WE ARE NOT LIKE OTHERS - The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations - SCOAN - Prophet T.B. Joshua (General Overseer)


Encouraging the congregants from all over the world who filled The SCOAN Auditorium on Sunday, Prophet T.B. Joshua assured them that God had prepared them for their miracle. Speaking directly to the hearts of the people, the prophet said, “Whatever we bind on earth shall be bound in Heaven and whatever we loose on earth shall be loosed in Heaven so we should be ready to bind our body, our soul and our spirit to the will and the purpose of God for our lives”. With this divine prayer point resounding on the lips and in the hearts of the people, the atmosphere was charged with faith and expectation and the man of God began to minister in the power of the Holy Spirit, bringing healing, deliverance and freedom onto the scene.

Earlier in the service, Evangelist Daniel kicked off with a thought provoking message titled, WE ARE NOT LIKE OTHERS. He used Luke 23:34 as his proof text: “Father! Forgive them for they do not know what they are doing.” Touching on the unique quality ‘to forgive’ characterised by Christ and Christians, he said, “As you go about your daily activities, always remember that our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ was rebuked, chastised, stripped naked and dehumanized before he was brutally murdered, yet He responded with forgiveness – knowing that His death on the Cross would accomplish salvation. This singular act of forgiveness made Jesus Christ unique.

And as His followers, this makes us not like others”.

Evangelist Daniel spoke about the bondage caused by unforgiveness, “It is essential to know that the person most hurt by unforgiveness is you. The problem is that when we get offended, we hardly realise that we are trapped. Unforgiveness due to offence is one of the traps satan – the enemy of our souls, uses to hold us in bondage”.

He spoke about the liberty that comes from forgiveness, concluding, “When you forgive and let go of offence, something will happen to you that cannot be explained by the human mind. I mean, you will receive in a moment what you have been seeking for years, when you forgive and let go of offence. Jesus Christ will surely give you the kind of breakthrough that will make you forget the pain of the past!”

Testimonies were as powerful and diverse as their Source Jesus Christ and built faith in the countless people who took their time to listen. Be blessed by a few below.


Joseph Ekenechukwu was deep in the world of darkness, busy womanising, smoking and committing dubious acts through the internet. Through his fraudulent work, he duped people he met on the internet, asking them to send their account details in order to collect a lot of money from them. The money he gained recklessly, he also used recklessly as he lived a lavish lifestyle in a hotel and spent his money on women and drinking.

It all started in 2013, while he was drinking in a bar. The spirit of lust tormenting him, pushed him to approach the bar lady to come to his house after work. Responding to his invitation, the lady came to meet him with a gift of a singlet which he immediately put on. After sleeping with her, after midnight, while he was asleep, the lady started manifesting like a python.

Gripped with fear and not knowing what to do, Joseph decided to call his neighbours to come to his house. He began praying and she calmed down and went back to sleep. Shocked by this unwanted incident, at 5am, Joseph woke the lady to leave his house. Right after that, he burned the singlet she gave him. However, ever since that devilish encounter, things went from bad to worse!

The evil spirit which had entered him through the lady destroyed his marriage; both the spirit of lust and the spiritual wife pushed him to chase away his beautiful wife, Faith and take their six month-old baby away by force from his mother after a series of insulting words. Faith had tried all means to reconcile with her husband but was unsuccessful. Joseph was eventually introduced to Emmanuel TV and decided that he had to visit The SCOAN. Faith came to seek the face of God at The SCOAN, being devastated and discouraged by the bitter reality of life.

During the Live Sunday Service at The SCOAN, Prophet T.B. Joshua preached on forgiveness. Faith decided to take that Word to heart and act on it by sending an SMS to her husband, saying, “Forgive me for all I have done to you”. She believed in the word of Prophet T.B. Joshua that she had to go through a process of discipline.

Four days passed by after leaving The SCOAN and Faith decided to call her husband. Surprisingly, her husband, Joseph returned her call and asked her to accompany him to The SCOAN for deliverance. During the ministration, Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for people, including her husband and indeed, where the light of God is, darkness has no hiding place. The dark spirit in the life of Joseph began manifesting. Seeing what happened, Faith could only agree with the voice in her heart, “Grace spoke”.

After the deliverance, Faith testified that her husband, Joseph had changed. He showed remorse and started thinking of how he had wronged his dear wife in the past. As Joseph testified about his freedom, he said, “I can now remind myself that I am a married man and I have self-control. I am ready to love her for the rest of my life”. This touching reconciliation would not be complete without the absent child who was brought to the church. With tears of joy, Faith cuddled her son she saw again for the first time after so long. Indeed, God has given every man the ministry of reconciliation and the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ challenges and changes everything.



Inna from Russia was childless and unable to conceive after getting married to her husband of seven years. When she finally conceived, she suffered subsequent and numerous miscarriages. The maximum length of time she would stay pregnant before a miscarriage would occur was two months. Doctors were unable to solve her problem and all hope was nearly lost. One day, her husband introduced her to Emmanuel TV which she started watching. She became encouraged in her faith that all hope was not lost. Inna and her husband heard that Prophet T.B. Joshua was going to hold a crusade in Dominican Republic and decided together to travel there by faith, believing that their case would not escape the anointing of God. After Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for them, all the poisonous substances behind Inna’s affliction came out in the form of blood substances. She afterwards had a dream whereby Jesus appeared to her in the form of ‘a man in the light’ and prayed for her, telling her not to worry about the blood coming out of her, that it was a cleansing process. “I felt the healing process inside me”, she said. Shortly after that prayer, the couple met as husband and wife and Inna conceived, but this time, with a difference. The curse of miscarriage was broken and today, her pregnancy has gone beyond two months! She declared “I am four months pregnant!” Equally happy, her husband said, “This is a time of joy now!



