THE ROAD TO ETERNAL LIFE - The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations - SCOAN - Prophet T.B. Joshua (General Overseer)


Prophet T.B. Joshua brought the congregation and viewers all over the world to the realization that they have no excuse for not receiving their healing, deliverance and all of God’s blessings because it is not about their weaknesses but their availabilities.

As the God of creation, God has made us fit at the Cross. By His stripes, we are healed. This means, our weakness or whatever we think is a barrier is not a barrier; all we need to do is just to say, “Here I am; heal me. Here I am; save me. Here I am; deliver me. Here I am; bless me”. Are you available? That is what Jesus wants to know.

During the Mass Prayer, Prophet T.B. Joshua did not forget to emphasize the importance to forgive. “When you stand to pray, forgive. You need a free spirit. When you imprison your spirit, you cannot be free. To hold offence is to imprison your spirit. When you imprison your spirit, your spirit cannot attract God’s Spirit.” How long will you continue caging yourself? The root of sickness, poverty, isolation is unforgiveness.



Earlier in the service, Evangelist Gbenga delivered an eye opening message titled THE ROAD TO ETERNAL LIFE, admonishing the congregation and viewers all over the world to begin to live their lives for eternity because their last day on earth can be so unexpected. Pointing the path to eternal life, he referred to Matthew 25:45, that whatsoever we do to the least of our fellow brothers, that we do unto God. He made it clear that as the Father had commissioned His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ to be a solution to someone in trouble, so has He commissioned us to be a solution to others. He invited all who listened to his message to live each day as if it were their last day on earth and base their action on the fact that the beauty of life does not depend on how happy they are but how happy others can be because of them. Today, how many lives are you capable of changing? Reshape your destiny today as you follow The Road To Eternal Life.


At the end of The SCOAN Sunday Service, Prophet T.B. Joshua declared the confirmed freedom. He said, “You will see the footprint of your coming here – that is the assurance. I hear the voice of freedom”. Tell the world your testimony! Testimony glorifies God. Share your joy!



For two years, the agonizing pain Jamesetta David from Liberia went through any time she made the slightest move of her limbs was just indescribable. It all started with an injury she sustained on her back which affected her spinal cord, resulting in difficulty in walking. The situation was so severe that the many drugs prescribed by different doctors, failed to provide any relief. The final resort was to undergo a surgical operation, as recommended by her doctor but Jamesetta would rather seek the face of the Master Healer, Jesus Christ, for a permanent solution. She came to The SCOAN believing God for her healing and total restoration.
Testifying before the world during the Live Sunday service at The SCOAN, she stated that as Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for her in the power of the Holy Spirit, she received her instant healing. Jamesetta can now do those things that she could not do before as she has been completely restored to the glory of God. “Today, we are singing a new song”, declared her husband in appreciation of what the Lord has done in the life of his wife, just as his wife walked majestically before the children of God, without any iota of pain. To God be the Glory!




Zhanna, a formerly active and vibrant person suddenly developed severe neck and spine pain, as well as breast lumps which made her become a shadow of her original self. Unable to find a solution to her failing health, the doctors prescribed a neck collar for her. Zhanna’s husband had a dream and saw an old woman attacking him and she equally had a dream and saw worms entering her body. Strangely enough, the young Zhanna later began behaving like an old woman and suffered series of demonic attacks. These evil spirits plagued her life and made her miserable until she discovered the arena of liberty, The SCOAN and made a heart decision to visit all the way from Ukraine. The evil spirits tormenting Zhanna began feeling uncomfortable from the moment she arrived at The SCOAN and joined the international visitors’ activities. During the ministration of Prophet T.B. Joshua, she began to feel uneasy and vibrate uncontrollably. Finally, as Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for her in the power of the Holy Ghost, she was immediately disconnected from every demonic chain. Her body became light and instantly, she knew that she was set free and healed from all her bodily afflictions. She can now do all what she could not do before. She advised viewers to believe in Jesus Christ because in Him is healing and victory.



Two discal hernias in Mr Semeon Tolpekin’s spine made life and work unbearable in the cold climate of Russia. He went to doctors who prescribed injections and specific exercises but his condition never changed. He was left with only a lumbar corset to support his aching back.

After being introduced to Prophet T.B. Joshua through his church, Mr Tolpekin made up his mind to visit the far shores of Nigeria, convinced that divine healing would meet him there.

Faith surely paved the way for Mr Tolpekin who received prayer from Prophet T.B. Joshua and was instantly healed. Thanking God for what God has done for him, he advises everyone, “Look up to Jesus who can be found in any living church; run to Him and receive your healing, as I received mine”. To God be the glory!




