WHERE IS YOUR FAITH? - The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations - SCOAN - Prophet T.B. Joshua (General Overseer)


As the first Sunday of the year, hearts were full of expectation for all that God was about to do in the lives of His people. After being ushered into the presence of God with powerful worship, congregants in the auditorium and around the world on Emmanuel TV received the Word of God with Spirit and life.


Prophet T.B. Joshua came to the auditorium and ministered in God’s Spirit and power. First, uncovering the truth behind the majority of challenges faced by Christians today, Prophet T.B. Joshua gave a deep and thought-provoking message causing people to ask within themselves, where is their faith? He started the message explaining the difference between faith and prayer:


“When you say, ‘Happy New Year’ you are talking of faith. God wants to be involved in our lives as a mother. He is concerned about us. We just have to allow Him by faith. That is why He tells us to pray. Prayer is a work of faith”.


Highlighting the reality for many of us today, the man of God said, “You can be a man of prayer but perhaps not a man of faith. When you are a man of prayer but not a man of faith, you are saying words. Saying words is different to praying prayer. Millions of prayers are prayed with almost no faith”.  Referencing Luke 8:25, Mark 4:40, John 20:27 and Mark 16:14, the prophet emphasized the Biblical importance of faith, expressed in Jesus’ complaint at the disciples’ lack of faith and his injunction to stop doubting and believe. Summing up his words, the prophet declared that, “Lack of dynamic faith limits what God can do through us”.


Immediately following, dynamic faith was put into action as Prophet T.B. Joshua moved through the congregation in the name of Jesus Christ, revealing the root cause of the problems in people’s lives and uprooting all evil spirits operating. The bound were set free, the lame walked as the breath of God revived those dependant on breathing machines and other medical aides.


In a mighty time of mass prayer, Prophet T.B. Joshua advised the congregation and viewers worldwide to tap into the greatest anointing of the Word of God. “I know many of you were expecting a touch. The Word of God is the Source of that touch. I tap out of the Word of God. When you receive it with all your heart, you are free.”

Under the sovereign influence of the Word of God, unclean spirits were declared wanted, organs that were not functioning began to function and the curse of satan was commanded out. Once again, the Word of God was witnessed as a living growing force at The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations.


“Your exit will be remembered longer than your entry,” Evangelist Frank from the USA stated at the beginning of his message earlier that Sunday, “BORN TO BE A FINISHER”. Using the example of King Saul who was first anointed King of Israel in 1 Chronicles 10:1-6, he reminded us that Saul began his kingship in power but ended it in shame for the beginner is not the owner but the finisher is. Jesus has all we need to live for Him but we refuse to play our own role. It is God’s role to keep His promises and it is our role to obey His Word.

But many, choosing temporary pleasure rather than permanent gain, have listened to the suggestion of satan long enough. He told you that you need to cheat and steal to get ahead in life, to drink and do drugs in order to feel happy and to sleep around to find a wife or a husband. You can never be a finisher when you listen to the suggestions of satan. Knowing God is not only seeing His works but learning His ways. He advised all who are ready to accept the everlasting peace that Jesus Christ has to offer to offer this prayer to God, “LORD Jesus, give me the Spirit of a finisher. Give me Your peace, Your wisdom and Your strength to continue, in Jesus’ name.”


These are just a few of the testimonies shared during the momentous first Sunday of the year, 2018:



“Man of God, pray for me!” Mr Patrick Bondai cried out last Sunday as Prophet T.B. Joshua walked near the row he was seated at in The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations. 13-year-old injuries from a severe accident left him as a shell of his former self. Damage close to his brain prevented specialists from tackling the major injuries as they were wary to invade such a sensitive area. The impairment included a cervical spine problem which resulted in restricted movement for 13 years. He ended up with only a neck collar to support his difficulty.

But as he sat in the Arena of Liberty, he was ushered into the New Year with a touch of God’s power. Just a prayer offered in the name of Jesus Christ instantly repaired all damage and restored all areas that had been lost in his system. Instantly able to turn his neck from side to side freely without pain, Mr Bondai rejoiced in the Lord as he moved what had remained dormant for over a dozen years. He advised others to surround themselves with the things of God, stay in His presence and influence and truly enjoy their own New Beginning.




Many believe that they need a child more than anything else in the world. Mrs Joy Nkeki was one of them. Unable to have a child with her husband, she reached out in desperation – away from the Lord to the underworld. Arriving at the home of a spiritualist, she was told that a special concoction of honey would bring about the child she so eagerly desired. Jumping at the hope offered, she did not stop to consider the source of the ‘blessing’ she was about to receive. Returning home, she hurriedly smeared the honey all over her body, just as the spiritualist instructed and waited. As the first day turned into the second day, Mrs Nkeki did indeed discover a change in her body. But instead of the pregnancy she so longed for, what she received that day was a ceasing of her menstruation! Month after month for four long years, she waited for a menstrual cycle that never came. Joy struggled to medically resolve the issue of her menstruation – but a problem with a spiritual root requires a solution from a spiritual source.

Entering The SCOAN for prayer, she was shocked to hear Prophet T.B. Joshua prophesy about her case precisely in the congregation, stating that her visit to the spiritualist was the beginning of her problem. As she confirmed the prophecy and received prayer, something extraordinary happened! The menstruation that had ceased for four years began flowing right there in the church!


Mrs Nkeki confirmed one week later that she has been delivered from the powers of darkness and her ceased menstruation is a thing of the past. She advised all couples to seek their blessing from God as He alone gives the blessing that is true.




