STOP RELIVING THE PAST - The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations - SCOAN - Prophet T.B. Joshua (General Overseer)


Another Live Sunday Service at The SCOAN offered another opportunity for God’s name to be lifted high. Songs of exaltation, messages of wisdom and mind-blowing testimonies all worked together for good, warming the hearts all who cared to engage in the service televised worldwide on Emmanuel TV. The multinational congregation rejoiced, reasoned and renewed their spiritual strength as Prophet T.B. Joshua was used as a shining light to point the way to salvation, in dark times such as these.

Prophet T.B. Joshua, once again, soothed the hearts of troubled souls as he went straight to the issue many Christians grapple with daily – their past. In a releasing message titled: STOP RELIVING THE PAST, Prophet T.B. Joshua said, “The Word of God helps us to stop reliving the past in our present life.” He referred to the words of Christ in John 15:3, “You are already free because of the Word I have spoken to you”. He further explained, “If you receive the Word of God in your heart, the past will no longer control your thinking pattern and behaviours.”

He emphasized that in order for us to have a free heart to receive the cleansing Word we need to ‘first position ourselves for God to position us. When you receive the Word of God in your heart, whatever you have gone through does not matter.’

Many go off track with their thoughts and behaviours because they allow their past to control their present. In order to curtail all this, Prophet T.B. Joshua raised powerful prayer points during his sermon saying, “I bind your feet to the path of righteousness, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ! I bind you to the work of the Cross because you are you are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus!”

He expatiated the message by saying, “You have to be visible and clear. When everywhere is visible and clear, there is light.” He then expanded the point by explaining that for us to position ourselves in a way that we would receive the revelation we need from God to live for Him here and now, “We must know the power we are under”.

It is when we look at life through such a lense our thoughts would rather turn to those of maintenance and not blessing because the majority of what we are asking for today, we were already once blessed with yesterday. Therefore, our challenge is not actually with receiving blessings but how to maintain them when they come!

Evangelist Bose also shared a message earlier in the service titled: ALL WE NEED. She took her proof text from the Book of Revelation 22: 16-17 and reminded us that the gracious call that Christ gives to us encourages our hope that when we come to Him in humility and sincerity of heart, we will receive what we have come for according to His will.

She further said, “Christ strengthens His people, He has promised a full and abundant life. It is all yours for the asking, all He wants from you is to take Him at His every Word I mean to believe in His Word and take what has been set before you. It does not offend God to take all you need.”

In challenging times as these, Evangelist Bose encouraged believers saying, “As a Christian, one thing we should keep in mind at all times is that, the road to the throne, I mean the journey to the kingdom of God is not a bed of roses. There are crisis, persecutions, tribulations on the way but all these cannot break the one who relies solely on God’s strength.” She referred to the Book of James 4:7 that says “Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.”

In her concluding remarks, Evangelist Bose talked about the power of the spoken word saying, “When I order my words aright, God manifests to me the great benefits of His salvation. So, whatever you want and need from God – healing, deliverance, salvation and all of God’s blessings, the Holy Spirit uses the Word of God to bring them.”

Fruit of last week’s ‘prophetic section’ was up next, whereby, Words of God were spoken through Prophet T.B. Joshua that struck the root cause of people’s problems. Series of deliverance followed setting captives free as told through the following life-changing testimonies:


His clientele base, which spanned across Cameroon and the world, included prostitutes, armed robbers and hard core fraudsters. Indoctrinated by seven notorious elders at just 14 years old – following the death of his occultist grandfather – and wired through series of blood-laced rituals to position him as the takeover priest of the idols his late grandfather served, the animal-blood-gulping young Buh Ignatius rose through the ranks in darkness to become a fully-fledged witchdoctor by the time he turned 18. When he began functioning as a witchdoctor, a serious spirit of lust entered him and he successfully turned seven of his clients into wives with whom he would have a number of children by the time he entered adulthood. According to Mr Buh, the idols told him that the women he married were meant to be his slaves. And indeed such was the case as his fourth wife confirmed that throughout her marriage to Mr Buh, her husband had series of affairs she dared not complain about. During such strings of affairs, he brought home young children he had fathered and ordered her to take care of them. If she ever protested, she received severe beatings from him. She added that if she ever left the house in the aftermath of a senseless assault, a force made her restless and compelled her to return home the same day.

Why were prostitutes his most valued patrons? Mr Buh said that the prostitutes that visited him were his agents, as the sperms prostitutes’ customers deposited in them were a direct initiation of such customers into the spiritualist’s dark kingdom.

Mr Buh’s mastery of the darkest art of witchdoctor brought him high earning contracts that took his practice abroad. His job involved manipulating the minds of people, performing charms that would break marriages, destroy homes and individuals. Many women who desired a married man would patronize him and with his charms, he would first break up a marriage before bringing the desired man to the woman who paid him for such a charm.

