KNOW GOD AS CHILDREN KNOW THEIR FATHER - The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations - SCOAN - Prophet T.B. Joshua (General Overseer)


The power of God was too hot for the kingdom of darkness to handle during The SCOAN Sunday service that witnessed an immense outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon God’s children. Every aspect of the service pointed to one indubitable fact – the devil has lost the battle! Afflictions, yokes and infirmities were undone by the power and glory of God as witnessed during Mass Prayer and the ministration of the New Morning Water. Faith-building testimonies also poured in from different angles as satan and his agents were left to lick their wounds in an everlasting state of defeat.


In his sermon, Prophet T.B. Joshua admonished Christians to know God as children know their father, adding that our relationship with Him would be better off when we understand Him from that perspective rather than just knowing Him as a Sovereign Lord. “If you know God as children know their father, the more you are persecuted, the greater you are”, he said. The man of God further observed that when we know God as children know their father, His response to our requests will not disappoint but please us because we will always appreciate the fact that He does His things at His own time and pace for our ultimate good.





After his marriage, rather than live in love and harmony with his wife, Mr Kabesha took to heavy drinking and womanising. His alcoholic pursuits became more terrible by the day as he sometimes slept outside of the house, leaving his young marriage to suffer avoidable neglect. At a time, his house became a boxing ring of sort as his girlfriend’s caused internal turmoil.


In the face of those problems, the Zambian lived a life of absolute poverty as he could not afford to take care of himself and his wife. Though he was working and earning good money, he struggled to live a comfortable life because of his passion for alcohol and women. He lived from hand to mouth and could not save money. His bank once closed his account as it became dormant due to his inability to save.


Mr Kabesha knew that something was not right with his life and so, he decided to seek solution from different places. He had visited a couple of spiritualists who ended up swindling him of his hard-earned money, leaving him worse than he was when he consulted them. His problems continued until his wife brought the Morning Water to him. Ever since he ministered the Morning Water, his appetite for alcohol and woman have ceased!


After he had ministered the Morning Water, he had several encounters in dreams with Prophet T.B. Joshua as the man of God would pray for him. In one instance, he was able to come out from a ditch after the man of God provided a ladder for him. In another instance, he was notified of a coming breakthrough by the Holy Spirit after he had ministered the Morning Water. In a matter of weeks, after those dreams, his life took a turn for the better.


So far, he has completed his residential building just one month after ministering the Morning Water on the site. He has also completed a massive workshop project in which he has employed twelve people. God has also blessed him with an operational bus. He has risen from poverty to breakthrough and from affliction to elevation as his drinking and womanising maladies are no more, in Jesus’ name.


He testified alongside his wife, regretting how he had been a tool in the hand of the devil, making good money and wasting them on inconsequential things. Thanking God for rescuing him from a life of total waste, he radiated an excellent spirit filled with joy and peace of mind. For all God has done for him, he had an advice for people all over the world: “Couples – before you get married, seek the face of God for deliverance.”



Mrs Josephine Addo was flown into Nigeria all the way from Sweden after her plethora of ailments became difficult to treat for doctors in the European country. She had been battling with sleep apnea, lumbar spondylosis and difficulty in urinating and was using a body brace and a breathing machine.


The problems had made life very difficult for her as she could not do anything with her own strength. The doctors had even told her that she would have to use the breathing machine for the rest of her life. Apart from those problems, she also had depression and suffered from pains all over her body. Her children were worried at her worsening condition and feared her premature death but she kept believing that God would heal her someday.


Her discovery of Emmanuel TV changed the story of her life! Inspired by the level of anointing in the life of Prophet T.B. Joshua, she started watching the channel with unrivalled devotion. After visiting several hospitals and failing to get the much-desired results, she decided to come to The SCOAN. Mrs Addo received instant healing after she received the ministration of the New Morning Water from evangelists, in the mighty name of Jesus. Immediately she stood up, her breathing became normal while the body brace became useless to her.


