GREATER UNDERSTANDING - The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations - SCOAN - Prophet T.B. Joshua (General Overseer)


Leading the Sunday 18 February 2018 Service with a reading from the Book of Psalm 66:10-12, Prophet T.B. Joshua enlightened the congregation and viewers all over the world that God refines us through affliction. He added that sin easily hides where there is no heat of trial, affliction, temptation just as impurities will hide in gold unless it goes through the furnace. Citing the cases of Job and Joseph as examples, the prophet elucidated that God oftentimes works through the circumstances of life but we should ask the Lord to help us make the most of our difficulties.

The prophet expounded that oftentimes, God is working through our affliction, setback but we need a greater understanding of God’s heart to know that what we are going through, God is aware. Leading the congregation and viewers in a powerful prayer point, he said: Lord, give me a greater understanding of Your heart because Jesus is Lord over my life.

Earlier, Evangelist Evelyn Joshua gave a message encouraging us to trust in the All Sufficient God. She said, “Coming to Christ for help and healing, we must have an eye on Him as the promised Messiah, the Trustee of mercy and grace. So, let the weak be strong, let the empty be filled, the hungry be supplied, the naked be clothed and the guilty be pardoned. For our God is the all sufficient God”.

The all sufficiency of God was proven yet again during the time of testimonies, where people declared the faithfulness of the Almighty God:

Evangelist Evelyn Joshua



Formerly known as His Mystical Majesty and Professor Doctor, Anayo Martins Umumakwe was told at his early age that he was born to be a chief priest. He was subsequently introduced to what would be his own shrine and told to consult the idols regarding any problems that came his way.

After the introduction, he returned to school to continue his studies. A naturally brilliant student, his father wanted him to read Law. But having been introduced as a chief priest by his parents, he found himself instinctively knowing which leaf to pluck to treat which sickness. People started consulting him to help treat their various diseases and with this, he became a native doctor in the eyes of those around him. With this development, his father’s dream for him to become a lawyer dwindled by the day until it died out completely. Following his secondary school education, his father helped him enlist in a police academy but even during his training, fellow recruits were coming to him with their various sicknesses. Thinking that that was his calling, he began treating people without actually knowing what was guiding his method of treatment. However, beyond the exterior of the mystical power he claimed to possess, he was facing serious financial crisis in his house. Hatred also followed his every step, for whenever anyone fell sick or died, he was accused as the agent. This was even the case of the deaths of his mother and two siblings in the medical profession, who died in their 40s.

In addition to his witchdoctor status, he added fraudulent practices by claiming to produce money through washing papers. This practice placed him under the radar and his house was raided a number of times. This caused him to relocate to Enugu, where after setting up his mobile shrines, he began taking drugs as well as trafficking them. His wife, who had been subjected to series of embarrassments due to the numerous police raids and the beatings their four sons were also exposed to, threatened to walk out of the marriage if Mr. Anayo Martins Umumakwe did not stop the drugs. Taking his wife serious, he returned his focus to his witchdoctor status and would take his unsuspecting clients to a river under the guise of presenting their problems to a mermaid, whose voice he faked. He occasionally threw fish feed into the river and as the fish fed noisily at the surface, he would announce to his clients that the mermaid had surfaced to address their problems.

He continued to administer various concoctions to treat different types of illnesses via traditional or herbal means and sometimes prescribed off the counter drugs to people who reported other ailments. His younger son recalled that in his father’s fake approach to conventional medical practice, he would prescribe Vitamin C to a patient who complained of arthritis, acting as though he were a medical doctor and administering medicinal drugs.

One day, one of his sons told him about Emmanuel TV and convinced him to install the channel in the house so they could watch the works of God at The SCOAN through the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua. He recalled being astonished at how God used the prophet to deliver a once well-known witchdoctor. Having lost everything and brought nothing but shame to his family, Mr Anayo Martins Umumakwe knew he needed God desperately to free him from bondage. Upon telling their side of the story, his two younger sons recalled how they were afraid to do their best in school as they were often accused of tapping into their father’s evil powers to excel in the classroom. The oldest son is a medical student, the second son is presently in Canada following a health course in professional nursing and the last two are in the top 5. Speaking live in the service, the last two sons confirmed their natural brilliance and rejected the false assumption that their father’s fake powers had anything to do with their God-given intelligence.

Mr. Anayo Martins Umumakwe said when he visited The SCOAN and the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua gave the prophecy that shone the spotlight on him, he was reluctant to move forward until his legs wobbled. In his attempt to stretch his left leg, the other leg pushed forward and he found himself at the front to confirm the prophecy. Since his deliverance through Prophet T.B. Joshua, the urge to chain-smoke, drink and all the bad habits coupled with his witchdoctor activities left him completely. His sons, who watched the deliverance on Emmanuel TV, quickly championed the destruction of all the shrines and did not leave a single monument for historical purposes.

Advising viewers all over the world, Mr Umumakwe said demons give nothing permanent and witchdoctors only deceive. God is the answer to all issues of life.

