THE POWER OF PRAYER - The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations - SCOAN - Prophet T.B. Joshua (General Overseer)


The atmosphere radiated the ubiquitous presence of the Most High. The continual outpouring of His enduring mercies and grace found expression in the soul-lifting melodies of The SCOAN Choir. Children of God from different continents gathered together to worship their Father in Heaven with their hearts full of expectation. The floodgates of Heaven are always open to God’s children, to shower them with abundant blessing, breakthrough, healing and deliverance.

Prophet T.B. Joshua spearheaded the onslaught against the kingdom of darkness as he led the Mass Prayer in full throttle, crushing every infirmity, yoke or affliction that stood in between the children of God and their beautiful destinies. The intensity of the session could be felt as multitudes received instantaneous healing and deliverance, in the mighty name of Jesus. Every demonic deposit into the lives of God’s children were expelled by His anointing.

The evangelists added to the misery of satan and his agents as they ministered the New Morning Water to congregants. It was a moment of positive pandemonium as evil spirits embarked on a massive exodus out of the lives of their victims when they could no longer stand the hotness of the fire from above. The testimonies that followed demonstrated the fact the power of prayer is inestimable in the life of a true Christian.



As a health worker who was supposed to look after other people, Mrs Patricia Touba was ironically the one who needed help the most. The Liberian national had been suffering from inability to walk due to cervical and lumbar spondylosis as well as numbness of the legs. The problems made life very difficult for her as she almost gave up on her job due to the challenges that the ailments had brought into the picture. Most of the hospitals she had visited recommended physiotherapy but the procedures failed woefully.

Resorting to the use of a lumbar corset, Mrs Touba also consumed a lot of painkillers, trying to carry on with her job. She wanted to live as healthily and happily as every other human being and so, her longing for a permanent solution would soon yield fruit through an acquaintance who had visited The SCOAN years back.

While attending a seminar in Norway, she had run into a lady who told her about The SCOAN. As she visited the Arena of Liberty, she received her healing during the ministration of the New Morning Water by the evangelists. The anointing in the New Morning Water brought life back to all dead areas of her body, energizing them to function with renewed vigour and vitality, in the mighty name of Jesus. In less than five minutes, the health worker who had been rendered a health emergency rose to her feet and walked.

Thanking God during her testimony in company of her equally elated daughter, Mrs Touba exhibited great strength and wellness. She instantly expressed her ability to do those things which she could not do before now. “My mum’s problem was a big burden for me because she could not do anything. I am so happy that she received her healing. I am not worried about her now,” said her daughter. Mrs Touba had the following advice: “Trust in God; with Him, all things are possible.”


Before she ran to The SCOAN in search of healing, her life had been like that of the Biblical fig tree whose appearance was a sad concealment of its hopeless state. In her beautiful attire, no one but God knew that Mrs Dorothy Bello was carrying a burden in her heart. Her dream of bearing a child had been threatened for so long due to ceased menstruation – a condition that had taken a huge toll on her self-esteem and confidence.

After several failed efforts to unravel and demystify the cause of her problem, the Nigerian decided to visit The SCOAN. On her way to the church, she had prayed to God to have mercy on her, adding that she needed a sign to confirm that her healing took place in the Arena of Liberty. When the ministration of the New Morning Water began, the Holy Spirit arrested the cause of her problem. As the evangelists ministered to her in Jesus’ name, the evil spirit in her manifested.

I made her not to bear fruit; I caused her barrenness for many years because they sold her to me and she refused to serve me. She runs to God and I am tormenting her. Up and down – when she thinks she’s going up, I will bring her down. I destroyed everything about her; I did it…”, revealed the evil spirit. With the fire of the Holy Ghost taking control of her entire body, the demonic roadblocks in her stomach were shattered as she felt some queasiness. In a matter of seconds, the evil spirit was exterminated by the great blaze from Heaven.

When she stood up from the ground where she had fallen, under the influence of the anointing, Mrs Bello discovered that her long-sought treasure which had been hijacked by satan had been released by fire and force. Her menstruation instantly began flowing to the glory of God. Happy and hopeful for better things ahead, Mrs Bello testified last Sunday. She was overwhelmed with joy as she celebrated the restoration of her pride as a woman, adding that the miracle was so exciting that she forgot to eat. “Stay true to God; He will restore your hope,” she advised.


Ms Sigrid Held came to The SCOAN with a trilogy of problems, namely: – hearing loss, ovarian cyst and swollen knees. She had been using hearing aids for the past twenty-five years because she found it extremely difficult to hear whatever people said to her. She came to The SCOAN to seek God’s face after all efforts to fix the problems medically, proved abortive. She received the ministration of the New Morning Water and that was it!

The miracle was instant after the ministration of the New Moring Water as the German started hearing without the hearing aids. Also, the ovarian cyst and swollen knees disappeared through the power in the blood of Jesus. Speaking about her healing, Ms Held said: “I believed I would be healed if I came to The SCOAN because I saw a similar case being healed on Emmanuel TV… I knew when I came here that I would be healed and I thank God for healing me.”

Continuing, she added, “When I saw the miracles happening on Emmanuel TV, I knew God was here and that I would be healed.” She testified last Sunday, stressing that her healing was totally free whereas she had previously spent huge amounts of money going from one hospital to the other. She had words for people all over the world: “I advise all to focus on Jesus. At God’s time, you will receive your healing.”


