SOW TO THE SPIRIT - The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations - SCOAN - Prophet T.B. Joshua (General Overseer)


On a day that marked the end of the year 2017, Prophet T.B. Joshua’s message to Christians was brief but pungent and direct. The man of God admonished the body of Christ not to see the New Year as a time to preoccupy oneself with the acquisition of material things but to see it as a new beginning to allow the Word of God to dominate one’s heart through meditation. “To have a new beginning – which we call a New Year – the Word of God must dominate your heart. It’s not just by reading but meditation. Meditation brings revelation”, he said.

As a precursor to his forthcoming prophecies for the New Year, the man of God warned that 2018 is going to be a year of battle – a battle for survival in which only the serious-minded will be victorious. He declared, “This coming year is a year you should be ready to fight the battle. It’s a battle year – a battle to survive. ‘I want that business’ – no. Think of how to survive… It’s a year your children need to sit at your feet and learn from you… We are in a warfare where only the serious minded will be victorious.”

On the best way to look into the future with hope and assurance, Prophet T.B. Joshua urged Christians to dedicate their hearts to God’s Word: “When you dedicate your heart to the Word of God, you will have that ability from God to stop looking or thinking about where you’re coming from and start looking at where you are going. It’s ability from God. It’s not possible for anyone to stop thinking about the past without God. The only information satan appears to have about you is your past.”

In her message titled SOW TO THE SPIRIT, evangelist Yinka urged Christians to use everything God has blessed them with to help the weak and less privileged. “The real test of our love for God is how we treat the weak and less privileged”, she said, adding that love is the only thing satan cannot conquer. She encouraged Christians to love themselves as Christ Himself commanded. “Whoever loves God must love his brother… The complete love for God and man form the essence of what God requires of us”, she declared.

At a time when hate and division have taken over the entire world, she submitted that by loving our enemy, we can overcome evil with good. Expanding on the title of her message, she explained that our love work in sincerity and humility of heart is the seed we sow to the Spirit, adding that when we fail to receive from God, we must check our love work because love is the promoter that sets our faith working.

Concluding, she advised Christians thus: “Failing to help the wounded is equal to neglecting God. … Sow to the Spirit and you will receive eternal life.”





For ten years, Mr Emmanuel Ohaegbulem had suffered from inability to walk due to lumbar spondylosis. During those horrible years, he had been taken to different hospitals where the best he could get were painkillers and a lumbar corset to manage his condition. He had also tried alternative medicine but the story remained the same. When it became obviously certain that he could no longer cope with the problem, the Nigerian from Imo State resigned his from job as an electrical engineer.

Mr Emmanuel confessed that despite living close to the church for many years, he refused to come due to false information he had been fed with. However, when he continually saw people receiving their freedom from sicknesses, diseases, affliction of all kinds, he came to realize the harm he had done to himself all this while and decided to visit The SCOAN. Just a touch from the anointed man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua in Jesus’ name during a Live Sunday Service was all Mr Ohaegbulem needed to get him back on his feet. He began to walk unaided for the first time in a long while and to the glory of God.

Testifying last Sunday in company of his wife, he described his healing thus: “When the man of God touched my head, it was like a wave all through my body and when he said ‘you can walk now’, I found myself walking without any difficulty”. Corroborating his healing, his wife revealed that her husband who had not been sleeping due to the discomfort that came with the ailment, now sleeps peacefully like a baby.



Doris came to Lagos through the influence of a friend who convinced her to abandon school and go catch the fancies of life. However, when she arrived in Lagos, she was lured into prostitution by forces beyond her control. For five years, she was into the illicit business, sleeping with all shades of men. She also used hard drugs, including crack cocaine, just to keep herself happy. Her whereabouts was a closely guarded secret from her parents. All they knew was that their daughter was working in a supermarket in Lagos.

She became lonely and as an escape route from loneliness and worries, she would smoke profusely – sometimes she finished six packets of cigarettes a day. She knew that the kind of life she was living was not at all good, the feeling of guilt and the need to seek repentance brought her to The SCOAN where Prophet T.B. Joshua fished her out through prophecy during a Sunday service. “There is a lady there, you came from the hotel and you want to return there… it will become a curse for you if you go back there”, he said.


Doris received her deliverance immediately she came face to face with Prophet T.B. Joshua. During her testimony, she told congregants how she was overwhelmed by a great light that surrounded the man of God as he revealed her problem through prophecy that fateful day. Thanking God during her testimony, she left the following advice for people all over the world, especially young women: “My previous lifestyle was leading me to death and destruction. Come to God and He will deliver and save you.”



As a former minister in Uganda, ambassador Rebecca’s party had lost an election, making her chances of retaining her ministerial position very slim. During those trying times, she found her way to The SCOAN where she received some wise counsel from Prophet T.B. Joshua. Even though she eventually lost her ministerial position, the man of God reminded her that failure sometimes could be God’s way of either drawing us closer to Himself or stopping us awhile to prepare us for a new level in life. The man of God blessed her with the Morning Water and the Believer’s Card, declaring that all was well with her.

Her stay in The SCOAN prepared her mind for the eventualities that would soon dawn on her. Prophet T.B. Joshua also counselled her to let go of offence, no matter who it was that was responsible for the election loss. When she returned to Uganda, she continued to believe God because of the counsel she had received from the man of God. In the loss of her ministerial position, God was actually saying something about her immediate future.