Every ailing part of her body was healed and restored to its normal state through the power of the Holy Spirit in the New Morning Water. Thanking God during her testimony, she told congregants that she is now very fit and agile, adding that she no longer needs all the medication and medical support which she had depended on all the while. She testified to sleeping peacefully without the use of the breathing machine ever since her encounter with Jesus Christ at The SCOAN! “The New Morning Water is powerful. God will deliver you; run to Him”, she advised.



He was born into an idol-worshipping family and had witnessed the untimely death of many family members. The same fate was to befall him, according to a priestess who later carried out some fetish rituals on his body. Even though he did not die, his life nosedived from its promising trajectory to the abyss of disappointment. Soon, the trained lawyer struggled to survive. Most times, after handling cases, he would go without receiving payment. More so, his relationship with his loving mother deteriorated to an extent that they stopped seeing eye to eye.


Frustrated with the failings in his legal career, Mr Egbuna ventured into insurance brokerage and became chartered. Not satisfied, he also went into accounting and became chartered also. But in spite of all those prestigious qualifications, he found life very difficult and could not live above board financially. Worried about the state of things in his life and career, he visited The SCOAN and met with Prophet T.B. Joshua. The man of God gave him the Morning Water and a signed copy of the book of prophecies – WHAT THE FUTURE HOLDS.


Immediately he started ministering the Morning Water and praying with the man of God on Emmanuel TV, the hand of God began to work in his favour. First, his problem was revealed and resolved in a dream. He had dreamt of himself being locked up in his office with three padlocks only for Prophet T.B. Joshua to come and free him from that spiritual bondage. After that dream, the stagnation in his life has been displaced by an incredible career breakthrough  – the highest in his profession as a lawyer.


Since his visit to The SCOAN, he has also stopped having that nightmare in which a strange woman would come to sleep with him. The last time the strange woman came, she received the beating of her life. Mr Egbuna was among the thirty Nigerian legal practitioners who were recently conferred with the title of Senior Advocate of Nigeria by the Legal Practitioners’ Privileges Committee of the Supreme Court of Nigeria. By that title, he has attained the pinnacle of his career as a legal practitioner in terms of honour.


Moreover, the strained relationship between him and his mother has since been reconciled, bringing to the fore the fact that his destiny must have been tampered with by the so-called priestess who had foreseen and prevented his ‘untimely death’. The Nigerian from Anambra state attributed his breakthrough to his encounter with God through Prophet T.B. Joshua. During his testimony, he thanked God for lifting him from the valley to the mountaintop after many years of stagnation despite his great erudition and academic excellence.


Today, he stands with his faith reposed in God for making him an accomplished lawyer, chartered insurer and chartered accountant, against all odds. “I had the grace to meet Prophet T.B. Joshua at The SCOAN. That day, my journey became one of restoration. It was after I came to The SCOAN and received the Morning Water that I was sworn to the highest position in my profession as Senior Advocate of Nigeria”, he told Emmanuel TV.



Mr Oluwarotimi Festus had been experiencing strange movements in his stomach for five years and had visited different native doctors in search of solution. All his efforts ended in futility as there was no sign of reprieve from any quarter. While he felt so much discomfort as a result of the problem, his body also emitted an offensive odour akin to rotten meat. Having exhausted his options for solution, the Ondo state-born Nigerian decided to visit The SCOAN.


During the time of Mass Prayer, Mr Festus came under the overwhelming influence of the anointing and was forced to vomit the strange meat-like object that had caused commotion inside his body for so long. “God set me free last Sunday when the evangelists were praying. I felt as if hot water had been poured on me. I vomited the strange object. Now, I feel light and am free from the moving object”, he said.


During his testimony, he told congregants how the strange movement started after he had consulted a native doctor who prepared a concoction for him to eat when things were not moving well with him. But instead of the charm to bring about the positive change he desired, he ended up having worse problems, losing his source of livelihood and suffering strange movements inside his stomach.


