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The ministration of the New Morning Water was the highlight of the Sunday Service. It witnessed an astounding display of God’s power over the kingdom of darkness. There were instantaneous healings, deliverances and testimonies. The SCOAN family also welcomed former FIFA World Footballer of the Year and leading contender in the recent Liberia presidential elections, Mr George Weah. Prophet T.B. Joshua insisted that the footballer-turned politician has not come to impose himself on his people but has come to seek the face of GOD because he loves his country. The man of God added that it is only God’s will that will abide and not the will of man.

My brother is here because he loves his country and wants God’s choice for his country. He wants to hear God’s opinion about his country. He is not here to impose himself. What does God say about his country, Liberia? What is God’s opinion? We are not witch-doctors; we are people of God. God’s choice is our choice… God’s opinion is what we should seek in our country. God is the Answer, the Final”, he said.

               PROPHET T.B. JOSHUA

In a short but deep message titled, “THE ORIGIN OF FAITH”, Prophet T.B. Joshua summarised the subject-matter in the following words: “Jesus speaks to us through the Holy Word. I simplified this to mean – His Word and His Spirit come together to become ‘Holy Word’. He speaks to us through the Holy Word – that is, His Word refreshes our heart; His Spirit renews our strength. Coming together, it becomes the Holy Word. Reveals His view concerning a certain matter and gives a promise. So, where does faith come now? Faith comes from such a promise. Without the promise of God, our faith is in vain. I mean, our faith is not real.”

Earlier Evangelist Ruth had admonished Christians to LET GO of their human faculties and follow the will of God, adding that it is the only way they can be partakers of His glory. “A Christian is called to do what is right even when it is contrary to what he naturally wants to do but the urge for what we see, hear, smell, taste and touch has led us to act out of character as children of God. To truly do God´s will, we first have to let go of our own.”

She summed up her message with the following words of advice: “To forget yourself is to forget your challenges, situation, worry and desire. If you don’t forget yourself, you cannot follow Jesus. Remembering yourself is serving two masters. When you sleep, your sickness sleeps – you don’t feel that pain. When you wake up, the pain starts. When you forget yourself, you have the ability to follow Jesus. What are you holding onto? Let Go!



Coming from a polygamous background, Miss Zainab Momoh’s life witnessed a lot of mysterious happenings even right from the time she was in her mother’s womb. Her mother was one of the seven wives her father married. The woman underwent a prolonged labour pain with Zainab’s pregnancy to the extent that a witchdoctor had to be consulted to ensure that the unborn baby and her mother came out alive. The witchdoctor advised that a dog should be buried alive in a cemetery as according to him, that was the only spiritual panacea to ensure that Zainab was born alive.

Three hours after that ritual was performed, Zainab was born. However, more problems reared their heads while Zainab was growing up. At the age of four, she was already having nightmares, seeing all sorts of strange people in her dreams. Her temperament was conspicuously abnormal even at that tender age and necessitated another consultation with the witchdoctor who advised that she be married off, adding that it was the only way to put an end to the nightmares and strange sights she came across in her dreams.

A wedding ceremony was soon arranged in which four-year-old Zainab was married to a boy of five years. After the wedding, she would spend seven days in her husband’s house before she was reunited with her parents. In spite of those rituals, Zainab’s life was overtaken by so many yokes – anger, rejection, hatred and disappointments. After her secondary school, while her parents were trying to process her university admission, she became pregnant for her boyfriend. That development dealt a serious blow to her aspirations.

Her pregnancy notwithstanding, Zainab went to school to study Accounting. After graduating from school, she got good jobs but would walk out on those jobs due to the spirit of anger that always pushed her to insult her superiors. The mysteries surrounding her life became more pronounced when in search of solution to her problems, she ran into the hands of fake prophets who took advantage of her situation to exploit her. A so-called prophet would rape her in his office after which he warned her never to divulge the experience else, she would lose her life. Depression soon set in and she started harbouring suicidal thoughts as life had lost its lustre in her world.

A purported flight to Canada in company of her boyfriend would finally land them in Ghana after they had perambulated around many of North Africa’s borders with Europe. In Ghana, Zainab got a job with one of the country’s leading banks but would not stay for long as the spirit of anger forced her to resign after angry outburst with her colleagues and superiors. In spite of all her efforts to be an amiable employee, she was disliked by many and that made her very unhappy and unsettled emotionally. Soon after she left her job, she went bankrupt. With financial crisis staring her in the face, she resorted to borrowing and soon became indebted to many.