After a while, she received a call from the President of Uganda who encouraged her to move on with life. She would later serve as a Civilian Director in the Ugandan Army in the area of agriculture. She was on that job when she was appointed the Ugandan ambassador to Ethiopia and Djibouti, the Permanent Representative of Uganda to the African Union and the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa. Her title changed from ‘Honourable’ to ‘Ambassador Plenipotentiary of Uganda.’

During her testimony, she told Emmanuel TV, “I struggled hard to represent my community but God promoted me to represent my continent”. While urging congregants to forgive and let go of offence, she said, “There is healing and blessing in forgiveness.” She also had the following advice for people all over the world: “Leadership comes from God. Don’t force yourself into leadership.”



Mrs Evelyn Onyeka had an abdominal cancer which resulted from a caesarean section that she had in order to deliver her first child after four years of marriage. Aside the fact that she lost the child, she passed through a lot of pains in the theatre while she underwent surgeries as fibroids were later discovered in her womb. During those procedures, the Nigerian received fourteen pints of blood as a result of the serious anaemia that had set in.

On the other hand, the cancerous growth in her abdomen was already producing pus, making life very painful for her. She had been booked for another major surgery after the ones she had undergone before but her sister kicked against the idea, insisting that The SCOAN would be their next destination. And while in hospital, Mrs Onyeka had developed keen interest in Emmanuel TV. As she watched the anointed channel, she built a formidable faith, declaring in her mind that her healing was already settled in Heaven.

Writhing in serious pain, Mrs Onyeka came to The SCOAN. Her strong faith and conviction paid off when Prophet T.B. Joshua laid his anointed hand on her. Instantly, the pain disappeared. In a matter of days, the malignant growth shrunk miraculously – needless to say, Mrs Onyeka was healed.

She testified alongside her husband and other members of her family last Sunday, thanking God for rescuing her from a near-death situation that had defied medical solution. She advised people all over the world that no matter the situation you are going through, turn to God. At God’s time, everything will be beautiful for us.


A specialist in epidemiology, Dr Simon Antara had always harboured the desire to take up a leadership position with an international health organisation. Right from the time he graduated from medical school, that desire had been his tallest dream. His passion toward the actualisation of that desire propelled him to write several application letters most of which did not receive any response. If at all there were responses, nothing concrete came out of them.

Some colleagues had tried to discourage his illustrious ambition. Although they succeeded to some extent, his deep-rooted desire to get to the top rekindled itself when he came across Emmanuel TV. His faith grew as he watched the great works of God through his anointed servant, Prophet T.B. Joshua. He told himself that his ambition was achievable after all, if only he would pray with the man of God and follow his instructions.

After praying with the man of God on Emmanuel TV, God started manifesting in the life and career of the Ghanaian doctor. In 2009, he got a job that saw him go to Rwanda to offer support and training on epidemiology to the Ministry of Health staff. In 2012, another organisation offered him a job to go to Namibia to support and train the country’s Ministry of Health staff in the field of epidemiology. His wife also visited The SCOAN and returned with the Morning Water.

Believing that the best was yet to come for him, Dr Antara continued to pray and minister the Morning Water. By 2015, another international organisation offered him a job to train the Ministry of Health staff in eight West African countries in the field of epidemiology. In 2017, he had applied to become the Programme Director of the African Field Epidemiology Network. Though the deadline for submission of applications had elapsed, he refused to give up, insisting that God could not be bound by rules set by mere mortals.

Dr Antara applied for the position after ministering the Morning Water. In spite of all the challenges he encountered in the course of the series of interviews that were conducted for all the applicants, he was miraculously shortlisted on two occasions prior to the final interview in Nairobi, Kenya. To the glory of God, out of the four applicants that made the final shortlist, he was selected and appointed the Director of Programmes for the African Field Epidemiology Network. He has since assumed duties in Kampala, Uganda.

Thanking God during his testimony, he told Emmanuel TV, “I thank the man of God for making himself available to be used by God to bless all of us! Right now, I am the Director of Programmes for this organisation operating in 33 countries.” His wife also corroborated her husband’s testimony, adding that it could only have been God and nothing else. The couple had a simple advice for people all over the world: “We should stick to what God says we are and not what man says about us.”



Josephine and her sister had been away in France and had turned their back on their father. Josephine had been told by some spiritualists that their father was the cause of all the problems they were facing in life. While Josephine had not seen her father for 10 years, her sister had not seen him for thirteen years. Josephine would always have body pains, movements in her stomach and nightmares in which she would see different kinds of animals. All the churches and spiritualists the Togolese sisters consulted in search of solution told them that unless they stopped sending money to their father, the nightmares would continue and their lives would remain the same. However, the two sisters were troubled when, even after they had stopped sending money to their father, their problems persisted.

It was Josephine who first came to The SCOAN and received a prophecy about the problem in her family. It was after watching Josephine’s prophecy on Emmanuel TV that her sister decided to come for the reconciliation. Walking up to Josephine that fateful Sunday, the man of God had asked, “When are you travelling to meet for reconciliation?” Continuing, Prophet T.B. Joshua told her, “I told you that you must go for reconciliation – to reconcile with your parents. Once you do that, your problem is over…” The man of God subsequently made arrangements for her father to come to the church where they were reconciled.

During the reconciliation, the two daughters went on their knees to beg their father for forgiveness. The 84-year-old man responded by saying he had forgiven them. He also thanked Prophet T.B. Joshua for reconciling him with his daughters. Thanking God for the God-given opportunity to live in peace and harmony with their father, the sisters advised people to be wary of the things they hear from people.