FOR JESUS’ NAME TO BE HONOURED - The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations - SCOAN - Prophet T.B. Joshua (General Overseer)


“Our Father, Who art in Heaven, Hallowed be Thy name.” Each day is a gift, to be opened with prayer and as The SCOAN Live Sunday Service opened with the Lord’s Prayer on Sunday morning, the gifts of God began to flow. Led by The SCOAN Choir, the congregation contacted God through songs of praise and worship, creating a spiritual atmosphere for God to move. When Prophet T.B. Joshua came into the congregation, the presence of Jesus Christ on the scene manifested in the Word, healings, prophecies and deliverances.


Prophet T.B. Joshua began, “God’s Word must be Spirit and life.” He further explained, “It is the Word that has taught us the value of the name Jesus, the authority of the name Jesus and our legal right to use the name Jesus.” By meditation, the Word can dominate you and the Word dominating you is the Lordship of Christ in you. If you don’t have God’s Word, you have nothing at all.” Referencing the Book of Mark 16:18, he explained, “By living in the Word and by the Word living in us, we have the legal right to use the name, Jesus”. After these powerful words of wisdom, the Prophet began moving through the midst of the congregation, ministering prayer, prophecy, healing and deliverance. This demonstration of God’s power backed up His Word spoken through Prophet T.B. Joshua, “If you don’t have God’s Word, you cannot bring Jesus on the scene”. Jesus Christ was truly there, through His Word, by His Spirit.

The move of God swept the auditorium as Prophet T.B. Joshua ministered first to those

seated on the gallery and then those on the ground floor. As the Word was spoken in prophecy, individuals and families were released from the ties that bound them. As the Word was sent forth in prayer,

those bound by sicknesses and diseases were set loose and began to walk and move in Christ.Even fibroids loosed and fell at the power in the Word of Christ spoken by His servant.There were no natural words to describe it except to confess, our faith confession: Thank You, Jesus, for giving me faith to believe I am set free!”

Crowds came out to testify to the goodness of God in their lives. Their testimonies and

confessions will speak light to your situation as you listen, in Jesus’ name:



Mr Mohammed stole money from his father. Once, twice. The habit became addiction; the addiction became a curse. Hiding his wicked tendencies, Mr Mohammed eventually left his father’s house and started a family of his own – not realizing that what he made happen for others would soon begin to happen to him.The father of seven suddenly began to hear troubling stories. Money was missing. Families were robbed. People were defrauded. The stories came too close to home until one day Mr Mohammed knew the truth – two of his sons were involved in robberies and fraudulent activities and one of his daughters was stealing – forced into it by an unbearable pain in her head that would not subside until she had stolen money.

Realising they were in need of deliverance, Mr Mohammed brought his entire family to The SCOAN where he was shocked to receive a prophecy detailing the exact root cause of his problem and reason for coming to The SCOAN. Prophet T.B. Joshua housed and fed his family over the course of the time they were in The SCOAN and prayed for each member of the family, ensuring their deliverance in Christ Jesus.

Testifying to the glory of God, Mr Mohammed advised parents to be watchful and prayerful concerning their children’s behavior. Grateful for their deliverance, each member of the family recounted the moment of their transformation and the peace and contentment they now enjoy in Christ Jesus. Truly, to Christ’s power, nothing is impossible. To Christ’s power, a den of thieves can become a seed of saints.



Ms Success’ young life was anything but successful. Starting life as a bedwetter, she was faced with shame and humiliation from a young age. Not only was she bedwetting, blood was also flowing in the night. With a late father and a mother who could no longer afford to care for her, Ms Success was sent to live with her aunty in the city. This was the start of a long and horrific journey. Leaving the house without permission, Ms Success connected with a woman who put her in a vehicle through the desert to Libya. Those who survived the wildness of the desert were put into a boat to Italy.The boat capsized and many lost their lives. Those who survived the wickedness of the water were taken to the captivity of a prostitutes’ brothel. Locked in the house, Ms Success was told she must repay 45,000 Euro, in installments of 500 Euro daily. How would she make such money? Through prostitution. When she refused initially, her ‘benefactor’ brought a man to the house who slept with her for three consecutive days, thereby initiating her into the business of prostituting. From there, she began to meet 20 to 25 men each day, sleeping with them to make the money to pay off her benefactor so she could once again be free.

It was three long years she spent in Italy, without her mother knowing anything about her whereabouts or

activities. One day, while on a bus in Italy, a young man approached her and told her he knew she had been brought to the country by a woman for prostitution and that he could help her. He took her to his house, gave her a Bible and destroyed her sim card so the woman could no longer contact her. He helped her call her mother, telling her she was in school in Italy. After that, he helped her to a deportation centre where she was brought back to her country. Arriving in Lagos, she called her mother and they met for the first time in many years, in The SCOAN. Grateful to be together once again, they joined The SCOAN Live Sunday Service where her mother received another great shock.

