INVITE GOD IN YOUR EMPTINESS - The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations - SCOAN - Prophet T.B. Joshua (General Overseer)


Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for congregants and viewers alike, urging them to act faith. “It is not enough to believe because the belief in our heart is released by faith out of our mouth – you must act faith”, he declared. As the prayer intensified, he committed congregants into the hands of their Creator, commanding all their challenges to be consumed by the power of God: “I release your health, in the name of Jesus! Come off the chains, cage, prison, in Jesus’ name.” Many vomited poisonous substances as others received deliverance from various age-long afflictions.

The man of God also had some enlightening words for people all over the world. “The beauty of life does not depend on how happy you are but on how happy others can be because of you”, he said. He encouraged Christians to cultivate the habit of sharing with people around them, irrespective of how much or little they have – “If you cannot share with the little you have, you will not be able to share with much.” He concluded with the following nugget: “God is concerned about how we manage the little we have. This will make Him to decide whether to promote you or not.”

In the evangelist’s message titled INVITE GOD IN YOUR EMPTINESS, evangelist Michelle urged Christians to look up to God whenever they are faced with discouraging and hopeless situations. She observed that in times of trials and temptations, all we need is to lift our eyes up from our mess to see the glory of our destiny. She condemned the attitude of some people who sit back in their setback and wallow in self-pity, adding that it is when we are hard-pressed on all sides that the reality of the unseen God becomes tangible. In other words, God appears on the scene when all our efforts have failed just as Peter’s empty net became a thing of the past when Jesus appeared on the scene.

Concluding, she advised people of God to work through every disappointment, mistake, failure and setback and see them as lessons that are meant to position and prepare them for new and greater levels in life. “When you work through your fear of failure or the extreme discouragement that comes because you have failed, turn it around and look at it as a life lesson”, she said.



As a professional nurse working with the State House clinic of Namibia, Mrs Juliana Tjiriange would ordinarily not have had any qualms treating the debilitating symptoms that came with the rheumatoid arthritis which she was diagnosed with. The fact that she was surrounded by specialists should have also doused any cause for alarm regarding the ailment. But it was an ironic twist of fate as the pains and discomfort associated with her condition persisted.

Unable to bend and stand upright for long, Mrs Tjiriange became almost redundant at her place of work. The inability to walk coupled with persistent pains remained unabated, forcing her to try an unorthodox means of treatment. She consulted a herbalist and soon realised that the move was even of no consequence compared to her visit to the hospital from where she received some painkillers.

The Namibian was eventually told by specialists that the best bet for her was to undergo surgery. That idea sounded like a death sentence to her. Without mincing words, she rejected the idea of surgery, declaring that it was not her portion to go under the surgeon’s knife. Instead, she vowed to come to The SCOAN after she had been inspired by the wonderful miracles she watched on Emmanuel TV. She came to The SCOAN with a knee brace and was seated as evangelists ministered the New Morning Water.

She received her healing immediately the New Morning Water was ministered to her by an evangelist. For someone who had been unable to walk without aid for five years, it was a moment of miracle when she stood up and walked, putting her knee brace away for the first time in as many years. she wrapped up her interesting testimony with a candid advice to people all over the world. “Have faith in God. With faith, all things are possible”, she declared.


Right from his childhood days, Mr Anthony Okeke had been suffering from a severe waist pain that always affected his daily life. The problem persisted to the level that he could no longer walk. For seven years, he had been on the trenches of total and permanent disability as he was confined to the use of a body brace after he had been diagnosed with severe spondylosis and disc herniation due to spinal vertebrae compression which was in turn compounded by his rising blood pressure.

He had been booked for an operation but the procedure was threatened by his escalating blood pressure. The doctors had even referred him to a cardiologist in order to have his pressure checked before the operation would commence. In his reckoning, it was better he sought the face of God. He imagined how hellish life would be if he continued to languish in that condition that was antagonistic to his subsistence as a farmer.

His faith was greatly lifted by Emmanuel TV as he watched the demonstration of God’s power through the anointed channel. He imagined how the power of God transformed many hopeless situations into wonderful testimonies and came to the conclusion that his case would not be an exception. He came to The SCOAN with his faith intact, knowing that only God could restore him to his normal state. With many mouths to feed and many bills to pay, Mr Okeke surely needed total restoration, health-wise.

He received his deliverance and healing during the ministration of the New Morning Water by the evangelists. It was very obvious that there was a demon behind his predicament as he screamed uncontrollably during the ministration of the anointed medium. In the end, it was the power of God that triumphed over the power of darkness that had threatened his very existence as his compressed spinal vertebrae was straightened by the Holy Spirit. His healing made the body brace useless as it was discarded immediately.

During his testimony, he exhibited great strength and agility, adding that he could trek five kilometres without any difficulty – something he dared not do in the past. Thanking God for making him whole again, Mr Okeke is elated to go back to his farming business. “I am free and can walk! I am very happy. I received my healing here”, he told Emmanuel TV. He left an advice for people all over the world: “With God, all things are possible. If you believe in Jesus Christ, there is nothing he cannot do for you.”