In his pursuit for more mystical powers, Mr Buh was told about a high chief priest in China. Upon contacting him, Mr Buh was instructed to send his underwear to him. Afterwards, he was told to go to a particular T-junction at 2am. This was where he saw the occultic book he had ordered for and a ring. He began to read the book and as he read, was instructed to read a particular page. This portion of the book instructed him to eat the heart of an animal to gain superior spiritual strength. He did so and following the act, a voice told him that he was now above human destruction. From that moment he said that he was not himself anymore but under the control of demonic forces.

Mr Buh came to The SCOAN with the plan of increasing his occultic powers but little did he know he was entering the arena of Liberty where the Kingdom of Light has no business with the kingdom of darkness. During the service, the Spirit of God intervened and located him through a word of prophecy. Prophet T.B. prophesied that Mr Buh had ordered a talisman from a foreign country, a ring and handkerchief and that he was seeing the repercussions of it. And true to the prophetic word given by Prophet T.B. Joshua, Mr Buh had begun to reap the devilish seeds he had sown. Despite the “Spiritual doctor’s” popularity and reputation, there was no gain. Mr Buh found himself without money, without a house and needless to say – his children could no longer attend school.

When he found himself standing in front of the congregation to confirm the prophecy, Mr Buh said he did not know how his feet took him from his seat to the altar, where the man of God stood. An indicator in the mystical book in his possession kept a page referring to the talisman the man of God had prophesied about.

Testifying of the change after his deliverance, his wife confirmed the positive change in her husband’s behaviour and attitude having left the occultic world.

Advising people, a delivered and very happy Mr Buh stated,

“My father put me into this thing without any knowledge of it. The truth has been hidden for so long. I have tried the other side. I have tried this side and found God is reliable”.


When Prophet T.B. Joshua gave South African Mrs Nombulelo Nwobodo a word of prophecy about a strange partner she had and her addiction to the Internet, little did she know that her lack of affection towards her husband, her quick-temperedness, her adept to create fracas and stimulate fight with her husband were all hinged on the spiritual husband she had been involved with over the past 20 years of her marriage to Mr Franklin Nwobodo.

In confirming the prophecy, Mrs Nombulelo Nwobodo said each time she had an affair with the spiritual partner, violent altercations ensued between her and her physical husband. Her picking and fussing over the trivial of issues knew no bounds, for it extended to the children too. This resulted in the affection they had for each other in the far past to depart from them. Even whenever the storm seemed calm and Mr Franklin Nwobodo submitted himself in request for a mere kiss, his gesture was subjected to stiff opposition. As the affection between the pair began to die by the day, their businesses also began to spiral downwards.

Having exhausted all means necessary within his human reach to seek a resolution for a peaceful home without any luck, Mr Franklin Nwobodo decided to dissolve the marriage. However, when he told his mother-in-law of his intention, the latter told him she had equally had enough of her own daughter’s antics.

On her part, Mrs Nombulelo Nwobodo focus targeted a breakthrough that would revive her failing business. It was based on this premise that she decided to visit The SCOAN to seek God’s intervention over her business. It was at that point that God’s mercy and favour spoke for her life through the prophecy Prophet T.B. Joshua gave her. The Man of God delivered Mrs Nombulelo Nwobodo in the name of Jesus Christ, and she and her family were set free, to the glory of God. The Nwobodos were all smiles when they stood in front of the congregation to testify to the goodness of God in their lives.


Mr Onuzulike was in the auditorium at The SCOAN praying for the Spirit of God to locate his son’s plight when Prophet T.B. Joshua approached and asked: “Where is your boy?” A deep sigh of relief was on the way also for his family at home, watching Emmanuel TV and offering the same prayer. “The reason I am saying this is because he is crying; he is in cage – inside the cell”, Prophet T.B. Joshua continued.

Testifying to viewers all over the world, Mr Onuzulike instantly confirmed that he got information that his son, Jones-Jonathan, had been put behind bars in the USA. His son had been accused of molesting his 4-year old stepdaughter. With Mr Onuzulike’s case located by the Word of God through Prophet T.B. Joshua, he left with the Anointed Sticker he sent to his son in the US through the son’s friend in the USA.

According to Mr Jones-Jonathan, he ran into a headlock while schooling in the USA due to financial problems. He then chose to process his Green Card. His ambition pushed him into an early marriage to a woman who not only had a bipolar disorder but had come out of a previous relationship with two daughters.

It was not long before she started to exhibit her true colours through incessant threats and eventually a serious accusation that he had abused her 4-year old daughter. Jones-Jonathan was picked up by the police and after a session of interrogation, he was locked up. Although trials are usually held within three months, Jones-Jonathan counted several months without any sign of been a chance to appear in court. Left in the dark, he knew it required God’s intervention. By the time the doors opened for his appearance in court, he had received the Anointing Sticker with which he entered the court. Meanwhile, his wife was so bent on putting him away for the maximum sentence to the extent that she got the little girl to in question to testify against him.

Plaintiff and defender took the stand, and legal representatives made their presentations. The jury had their deliberations, and at the end of the day, the jury failed to reach a verdict. The judge had no other alternative but to dismiss the case against Mr Jones-Jonathan. Indeed, the Word of Prophecy set Mr Onuzulike’s son free.