“There is a woman there, you find yourself wet and anytime you bedwet like that, you see some spots of blood”. Prophet T.B. Joshua had prophesied the exact problem her daughter was having! Expecting her to speak on the issue of bedwetting, Ms Success’ mother was horrified with the confession that followed. She was hearing it for the first time in her life. Grateful to God for His deliverance and redemption, both mother and daughter advised all to find themselves in God no matter what comes in life and to be watchful and prayerful over the lives of their family.



“There is a bulldozer in this bottle,” Mrs Veronica shouted as she held the New Morning Water next to her husband, son and daughter-in-law. She knew

what she was talking about; as the family narrated their story, it became clear that truly, Jesus Christ had moved like a bulldozer in their lives. Mrs

Veronica’s son called one afternoon, panic-stricken with a doctor’s diagnosis. Informing his mother that his wife had breast cancer, they were advised t


o go for an operation, removing the young woman’s breast. Objecting immediately, Mrs Veronica informed them that she had received the New Morning Water as a partner of Emmanuel TV and believed it was to be used in such a time as this.

Her son, Mr Okoro, brought his wife out of the hospital straight to his mother’s house for prayer and ministration of the New Morning Water. Together in faith, the family read the New Morning Water Booklet and sprayed the New Morning Water on Mrs Joy’s breast with faith in Christ Jesus. Instantly, Mrs Joy began shouting, “The pain is gone!” For the first time in months, she fell asleep deeply and peacefully. Three days later, the swollen, discoloured breast changed shape as the cancerous pus moved to collect in one area. Ministering the New Morning Water in prayer once more, Mrs Joy shouted as her breast burst open, cancerous pus flowing out. In three days, the pus had drained and the open wound had dried. There was no more pain or discolouration and a visit to the doctor confirmed there were no further traces of cancer!

Mrs Joy ecstatically exclaimed, “The New Morning Water is a razor blade that cut the cancer out of my breast!”

There are powers that cause men to be bowed down in bondage but there is a power that sets men free – the power in the name of Jesus Christ!



Chief Oladele Ogundele married his first wife but left her when he learnt she was having an affair. He married his second wife but she left him when she learnt he was having an affair. He was about to marry his third wife when he came to The SCOAN. There was a cycle in his life that needed to come to an end. He needed a way forward; he needed freedom. It was in the midst of this meditation that he heard these words, “There is a man here, you slept with your housemaid”. The prophetic words spoken by Prophet T.B. Joshua cut straight to his heart. He jumped out of his seat to confirm the prophetic message. He had in fact, had an affair with his housemaid – hence the reason his second wife left him. The daughter of a wealthy former minister, she had married Chief Ogundele, her junior by several years, convincing him that they could make a happy life together. But away on business trips, she often left the chief alone in the house with only her housemaid. Unable to control himself, he began sleeping with the girl, even promising to marry her – a promise he knew he would never fulfill. The trouble that act caused in their marriage ended only when police entered the house one day and dragged him to prison – at the insistence of his wife. Thus, the second marriage ended.

Fast forward thirteen years, Chief Ogundele was inside The SCOAN, asking God’s direction as he contemplated a third marriage. The words from Prophet T.B. Joshua hit him like a bolt of lightning and he jumped out. As prophet T.B. Joshua always says, ‘God reveals to redeem’. The man of God told Chief Ogundele that the way out of his mess was to reconcile with his first wife, as she was God’s choice for him. Chief Ogundele obeyed the voice of God and went in search of his first wife. As God was involved, he was able to locate her after many years of separation. He invited his former wife and the children to join him the following week in The SCOAN, not knowing where God was leading him through the prophecy. They complied and explained that the first son was two years old and the second one was still inside the womb when Chief Ogundele absconded. “I want God to use Prophet T.B. Joshua to reconcile my mum and dad,” his son, Samuel, tearfully told the congregants.

The voice of God confirmed the heart’s desire of the young children as Prophet T.B. Joshua told the mother that the father of her children is indeed her destined husband and that God would reconcile their hearts and lives. Hugging joyfully, the couple gave thanks to God and embraced their newly rejoined family.



Relegated to a neck collar for two excruciating years, Mrs Nancy Brobbey was in constant agony. Pain hit every area of her body as a result of cervical spondylosis. Dependant on family members for assistance, her outlook on life grew dim as every part of her life became restricted. Pushed to the brink of discomfort, she left her home country of Ghana and travelled to The SCOAN in Lagos, Nigeria, seeking a touch from Heaven that could put an end to her many years of suffering.Seated in The SCOAN during The SCOAN Live Sunday Service, she was overjoyed when Prophet T.B. Joshua came near to her seat. As she cried out for God’s intervention in her life, she received that very touch from Heaven through prayer from Prophet T.B. Joshua. Instantly able to do what was impossible before, she removed her neck collar, free in Jesus’ name! Turning her neck up and down and from side to side, she declared that she was healed and pain-free for the glory of God! She advised all to seek the face of God and turn to Him in every trial.

The service came to a close with a powerful declaration from Prophet T.B. Joshua: Begin to declare God’s faithfulness. As you declare God’s faithfulness, He has made a way out for you.

Truly, God is worthy of our declaration. The way out has been made plain!