BE PATIENT FOR THE FUTURE - The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations - SCOAN - Prophet T.B. Joshua (General Overseer)


With a poignant question, the man of God asked the congregants and viewers all over the world if the Holy Spirit had inspired them in their decision to attend church or tune in live that morning. Explaining the importance of our motivation, he said, “You are not supposed to be here because you were invited by a friend but because of the leading of the Holy Spirit. Today, we do not allow the Holy Spirit to inspire us. Our life is full of copy. That is why we are a copy; that is why we cannot discover and bring a new thing to the world. You must be inspired by God your Creator to change the world and be at the centre of your own world. But we have become imitators of man, not imitators of God. That has affected our relationship with God. We take our faith as a hobby or game. Until we turn to imitate God Almighty, our Creator, we will not stop lamenting”.

Encouraging all to speak from the heart in our communication with God, Prophet T.B. Joshua said, “Prayer that comes from the heart is prayer that comes from faith because faith is of man’s heart. Prayer that comes from faith heals the sick, sets the captives free, blesses the poor and if they have sinned, they shall be forgiven”.

In a stirring word of counsel, the prophet explained the importance of letting go of any bad feelings towards anyone because of the future. “Future is next – an hour to come, a second to come. Your life can change any moment from now. Future belongs to God and future is what we call a mystery. Be patient for your future. Your future will answer your critics. With forgiveness, humility, love, faithfulness, you will go to the future”.

Earlier in the service, Evangelist Kemi inspired and encouraged all to look to the abundance of God in a message titled, ‘The God Who Provides.’

She said, “If not for God on our side, where would we be? At the point of essential need, God responded to Abraham and revealed himself as Jehovah Jireh, the Lord our Provider”. Learn from the widow in 1 Kings 17:7-15 that the reality of faith can only be proven by practice and it walks in the footprints of our confession. 

It is this fear of the unknown that causes the ungodly to hold back, even in the midst of plenty. Concluding her challenging and motivational message, Evangelist Kemi reminded all that you can still share the little you have with others.




 Mrs Marguerite Mualaba, a Congolese came to The SCOAN with the problem of severe lumbar spondylosis and leg pain. Residing in Canada did not make life any better as she had no one to assist her with her daily activities. She would groan in pain just to cross the road and taxi drivers would complain as they had to wait endlessly for her few steps into their taxi. She sought much medical attention and was prescribed heavy pain killers which would relief an inch of the pain. At a point, she was given a lumbar corset and special chair to aid her back as any normal chair would elevate the pain she felt.

The problem deteriorated to the point that she could not even stand for 5 minutes. Her family seeing no end to her health challenge, decided to advise her to return home to Congo to seek alternative solution. She heeded to their advice and someone introduced her to Emmanuel TV. Her faith was encouraged upon seeing people with similar conditions such as hers being healed in Jesus’ name. She travelled down to The SCOAN and not only received prayer from Prophet T.B. Joshua but also a prophetic message about the problem of piles which she suffered and as a result found it difficult to excrete. She immediately confirmed the prophetic message and realized that the root cause of her problem actually came from this problem of piles which she had suffered from years before now.

After the prophecy and healing she received in Jesus’ name, her problem became a thing of the past and since then, she has been walking and living in liberty. She encouraged everyone to always trust in God.



Mrs Judith Idowu came to The SCOAN with an ultimatum in her heart for God. Tormented by depression and loneliness, she was also afflicted with a stigma of bedwetting that had brought her almost to the brink of separation in her marriage. Despite suffering from bedwetting for 43 years, the humiliation and disgrace that this problem brought her was ever new. There was even a time where in her place of work, she could not control her urine and was unable to hide the problem. Travelling from UK to Nigeria to attend The SCOAN was a desperate decision for Mrs Judith who had declared in her heart that if the prophet did not speak to her, she did not know what would happen. Unknown to her, her husband who accompanied her was tired of the lack of affection caused by her depression and had already made up his mind to leave the marriage if the problem of bedwetting was not solved. Even the very night before attending The SCOAN, Mrs Judith wet the bed in the hotel but she was determined to seek God’s face.  Out of the thousands present in the church that day, in His mercy, God located Mrs Judith through a message of prophecy that exposed the shameful stigma that the devil had afflicted in her life. “You are lonely and at the same time, this loneliness had caused you depression. And you wet the bed.” With tears, Mrs Judith confirmed the prophecy to be a 100 percent true and she received her deliverance in Jesus’ name. Depression free and healed of bedwetting, Mrs Judith stood beside her husband to testify of how God had shamed the devil in her life. She advised people: “Be patient and hold onto your God. Stay in faith.”




