POWER FROM ABOVE - The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations - SCOAN - Prophet T.B. Joshua (General Overseer)


The power from above reigned supreme as the children of God gathered at the Arena of Liberty to seek the face of their Heavenly Father. The Sunday service witnessed a radical demonstration of God’s power and an outpouring of His Spirit on congregants. Prophet T.B. Joshua led the Viewer’s Prayer, taking authority in the mighty name of Jesus to unleash the anointing on every yoke and infirmity. The session was intense as the Holy Spirit broke all barriers of afflictions in the life of God’s children. “I command healing on you, in the name of Jesus. I command deliverance upon you in the name of Jesus! I command blessing on you in the name of Jesus!”, he prayed.

In his message, POWER FROM ABOVE, Evangelist Gbenga urged Christians to embrace God’s power, adding that it is the only thing that can guarantee His blessings in their lives. “It is God’s power working in us that produces healing, salvation and all of God’s blessings”, he said. Citing the Biblical account of how the apostles received power when the Holy Spirit came upon them, he observed that Jesus never commissioned anyone to witness for Him without power – power to know God’s opinion about yourself,


stressing that Christians are designed to act with God.

We are created to be sons and daughters of God with power”, he continued, insisting that when God’s children pass through difficult situations, such situations may be to reform them and keep them for another level in life. He captured the scenario succinctly – “In our walking with the Lord, there are good times and hard times alike.” He however added that those whom God calls for any service, He makes them fit for it.

He also reminded congregants that the power from above is still available and that the age of miracles has not passed just as the Miracle Worker is still alive and His name is Jesus Christ. The choir gave the message a musical boost as they sang: There is power in the name of Jesus Christ. There is blessing, healing, deliverance, salvation in the name of Jesus. Evangelist Gbenga’s conclusion was a candid corroboration of the choir’s song. “Not only does the name of Jesus bring healing, deliverance and blessing, it is the source of our salvation”, he said.



The last four years of Mrs Emeribe’s life were engulfed by pains that had stunted her ability to do anything productive for herself and her family. Those were times of agony and debility as she could not walk but depended on her son for most of the house chores. She was taken to different places in search of solution; from hospital to native homes, none provided the much desired reprieve for the Nigerian from Imo State. She had arthritis and a dislocated ankle. Those two unfortunate scenarios made life a Golgotha of sorts for her.

Her nursing profession was dealt a terrible blow as she could no longer go to work. Her career was in the woods and she needed divine intervention to unhook herself from the callous pangs of infirmity. After many fruitless flights from hospital to hospital, Mrs Emeribe came to The SCOAN in company of her son and received her healing after four years of living an almost stationary life. Brought in a car and unable to even stand and walk into the church auditorium, the evangelist had to come to minister the New Morning Water to her right inside the car.

As the Ministration of the New Morning Water on her commenced, a spiritual operation ensued.  All the pains and muscular strictures that had kept her down for four years were undone by the power of the Holy Ghost. In a matter of minutes, her bones and muscles were refreshed and renewed by the breath of the Spirit as she took a bold step to walk on her feet, slowly and steadily, in the mighty name of Jesus. Her testimony last Sunday demonstrated the fact that God’s power is forever illimitable, no matter how long an infirmity lasts.

Her children also expressed immense joy for their mother’s healing. They were particularly elated that after so much agony, their mother can now live a normal life devoid of the pains and complaints that had characterised the past four years. Mrs Emeribe advised people all over the world in the following words – “Don’t give up; Jesus is alive!”


Mr Andrew Atta was on his way to work when he was involved in an accident that affected his spinal cord and left many parts of his body in very bad shape. Since then, he had been suffering from a stiff neck, numbness in his legs and waist and could not walk without aid. His wife had taken over the day to day running of the house as Mr Atta could not gather himself together to do anything due to the debilitating condition he had found himself in.

After undergoing an operation without any improvement, Mrs Atta decided that The SCOAN would be their last bus stop. The couple visited the church with Mr Atta using a walking stick and adorning a neck collar. During the ministration of the New Morning Water by the evangelists, Mr Atta’s case became a thing of the past as Jesus was brought onto the scene. Moments after receiving the ministration, the police sergeant who had been suffering the debility for three years, rose to his feet and walked.

Turning his neck freely, he thanked God for also dismantling the burden of a stiff neck that had made life very difficult for him. He testified last Sunday in company of his wife, stressing that God used the New Morning Water to turn his condition around to the glory of His name. Since his healing, the neck collar and walking stick have become useless to him. His once numb waist and legs have regained full life and are functioning at optimal levels now.






