GOD’S TIME IS THE BEST - The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations - SCOAN - Prophet T.B. Joshua (General Overseer)


The SCOAN Sunday Service touched the hearts and lives of all who had connected themselves by faith in Christ. In giving words of encouragement, the man of God touched upon the everyday cares and worries in the heart of man and the need to wait upon God’s time. “Are you going through satan’s torture? Your heart is so anxious, sad, depressed, worried about now and the future. ‘How will I be healed? I’m owing debt. My marriage, my health, my career…’. In the Book of Matthew 4:2, after 40 days and 40 nights, our Saviour was hungry. Though He was very hungry, He was not desperate or anxious, that was why He did not fail or fall into satan’s trap. But today, when you are desperate, you will not mind where solution comes from. You will not wait for God’s time and God’s time is the best. At God’s time, everything looks beautiful. When you receive something at God’s time, it lasts forever.”

Earlier on during the service, many who received their ‘God’s time’ miracles came forward to testify of how everything looked beautiful. Below are just a handful.




“You are possessed with the spirit of flirt, dog; it is a family problem.” These were the words of prophecy that preceded the deliverance that Roberta received from the spirit that had afflicted her life since she was young. Tired of fighting with a continual problem of lust that had caused her to go from one man to another, Roberta came to The SCOAN from Spain to seek for the divine intervention of Jesus. It was truly a spiritual miracle as the evil spirits that had tormented Roberta’s mind and life were exposed and cast out forever through the prophecy. Back home in Barcelona, Spain, Javier one of her boyfriends who, sick of her fighting and flirting, had broken up with her, was watching YouTube and saw the deliverance, live.



It was an instant turnaround for Roberta who upon her return to Spain, began to include God in her every decision. Now calm and prayerful, Javier saw the difference in his former girlfriend and decided to renew the relationship. Next stop was The SCOAN as Roberta took him to The SCOAN to seek the face of God for their future. Upon receiving the blessing of God, the couple

went back to Spain and began a relationship cemented by God and free from evil influences.

This Sunday, Roberta and Javier came back to The SCOAN after getting married last Saturday and advised the youth to put God first in their decisions and that deliverance from lust is real.




Eight years ago, Prophet T.B. Joshua prophesied to Mrs Patience Osuoha regarding the kidnapping of her two sons. She dropped on her knees and pleaded to God in tears for the freedom of her children. Her husband, Mr Innocent Osuoha came forward with photographs of their two sons pressed to his chest. The man of God Prophet T.B. Joshua assured the couple that as he was speaking, the children were being released by the Lord at that material time.

Mrs Patience Osuoha said it took them so many years before they had the blessing of fruit of the womb to ‘born’ their two sons. It was therefore heart-wrenching and a departure from comfort to come to terms with the fact that their 11-year and 9-year old sons had been snatched by kidnappers in Cotonou, Benin Republic where they reside.

Upon their release to the glory of God, the couple visited The SCOAN to testify to the goodness of God in their lives. When given the opportunity to speak, 11-year old Nnaemeka Innocent Osuoha told the church and viewers all over the world that prayers sent the kidnappers into total confusion and that they were eager to release the pair. The kidnappers dropped the brothers off somewhere for their parents to find and pick them up.

It has been 8 years now and the Osuohas came to The SCOAN to thank God for their never-ending testimonies since the release of their sons from the hands of the kidnappers. Nnaemeka, his younger brother Prosper, their parents and younger sister Kelechi thanked God for their lives and for continuing to give them testimonies every day. Nnaemeka, a third year university student, recalled their ordeal at the hands of the kidnappers and how God delivered them from being subjected to ritual practices. The family advised people of the world to build their foundation with the Word of God, live by the Word of God and depend on Him at all times.





Margaret Aguwa awoke in a cold sweat. The nightmare had been so vivid, the voice so chilling, the pain so real. Raped by a “spiritual man” in her sleep, the young American – under the hallucinating influence of hard drugs – took a drastic, devilish action. She set the house on fire. Literally.

Margaret was a Grade-A medical student but a strange addiction was growing behind the scenes. Early in her tender age, a 5-year old Margaret began engaging in sexual experimentation – both at home and in school. As time progressed, so did the gravity of her urges. By the age of 16 – buoyed by Margaret’s exposure to social media and college life – she started taking hard drugs and extended her sexual escapades to fellow females.

