REVELATION BRINGS CONVICTION - The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations - SCOAN - Prophet T.B. Joshua (General Overseer)



No doubt, the Easter Sunday of 1st April, 2018 served as a turning point in the lives of the people as they converged to commemorate the resurrection of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ! Indeed, the significance of Easter was made manifest as the resurrection power flowed through the congregation and those things that had been in a state of disuse were brought back to life – crutches were thrown away, garments of captivity were dropped, yokes of many years were broken!

The message given by Prophet T.B. Joshua titled, Revelation Brings Conviction was one that called for a sober reflection on the very purpose of our existence – to think, talk, act and plan with God. “You can’t call the name, Jesus without being led by the Holy Spirit. The name, Jesus of Nazareth must be revealed to you by revelation” Prophet T.B. Joshua said, making reference to the Book of 1 Corinthians 12:3 which says, “Therefore I want you to know that no one who is speaking by the Spirit of God says, “Jesus be cursed,” and no one can say, “Jesus is Lord,” except by the Holy Spirit”.

According to the Man of God, revelation brings conviction and conviction brings real movement. By real movement, we mean, when we step, power steps. You can’t separate Christianity from power, he said. Prophet T.B. Joshua also expatiated on the area of success and greatness which he affirmed is not about our weaknesses, faults or pitfalls. Rather, it is about what Jesus did for us at the Cross. He made us fit for God which in essence means that our past is over. Our sins have been forgiven. If your sin has been forgiven, you can imagine what follows.

In a final note of warning, Prophet T.B. Joshua stressed that God does not want us to succeed financially and lose our children to drugs, militants or the world. According to him, our children are part of our blessing. If one is faulty, all is faulty.

In an earlier message titled, The Revealing Word Of God, Evangelist Racine spoke on the absolute truthfulness of God’s Word which says that Jesus Christ, the Righteous One, is the atoning sacrifice of our sins. By His blood, the most precious commodity in the history of mankind, Jesus has brushed aside our unworthy past and brought us to the very presence of the Father without any sense of unworthiness. He further explained that our redemption does not call for our personal effort but to have a look of faith to the Cross, where Jesus conquered death and gave us victory, where Jesus conquered our past and gave birth to our future.



Professor Ddembe Williams came from the United Kingdom to The SCOAN with the problem of a stiff neck due to cervical spondylosis. He also suffered difficulty in walking due to severe osteoarthritis of the knee. It was an agonizing moment for the academician who could neither sit nor stand for long to teach his Ph.D. and Master’s degree students in the university. His school would often put him on leave and at a point they saw the need to look for a replacement as Professor Ddembe could hardly cope due to his health crisis. He sought solution medically and was placed on strong painkillers, also resorting to the use of medical aids like a neck collar, knee braces and wrist brace to help relieve him of the pain yet, there was no solution. He was persuaded by his driver and house help to watch Emmanuel TV. Seeing God’s miraculous works, he was encouraged to come to The SCOAN where he was placed at the prayer line and Prophet T.B. Joshua not only prayed for him but also prophesied to his life about his family. After that encounter, one could see a sudden change of expression and his shout of joy said it all – the pain and agony of many years were over!  Giving his testimony during the Live Sunday Service, he said that for the first time in five years, he could kneel and pray and lift his hands to glorify the Saviour. He encouraged people to believe in the resurrection power of Jesus Christ!


Assistant Superintendent Anthony Laah of the Civil Defence Corps came to The SCOAN in a deplorable condition. Restricted to a wheelchair and booked for an operation due to the severity of the lumbar spondylosis and disc compression, he was in constant pain. Forced to leave his work as a result of the crippling condition, his elder sister decided to seek divine intervention, having been inspired by the testimonies she viewed on Emmanuel TV.

“Immediately the Man of God approached me, I could feel the Spirit of God flowing through him to me,” Anthony recalled of the miraculous moment he received prayer from Prophet T.B. Joshua. “He asked me to stand up, which I knew was impossible ordinarily, but I suddenly saw myself jump up and have been walking ever since,” he joyfully testified! Returning home, crowds gathered in his house in Kaduna State, shocked to see the sudden transformation in his health. Returning to his workplace, he has been actively involved in all operations, even undergoing an intensive training course where he emerged as one of the fittest attendees. “The healing you receive from Jesus Christ is permanent,” he told viewers. “If you hearken to God’s Word, you also will be healed!