Mr Sunday Ijehon was crippled by lumbar spondylosis that rendered him paralysed in the legs, right after his desperation forced him to consent to a surgical operation. He recollected that immediately after the surgery, he felt his legs were completely dead. This partial vegetative state turned him into a burden to his family. For instance, if he had to board an aircraft or use the toilet, they had to literally lift him into the plane or toilet. 


As his heart cried for help, he came across Emmanuel TV and as he watched how miracles scrolled across the screen in the name of Jesus, he regretted the surgery he had as he believed his case was not too heavy for God to restore him. Praying along with the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua, he used his faith to put a demand on the anointing. Immediately after the prayer, he sensed movements in his legs and the paralysis left his body. He got up and began to walk, to the glory of God.

Advising viewers all over the world during The SCOAN Live testimony broadcast, Mr Sunday Ijehon said, “Distance is not a barrier; you should put your trust and faith in the Lord, and use your faith to put a demand on the anointing”.



The curse of poverty had almost engulfed Mr Nwafor Nnebe Ikema who found it a challenge just to find food to eat. He had no idea that the huge lack in his life was connected to something he had done or failed to do in the past. He had denied and abandoned his biological child which was born out of a relationship he had with a young lady many years ago.  


After watching Emmanuel TV and visiting The SCOAN, Mr Ikema was perplexed by a prophecy he received from the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua: “A child is crying; there’s a controversy over a child.” It was not until much later that ‘it clicked’. Mr Ikema knew that the prophecy was directly referring to the child he had abandoned many years prior. The prophecy came with solution attached as Prophet T.B. Joshua told him that finding the child and taking care of him would lead to his breakthrough. With the help of the man of God, a wonderful reconciliation took place as Mr Ikema found the child he had rejected and brought him to The SCOAN. Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for Mr Ikemma and blessed him and upon returning to Cameroon, he began to prosper. Standing to give his testimony, he showed pictures to display the huge blessings of God in his life after taking up his parental responsibility and sponsoring his child to school. God made his way prosperous and blessed him with five houses and three cars!

A second prophecy from Prophet T.B. Joshua, “What is your business with animals?” had also perplexed Mr Ikema as at that time, he had no dealings with animals. Little did he know that the prophet was referring to what would become the source of his breakthrough, as immediately he got to Cameroon, he was introduced to a man who connected him to a business which dealt with animal skin. He advised men who had abandoned their children to find them and take care of them so that their way would also be opened.




Mr David Omotosho, a university student from Ekiti State, walked easily to the toilet but returned with a discomfort he never expected. Not only did he experience a sharp pain in his manhood, but he became stuck with an erected manhood. Medical doctors blamed his predicament on his sickle cell anaemia condition and suggested he needed to take a 50-50 chance under the knife.


Recounting her version of her son’s ordeal, David’s mother said the pain became so unbearable for her 24 year old son that he requested to have his penis surgically detached from his body. The situation also robbed David of his concentration on his academic work as he had to skip lectures to nurse the agonizing pain. With such an emotional burden weighing on his parents, the Omotoshos decided to seek the face of God by visiting The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations.


As Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for David, he fell inexplicably to the floor as God’s power pulsated throughout his system. Shortly afterwards, his penile malfunctioning state became a thing of the past and he was able to return to the classroom to continue his study. David’s mother accompanied him to The SCOAN to thank God for restoring her son.



As the man of God ministered prayer to the whole congregation, the kingdom of satan was put in total disarray. Declaring God’s freedom over their lives, the man of God commanded whatever satan might have used to connect the people to himself to be broken, in Jesus’ name.

Mrs Ngozi Obiabunsi was seated in The SCOAN that Sunday and used her faith to put a demand on that anointing. She had come to The SCOAN with the problem of difficulty in breathing due to nose blockage, which she had suffered for a long time. According to Mrs Ngozi, on many occasions, she would have to breathe through the mouth which was a great discomfort for her. To her amazement, as the prophet commanded every infirmity to leave the people, something burst loose from her nose and blood started gushing out.


That was the end of her problem as immediately after, she was able to breathe normally through her nose. Her daughter also testified of the healing power that brought about total restoration in the life of her mother, to the glory of God.



When a near-death car accident left a 52-year-old Mr Prince Mike Idahosa with severe head injuries and a fractured ankle, the Edo State native thought he would never walk again. Both the hospitals and the native doctors he sought provided no solution to his health challenges. Alas! He had to make do with a pair of crutches, although they did not promise any comforting remedy to the associated pain.

With all human efforts exhausted, Mr Idahosa knew he needed God more than before. He came to The SCOAN and received the prayer of Prophet T.B. Joshua who also ministered the Morning Water on his fractured ankle and told him to rise and walk. Claiming the promise of God for his life, Mr Prince Mike Idahosa stood up and to the amazement of onlookers, strength returned to his limbs and t’til today, he is walking and living in freedom. To God be the glory!