The drug addiction began with marijuana but soon spiraled to cocaine, ecstasy and crystal meth – with dire consequences to her mental health state. Margaret was arrested and imprisoned for five months after she set the family house ablaze – the news of her drug-induced actions even made headlines in local US media. She would regularly abandon her house to traverse the streets at night, casting aside any shred of dignity to seek satisfaction with “any kind of man or woman” she came across.


Her addictions were further fuelled by connecting with people online – via her blog, dating websites and multiple social media platforms – who would arrange dirty meetings to engage in illicit actions. She had dropped out of school and was placed on disability benefits when her mother, Henrietta, desperately searched online for some form of “spiritual help”. A random search on YouTube led her to discover Emmanuel TV. Seeing cases similar to her daughter’s inspired the Nigerian-American mother and she resolved to bring her daughter to The SCOAN.

Last week, Prophet T.B. Joshua walked straight to Henrietta and prophesied directly about the “psychological issue” that plagued her daughter, adding that she took after her father. Ever since that prayer and prophecy, Margaret’s life has dramatically changed! All the urges for drugs and sex disappeared, replaced by an interest in God and His Word. “I saw my daughter reading her Bible for the first time,” Henrietta happily testified. “I advise people to be careful of what they expose themselves to on the internet,” Margaret advised. “Thank You, Jesus Christ, that I am delivered today!”




Martha Omosefe Emokpae had been wrestling with a life of joblessness for a long time. With an outstanding degree from a reputable university and a Master’s degree in International Relations from a Prestigious school in the United Kingdom, she still remained jobless. The only job her family’s connections could get her was a meagre job she called ‘her humble beginning’. As if that career torture was not enough, she lost that job and her standard of living went from bad to worse as she had to depend solely on her parents to survive. She faced peer pressure and this made her life more unbearable as she thought of opting to leave the country to seek for greener pastures abroad.

She was introduced to Emmanuel TV and the sermons of Prophet T.B. Joshua began to affect her life in a positive way. She decided to wait upon the Lord. An opportune time came when she received the New Morning Water from the Man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua and that was the turning point in her life. What followed next was a testimony as she received a call for a job interview and before she knew it, she got the position of a senior supervisor in the Central Bank of Nigeria.

Her advice to people was to always remember the Creator and not the created and learn to wait upon God for everything. God’s time is the best.




Recalling his early start in life, Mr Lawrence Kazungu Kilabo told the Church and viewers all over the world that he came from a poor and polygamous family background. His father, who was a prison officer, married four women and had 40 children. When surviving on little food became a problem for Mr Lawrence Kilabo’s large family, he sought a way out by entering into the tourist industry as a tour guide. His interaction with the tourists led to an affectionate feeling that resulted in courting the women on tour. He visited witchdoctors in Kenya and Tanzania, who gave him diabolic medicinal potions to apply. Following that, he would shake hands with his unsuspecting targets and two days later, they would seek him. What followed next were strings of affair. Promiscuity took hold of him and he found himself sleeping with 3 to 10 women a day. This resulted in fathering 25 children with 10 women from different countries.

As the demonic powers he gained from the witchdoctors grew in him, he graduated into the political arena. On seeking to be elected as a Member of Parliament, Mr Lawrence Kazungu Kilabo travelled to Tanzania to consult a witchdoctor in the bush. The latter invoked a number of gods, who appeared in the physical in various animal forms. Mr Kilabo told the viewers that he literally spoke to the gods, who appeared in the forms of snakes and donkeys. However, the power from darkness failed to get him elected.

When he realised his future was at stake, he began to have a second thought for a way forward. It was at such desperate time that his wife suggested he connected with Emmanuel TV. He yielded. When he saw the mighty works of God scrolling across the screen, he began to touch the screen and pray along with Prophet T.B. Joshua. Mr Kilabo paid a visit to The SCOAN where the Spirit of God located him. Prophet T.B. Joshua tapped him on the head and the evil spirit in him was provoked and arrested. A second touch followed and the demon in him spoke out: “I am a big man”. At the command in the name of Jesus Christ, Mr Lawrence Kazungu Kilabo went down on his knees and then fell flat on his back. The man of God declared him free, in the name of Jesus Christ. Sharing his testimony, Mr Lawrence Kazungu Kilabo said he no longer feels tormented by the demonic powers and that he was no longer in darkness but in the light of God. He advised anyone in his former situation to seek the face of God for their freedom.