Multiple fibroids had stood in between her and the prospect of having a child of her own. On several occasions, doctors had warned that she would have to undergo an operation so that the abnormal growth would be removed as it posed a serious threat to her unborn baby. For ten years, it had been a tale of sadness and anguish for Mrs Favour Ifeanyi who had lost two pregnancies through miscarriages.

Mrs Ifeanyi was in dire need of an escape from that entanglement called multiple fibroids yet she had rejected her doctor’s advice for an operation. Her doctor had noticed that she was pregnant but that the unborn child was threatened by the abnormal growths which could stop the proper functioning of most of its evolving organs. Faced with the stark reality of either losing her unborn baby or remaining childless for the rest of her life, the Nigerian woman ran to God.

She visited The SCOAN in company of her husband and received the ministration of the New Morning Water. Receiving the New Morning Water in her mouth, something miraculous happened after she swallowed it. She felt a tumultuous movement in her stomach as the Spirit of God broke down all spiritual barricades that had prevented her from sustaining a normal pregnancy. As the process continued, something burst inside her body.

While vomiting blood-stained poisonous substances, Mrs Ifeanyi noticed blood coming out from her body – the multiple fibroids had been crushed by the Spirit of God. Since that time, she has been feeling the kicking of her unborn child – a development that had been hindered by the multiple fibroids for so many years. Testifying alongside her husband, she thanked God for lifting her out of a ten-year-old yoke that had made life miserable for her.

After the New Morning Water was ministered to me, the fibroids burst and immediately, the pain caused by the fibroids vanished…I felt something come out of my private part – the fibroid burst and I started bleeding… I could feel my baby kicking for the first time”, she told Emmanuel TV. She had the following advice for people all over the world – “God is the solution to every problem. Trust in Him.”


Mrs Irene Awusah came to The SCOAN with a troubled heart. For two years, she had found it very difficult to walk after sustaining an injury that had torn her knee ligament. Aside the pains, her social life was almost relegated to the dustbin of history. The Ghanaian resident in the United States of America had to leave her job as a nurse and lived having to depend on others. On many occasions, she had to be confined to a wheelchair to enable her to move from one place to another.

Life had indeed stopped smiling at her and had forced her to shed many a tear of anguish with no one to offer some consolation; not even the elite hospitals! The best they could do was to suggest an operation. Mrs Awusah rejected the idea of an operation point-blank, opting rather to exploit God’s mercy. In no time, she had attuned herself with Emmanuel TV. Building her faith in no small measure with the avalanche of wonderful testimonies day in, day out, she made up her mind to visit The SCOAN, stressing that her case would not escape the anointing.

With knee braces and on a wheelchair, the Ghanaian flew into Nigeria. She received her healing as the evangelists were ministering the New Morning Water to congregants, in the mighty name of Jesus. Minutes after she had received the ministration of the New Morning Water, Mrs Awusah discarded her knee braces and stood up to walk to God’s glory and power. She thanked God for proving Himself in her life when she needed Him most.

Elated and full of gratitude to the Almighty. She said, during her testimony: “I came to The SCOAN and the New Morning Water was ministered to me. I was healed and no longer need the knee braces. I feel relieved and light. I can lift and move my legs freely.” She also had the following advice for people all over the world – “God can use anything to heal us. Believe in God and you will be healed.”






Master Meshach Stephen had thrown his family into panic after he swallowed a cross pendant that got stuck in his little throat. He would not sleep but cry and vomit as the object caused a lot of pain and discomfort to the one-year-old. His distraught mother had sought the help of a local medicine dealer but all the man could do was to refer them to a hospital. Both mother and child shared the insomnia brought about by the sad development. By this time, Meshach’s feeding pattern had been grossly altered as he took only tea and liquids.


An X-ray would later show the cross pendant clearly hanging somewhere around his throat. The X-ray called for an emergency action lest the lad’s respiratory system be gravely affected. One thing Meshach’s mother feared was the idea of an operation which was estimated to cost four hundred thousand naira. After r

unning from pillar to post in search of a solution that never came, the Stephens brought their son to The SCOAN. After receiving prayers from Prophet T.B. Joshua, Meshach vomited and stooled at home.

His mother got an inkling that all was well when her son who could not take anything other than liquids, started eating solid foods. When his parents took him to the hospital for another of X-ray, it was discovered that the cross pendant that had been troubling their son was nowhere to be found. The power in the name of Jesus Christ flushed the object out of his throat, to the glory of God. Mr and Mrs Stephen testified last Sunday to the goodness of God in their life. They thanked God for saving their son from pain and discomfort. “No matter the challenges of life, God is there, seek Him”, they advised.