Since his deliverance, he has been feeling very good and free. He told congregants how he has been seeing Prophet T.B. Joshua in his dreams, praying for him and giving him breakthrough keys. He advised people all over the world to come closer to God.



For seventeen years, she was not a happy woman. Her movement was somehow restricted on account of her inability to conceive. She always tried to avoid her in-laws because she knew they would definitely talk about her inability to have a child for their son. Whenever she saw a woman carrying a baby, she felt very bad. Mrs Adebayo had been diagnosed with womb disorder and barrenness and had visited many places in search of solution but nothing positive was forthcoming. Aside from hospitals, she had also consulted native doctors – all to no avail.


She visited The SCOAN, believing that God would put an end to her problems. The Nigerian woman received the anointed touch of Prophet T.B. Joshua as well as the Morning Water. When she returned home, she ministered it with her husband amidst prayers. In a matter of weeks, she became pregnant for the first time in seventeen years! Mrs Adebayo would later deliver a baby boy after nine months of a stable and peaceful pregnancy.


She testified in company of her husband, thanking God for granting her the fruit of the womb and recounting how she had suffered untold psychological hardship because of the problem of barrenness. She told congregants how she felt movement in her stomach and a very cold sensation all through her body immediately she received the anointed touch of Prophet T.B. Joshua. That sensation was surely a proof that the power of God was carrying out a divine operation inside her body. The result of that divine operation is now the object of her testimony. She advised people to come to Jesus, no matter the problems they are facing.



Miss Tina Odion had been suffering from severe pains around her abdominal region. The pains were so serious that they forced her to stop her catering job. Doctors would later diagnose her with fibroids. All her efforts to get a solution proved abortive until she visited The SCOAN. She actually came with a family friend who disclosed that he was sure she would get her healing as soon as she stepped her feet inside the church.


Miss Odion was in the congregation during the Mass Prayer led by the evangelists. As they commanded afflictions, infirmities and yokes out, in the name of Jesus, a drama happened inside her very body. The fibrous growths inside her womb were melted by the fire of the Holy Spirit as a substantial amount of blood gushed out of her body, bringing an end to the inglorious era of pains that had characterised her everyday life for fifteen years.


Thanking God during her testimony, the Nigerian recalled the horrible times she had to pass through in her battle with fibroids and how the abnormal growth affected her life in many other negative ways. She urged congregants and people all over the world to repose their trust in God as there is nothing impossible or too hard for Him to do.



Helen was three years-old when she lost her hearing after a malaria medication was administered on her. All efforts to restore her hearing failed. Not even the referral to the International Hearing Centre and the National Hospital in Abuja, Nigeria could help matters. The only thing doctors could offer was to recommend hearing aids. Even the hearing aids were limited in their efficiency as she could still not hear clearly.


In furtherance of her search for a solution, Helen’s mother was told that her daughter would only hear if she could afford a cochlear implant which was estimated at the tune of five million naira. That piece of information was in itself another suffocating reality for her mother who was by far financially incapable of funding such a procedure. Helen’s problem affected the family so much so that her younger sister had to drop out of school.


Helen’s teachers at school were already fed up with her low performance due to her inability to hear and thus, her dropping out of school was long overdue. When it appeared as if all hope was lost, a friend who had received a miracle from The SCOAN told Helen’s mother to come to the Arena of Liberty. Helen and her mother were at The SCOAN during the ministration of the New Morning Water.


Immediately the New Morning Water was ministered to her, the great anointing from Heaven detected her problem and uprooted it from its very foundation, in the mighty name of Jesus. For the very first time in sixteen years, Helen heard all that people said clearly. It was an exceedingly jubilant moment for mother and daughter who were moved to tears of joy. During their testimony last Sunday, Helen and her mother thanked God for using His mighty healing hand to turn their sorrows into joy. “In whatever situation, hold onto God. Trust in Him. Have hope in God; be steadfast and don’t relent in praying”, they advised.