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Prophet T.B. Joshua ministered the Word of God with power during the Sunday service. In an incisive message titled: ASSIGNMENT FROM GOD TO YOU, the man of God advised Christians to cultivate the habit of giving, thereby becoming a source of blessing to others. He further stated that giving must not be done only when we have plenty but also out of the little we have, adding that Jesus is concerned about little things. He also warned that more may never come if we fail to appreciate God with the little we have. “If you fail to appreciate God with the little blessing you have, more may never come”, he said.

Ask the poor widow and she will tell you that everyone has something to give, whether big or small”. He continued, pointing out that our progress in life, happiness and joy as Christians, depends on our genuine willingness to help others. In other words, we should see helping others as an assignment from God. “If you remain dormant and refuse to help, someone waiting to help you will also remain dormant”, he added.

Concluding, the man of God explained that the purpose of the New Morning Water is for you to be blessed to bless others. The man of God also warned that, “If God knows you will not be there for the poor, widows and orphans, more may never come.”

During the viewers’ prayer, the Spirit of God, uninhibited by geographical or temporal barriers, met all those who prayed along with Prophet T.B. Joshua, on Emmanuel TV, at the point of their needs as many of the testimonies would prove.

The ministration of the New Morning Water further dampened the morale of satan and his agents as they continued to have all their hostages released by Jesus Christ  at the mention of His name. Yokes and infirmities were broken and healed, respectively. The resounding victory of God’s soldiers over satan and his angels of darkness reaffirmed the fact that there is no hiding place for satanic manipulation in the Arena of Liberty.

In an earlier message titled LEARNING OBEDIENCE, evangelist Evelyn Joshua urged Christians to submit themselves to the will of God, adding that our spiritual growth is a function of obedience to Him. She further observed that pride cannot travel this path but humility. In a nutshell, she defined the way of obedience as the way of victory, joy and harmony with God. “In the place of anxious thoughts, open your heart to God who is able to hold you by His side at all times”, she advised.



Mrs Rosemary Atsu-Arop woke up one morning with pain around her chin. The problem was severe in that it extended to her left ear and had a ripple effect on other parts of her body. She had contacted her doctor and was advised to get some antibiotics and analgesics. She became worried when the problem seemed not to abate even after taking those prescriptions. Upon her unending complaints, her doctor invited her to the Teaching Hospital where he worked in order to be able to review and evaluate her case.

After a series of tests including an X-ray, it was discovered that she had a large stone in her salivary gland. According to her doctor, the only viable course of treatment was surgery – a procedure she vehemently objected to. As far as she was concerned, it was either she visited The SCOAN to seek the face of God or nothing else. She made her intention known to her doctor but in his professional capacity, he had been limited to think that surgery was the only solution.

Having made up her mind, the Nigerian woman was already dreaming of coming to The SCOAN but her children in Lagos preferred that she underwent surgery as advised by her doctor in Rivers State. They had even secretly forwarded some of the results of her tests to another doctor in Lagos in preparation for the surgery which they deemed the best bet in the circumstance. When she finally landed in Lagos, the plans of her children hit her like a thunderbolt as she was not comfortable with their insistence on surgery.

Confined to a tight corner of choice and not wanting to offend her children, Mrs Atsu-Arop cried to God, asking Him to perform the surgery Himself if it became an inevitable option. That night, she ministered the Morning Water and went to sleep. At about midnight, she woke up to discover that an object was stuck in her throat. Using her finger, she pulled out a stone from her mouth. To God be the glory, that stone was the very object that the doctors wanted to remove surgically.

All subsequent tests to ascertain the state of her salivary gland showed that the stone that had been captured in an X-ray and CT scan was no more there as it had been flushed out miraculously by the anointing in the Morning Water. She testified last Sunday in company of her son and a family friend. Thanking God for proving Himself beyond the understanding of medical practice, she advised people all over the world to hold onto their faith.


Joseph Uwoya and his gang were habitual night crawlers. One of their greatest fancies was going to the night club where they would soak themselves in alcohol and mingle with all sorts of women. Joseph also had a voracious appetite for cigarettes as he smoked an average of three packets daily. In spite of all the efforts made by his parents to make him a responsible young man, he ended up aligning himself with wrong people and wrong choices. During a drinking spree, he was injured as a massive fight broke out between his gang and another group of boys.