When she was nine years-old, an apparition had appeared to her in her room. That apparition came in the form of a fair girl of the same age and revealed that she was her second self, residing in Texas, USA and promising to bless her with riches, if only she would follow her instructions. At age eleven, a tall giant man also appeared to her and introduced himself as the owner of the universe. He had come on a mission – to spell out her assignments which included seducing and destroying men and women through sexual intercourse and initiating them into a demonic kingdom that thrived on destruction.

After losing consciousness as a result of the giant man hitting her on her head, young Judith woke up and found herself in a hospital where she was told by her mother that she had spent two weeks there. Her life would take an entirely new turn since then. She suddenly became heartless and discovered that she had powers in her eyes and tongue. Anyone, man or woman, who dared to look into her eyes became seduced and would not resist her until they had sexual intercourse with her. Through that demonic medium, she had destroyed destinies, homes and marriages.

In her dreams, she usually appeared as a man while many different women came to have sex with her. Most of the women she had slept with in the dream became wrecks in real life. Either they became barren or they could not get a man to marry. Others became wayward while some got possessed with the spirit of lust. Some of those women also approached her physically. More so, anyone who tried to copy her hairdo or dressing style ended up having problems. She had rendered many men useless, making them unable to get married ‘til date.

I had power in my mouth and heart that were very destructive”, she continued, adding that whenever she cursed a person out of provocation, that curse must come to pass in the life of that person. She also revealed that once she was made to shed tears by anyone, that person would encounter serious problems in life, including death. A girl who once lied against her, died five days later. Two other men who had stepped on her toes kicked the bucket mysteriously after five days. The reason was simple – the demon in her was so ruthless that it was always looking for souls to devour.

She had also dealt with some fake men of God who masqueraded as angels of light, using the discerning powers given to her by the evil spirit. Judith was a man in the spirit world and was somewhat unconquerable. She never believed any man could withstand her powers until she came across Prophet T.B. Joshua on Emmanuel TV. She described the man of God as a huge giant covered with clouds of fire in the spirit realm. It was that overwhelming nature of Prophet T.B. Joshua that inspired her to come to The SCOAN in search of a permanent deliverance. At last, the bulldozer herself was bulldozed by a superior power!

Judith received her deliverance right in the presence of her husband. The evil spirit in her had tried to put up a fight but the anointing in the life of the man of God was too hot to handle. “I am lucifer. I am the ancient dragon; I am the king of forests. I am the king of darkness. I am the queen of the universe. I am total destruction and I am setback… I came to destroy, to kill and to steal”, cried the evil spirit as the fire of the Holy Ghost raged in the environment.

Groaning like a wounded dog, the manifesting demon was cast out as Prophet T.B. Joshua laid his anointed hands on Judith, in the mighty name of Jesus. Rising from the ground on which she had fallen, Judith discovered that her ceased menstruation which had lingered for years, had been restored by the power of Jesus. Judith testified in the company of her husband last Sunday. The couple thanked God for restoring peace to their marriage. Her husband also corroborated the fact that his wife is now a completely changed, beautiful and better woman.


Forty-three-year-old Chidinma had lived all her life in the prostitution world. The problem started after she had a dream encounter in which a strange man had sex with her. Since that day, her life had not been the same again. The spirit of prostitution ensured that she never completed her secondary education as she would always abscond from school to hook up with bad friends at clubs. She soon became addicted to the illicit trade and would jump from bed to bed without the minutest level of caution.

She had traversed the length and breadth of Nigeria and the west African sub-region, selling her body to men and thinking it was just a normal thing to do. She had also survived many fatal accidents in the process of those immoral journeys. Chidinma started doing drugs along the line; she smoked marijuana and sniffed cocaine.

During one of her ill-fated prostitution trips, she was shot by armed robbers and landed in the hospital. The Nigerian would not be discouraged by the setback. She left the hospital and headed to the house of that customer whom she was going to see before the armed robbery attack. Chidinma had lived all her life in the brothel until she visited The SCOAN last Sunday. She received her deliverance, in the mighty name of Jesus through the medium of the New Morning Water.

As she received the ministration of the New Morning Water, the evil spirit in her revealed all the harm it had done to her life. That wicked spirit was cast out as the anointing took over the entire atmosphere, forcing her entire spirit, soul and body to succumb to the mighty power from Heaven. As the evil spirit left her, Chidinma fell to the ground in total surrender to the Spirit of God. She gave her testimony last Sunday, thanking God for rescuing her from three decades of a wasted destiny.