“He’s my brother,” Mrs Samtu Esabella replied once again, hoping they would not discover who he actually was. It had become an embarrassment for her to introduce him as the man she had chosen to marry. Her young, 6-year marriage hit the rocks with such force that all traces of affection had left her heart and she eventually removed her wedding ring. With her mind set on divorce, she began to pray for a separation. Meanwhile, her perplexed husband continued to seek the face of God for restoration, in Jesus’ name.

They came to The SCOAN, each asking God to send Prophet T.B. Joshua to confirm their desire. Truly, their case did not escape the anointing of God as in the service, Prophet T.B. Joshua prophesied that there was a man whose wife wanted to leave him. Rushing out from the crowd, Mr Samtu confirmed the prophecy and was told that his wife could not see the potential in him as she was possessed by an evil spirit.

Truly, as the hand of God delivered them from darkness with a prayer from Prophet T.B. Joshua, Mrs Samtu suddenly began to see her husband in a very different light. Retrieving her wedding ring, she promptly put it back on her finger and rejoined her marriage with full affection and devotion. Testifying to a restored and repositioned marital life, the couple advised everyone to seek God’s opinion first before making any decision in their lives.




“I have been sent to you. No man or child can enter this house.” The strange voice that spoke to Ms Sarah Auma that afternoon in the UK as she opened her front door not only haunted her but held a destructive and menacing grip upon her life.

Peculiar disturbances became a normal occurance. Waking up to the sound of snoring beside her, she would find her bed empty except for herself. Making her way through the city, she would feel the presence of a man next to her, even when she walked alone. Looking at a man –  any man – would produce a flow of negative thoughts. Checking her work rota at the end of each week she would discover her attendance was never noted and her wages began disappearing. Turning to alcohol for comfort and escape, she became an excessive drinker, often waking up to find herself being rushed to the hospital with all of her money spent.


This year, Sarah came to The SCOAN where, during the Sunday Service, she received a prophecy from Prophet T.B. Joshua that changed her life. “Ask God to forgive you – the way you treated men. You have no respect for men.” The words struck deep into her heart. Confirming the message and asking God for forgiveness, Ms Auma was instantly delivered from the evil spirits controlling her existence. “I never thought I would shed tears of joy!” She exclaimed as years of anger, disappointment, fear and bitterness were washed away.


One week later, she confirmed that she no longer hears the evil voices or feels the evil presence next to her. She interacts with men and women freely now and her thoughts are now pure. She advised, “Don’t pray out of fear. Before you pray remind yourself that you were not created with a spirit of fear. Don’t give up, keep pushing into Jesus. Never give up”.




Elizabeth Ampan studied at a prestigious Chinese university but after years of hard work and diligence, the crowning moment of her academic pursuits was suddenly marred by disappointment. When it was time for the Ghanaian’s results to be released, the university inexplicably withheld them. Her co-ordinator mumbled that she had to rewrite certain exams. Two years down the line, Elizabeth was still without the all-important certificate to corroborate her academic efforts.

It was at this point that the Ghanaian began praying along with Prophet T.B. Joshua on Emmanuel TV, realising that she needed God’s involvement to ‘mark her work’ after human efforts had failed. Calmness and peace quickly replaced the stress and confusion. Shortly afterwards, the university released Elizabeth’s results! She then lost her job, not knowing that God was preparing her for a greater promotion! A new appointment was awaiting her as a Customer Service Manager – a position that enabled her to travel to more than fifteen countries! “If you turn to Christ and position Him as the center of it all, the Lord will surely see you through,” she advised.




Years of higher education and specialization are meant to lead to a good job and a stable life. But for Mayibongwe Gumbo, a qualified chartered accountant, it ended in unusual joblessness and unimaginable homelessness. Floundering in all aspects of life, the professional turned to Emmanuel TV for encouragement. Refreshed through the Word of God she received and reinvigorated through the testimonies she heard, she set her aim on visiting The SCOAN in person to receive a personal Word from the Lord. By God’s grace, she was successful and made her way from South Africa to Lagos, Nigeria.

That magnificent Sunday, during the mass prayer, she heard the prophet explain that the anointing of God would reach everywhere. She was hoping to receive a touch from the man of God but on hearing his words, she decided to put a demand on this great anointing and claimed the breakthrough that was released, in Jesus’ name. She returned home and in a short space of time, came back to stand in the same auditorium she previously stood. The first time, jobless, now a professional career woman gainfully employed. The first time, homeless, now a home and car owner. The first time, depressed, now joyful beyond expression. God indeed honoured His Word as she continued to honour His Word in the midst of her heart, mouth and every conversation. Displaying the blessings of God in her life, she advised all “As you enter the Arena of liberty, it is done. Do not wait for the man of God to touch you. It is God’s touch that really counts!”




Accident. Hospital. Operation. 50/50 chance of walking. This is what Zanele Dube was forced to endure due to events beyond her control 18 years prior. Diagnosed with lumbar spondylosis and a stiff neck, Ms Dube was given a lumbar corset and neck collar after corrective surgery to repair damage from her accident was unable to restore her. She relied on daily doses of medication to combat the excruciating pain she went through and found difficulty in moving and carrying out her daily activities as her neck and back were both stiff.

Having watched Emmanuel TV and seen the manifestation of God’s power through Prophet T.B. Joshua, she decided to come to The SCOAN. Placed at the prayer line, she received prayer from the man of God and instant healing, in Jesus’ name! In a happy voice, Ms Dube declared that since her healing, she no longer takes medications and the terrible pain is now only a part of her history, not her future. Exercising, she demonstrated that she can do all things without pain now, to the glory of God!


In her advice to viewers all over the world, she urged all to put their trust in God.


Indeed, it is a Happy New Beginning for all at The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations, in Jesus’ name!