For a young man who had a reputation for being terribly temperamental, Joseph and alcohol were akin to action and reaction in the sense that whenever he was drunk, the spirit of anger would take over his soul and force him to engage in violent acts. In the frenzy of the fight, while trying to defend his friends, he felt a bottle breaking on his back, instantly dislocating his shoulder. For some time, the Tanzanian was virtually incapable of performing many tasks as a result of his dislocated shoulder bone and his arm had to be confined to a sling. Even taking care of himself became a herculean task.

Incapacitated by the painful injury, he soon realised that only God can give true peace and happiness. After receiving


a couple of painkilling injections without experiencing any improvement in his condition, Joseph’s worldview changed. His delinquent mind gradually began to see the hidden vanity in most of his youthful inclinations. The passion for tattoos, alcohol, cigarettes and violence was beginning to be deadened by an inner yearning for God’s intervention when it had become clear that nothing in the world could guarantee him true happiness.

Joseph rushed to The SCOAN, with the assistance of his parents, to seek the face of God. He received his healing instantly after an evangelist ministered the New Morning Water on him. The power of God popped his dislocated shoulder back into its proper position. He testified last Sunday, thanking God for his healing. No more pain and his addictions have been washed away by the anointing in the New Morning Water. He advised youths to avoid bad company.



He grew up under ungodly influences and detested anything that had to do with Christianity. He could even count how many times he ever went to church. Of the few times Mr Nkqayi went to church, he was always aggravated that the subject of sermons were always centred on money. He did not find the scenario acceptable and so, he had decided to avoid anything that had to do with church. But somewhere along the line, he had an encounter that would change his life for the better.

He had been a Warrant Officer in the South African Police Service, looking forward to a promotion that was not forthcoming. One day, he dreamt of a man who remained in his psyche even several days after that dream. He would later discover, through Emmanuel TV, that the man who appeared to him in the dream was Prophet T.B. Joshua. Taking interest in the teachings of the Prophet, he started praying with him on Emmanuel TV by placing his hands on the screen of his television.

By that time, the South African had already submitted his application for promotion alongside 79 other officers, most of whom had better qualifications and experience. As he continued to pray along with the man of God on Emmanuel TV, he received the news of his promotion from the rank of a Warrant Officer to that of a Captain in the South African Police service. The unfolding reality gladdened his heart in no small measure and also inspired his subsequent visit to The SCOAN where he received prayers and the Morning Water from the man of God.

Soon after, he was healed of diabetes – a condition that had been with him for many years. Testifying last Sunday, Captain Mziwoxolo Nkqayi regretted not knowing God earlier, adding that within the short time he encountered God through Prophet T.B. Joshua and Emmanuel TV, his life has been greatly transformed in terms of his health and career. His advice to people all over the world was direct and simple, “We need to follow Jesus Christ as children follow their parents”, he said.


Going by his connections and the kind of money he had made in life, his family shouldn’t have had any cause to complain of lack or debt but that was not the case with the Nigerian from Oyo State. How he frittered away his wealth remained a mystery until he came to The SCOAN for his deliverance. Mr Olawole Oladunjoye, former secretary of the Presidential Chapel, had met a lot of influential Nigerians but had virtually nothing to show for that privileged opportunity due to the problem of a family idol. Growing up, de had witnessed many idol-worshipping festivals but never really thought they would have future implications on his life.

Although he had the inkling that a great future laid ahead of him, he found it extremely difficult to make much progress in life. Each time he had an opportunity to achieve something great, an unseen force would truncate the whole thing. Mr Oladunjoye would use his money to sponsor other people’s projects at the expense of his own family. He once nurtured a political ambition but ended up sponsoring another candidate.

Knowing that something was not right with his life, he visited many spiritualists and men of God who only saw his problem but could not offer a solution after he had parted with a lot of money. There was a time he even accused his wife of being behind his misfortunes. Being a man destined for greatness, the grace of God did not leave him. The only problem he had was that his family idol would not allow anything good to happen to him.