Shining in the light of a new life, Chidinma is no longer a slave to the spirit of prostitution. Her dreams have changed as she no longer encounters that strange man who always came to defile her spiritually. Ever since her deliverance, she has been sleeping peacefully. She had this advice for people all over the world – “The New Morning Water is a spiritual bomb. Trust in God.”



Mr Valentine Abazie seeking greener pastures, decided to travel to Libya in order to cross over to Europe. Getting to the North African Nation, he did not have enough funds to cross over the Mediterranean Sea, so he decided to start working to raise the capital. During his stay there, he met a woman, also from Nigeria and they started a relationship. The lady used to communicate to her family in Nigeria through his phone and she had told them about him.

One day, the lady was taken to the shore to cross over in a boat. Valentine said he would see her in Italy and they would start their lives there as a couple. However, her boat capsized and she was only lucky to survive the shipwreck. When she got back to land, she found Valentine and the two started living together. As their relationship continued, the lady became pregnant for him. When she got to six months pregnant, they wanted to cross but the weather was so bad, the traffickers said it was too dangerous for them to try and they had to wait.

When the lady was eight months pregnant, her time came to deliver but not being a legal citizen in Libya, she had no access to proper medical care and eventually spent three agonizing days in labour before Valentine was able to contact the traffickers who helped take her to hospital. The doctors said she had to deliver the baby by operation and she was taken to the theatre. Tragically, she never made it out of the theatre. With her dying breath, the last thing she did was behold the face of her son for the first and last time.

Heartbroken and confused at hearing the news, Valentine didn’t know what to do next and began to struggle to get help to take care of his new baby as the body of his girlfriend was taken to the mortuary pending funds for a burial. He met another lady named Cherish, who helped him take care of the newborn baby. Not long afterwards, Valentine and Cherish were arrested and with no documents to prove themselves, were taken to prison and finally, deported back to Nigeria.

Not knowing who to turn to or where else to go for help, Valentine came to The SCOAN to seek for solace, having heard how the man of God and the church had been taking care of deportees from different countries. Arriving at The SCOAN, he was part of the group of deportees that were given 2.2 million naira by T.B. Joshua and the Emmanuel TV Partners that week to establish themselves and help them to go home and start their lives over. There, Valentine shared his problem to the open ears of the evangelists. When the information got to Prophet T.B. Joshua, the man of God took action and by the grace of God was able to locate the mother of the lady who died in Libya, inviting her to The SCOAN. Mrs Esther Okonkwo and her younger daughter Chinonso came forward to meet Valentine and the baby. This was the first time Valentine had seen the mother and sibling of the mother of his baby. Mrs Esther Okonkwo, stooped to pick up the handsome baby boy from the arms of the girl who had been helping Valentine care for him and sat down weeping softly. She said that when her daughter told her she wanted to travel, she had told her to wait as she didn’t have the money to pay for her to go. She thought her words had been heard but it turned out they only fell on deaf ears as a few weeks later, she received a call from the same daughter that she had already arrived in Libya.

Over a year later, her daughter was still in Libya, saying that she needed money to be able to cross the sea to Europe. Mrs Okonkwo advised her daughter to come back home if she was not able to cross but once again, her advice went unheeded.
Later the girl’s mother found out that she had met a man in Libya whom her daughter wanted to marry but before she knew it, the sad news of her daughter’s passing came to her bewildered ears. After that, she noticed that she no longer received communication from Valentine who used to contact her from time to time and began to wonder how she would go about seeing her baby’s daughter. Out of the blue, she received a call asking her if she knew a man called Valentine. When she replied that she had spoken to him on the phone but never met, the caller let her know that he had come to The SCOAN and that Prophet T.B. Joshua was inviting her to come to the church to meet him. That was how God Almighty made what seemed impossible possible in the life of this family.

Miss Cherish, the lady who had helped Valentine to take care of his baby in Libya narrated her story as a deportee. The 25-year-old graduate of Science in the University of Delta State revealed that when her brother told her he was taking nine people to Libya to travel overseas, she told her parents she was going and followed them on the journey. She had just submitted her final project but didn’t even wait for the results to come out before embarking on her trip. Unfortunately for her, as with most who travel illegally to other countries, life became very tough for her and she too was unable to cross over to Europe. Her time in Libya finally landing her pregnant before she too was arrested, put in prison and deported. Today, she has no idea where the father of her baby is and lamented that she never believed her life could wind up like this.

The lessons learnt by the deportees sounded a uniform word of advice: In life, wait for God’s time and do things in God’s way if you don’t want to end in bitterness, pain and frustration. After hearing the harrowing case, the evangelists made a reassuring proclamation that Prophet T.B. Joshua was going to meet the family and God who had used him to bring them together would take care of the families in the name of Jesus Christ.