The x-ray of his fractured bone was very graphic and left many wondering how on earth such a fracture could be fixed. Corporal Desmond Abane had been involved in a fatal motor accident which claimed the life of the person sitting next to him. After surviving that accident, albeit with a terrible fracture, the Ghanaian had been in severe pain. He had spent a fortune going from one native orthopaedic home to the other with no improvement in his condition.

Permanently forces to depend upon a pair of crutches, the soldier barely managed to stay alive. There were times when he would fall even with the crutches. He could no longer function as a soldier. Even to have his bath was a problem. The pain, anguish and inability to walk became part of his life until he had a dream encounter with Prophet T.B. Joshua. In that dream, he received prayers from the man of God which triggered hope in his heart and assuaged his despondent emotions.

Exactly one year later, Corporal Abane received his healing right inside the church auditorium after Prophet T.B. Joshua laid his anointed hands on him. The healing occurred within minutes and could only be described as a miracle.

The corporal testified last Sunday, thanking God for locating him through the anointed hands of Prophet T.B. Joshua. He is now fit and full of energy to the glory of the Almighty Healer. He had a simple word of advice to strengthen the belief of viewers in the wonder-working power of God: “Believe in God and have faith in Him for with Him, all things are possible!”



In search of a solution to her dwindling business fortunes, Refiloe, a single mother, consulted a witchdoctor who influenced her into becoming one. The witchdoctor enticed her with fake revelations concerning her destiny. One of such revelations was that she was supposed to be a sangoma (witchdoctor), healing people and acting as a medium between them and the gods. Refiloe was soon initiated after parting with a huge sum of money. The first phase of her initiation involved the slaughtering of a chicken with which she appeased her ancestors and informed them of her intention.

After the initiation, came the phase of training. During the training, the South African was taught how to read the bones and use charms for different purposes. When it was time for her to graduate, she was taken inside a river where a goat was slaughtered and the blood given to her to drink. After graduation, she returned home to continue the demonic practice. The whole practice was full of animal sacrifices. Sometimes, she would communicate with animals, begging them to help her accomplish some tasks.

Deep down in her heart, Refiloe knew that she was just wasting her time and energy on a practice that yielded nothing positive. Many times she consulted other sangomas to help her whenever she experienced a stalemate in her divinations. The more she consulted for people, using the demonic medium of evil spirits, they more she became unfulfilled as they would always come back to complain of more problems. It was just a vicious cycle of evil. There was no peace in her life as she was confused and frustrated.

One day, she had a dream in which she was instructed to go for a special training inside the ocean for two years. She feared for her safety and started questioning the integrity of the practice. Psychologically-unsettled, she resorted to heavy drinking and cigarette-smoking. More so, she was only attracted to women and had no feelings for men. Her first encounter with the power of God happened one day when she visited an acquaintance after getting seriously drunk.

She found the Morning Water in her friend’s house, drank a portion of it and returned to her house. The next morning, she discovered that every iota of drunkenness had disappeared from her system. That very day, a new era dawned in her previously warped consciousness, making her see the need to come closer to the source of that very power she had experienced through the medium of the Morning Water. After making the necessary arrangements, she came to The SCOAN.

Her deliverance was dramatic as the sangoma spirit that had been the sole occupant of her life manifested during the ministration of the New Morning Water by the evangelists. The malicious demon revealed all it had done to her life: “I have destroyed her family; the family is useless. All of them are useless; I destroyed them. She has nothing now; she is a drunkard. She is my wife; she is my woman – I made her useless”. Through the power in the mighty name of Jesus, the evil spirit was sent packing as Refiloe fell to the ground in submission to the superior anointing from Heaven.

During her testimony, she remembered with utmost regret how she had ignorantly allowed herself to be used by satan. Expressing her passionate desire to continue walking in the light of God, she demonstrated her new-found distaste for the things of the flesh as she openly destroyed a packet of cigarette which had been one of her costliest treasures. Thanking God for her deliverance, she had a word of advice for people all over the world: “Jesus is the only way to peace. Run to Him and you will be saved.”



Mrs Chiamaka visited The SCOAN last year with a load of problems, all the way from Sweden. She was depressed and had suicidal thoughts which threatened her academic pursuits. The main cause of her problems was that her son was taken into custody by the Swedish government.

During her visit to The SCOAN, she had received words of prophecy from the man of God, concerning the nature and root-cause of what she was going through. The man of God prayed for her and gave her the Morning Water as the matter was about to be heard in a court in Sweden. Returning to Sweden, Mrs Chiamaka continued to pray and minister the Morning Water, calling on God to intervene.

Many people, including her lawyer had almost given up, stressing the fact that it was difficult to win such a case, as it was between her and the government. In the face of all dark clouds of doubt, fear and despair, the mother continued to minister the Morning Water each time the case was heard in court. She kept her faith alive with prayers and meditation, touching the screen of her TV whenever Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed on Emmanuel TV.

In a 2017 judgement, amidst all the fears and doubts, Mrs Chiamaka’s faith surmounted all the discouraging realities as the case was ruled in her favour and her son returned to her custody.

During her testimony last Sunday, she thanked God for saving her from emotional breakdown, depression and suicide using the prophetic word as well as the medium of the Morning Water. Aside from the return of her son, she has also since successfully completed two master’s degrees and is doing excellently well to the glory of God.