He was among those who had always seen The SCOAN and Prophet T.B. Joshua as no-go areas because of the unfounded insinuations being bandied about. It was after he had conceived of a laudable project through a vision that he encountered Emmanuel TV. He would later visit The SCOAN, against doubts and reservations from his wife.

Ever since he visited The SCOAN and received the Morning Water, his life attained a new vista of grace and glory. It was the Spirit of God in the New Morning Water that led to his eventual deliverance. Mr Oladunjoye was delivered after he received the ministration of the New Morning Water from an evangelist and the mountain was removed at last by the Spirit of the living God, in Jesus’ name.

Since his deliverance, good tidings have been coming his way. His project is already on the table of the Lagos State Government and at the stage of final approval. A creditor who had been running after him has called to say that he has confidence in him, hence, he should take his time to settle the debt. More so, he has just received a huge monetary compensation for his involvement in the sale of a property.

During his testimony, Mr Oladunjoye revealed how his life has taken a glorious turn since his deliverance. He now sleeps peacefully and has been prayerful and faith-filled like never before. The light of God is shining ravishingly in his family. He had an enlightening advice for people all over the world, “There is God here in The SCOAN. Believe in God. Do not listen to naysayers out there concerning this place”, he concluded.


Ms Cecilia Gabriel was born into an idol-worshipping family and had participated in several masquerade festivals in her village. When she clocked 17, she was initiated into the masquerade cult and was told she would serve the idol after a ritual was performed on her using the blood of a goat and a fowl. After her initiation, the witchdoctor that presided over the demonic process whispered into her ear, saying she would begin to hear from the idol from time to time and would never get married.

During her initiation, she had been given beads which were to serve as the sources of her power. The witchdoctor had told her that she could use the beads to do whatever she desired. She was also empowered to use the beads to communicate with the idol and to destroy men, especially married men and politicians. On the instructions of the idol, Cecilia left her family and rented an apartment where she began to practice her demonic calling.

Whenever she had the beads on her head, no man could resist her, no matter how highly placed he was. Many married men had fallen victim to her evil caprices to the extent that the wives of some of them called, threatening her. She was never perturbed as she saw the threats of those frustrated wives as the rantings of ants. After all, she had powers to do and undo and had wrecked many homes with her demonic wand.

She was not afraid to confront those complaining wives. She even gave them her address and challenged them to come down for fights which she always won, leaving them with bloodied heads. She made a lot of money from married men whom she used her evil powers to manipulate. Many unsuspecting persons, especially women, were also initiated into her cult after they had eaten at her parties. Such women would end up flirting and messing around with men.

Cecilia recounted how she had been given a ride by a giant man who later turned out to be her spirit husband. He had given her a chain of beads as a gift. She would no longer see the man physically aside his constant dream visits during which he would have sexual affairs with her. The first time the family idol appeared to her, he told her that he was 3000 years-old. As a proof of his weird longevity, his hair and beard were sweeping the ground.

Most of the money she made went on alcohol and other frivolities. People around her started questioning the source of her money because they knew she was not working. Her evil covenant with the idol would soon hit the rocks as she became fed up with the kind of life she was living. In search of help, she had gone to many places but the demon was not willing to back down.

She would receive serious beatings in her dreams while voices kept threatening her. It was at her uncle’s home that she encountered Emmanuel TV and decided to run to The SCOAN for help. She was finally delivered after receiving the anointed touch of Prophet T.B. Joshua. The evil spirit was engulfed by the fire of the Holy Spirit and was forced to confess all the harm it had done to her life. In the end, the Host of Heaven triumphed over the kingdom of darkness as Cecilia is separated from her evil past, in the mighty name of Jesus. She testified last Sunday, adding that peace has since returned to her life. She is no longer having nightmares and has since made the Word of God the standard for her life. “Despite the magnitude of your problem, run to God”, she advised.


Lieutenant Colonel Onoja Joshua had been waiting for his promotion for some time and had been a victim of a differed promotion in the past. In order not to allow what happened in the past to repeat itself, he got the Morning Water, fasted and prayed for his promotion which was due for 2017 but had, once again, been differed to 2018. Refusing to accept another setback in his promotion, the Nigerian soldier intensified his prayers, ministering the Morning Water and placing the Good Morning Stickers in strategic places.