Mrs Patricia Oge from USA, suffered in silence for many years as strange demonic voices tormented her marriage, planting in her the evil desire to harm the man she had promised to spend the rest of her life with, Mr Chris Mascolo. These evil attacks brought depression and reproach to Patricia who would spend many nights crying as she was unable to show affection to her husband, let alone disclose to him the dangerous thoughts in her heart.

Discovering Emmanuel TV brought hope to the house and whilst praying along with Prophet T.B. Joshua, she prayed that God would open the way for her to visit The SCOAN in Nigeria. Two months, later, her prayer was answered and she found herself on a plane to Nigeria. During the Sunday service, God located Patricia through a prophecy which pinpointed the exact problem of hearing strange voices that had plagued her. Deliverance followed the prophecy and a new chapter in her life was opened.
The strange voices became a thing of the past and affection returned to the marriage. Moreover, their finances blossomed and Patricia and her husband came back to The SCOAN to testify of the great breakthrough which followed the prophecy. Mr Chris Mascolo from New Jersey, USA joined his wife to thank God, saying that his wife’s deliverance made him let go of cynicism and grab onto faith. “Do what you can to visit The SCOAN and receive deliverance” he advised the world, assuring all that God is real.



Sakouhi Hassouna, a Tunisian national was healed of a stiff shoulder that had eroded his life for five years. Doctors all over Tunisia had prescribed different medical solutions, to no avail. Finally, he was given a shoulder support to manage his condition.

Being a person who dealt with a lot of people, he always felt embarrassed wearing the shoulder support as people would constantly stare at his shoulder with ‘questions in their eyes’. This problem had affected his career. Fortunately, he discovered Emmanuel TV and his faith was ‘gingered’.

Finally, at The SCOAN, Mr Hassouna received prayer from Prophet T.B. Joshua in Jesus’ name and said he felt the pain and stiffness leave his shoulder immediately. Since then, he’s been walking and living in liberty. He simply advised, ‘There is healing, in the name of Jesus Christ; believe!’



In 2015, Precious from Ghana, was delivered from the spirit of prostitution, drinking and smoking which had tormented her life and brought shame to her family for fifteen years. She came back three years later to testify of the goodness of God in her life. During these fifteen years, precious recounted, she lived a horrible life of sleeping around with men, destroying people’s homes, spoiling marriages and training young girls for prostitution.

From the outset, Precious thought prostitution was a fast way of making money for herself, but to her greatest dismay, she discovered that all the money she made was used for excessive drinking and smoking. Precious continued this wasteful style of life until one day she had a dream wherein men were harassing her. Suddenly, Prophet T.B. Joshua appeared and chased them away.

Sometime later, she met her aunt who talked to her about coming to the SCOAN for her deliverance. At first, she was adamant until God reminded her of the dream she had. Convicted of the horrible life she was living, she decided to visit the SCOAN for her deliverance.

That fateful day, Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for her and she was delivered. Precious said immediately Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for her, something left her and she felt very light. Since then, the urge to lust after men, smoke and drink is gone and the devil that held her hostage has been put to shame.

Not only did she receive her deliverance freely by the grace of God but to her amazement, Precious was also supported financially by the man of God. Struck at the unexpected generosity, Precious decided to invest the blessed money wisely into a business which today has made her the breadwinner of her family.  Standing before The SCOAN as the assistant manager of a prestigious company in her country, Precious is overcome by God’s goodness in her life.

She advised that as a child of God, your faith will be tested but God is always there to see you through.



Mr Abusah Dodzi Elvis found himself between a rock and a hard place when his rectum prolapsed. For three years, he became an object of ridicule as his father, a herbalist, tested all kinds of concoctions and methods on him to no avail. His father eventually confessed, “It’s only medical doctors who can heal this case”.

When medical doctors saw Mr Dodzi’s case, without hesitation, they booked him for an operation. Not comfortable with that option, he still looked further afield. During this time, a friend introduced him to The SCOAN through Emmanuel TV. He promptly made arrangements to visit the church.

Mr Dodzi was prayed for by Prophet T.B. Joshua, “He touched my back – it felt as if he was touching the actual place of my problem. I felt a pulling sensation then, I fell down” he described. Today, he can bend down, sit down, walk, run and do everything now he has been healed and restored back to his original healthy condition.

He simply advised others planning to visit The SCOAN to come with faith and get their miracle!



Last week, Mr Fanus Engelbreght, a project manager in a construction company from South Africa limped into The SCOAN church auditorium with a pair of crutches. Today, as he stood on his two feet without the aid of crutches to testify of the goodness of God in his life, one could only wonder what could have happened to bring about such a radical transformation. Shedding light on his miracle, Mr Fanus, who had severe difficulty in walking as a result of a left knee injury and severe arthritis after many years as a professional rugby player was booked for a total knee replacement. He testified that the moment Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for him, the pain left and he no longer needed the crutches.

One could imagine what Mr Fanus, a project manager at construction sites, must have suffered but today, just a tap of God’s fingers through his anointed one took the pains and agony away!