was coupled with anger and depression. The beautiful young girl was suddenly an angry and unruly youth.

                    MISS SUSAN & MOTHER

Desperately seeking for a solution, Susan’s mother, Mrs Jone Soo Chai, found Emmanuel TV and began watching others receive their deliverance from the same addictions. She convinced her daughter to follow her to Nigeria and was surprised when, during the Sunday Service, Prophet T.B. Joshua stood before them and began to prophesy, “You are not the only one with this problem. There is a brother in the family who also has this problem. It is a family problem”. As Prophet T.B. Joshua then prayed for Susan, the transformation took place! Instantly, the desire for drugs and cigarettes left and was replaced with a desire for Jesus Christ.

Susan confirmed immediately that the prophecy was true, that a brother in the family was also under the same addictive bondage she had been and that she was now truly free, in Jesus’ name.

Susan’s mother confirmed that the severity of her daughter’s problem had almost broken her marriage, as her husband threatened to disown Susan and send her to a homeless shelter if they returned from The SCOAN without a change.

Glory be to God, when the Holy Spirit speaks, changes are beginning! Mother and daughter encouraged all who are bound by the same spirit of addiction to seek freedom from Jesus Christ for He alone can transform our inner self!

Time to breathe was time to turn on a machine for Mr Teddy Bimene, a Congolese-American burdened with the problems of sleep apnea, gout and hemorrhoids for 11 years. Doctors prescribed an array of drugs to take during the day and a breathing machine to sleep with at night. Days and nights were filled with strenuous efforts just to keep this gentleman alive.

           MR TEDDY BIMENE

Mr Bimene recognized that the problem began after his father took him to a witchdoctor who put a powdery charm in his chest. From there, the spirit of stealing entered him and he began selling fake products to unsuspecting individuals, among other vices. One night, he dreamt he had died and a voice told him to get a coffin and bury himself. When he got to the graveyard, he discovered all the tombs but one were full. As he was about to place his body inside the tomb, he woke up. From that moment, he became physically sick with sleep apnea.

Years later, he found out about Emmanuel TV and decided to pray along with Prophet T.B. Joshua. As he prayed, miraculously, the charm that was placed in his chest came out! He realised that the prophet had been sent from God to heal him so he came to The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations and received his divine healing instantly, through a touch from Prophet T.B. Joshua, in Jesus’ name.

Delivered, healed and saved, Mr. Bimene testified that he felt light and was able to breathe normally. Overcome with emotion, he advised all to turn to Jesus Christ for everything they are looking for in life as Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life and there is no true life outside of Him!

Waking up from the nightmare, Mrs Osagie rushed again to the hospital, desperate to know the condition of her unborn baby. Three times during her eight-year marriage she had fallen pregnant and each time she had had the same traumatic nightmare – running through a forest, she would be stopped by a strange creature who forced her to do away with a child. After each nightmare, she would rush to the hospital to discover the baby had stopped developing and she would be forced to evacuate.

                     MR & MRS OGBEMUDIA
                            AND BABY OSAGIE

This was the final straw. Mr Osagie told his wife they were going to The SCOAN for prayer. They had put the visit off due to negative comments and rumours from onlookers but the tragedy had become unbearable. They attended The SCOAN Live Sunday Service and received prayer from Prophet T.B. Joshua. Mrs Osagie did not notice any sudden change but in the night, she dreamt and found herself in the same thick forest. Animals came out from every angle to fight her. Filled with an unusual boldness, she shouted, “I come against you, in the name of the God of Prophet T.B. Joshua” and all the animals fell down dead!

Waking up from the dream, Mrs Osagie began praising God, convinced she had been delivered. They rushed back to The SCOAN to thank God for their freedom and were blessed to receive the New Morning Water. The same month they began ministering the New Morning Water, Mrs Osagie became pregnant! Lo and behold, the pregnancy went smoothly. At five months her baby began to kick and at nine months, her healthy, beautiful baby girl was born!

Thanking God for replacing their shame with joy, the Osagies announced the name of their baby, the answer to their long-awaited prayers. Her name is Gift.



Unable to witness her friend’s sadness any longer, Mrs Eunice Ncobile Mnisi’s friend introduced her to Emmanuel TV. After nine years of barrenness due to multiple fibroids and fluid in her uterus cavity, Mrs Mnisi’s marriage and emotional health were trembling. As she watched the testimonies of others, her faith in Christ increased and hope began to grow.


Realising that distance truly is not a barrier for the Holy Spirit, she began to pray along with Prophet T.B. Joshua on Emmanuel TV. Touching the screen one day, she felt a change and immediately after the prayer, went to the store and bought a baby girl’s dress. According to her faith, she soon became pregnant and delivered a beautiful baby girl. Adding to her testimony, Mrs Mnisi explained that in the scan before giving birth, the doctors reported that the multiple fibroids could no longer be seen!



Dr Alice Nakiyemba had obtained a PhD in Environmental Science but was working at a university in Uganda with the salary of a first degree

                     DR ALICE NAKIYEMBA                                             AND HUSBAND

holder. No salary or promotion was granted to her despite her degree and her many years of service. One day, her pastor visited her, having returned from The SCOAN with the New Morning Water. Ministering the New Morning Water in prayer, she sprayed it on an application for a position in the university’s governing council. Despite not fulfilling all the campaign events, she was elected Council Member – her first promotion in years! Filled with joy and full of faith, she subsequently sought promotion as Senior Lecturer within her faculty. Told to apply the following year, she put her trust in God, believing that when God says, “Yes!” no one can say, “No!” To God be the glory, Dr. Alice Nakiyemba applied at the time she wanted and was not only appointed as a Senior Lecturer, she was also elected as Dean of the Faculty of Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences and became the first female to hold that position in her faculty!


Carina was used to attention. From the age of five, her family began to bathe her with concoctions from a witchdoctor and even worship her as an idol. She moved from her country of birth to France and the attention began coming from men and women of all social status. She was unaware that the ritual bathing she was initiated into had called the spirit of lust into her life. This evil spirit took so much dominance over her that her life and personality were characterized by lust.

Carina joined a masquerade group and started dancing and clubbing. Although her entire face was concealed behind a mask, any man who looked into her eyes would sleep with her. She became such a regular at clubs that she was offered free entry and free drinks. She began to sleep with countless random men, regardless of their social status and sickening demands. Some of the men were deeply involved in occultic and demonic practices and even demanded she urinate on them. She recounted that her desire for fellow women started the moment a man demanded she make love with another woman in his presence. Her hairstyles and fashion tastes were also all dictated by the demonic spirit she once possessed and she began piercing her neck, nose and lips.

When Carina’s career and life began to dwindle, she thought the time was right to seek an end to the darkness in her life. Alas! The more she tried to stop her life of promiscuity and self-destruction, the deeper she plunged into the dark world. She went from one witchdoctor to another and drank various concoctions that brought no solution but rather compounded her problems.

At the point where hopelessness seemed to have set in, she came across Emmanuel TV and decided to visit The SCOAN. During the Sunday service, Prophet T.B. Joshua touched her and the evil spirit began manifesting and confessing, “I entered her when she was a baby. She is mine…I made her do immoral things…”. At the name of Jesus Christ, her total freedom came. She received her deliverance from the deepest darkness and the desire to sleep with men and women left her.

She warned women not to allow their beauty to deceive them, as the devil can turn their obsession into a tool of destruction. She also advised people to be extremely cautious in their use of social media as it can easily be turned into a destructive tool in the devil’s hand.