“Our house was divided into two,” said Mrs Nelly Doewert as she recalled her past marital problem. That was her condition in 2002 when she was faced with a serious problem in her marriage due to his husband’s addiction to drugs and alcohol. Due to his addiction, Mr Doewert used to steal his wife’s money to satisfy his urge for hard drugs, such as cocaine, heroin and ecstasy. In fact, the unclean spirit in him tormented him to the extent of abandoning his pregnant wife. This caused his wife to be depressed.

When he came back to his senses, Mr Doewert pleaded with his wife, Nelly to forgive him and give him a second chance. He believed things would change when they moved to another country, Canada. Unfortunately, the wicked unclean spirit tormenting their marriage was bent on destroying the family completely and their case became worse even while in Canada.

Although there was no improvement in their marital relationship, Nelly still believed in God. God is faithful. One day, Nelly discovered Emmanuel TV and began learning from Prophet T.B. Joshua and everything started to change for good. She began to understand that her husband had unclean spirits and came to an understanding that fighting flesh and blood is fighting the wrong battle. Emmanuel TV soon became her daily food.

As Nelly continued to watch Emmanuel TV, the evil spirit in Mr Doewert became provoked as he confronted his wife and threatened to destroy her laptop if she did not stop watching Emmanuel TV. Nelly’s faith was not shaken; she took God at His every Word spoken through His servant, Prophet T.B. Joshua, “Value process more than the results”. She understood that God was working on her character through this ugly situation and believed that the fire she seemed to be passing through was preparing her for better days ahead. As the condition worsened, she continued confessing God’s Word in the midst of her marital problem and this helped to strengthen her prayer life.

Truly, Nelly’s prayer of many years were not lost. Mr Doewert agreed to come with her to The SCOAN for their deliverance. When Prophet T.B. Joshua approached her, Nelly’s heart was filled with joy as she said to herself, “Today is my day. I saw it in my vision that I would testify to the glory of God before the nations”. Inspired by the Spirit of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua said, “Where is your husband? Thank you for helping him. You have been a backbone. You had disappointment in the past. You came to help this man.” Touched in her heart that God was aware of her situation, she burst into tears and confirmed that everything the prophet said was nothing but the truth.

With tears of joy, Nelly testified to the goodness of God in their marriage, “Today, I am standing here before you because God has restored my family”. Indeed, a prophet shall say that which he shall live to see accomplished. Since God delivered her husband, “I have a new husband now!”, she said.

Mr Doewert thanked God for the life of his prayerful wife, saying, “I thank God for my wife. All these years, she had been carrying me on the wings of prayer”. Thankful to God for restoring their testimony, Nelly went ahead to advise people of God not to give up. “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. Divorce is not a way out for your situation.” Indeed, what God has united, no one can separate. A million thanks are not enough for the beautiful miracle God has done in the Doewert family.




Anastasia Murtazina testified that she came to The SCOAN filled with evil spirits that would torment her life from day to day. She confessed that these evil spirits entered through her mother who, possessed with the spirit of lust, would sleep around with men. In her teens, she began masturbating and sleeping with different men and women to fulfil her lustful desires. She would fall into depression and have suicidal thoughts. She grew up in a home where her grandmother and mother would curse themselves and this became a habit for her as well. She also possessed a spirit of stealing from her father’s side and would steal anything that she could lay her hands on, even from her poor grandmother.

After her mother and grandmother died, she became bitter because people started blaming her for their deaths. From then, she read a book about Greek Mythology and Cosmology and that was how more evil spirits possessed her. One day, the evil spirit instructed her to go to a cemetery and curse her dead mother and grandmother. From then, she became possessed with a spiritual husband and dragon who would sometimes appear to her physically and control her to sleep around with men. She confessed that after sleeping with these men, their lives would be as miserable as ever. From then on, her life went from bad to worse as she then tried to commit suicide.

At the verge of giving up hope of ever being free from the demonic torment, she started seeking for deliverance and would search for churches where deliverance took place. She then found Emmanuel TV and started watching as people were delivered from their demonic bondages. This encouraged her faith and she made up her mind to visit The SCOAN for deliverance. When the Man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for her, she said she sensed the power of God releasing her from the shackles of satan and could see a mermaid and all kinds of demons leaving her body. Since then, she feels free and the spirits of lust and suicide left her. She encouraged people to believe in God for with Him, all things are possible.



A young couple travelled half the world from Trinidad and Tobago to share an incredible testimony of how God performed a miracle beyond human comprehension! Mr Manah, a Nigerian, met his wife in the Caribbean Island but they faced a medical mountain. He took a bold step to ask his Nigerian family to send the Morning Water to his base. Two weeks later after ministering the Morning Water to themselves, Mrs Manah miraculously conceived – a fact that shocked the doctor who told her that she would never give birth naturally due to the incurable condition of polycystic ovaries. Standing before the congregation, the couple proudly displayed their beautiful baby girl named Miracle! In addition, Mrs Manah is heavily pregnant with their second child!