Anayo Martins



Geronimo launched himself into a criminal life from a very young age. At just 17, he started selling cocaine which opened the door to organized crime. As well as trafficking the drugs, he became heavily addicted and all the money that he made in this illicit business went to feed his habit in a world of prostitution and promiscuous parties. The evil hold increased in his life as he constantly sought ways to hide the drugs, even placing them inside a magnet underneath his vehicle. The addiction was so strong that even in prison in Thailand, he tried to get the drugs into his system every day.

Mr Geronimo


Ten years later, Geronimo was tired of the cycle of crime and addiction, although he did not know where to turn. Having tried on countless occasions to stop the drugs, he realized that he was enslaved to the addiction. He was on the verge of giving up hope of ever changing when one day his internet browsing led him to stumble upon Emmanuel TV. The first video he saw was a testimony

of drug traffickers delivered. Intrigued at what he saw, he decided to travel to Nigeria to The SCOAN, where to his amazement, his case was located by prophecy: “You are addicted to drugs. It’s an addiction. You took and carried the drugs. If care is not taken, you will live the rest of your life in prison. You are free.”

The spirit behind the addiction left Geronimo instantly and with it, the urge to smoke, drink and take drugs.

Smiling with joy at his having his life back, he advised all: “Nothing good comes out from drugs. The only way I got my life fixed is Jesus Christ”.

Mr Geronimo



Mrs Grace Asunda endured very extensive bleeding for one year due to fibroids. The joy of marriage was taken away by this health challenge as it caused serious marital problems that almost led to a divorce. Having sought medical solution to no avail, like the biblical woman with the issue of blood, she decided to seek Divine and spiritual healing, believing that Jesus Christ alone could heal her. She was introduced to Emmanuel TV and as a result decided to visit the church. During the mass prayer, Prophet TB Joshua prophesied about a woman with the problem of bleeding and like a bolt out of the blue, her heart convicted her that she was the one who the prophecy concerned. She came out to confirm the prophecy and after the prophetic message, she received her deliverance in Jesus’ name and since then, the bleeding had stopped.

Jonathan Asunda, Grace’s husband, explained that during this problem, their quest for solution led them to various places until they discovered Emmanuel TV and since then, his wife had been consistent and persistent in her faith till they decided to visit The SCOAN.

He advised the congregation by simply saying, ‘If you have any problem, don’t run from God but run to Him’.

Mrs Grace And Husband



Hannah breezed into the room without a care in the world. Unbeknown to her, a trap had been set and she was the target. Drinks poured. Glasses raised. Intoxication steadily set in. As reason withered and reality morphed into drug-induced fantasy, the devil struck in the most brazen of manners. The young Malawian was “raped” by two older students – both female. Waking in a cold sweat the following morning, affection for men had gone, replaced by a “strange urge…”

Hannah Mgemezulu was young but the devil within her knew no age. At just 13, she felt an ‘abnormal force’ radiating in her arm. Complaining to her father – a Pastor in Malawi – he assured her that after prayers, she would be ‘delivered’. However, no prayer seemed able to remove it. A hardened heart soon birthed rebellion.

Introduced to alcohol by classmates, Hannah became a drunkard at the age of 15. According to her, she had “never been sober since then”. The young Malawian would drink to such giddy extents that she would have to be carried home by friends. “I drank more than all the men I know,” she recounted. But the alcohol was not enough. Hannah was then introduced to marijuana, which she quickly became addicted to.

Expelled from two different schools and gaining a reputation for waywardness, Hannah’s mum stopped giving her ‘pocket-money’. Angered, the young lady turned to prostitution, sleeping with men “only” to solicit money to fuel her excessive addictions. Even when she developed epileptic fits in consequence of her drug-infused lifestyle, Hannah refused to quit.


Raped by two female students who lured her with alcohol to sleep in their room, the young lady then began having an urge to sleep with fellow females. Shy to approach ladies, she turned to masturbation and pornography in an attempt to seek satisfaction. However, each attempt to try and satisfy her lust only seemed to enrage it. After being raped by two men in her university, a stony hatred for men

Miss Hannah

readily set in – pushing her further down the path of self-gratification. When her father died, the only solace Hannah found was in the confines of clubs and bars. Fantasy deceived Hannah to think she was ‘high’ but reality was that she was at her ‘lowest’ ebb.

Emmanuel TV was always on in her house but Miss Mgemezulu never really paid attention. She felt the prayers of her parents had done nothing to change her way of life. Where was God in all of this? But it reached a point where Hannah realised “only God” could free her and the “only man who could deliver her in Jesus’ name was Prophet T.B. Joshua”. Knowing she was about to divorce the bottle for good, she drank, almost to the point of a stupor, the day before the family were due to visit The SCOAN in Lagos, Nigeria. “I knew that would be the last time I would taste alcohol,” she said.

Last Sunday, Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for Hannah and prophesied concerning the “strange urge” that had ruined her life. She fell to the floor under the power of the Holy Spirit – as every demonic influence was finally sent packing to hell! “Since that day, the urge to smoke, drink and admire my fellow women has gone,” she told the congregation. “I want to advise parents to never stop praying for their children because my mother never stopped praying for me,” she tearfully concluded, holding her mother in a loving embrace.


Miss Hannah And Family