To make ends meet, she had no other choice than to sell her body to survive. Possessed by the spirit of lust, Zainab messed herself with a lot of men in a bid to keep body and soul together. Her desire for God grew as she prayed along with Prophet T.B. Joshua on Emmanuel TV at any slightest opportunity.

Inspired by Prophet T.B. Joshua’s message on forgiveness, she mended fences with her father and thereafter returned to Nigeria after sixteen years of perambulating around Africa.

Zainab received her deliverance at The SCOAN, against all odds, during the ministration of the New Morning Water. The evil spirit that had been behind her predicament was cast out in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Since that fateful Sunday, she has been sleeping well and having creative ideas come into her mind. The anointing in the New Morning Water has brought absolute peace into her life as she no longer harbours anger and those suicidal thoughts. Advising women to wait on God for their husbands, she also urged people around the world to run to God as He is the only One that can save them.


Mrs Chidinma Gilbert had been in severe pains for a long time and had gone to a hospital where she was diagnosed with fibroids. The problem proved a serious burden as it made life very difficult for her. She could hardly do anything and spent most of her time, lamenting about the pains and rolling on the floor.

Her brother’s wife in the United States of America urged them to install Emmanuel TV cable in their home; she also sent them money to that effect. After installing Emmanuel TV, Mrs Gilbert and her husband continued to witness the awe-inspiring miracles God has been performing through The SCOAN. And so, with another financial assistance from her brother’s wife, the couple visited The SCOAN.

While Prophet T.B. Joshua was offering prayers for viewers all over the world, the anointing from Heaven moved all-round the auditorium, locating and dismantling yokes and afflictions. As the man of God commanded sicknesses and diseases out in the mighty name of Jesus, Mrs Gilbert discovered that blood was coming out from her body. The evil growths that had brought pains and lamentations into her life were melted and flushed out in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

It was a moment of great thanksgiving as she testified to her healing in company of her husband who also narrated the tough times he had faced due to his wife’s condition then. Thanking God for taking her pains away, Mrs Gilbert advised people to seek first the kingdom of God and trust in Him.


She had graduated with a First Class honours in her Bachelor’s degree and had been upbeat about getting a fully-funded scholarship for her master’s degree. Because she knew that there was no way she could ordinarily fund her Master’s studies, she had been very optimistic of a scholarship breakthrough. But her optimism was short-lived after her applications were turned down on two occasions. After those two failed attempts to secure a fully-funded scholarship for her Master’s degree, Miss Salwa Braima visited The SCOAN and received the ministration of the New Morning Water.

Having been fortified with the anointing that breaks yokes, she reapplied for the scholarship again and this time around, she was offered the long-sought but evasive fully-funded scholarship to study for her Master’s in Construction Project Management in a UK-based university. Being a male-dominated course, it was not a stroll in the park for her as she joined other students from different parts of the world in the United Kingdom for the Master’s programme.

Though the course was a difficult one, she always passed her exams through divine direction after she had ministered the Morning Water. At the end of her studies, Miss Braima came out with flying colours, obtaining a distinction. After her graduation, God has also blessed her with a very good job. During her testimony, the young Ghanaian said that the breakthrough was beyond her ability, adding that it was a mark of God’s grace upon her life. “Trust in God and He will be able to do it in His appointed time”, she advised.


Capitalising on the vacuum created by the divorce of his parents, Olumide absconded from home and pitched tent with a group of young men who specialised in cybercrime. He had dreamt of this same group and would later become one of their members. He was soon tutored in the act of cybercrime. The young Nigerian would latter specialise in online dating, using the profile of a beautiful woman to defraud men who were desperate to date women on the social media.

To make his fake profile look legitimate, he would claim to be an employee of the United Nations in Africa, creating fake proofs to convince his victims whom he would later defraud of various sums of money. Using the fake profile of a woman, he usually convinced his victims to send him money so he could join them wherever they were in the world. Whenever he received payment from his victims, he would have nightmares in which strange women would come to sleep with him. At some point, he was introduced to a herbalist by a friend. The role of the herbalist was to prepare charms that would boost his illicit business.

The more money he made the worse his life became. He also dabbled into pornography and started mingling with prostitutes and clubbing at the expense of his educational dreams. The idea of going to school was naturally strangulated out of his mind by his pursuit of the ephemeral pleasures of life. It got to a point that he could not give a good account of all the money he had made through defrauding people. Instead, all he could boast of was the fact that he spent them on frivolities. He even confessed to have spent the sum of four million naira on hotel accommodation.