When Prophet T.B. Joshua approached Mrs Bongi Usman during Prophetic Ministration last week, the South African based in USA was shocked at the revelation that came forth. “You have a nightmare. Sometimes you find yourself wet – like you are in the toilet urinating,” he revealed. “It’s over,” the prophet then authoritatively declared!

“I was so surprised because I didn’t share this secret with anyone. Only my husband knew about this,” Mrs Usman explained, adding that she had been plagued by the shameful affliction of bedwetting for over fifteen years. The problem caused her to often become antisocial as she was afraid of sleeping in anyone else’s house. It also affected her marriage as she regularly stained her marital bed with urine, leading to confrontation and embarrassment. However, that word of prophecy signaled the end of her shame! “Ever since Prophet T.B. Joshua gave me the prophecy, I have slept well and not had any problem with bedwetting.” Indeed, a million thanks are not enough for Jesus Christ!


Retired Major General J. Okunbor (O.O.N.) Officer of the Order of Nigeria, marched into The Arena of liberty full of vigor and life. This was a different story to the three-year journey of pain as a result of lumbar spondylosis that stopped the retired general from playing his favorite game of golf. Specialized doctors recommended a lumbar corset and an operation. He had to take strong pain killers every day. Since there was no change, he was advised to try Korean physiotherapy, which he did at a high cost but the pain lingered on.

Restoration came during a SCOAN Sunday Service when the New Morning Water was ministered to him. “It was like I was not in this world” were the words the retired general used to describe how he felt when drops of the New Morning Water fell on him. “Something left my skin and my knee.”Dancing with joy Retired Major General J. Okunbor demonstrated the complete healing he received, to the glory of God.



Political ambitions were squashed for Mr Joaquin Nsue Nsue from Equatorial Guinea as his political campaign ended in disappointment and financial crisis. 
This bad news came on a wave of stagnation and difficulties as the bright young civil servant became depressed. Learning about the wonders of God in The SCOAN, the couple decided to travel to Nigeria and put their problems into God’s hands.
Privileged to receive the New Morning Water, they returned to Equatorial Guinea with the assurance that the chain of setback had been broken.
To the surprise of Mr Nsue Nsue, he received a call from the head office of his political party that he should submit his documents to contest for another elective post. Afraid to agree because of lack of funds and the history of past failure, he was about to refuse when his wife reminded him that now God was on their side after their visit to The SCOAN. He was the last person to submit his documents for the election, but not before ministering the New Morning Water on them and praying in Jesus’ name. Amazingly, out of the 30 people that contested the election, the results were released that he won and was appointed the Mayor of District 4 in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea. Full of joy, his wife joined him to thank God for this wonderful breakthrough.


Princess Uche Njemanze thought it strange when on her wedding day, after tying the knot, she found two keys inside her wedding cake. However, she did not take much cognizance of it. Initially, she did not perceive any link between the delay in conception and the strange occurrence on her wedding day. However, suspicion arose when numerous scans done even at the best hospitals revealed that nothing was medically

wrong with herself or her husband yet, they could not conceive a child. Her husband, being a lover of Emmanuel TV was the one who persuaded her to watch Emmanuel TV and she began praying along with Prophet T.B. Joshua. One day, she had a dream where she saw Prophet T.B. Joshua directing her to place her hand on her stomach and telling her that God had done it. Motivated by the dream, she made her way to The SCOAN and by the grace of God, received the New Morning Water. To the glory of God, that same month, Princess conceived and the nightmares of being chased by masquerades and seeing dead people in her dreams became a thing of the past. Full of joy, she named her baby, Joshua and promised to train him in the way of the Lord.


It was struggle all through before Ms Noreen Mazalla from Tanzania successfully graduated with a degree in business management. It was therefore a devastation for Noreen to discover that the jobs she was being offered did not provide enough finances to support her young family. Being a faithful viewer of Emmanuel TV, she decided to come to The SCOAN and she received the New Morning Water. Returning home, she ministered it, asking God for a breakthrough in her career. One afternoon, she received a surprise call from one of her acquaintances from France.