Suddenly, the decision by the military authorities to differ their promotion was rescinded and when the promotions were made in October 2107, he was elevated to the rank of a Lieutenant Colonel. His elevation came with improved conditions of service and a better salary package. Aside his promotion, his drinking and smoking habits have since stopped as he continued to minister the Morning Water.

His pregnant wife who was overdue for delivery and who had previously lost a child, also delivered a healthy baby boy after he had prayed and ministered the Morning Water on her behalf, in Jesus’ name. He testified last Sunday, thanking God for manifesting His glory in his life through the medium of the Morning Water. “Many things have changed after I started using the Morning Water; it is truly Jesus Christ in action! I have come to realise that God is here”, he added.


Due to her poor background, Blessing had taken to hawking to be able to help herself and her family. While hawking on the streets one fateful day, she had run into a woman who promised to take her off the hassles of street life and into a new life of enjoyment. Enticed by the offer, the young woman, together with a fellow hawker, decided to jettison their hawking business to follow the woman. Their collective dream of promised success soon turned out to be hell in disguise. Blessing and her friend soon realised that they were being sold into prostitution after they were taken to a location in Lagos and handed their kits – a set of skimpy dresses and condoms.

Blessing’s phone was seized all in a bid to keep her incommunicado from the world outside. Initially, it was hard to believe but she would soon have the shroud of innocence ripped off her young mind as she began to do the bidding of her madam, sleeping with men and making returns to the heartless woman. The first night was the hardest for her as she would soon adapt to the ungodly business, albeit with traces of displeasure always registered on her young face. At a time, men stopped patronising her because of her unhappy looks – a sign that she was doing the illicit trade under psychological duress. Most of the time, the proceeds from her runs never got to her; her madam had a way of collecting them directly from her customers.

When it fully dawned on her that she had actually been sold and would have to triple the price of her purchase before she would be allowed to leave, Blessing broke down in tears. Somehow, she was able to escape from her madam’s evil grip only to hook up with some ladies who introduced her into the next level of prostitution. This time, she was tutored on how to play the game professionally by hanging out at clubs rather than parading in the front of street-side hotels as local prostitutes do.

It was at a club that she met a guy who encouraged her to stop her wayward life, promising to assist her financially so she could enrol in school while doing trading. The guy lived true to his promise, helping her to return to school to write her Senior Secondary Certificate Examinations. After sitting for the exams and having settled the man, she returned to square one, losing almost everything and finding it difficult to survive. During this time, she also had health challenges and nightmares.

When she returned home to narrate her experiences to her family, her mother took her to a herbalist who declared categorically that she was a queen who was supposed to be serving a particular idol. According to the herbalist, she would have been better off if she had served the idol and therefore, the only panacea for her precarious condition would be a fetish covenant. After parting with some borrowed money, she was initiated in a river and was forced to drink all sorts of concoctions.

She was also handed the following tough conditions of service to the idol: she must not get married; she must not eat any creeping animal that lives in water and she must not sleep with any man during the day. Aside from those conditions, was the fact that she had already been married to a spiritual husband who slept with her at will in her dreams. After the conditions were given to her, she was taken to a room and shown people’s destinies turned up-side-down due to their failure to fulfil the obligations to the idol which had helped them when they had serious needs. She was also warned about any future encounters with a man of God with a threat that she would either run mad or die if she backs out of the covenant.

After her initiation, things became worse for her. Even the prostitution business became dry as the spiritual husband always intercepted every move she made to better her lot. Men who tried to start a relationship with her after viewing her profile on dating sites, would suddenly drop the idea. In her first encounter with Emmanuel TV, Blessing vomited profusely. During another encounter when she prayed with Prophet T.B. Joshua on Emmanuel TV, a nagging fibroid was expelled from her womb.

Those two miraculous experiences encouraged her to come to The SCOAN for her deliverance. Blessing received her deliverance after Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for her, in Jesus’ name. That power-packed touch sent both her family idol and the spiritual husband out through the precious blood of Jesus Christ. Her dirty past was washed away and her life restored by the Spirit of God. She testified rather emotionally to her new-found grace in Christ Jesus, adding that the days of nightmares and sickness were over. She advised youths to be careful in the choices they make, stressing that all that glitters is not gold.