In addition, under the influence of anger, Mr Manah, the alcohol and cigarette addict, used to maltreat his wife. The evil spirit also had engaged him in internet fraud. One day while praying along with Prophet T.B. Joshua on Emmanuel TV, he received his deliverance. Since then, there is no more urge for any devilish activities. His attitude towards his wife changed tremendously. Thank You, Jesus Christ!




Mrs Blessing Ezekwudo, beaming with joy, narrates to the congregation and viewers all over the world how she was set free from a terrible addiction to sniffing and drinking kerosene, through the medium of the Morning Water. She suffered from this demonic oppression for 18 horrible years. It was indeed a shameful experience that started initially with sniffing of kerosene and later developed to actually drinking Kerosene. She hardly took snacks without first dipping it into kerosene. Though she could easily perceive that the continuous intake of this highly toxic substance was gradually destroying her entire system and would one day lead to her demise, she was unable to stop. She was indeed in a trap of satan. It would come as a shock to anyone to learn that she had kept this addiction a secret from family members despite the fact that she was dying slowly.

When this secret finally leaked, she was immediately advised to come to The SCOAN as a final effort to save her life. As she cried out with a sorrowful voice, holding a container filled with kerosene during a Live Sunday Service, Prophet T.B. Joshua called out a man from among the congregants to minister the Morning Water on her in Jesus’ name and she instantly felt the Holy Ghost fire run through her body, disconnecting her from the terrible chain of addiction that satan had used to hold her captive for many years. The urge to sniff and drink kerosene left her instantly.

Since her deliverance, the chain of limitation has been severed and she has been enjoying unlimited favour. Two months later she was able to meet a man of her dream and she is now happily married with a beautiful daughter.

Mr Ezekwudo blessed the name of the Lord for pointing his wife to The SCOAN for her deliverance. He testified that since he married her, he has never seen her indulging in her past life of sniffing and drinking kerosene. They are a happy family to the glory of God. Mrs Ezekwudo admonished the congregants and viewers all over the world to run to Jesus Christ with their problems; He is the answer to all fundamental issues of life.



Mr Francis Kahiga, formerly an unbeliever had battled with an addiction to alcohol and smoking for 13 years. Being a drunkard, he would sit in the bar in the evenings and drink ‘til morning. His bad habits took its toll on his wife, whom he had lost affection for. These bad habits had also affected his relationship with other family members. His wife would cry herself to sleep each night worrying, not knowing whether her husband in his drunkard stupor would make it home alive. Francis had tried many avenues in an attempt to stop smoking, including using nicotine patches and visiting churches to no avail.

One day, while he was watching TV at home, scrolling through the channels, he stumbled across Emmanuel TV and the message of Prophet T.B. Joshua being preached touched his heart. “I was really moved by it; I think it was the Holy Spirit”, he said.
He called his wife and told her about the channel he had discovered but that same night, he went out to drink in the bar until morning. Upon getting home, he decided to pray along with Prophet T.B. Joshua on Emmanuel TV who was praying against the spirit of addiction. That day, he placed his hand on the screen and felt an electric shock pass through his hand and so began to remove all electrical wires in his home, believing they were behind the electric shock. After praying, he went out to the bar and something different happened – after taking his usual whisky, “The alcohol was bitter”, he said. He then lit a cigarette but upon taking a smoke of it, he started to cough. In his heart he understood that God had delivered him from his smoking and drinking addictions. Mr Kahiga said that the greatest miracle he had received was that of salvation following his deliverance from drinking and smoking. His wife, Rosette, was motivated to come to The SCOAN after witnessing her husband’s deliverance. Unable to conceive for four and a half years, she came to The SCOAN where received the Morning Water. After she ministered it together with her husband in the name of Jesus, they met as husband and wife and she conceived! They shared their testimony holding their beautiful baby, Praise – a product of God’s miracle.



Hawa received a prophecy from Prophet T.B. Joshua that exposed the root cause of her problem. “You have ceased menstruation as a result of drugs”, were the words of prophecy that exposed the work of the devil in her life and later led to her healing and liberation.

Shaming the devil that had tormented her life for three years, she explained that she was addicted to taking hard drugs such as codeine. She could consume up to six bottles of codeine in a day without feeling any side effect. This terrible addiction made her disrespectful to her mum as she would shout and threaten her just to get money to satisfy her craving for the harmful substances.

Her reckless life style soon caught up with her as she began to suffer memory loss and ceased menstruation as a result of the hard drugs she was addicted to.

She came to The SCOAN with her friend’s mum and God used Prophet T.B. Joshua to locate her and set her free from the shackles of the devil. After receiving prophecy from Prophet T.B. Joshua, he prayed for her and her menstruation began to flow immediately, confirming that indeed our God reveals to redeem.

Looking radiant, she testified that her addiction to drugs was over and she is completely delivered. She advised youth all over the world indulging in hard drugs to desist and turn to God. He alone can change their lives.