Two weeks after that conversation, a representative from The Netherlands flew into Tanzania intentionally to grant her a job interview. “God surprised me!” Noreen exclaimed as she revealed that she was offered the position of Business Development Manager in an international company, looking after three countries: Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya. With her present position, she is now privileged to meet with ministers and secretaries of nations to discuss national issues. Her breakthrough indeed has come as she was able to purchase a two-storey, four bedroom house.

Rejoicing in the goodness of the Lord, she advised all to put their trust in Jesus Christ for a change that will transform their lives forever!

Miss Nilza Magombedze was born with an incurable disease of asthma. She grew up accustomed to hospital beds and respiratory machines as the ailment robbed her of a normal childhood. Her doting parents, principals of a school in Mozambique, tried everything they could to help their daughter but it was painful to watch her stay at home whilst other students enjoyed classes in their own school. They went far and wide in search of solution including numerous visits to witch doctors. Nilza’s father recalled a particularly terrible encounter with a notorious witch doctor who instructed his daughter to spit into the mouth of a live chameleon which would apparently end the sickness of asthma! They soon discovered it was all deceit.

At the age of 13, Nilza’s mum took a bold step of faith and brought her to The SCOAN believing God for a divine healing. Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for Nilza in the power of the Holy Spirit, commanding the spirit of affliction and infirmity to loose its grip on her life! “Ever since that encounter with Jesus Christ through his anointed one, I have been breathing normally,” Nilza joyously testified. She has since returned to school, engages in all normal activities and no longer uses any breathing device! “I advise all parents to take their children directly to God anytime they face problems,” Nilza’s father advised. “The God who gave us our children is able to solve their problems!” he further stated.



Mr and Mrs Iosua Kepu from Australia visited The SCOAN for the first time and were privileged to receive a word of prophecy from Prophet T.B. Joshua that exposed the root cause of their problems. “There is need to disconnect you. In your upbringing, you connected with a society”. “There is a woman coming to you in the dream. It is not giving you affection for this marriage to stand”. These were the prophetic words from Prophet T.B. Joshua to Mr Kepu.

Mr Iosua Kepu confirmed the prophecy, explaining that even though he had lived in Australia for ten years, he was originally from Samoa, a country where its roots are deep in tradition. As a child, he grew up in these practices. As he grew older, he felt a kind of negative force always pulling him in wrong directions and engaging him in ungodly acts.

From then, his life never remained the same as he would see shadows trailing him whenever he was with his wife. This caused marital disharmony as they would disagree over trivial issues. This went on till they could no longer sleep in the same room.

Mr Iosua saw his life falling apart and decided to seek for solution. One day, while browsing the internet, he came across a video of Prophet T.B. Joshua and was immediately convinced that he is a true man of God. From that time, his heart yearned to be at The SCOAN.

As he testified during the Live Sunday Service, Mr Iosua told the congregation that he was astounded as Prophet T.B. Joshua located him during the service in the midst of the congregation and spoke concerning the exact reason he had come all the way from Australia. He got his deliverance in Jesus’ name and filled with joy, he testified that he is now free and the affection between him and his wife had been completely restored. They now enjoy each other’s company as husband and wife.

Mrs Iosua gave glory to God for redeeming her marriage and also apologized to Prophet T.B. Joshua as she was led to doubt his genuineness as a Man of God by some of her friends in Australia. She admonished viewers all over the world to examine all they hear in the light of God’s Word.


“We recommend the total removal of your womb.” These chilling words greeted Ms Priscilla Kojo from Namibia after numerous tests and unsuccessful treatments by her doctors. She had suffered from the terrible illness of cervical cancer for many years. This latest recommendation was something she could however not comprehend. Having known about Emmanuel TV, she took a flight to Nigeria to visit The SCOAN. By the grace of God, she received the New Morning Water, returned home and began ministering it in prayer, in Jesus’ name.

A short time later, filled with peace and an overwhelming sense of wholeness, Ms Kojo made a subsequent visit to the doctors. At her insistence, they conducted another test which this time revealed the healing power of God. The presence of Jesus Christ in the New Morning Water had brought about her complete healing! The test report showed no trace of cancer. To God be the Glory!