Mrs Agatha Ikashi was depressed not because she had any underlying mental health condition. Her greatest pain was that she had been experiencing ceased menstruation for many months and had not been able to lay her hands on a viable solution even after visiting several hospitals and receiving different medications. As she battled with those depressive thoughts, she also lost a lot of energy as she allowed worry to blossom in her mind.

Convinced that her problem was beyond hospitals and medications, the Nigerian visited The SCOAN with her husband to seek for divine intervention. She received her healing during the ministration of the New Morning Water by the evangelists and she felt a sensation of heat all over her body. As she tried to figure out what was going on with her, she threw up and later discovered that a blood clot had come out of her body. She disclosed that her menstruation which had ceased began to flow again and that she was now able to eat certain foods which she had been avoiding in the past. Those depressive thoughts that plagued her mind for so long are no more even as she looks up to the future with great hope and expectation in Christ Jesus. “Trust in God. With Him, all things are possible”, she advised.


Miss Anna Shishko was under the yoke of an evil spirit that attacked every good thing that she tried to accomplish in life. Though she had a very good family background, the evil spirit blindfolded her not to see the immense love that existed in her family. All her life, she had been unhappy and would grow to experience turbulent relationships right from kindergarten up to university level. “When people expressed love to me, I could not feel love because the evil spirit filled my heart with hatred”, she said.

She also recalled that demons always appeared to her in her dreams when she was a child. Then, she would hear strange voices and see shadows. Because of those experiences, she was always afraid to be alone. At age twelve, she started practising witchcraft and would go on to enter the astral plane. She also communicated with evil spirits, using tarot cards. Those practices were usually accompanied by nightmares in which people would chase her, trying to kill her.

While she battled with those nightmares, she also became depressed and harboured suicidal thoughts. In the course of those spiritual crises, she felt nothing for men and would not be drawn into any form of relationship with the opposite sex. It was a no-go area!

In her desperate search for God and redemption, she had run into a man whom she thought was right for her. Alas, he turned out to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He mistreated and abused her, leaving her psychologically wrecked. It was a friend that introduced her to Emmanuel TV through which she developed the interest to visit the Arena of Liberty. The Russian received her deliverance during an encounter with Prophet T.B. Joshua as he laid his anointed hand on her. That singular touch sent the evil spirit in her out and restored her back to her normal self.

During her testimony, she revealed how the evil spirit had discouraged her from going to The SCOAN for prayer. “…when the Prophet touched me, I felt the strong presence of God within me”, she said. Miss Shishko thanked God for bringing love and peace into her heart. Speaking further, she said, “Before my deliverance, I felt irritated by people. Now I am completely calm and I know there is a change in my character.


Suzanna had been labouring under the yoke of a spirit husband right from her childhood. The spirit afflicted her with the spirits of anger and aggressiveness. For six years, she was a thorn in the flesh of her fiancé who is presently her husband. Even after their marriage, the spirit husband created a stonewall between herself and her husband such that they could not live as a married couple; it was always quarrels and scuffles. There was no love in the marriage.

When it became apparent that her problem was a spiritual one, her church leader in Russia introduced her to Emmanuel TV. After witnessing the mighty works of God through the anointed channel, she decided to visit The SCOAN with her husband. She received her deliverance through the ministration of the New Morning Water by the evangelists. The demon behind all her problems identified itself as a king and revealed all the harm it had done to her.

Surrounded by the fire of the Holy Spirit, there was no hiding place for the evil spirit as it was cast into the pit of hell through the power in the mighty name of Jesus. In line with her expectations, Suzanna was completely set free from the demonic manipulation of a spirit husband that had had a field day in her life. Happy and full of gratitude to God during her testimony, she observed, “When I came, I had great expectations that God was going to set me free.”

Continuing, she said, “As the New Morning Water was ministered to me, I felt a burning sensation within me. I became aggressive and wanted to destroy things around me.” She however revealed that after her deliverance, she felt light as something left her body. She also discovered that those feelings of anger and aggressiveness were no more. Her life has since been taken over by feelings of joy, peace and harmony in marriage with renewed affection for her husband. Husband and wife had the following advice for people all over the world: “Don’t be ashamed of your problem. Expose the devil and you will be delivered.”


Prince Uche Anazodo came to The SCOAN crying openly and seeking for divine intervention as he could not get married to a woman, in spite of all the efforts he had made. Whenever he started a relationship with any woman, she would suddenly lose affection for him. Even on one occasion, the woman he was in a relationship with suddenly died. He had been to many places in search of a solution to the extent that his late father took it upon himself to get him a wife. His late father’s efforts would however yield little or no fruit. Having realised that his case was not ordinary, he ran to The SCOAN.

During a Sunday service, Prince Anazodo cried out, asking that he be allowed to talk to Prophet T.B. Joshua about his problem. Though the ushers were not yielding to his demands, the man of God himself beckoned on him to come towards the altar to pick an apple. After he had picked the apple, the man of God told him that he would come back to give testimony.