After seven years of a wayward life, Olumide returned home to the warm embrace of his loving mother. A friend would also introduce him to Emmanuel TV. After seeing the great works of God through the anointed channel, he decided to come to The SCOAN where he was delivered through the ministration of the New Morning Water. His deliverance was a battle as the evil spirit manifested, revealing many sordid things it had done to the young man.

At the end of that power-packed deliverance, the evil spirit was sent packing as the Spirit of God took over the life of the young man who once used deception as a means of livelihood. Looking sober and remorseful for his past misdemeanours, Olumide begged for forgiveness from God and those whom he had defrauded in the past. “As I had been under the influence of satan for so long, I want to say I am sorry for what I had done in the past. I promise that will never happen again”, he said. He also had the following advice for people all over the world: “Not all that glitters is gold.”


Miss Nwuzor Chinaza had been bedwetting for seventeen years. The problem had already become a routine in her young life. All through primary and secondary schools, the aberration persisted and gave her parents a lot of reasons to worry. In order to avoid the disgrace that usually greeted her embarrassing episodes of bedwetting, the young woman from Nigeria usually avoided visiting friends and relations. She preferred to keep to herself, living a life of aloofness so that no one would discover the shameful ‘secret’.

Apart from the spirit of bedwetting, Chinaza was also possessed with the spirit of woman. She would find herself having affairs with fellow women as if it was a normal thing to do. The evil spirit behind those anomalies had deadened her senses so that she could no longer differentiate between what was morally right and wrong. It also afflicted her with the spirit of anger. She would vent her spleen at the slightest provocation. Her parents were very concerned, especially at a time when process for her university admission was almost nearing fruition.

Her parents decided to bring her to The SCOAN. Miss Nwuzor’s deliverance was panoramic as it revealed so much about the demon which had turned her life into a playground. As she received the anointed touch from Prophet T.B. Joshua, the satanic occupant of her soul spoke out as the fire of the Holy Spirit roasted the hell out of it. “I made her to sleep with other ladies. I entered her when she was five”, it cried out.

The mighty power from Heaven through the anointed hand of Prophet T.B. Joshua set her loose from the callous grip of the evil spirit as she landed on the floor. By the time she stood up, a new vista of life in Christ Jesus was already dawning on her as she raised her hands in the spirit of absolute thanksgiving. Nwuzor testified in company of her parents. She was full of joy and radiated a bright disposition, knowing that the spirits of bedwetting, anger and woman had all been crushed by the Holy Spirit.

I thank God for delivering me from the spirit of woman. After my deliverance, I do not have the spirit of woman anymore. I began to see it as bad”, she said. On their part, her parents had the following advice for people all over the world: “Parents, don’t be angry at your children as this kind of problem is a spiritual problem. We should seek God.”


Ms Gloria Shangase came to The SCOAN with virtually nothing. All her life’s achievements had been swept away by the flood of a misfortune that resulted from an accident in her factory in which lives were lost with many injured. During the investigation that trailed the unfortunate incident, her factory and whatever was left of it were repossessed and liquidated. For a woman whose children were once in one of South Africa’s highbrow schools, life nosedived to its lowest ebb. She became a beggar and grappled with the burdens of debt and homelessness.

Ms Shangase had been a squatter until her aunt introduced her to Emmanuel TV. Watching Emmanuel TV brought so much hope into her life as she marvelled at the great works God was using His servant, Prophet T.B. Joshua to do in the lives of multitudes from across the universe. The South African woman was inspired to visit The SCOAN even when she knew that she could not afford to fund the trip. Unperturbed by her insolvency, she resorted to borrowing money. But most of the people she approached laughed at her.

To them, Ms Gloria Shangase was the biggest clown of the century as they wondered why a woman who was homeless, cashless and whose children were out of school would borrow money just to visit a church in Nigeria. The mockery they made of her situation did not deflate her faith neither did it discourage her from the trip to Nigeria. At every instance, she had insisted that she was going to the arena of liberty where God would deliver her from all her troubles.

Ms Shangase’s coming to The SCOAN proved to be the turning point after she was blessed with the Morning Water. On her return to South Africa, she started ministering the Morning Water amid rigorous prayers together with her children. One day while she was asleep after prayers, the voice of the Holy Spirit spoke to her through Prophet T.B. Joshua: “If God had shut this door. He will surely open another for you. Change the focus now.”