Confined to a wheelchair as her only means of mobility, life became extremely unbearable for Josephine Buys from South Africa. She had suffered from rheumatoid arthritis for 36 years. This illness did not only affect her legs and render her immobile, but also compromised her whole body. She could hardly do anything on her own and had to rely on the help of family members. Having been far and wide for a solution, all to no avail, she resigned herself to fate. However, she began to sense freedom from her terrible affliction when she was prompted by her cousin Tredge to visit The SCOAN.

According to Josephine, it was not an easy journey as any time she got off a plane on transit, she had to be wheeled around. Disembarking from the plane at Lagos terminal, she also had to be wheeled to the vehicle that took her to her hotel. She was eventually brought by her cousin to The SCOAN on a Sunday in a vehicle as she could not walk. As she was crying in pain from inside the vehicle, God reached out and met her at the point of her need.

After a touch from Prophet T.B. Joshua, in Jesus’ name, life returned to her limbs and the pain left her. She stepped out of the vehicle and began to walk to the glory of God. Tredge who described Josephine’s case as pathetic was full of praise to the Almighty God for her healing.




Mr Bugri Kennedy a 42-year-old Ghanaian, suffered the terrible fate of being unable to urinate. His condition of difficulty in urinating due to outlet obstruction, started one night when he found himself urinating blood. He was rushed to hospital and eventually had to be booked for an operation. “They wanted to operate but I didn’t believe in it”, said Mr Bugri, who had refused the operation. Meanwhile, he had to suffer the terrible pain and discomfort that accompanied the affliction. He had no option but to have a catheter inserted as he was unable to urinate. The medication he received while in hospital did not solve the problem and as a professional chef, his work and life were greatly affected.

Mr Bugri’s uncle, Mr Samuel, introduced him to The SCOAN through Emmanuel TV which he started to watch. Upon coming to The SCOAN and receiving prayer from Prophet T.B. Joshua, his situation reversed as he found that after the prayer, he was able to urinate freely without the catheter! “I am happy now; I am healed and can do my job very well”. Standing beside him to affirm his testimony, Mr Samuel said, “I thank God that my nephew has been healed!” Mr Bugri advised all in the same predicament, “Run to God and you will receive your healing!”





Inside a car, bound by inability to walk due to lumbar spondylosis, Mrs Luriwie Ayishetu Kanton was brought to The SCOAN. Her ailment had gotten so bad, “Everyone had lost hope” said Luriwie’s Aunt. Despite being taken to various hospitals for medical care, only a body brace was prescribed to aid her case.

Mrs Kanton was ministered to with the New Morning Water during a Sunday Service. She, who previously could not move a limb, literally stepped out of the vehicle, stood up and walked. Today, she stands strong proclaiming that Jesus Christ healed her through the New Morning Water, saying, “I am grateful to God for enabling me to walk today.” After her faith-building experience, the former secretary in the civil service is now ready to face whatever life brings!




Mrs Bintu Mansaray, a staff nurse from the United Kingdom, originally from Sierra Leone, had the problem of difficulty in walking due to osteoarthritis of both knees for eight years. This problem made it very difficult for her to walk and caused her excruciating pain. She could not perform her duties as a nurse and eventually had to cancel her shifts and stay at home. The doctor prescribed her painkillers, knee braces, special medical shoes and a walking aid, all to no avail. She would feel uncomfortable in public as she would struggle to move around with all the medical devices. When she came to The SCOAN, the man of God prayed for her in the name of Jesus Christ and immediately, the pain left her. She then stood up and began to walk to the glory of God. Previously, her knees were swollen but after the touch from the anointed servant of God, they are normal. Now, walking freely to the glory of God, she can wear normal shoes and no longer needs to use the knee braces or walking aid. She advised the whole world not to listen to negative rumours but to run to God for their healing. Find out the truth and the truth will set you free!