He came to The SCOAN last Sunday to testify to the fulfilment of Prophet T.B. Joshua’s prophecy in his life. Not only did he come to testify to finding a wife, he came to testify to marrying the daughter of a king. By virtue of his marriage to her, he automatically became a prince himself. Filled with joy, he thanked God for breaking the family curse that had kept him single for too long. “Our membership is not our attendance in our church but having a real encounter with God”, he advised.


Mr Ogah Saviour had thought that travelling to Europe through Libya would end his search for greener pastures and bestow upon him the best things of life. He had sold off all his tools of trade as a timber merchant and had embarked on that journey without any inkling of what laid ahead of him. The Nigerian soon realised, upon reaching Agadez in Niger Republic, that the journey would be a tortuous one as he would have to be sardined, alongside over thirty other illegal migrants, into a van that ordinarily should accommodate four persons. In spite of the physical discomfort of having to travel in such a manner, he was also forced to part with huge sums of money.

The journey through the Sahara Desert was horrible as it brought him face to face with some of the crudest realities of the earth. Some passengers would fall off the speeding van and were left to their own fate. Many dead bodies littered the sandy terrains of the waterless desert where only the fittest would survive. Once in Libya, Ogah and some of his co-travellers would have to be ferried to various camps in a waste disposal vehicle filled with all forms of garbage. On arrival, they were forced to part with different sums of money and were used, abused and detained.

Some of the horrible things they were used to do was to bury dead bodies at gun point after which they would be given paltry sums of money or fed with innutritious loaves of bread. Whenever it was time for them to be fed, they would be flogged with pipes and cables amid all other forms of dehumanizing treatments. Life was at its most brutish level in the detention camps. Many died of beating while others were disfigured. Even drinking water was another form of poison.

Ogah managed to pay his way to the seaside from where the journey to Europe began through the Mediterranean Sea. Overloaded into a dinghy, Ogah and other illegal migrants were emptied into the bowels of the sea when it capsized due to turbulent weather conditions. Out of the over one hundred passengers on that dinghy, only ten were rescued alive. Luckily for Ogah, he was among the living. After his rescue, he was taken back to a prison in Libya where the suffering and dehumanization continued.

After several months of torture and hardship in prison, he was deported alongside other Nigerian illegal migrants in an arrangement facilitated by the International Organisation for Migration. Ogah and another deportee, Oladapo were among the over one hundred that were received at The SCOAN by Prophet T.B. Joshua and the Emmanuel TV Partners. Aside the monetary gifts they received, they were also fed and rehabilitated spiritually with the Word of God. Ogah and Oladapo testified last Sunday. They were grateful to God for rescuing them from the valley of the shadow of death.

At the end of their testimonies, the two men who had lost all hope, were given the sum of two hundred thousand naira each to start life anew. Thanking God for using Prophet T.B. Joshua and the Emmanuel TV Partners to rekindle hope in their lives, the two men admonished Nigerians, especially the youths, to imbibe the spirit of contentment and desist from shortcuts and quick fixes. They warned that the illegal journey to Europe through Libya and the Mediterranean Sea, no matter how sugar-coated it appears, is nothing but a deadly façade that has taken many lives.


Esther experienced poverty at a very young age. Her basic education was sponsored by a catholic priest as her father was unable to afford paying her fees. Coming from a very poor background, the Kenyan recalled how everyone in the family had no job due to a curse. Some of the family members also died untimely. Coupled with those issues was the fact that her grandmother was a witchdoctor. After school, she was taken to the city where she started working at a clothing shop. Being the first born, she used her earnings to take care of her siblings.

It was while working in the city that she was introduced to prostitution. She was sponsored to Hong Kong by a woman who was one of her customers at the clothing shop. After a couple of months in Hong Kong, she had come across an Irish man by whom she had a daughter. The relationship soon came to an end when the man disappeared after the birth of her baby. In order to be able to fend for herself, her baby and her siblings back in Kenya, she had no other choice than to return to the streets to hustle.

Esther returned to Kenya after making some money from the prostitution business. She was able to establish a salon from proceeds of the illicit trade. Despite the fact that the salon was located in a very good area, patronage was abysmally low, leading to the auctioning of the shop. By this time, bankruptcy was staring her in the face. With no other option for survival, she returned to Hong Kong to continue from where she stopped. She usually targeted international visitors who came for events like exhibitions and sporting meets. She sometimes stole money from men who were high on alcohol and other narcotics.

She also took her trade to Singapore. Though prostitution was illegal in those countries, she still managed to evade arrest on several occasions. When she returned to Kenya the second time, she established a clothing shop. This time, she prayed that the business thrived because she was not really interested in going back to prostitution but that was not to be as the father of her child absconded from his responsibilities. Esther returned to the same old way. Unfortunately, she was arrested after someone had planted drugs in her room. She spent a month and half in detention.

She was later acquitted and discharged by the court. When she returned to Kenya, her shop was auctioned by someone whom her sister was indebted to. After that sad development, her car also got burnt. Esther came to The SCOAN dejected and in need of redemption. She received her deliverance through the anointed hands of Prophet T.B. Joshua. The evil spirit and family curse that had been tormenting her life were cast out immediately she received that mighty touch from the man of God. Thanking God for setting her free from the spirit of prostitution, Esther advised women to desist from prostitution and seek the face of God.