After that encounter with the voice from Heaven, Ms Shangase stopped praying for the restoration of her factory and instead, registered a new training and development company. Her applications for funding received magnanimous responses and today, she is a multi-millionaire. The medium of the Morning Water brought a new dawn into her life as it took away the dark clouds of despair that had held her down. The wealth the devil had taken from her was restored to her in a hundred-fold, in Jesus’ name. The once homeless woman is now the owner of a massive building as well as a luxurious car.

Her children have since gone back to school and have been doing extremely well in their studies. Ms Shangase testified to the wonderful thing God has done in her life, adding that those who were mocking her in the past are now coming to her to seek advice. She is now deep in the study of God’s Word. For the transformation God has brought into her life, she had the following advice for people all over the world: “Focus and know that you cannot do things on your own.”


For six years, the problem of barrenness had rocked the boat of her marriage, making Mrs Pearl Elikem unhappy and psychologically depressed. She had thought the problem would be solved by doctors but her incessant visit to different hospitals ended as a wild goose chase. The social stigma attached to barrenness would haunt her as she would always feel inadequate whenever she saw other women with their babies. The problem was indeed a big blow to her psyche.

Mrs Elikem was later diagnosed with tubal blockage and ovarian cyst, problems that had defied all medical efforts to make her fertile. In the face of the stalemate, the Ghanaian and her husband visited The SCOAN and received the anointed touch from Prophet T.B. Joshua after a Sunday Service. When they returned to their country, Mrs Elikem felt some strangeness in her body. They had wanted to go for a pregnancy test but they later discarded the idea, believing that the miracle was already done.

After a while, husband and wife were gladdened with the confirmation of the pregnancy. Mrs Elikem would have a very peaceful pregnancy for nine months after which she delivered a baby girl. In gratitude to God for giving them the fruit of the womb, the couple gave their testimony last Sunday. Both Mr and Mrs Elikem were very joyful as she remembered the tough times they had gone through. She, however, had the following advice for people: “Put your hope in God. Focus on God. God who did it for me will also do it for you.”


Miss Healing Ogege was struck with a mental disorder. The problem was so severe that it defied all medical efforts. Whenever she received medication from any hospital, she became more violent that no one, not even ten men could calm her down. The entire family was thrown into confusion, most especially because they had had no known history of mental disorder. Healing’s case was later transferred to a psychiatric hospital but the story remained the same. Out of frustration and desperation, she was taken to a native healer in her hometown. There, she was usually chained whenever she became violent with all sorts of concoctions given to her to drink.

One night, Healing was found sleeping on top of a local well and would have fallen into it if not for the intervention of a neighbour who grabbed her off it and alerted her mother. In the ensuing pandemonium, a sister to the mother brought out the Morning Water and ministered it to her. Immediately the Morning Water was ministered to her, the evil spirit in her started manifesting.

The evil spirit revealed that that night would have been the last day on earth for Healing and her mother, if not that God came onto the scene through the ministration of the Morning Water. In a matter of minutes, Healing was healed of her mental illness as the so-called queen of the coast that had been tormenting her was cast out, in Jesus’ name.

Healing and her mother testified last Sunday amid loud ovations from congregants whose spirits were animated by their senses of humour. Thanking God for bringing her daughter back to her normal senses, Healing’s mother had the following advice for people all over the world: “Have faith in God and Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever.”



Mrs Asnakech Thomas came to The SCOAN with a hugely swollen stomach due to multiple fibroids. Told she needed an operation to remove the enormous growth, she had begun to worry when a good friend simply advised her, “Don’t go for an operation; go to The SCOAN”. When she came to The SCOAN, she received Morning Water ministration and was given a bottle to take home with her. As she continued to minister the Morning Water on herself at home, thick, smelly, creamy substances came out of her body. Before she knew it, her bloated painful stomach deflated and became normal again. Mrs Thomas presented two medical reports, one showing the position and diagnosis of the multiple large fibroids and the other report confirming that she was completely free with no trace of fibroids in her uterus.

A dairy and coffee farmer by profession, the grace of God began to overflow from her health into her business. Today, she is the only female coffee grower and direct exporter in Ethiopia with her own brand. She showed her internationally recognized export certificate and license. After receiving healing, being abundantly blessed, Mrs Thomas decided to train over 7,000 farmers under her employment. As a firm believer in empowering women, Mrs Thomas she testified that 80% of her workers are women. She upgrades them to a standard of international excellence and encourages them to open a bank account in order to receive their salary.

She advised the world to trust in God and the Lord who is rich beyond their dreams would surprise them beyond their expectation, in the name of Jesus Christ.


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