THE WORK OF FAITH - The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations - SCOAN - Prophet T.B. Joshua (General Overseer)



The children of God were heralded into His presence with prayers and songs of praise and worship, laying the foundation for a Sunday service that turned out to be a stupendous demonstration of His mighty power in various ways. The ministration of the New Morning Water sent shivers down the spine of satan as his agents were bound and cast into the depths. Many received their deliverance and healing from stubborn yokes and afflictions, in the mighty name of Jesus.

The Mass Prayer was another ruthless attack on the kingdom of darkness. There was pandemonium as the Host of Heaven unleashed the fire of the Holy Spirit on satan and his demons. As the stronghold of darkness was being pounded with earth-shaking prayers, the children of God were counting their blessings through testimonies of breakthrough, healing, promotion and deliverance.


In his short but profound message titled THE WORK OF FAITH, Prophet T.B. Joshua urged Christians to apply into their lives the basic principles of the working of faith to enable them to access God’s blessings. “Faith comes when the Word prevails over the thinking process”, he observed. In other words, our absolute trust and belief in God must supersede human thinking before it can attract the level of divine response that we desire.

The man of God further said that God would not provide us faith without first giving us an evidence of that faith: “Any time God gives us faith, He gives us evidence of the faith.” He added that all God required from His children during prayer is an absolute trust in Him. “If what you are saying is to God, your prayer will be followed by absolute trust in God that He is working out the answer”, he said, adding that acts of faith are acts of self-surrender.

Concluding, he urged viewers all over the world to put their faith to work by praying along with him on Emmanuel TV, in the mighty name of Jesus!


In an earlier message titled REVIEW GOD’S TRACK RECORD, Evangelist Cindy called on Christians, especially those facing all sorts of temptations to reflect on God’s glorious ways with His children even when they find themselves in the eye of the storm. “Instead of crying and lamenting about your situation, begin to review God’s track record in your life. When you review God’s track record in your life, it will impart strength to move on and to have believing dependence upon God”, she reckoned.

She summed up her message with an encouraging nugget to the children of God who truly know and understand the glorious promises embedded in His track record. “Whatever situation you are facing, it is not a personal battle; the battle is of Jesus Christ and the winning is of God”, she concluded.




The water temperature was just right. Everything was just right that morning or so it seemed. Miss Tshegofatso Pada was just about to have a nice relaxing bath when suddenly, she slipped and fell heavily. Lucky for her she thought, her right arm broke her fall but that was not the end of the problem.

Realising something was wrong with her arm, she went to hospital where the doctors discovered her wrist had been dislocated in the fall. She was booked for an operation to reset the bone that week. However, during the operation, the bone cracked and fractured as the doctors tried to reset it and instantly, her wrist and hand became totally stiff. Now, unable to use her right arm, she was given a sling to support it from any further pain or damage. She had to begin to relearn how to live her life, being right-handed as she had to do everything with her left hand. Ordinary tasks she took for granted like dressing up, ironing, cooking and the like became irritatingly difficult to perform with only one arm. She could not write, grip or do anything useful with her right hand.

Fearing another operation, she decided to wait upon the Lord. Discovering Emmanuel TV, she was encouraged by the miracles she saw and planned to visit The SCOAN for her miracle. The ministration of the New Morning Water took place the day she was in the Sunday service. “As the New Morning Water was ministered to me, I heard a loud cracking in my wrist she explained and the usual unending aching stopped at once. She removed her arm sling and was able to raise her hand and rotate her wrist.

While being served dinner in the canteen, she reached out her hand to take the plate of food and went to sit down before it dawned on her that she had used her right hand to grip and carry the plate back to her seat! Laughing cheerily, she told the congregation how she started shouting in the dining room and calling people to come and see what God had done for her. Truly, she had been completely healed.

“Have faith and be patient enough. I believed one day, my healing would come and today it has; your situation will not escape God’s power and anointing if you remain patiently in faith” she advised.


Mrs Theresa Anavhe was diagnosed with arthritis and high blood pressure twelve years ago and since then, her life had been an avalanche of many complaints. She could not do anything at home to the extent that her husband hired people to prepare her meals. The problems took her to different churches in search of solution but all efforts did not avail much. She kept struggling with the ailments until her son convinced her to come to The SCOAN.

Mrs Anavhe visited The SCOAN and received the ministration of the New Morning Water. Her healing was instant as all the pains and difficulties she had felt in her body for twelve years disappeared immediately. Testifying in company of her son, the Nigerian jumped with great energy as she demonstrated the fact that her problems are over forever, in Jesus’ name. She thanked God for the instant miracle through the New Morning Water.

I no longer need these knee braces. I want to throw them away”, she told Emmanuel TV. She advised people all over the world to be prayerful, adding that they should have faith in God at all times.



Mrs Cecilia Oloh had suffered from a stiff neck due to cervical spondylosis and arthritis. The problems also affected her ability to walk and thus, she had to be given special socks by doctors to aid her in walking. Her case had been handled by doctors both within and outside Nigeria yet there had been no respite, at least medically for the sexagenarian. Her entire body was always hot while persistent headaches stole her every joy.

Her days were full of anguish and pains, mostly at nights when sleep usually became a scarce commodity in her life. Aside the discomfort, she also could not carry out most of the domestic chores she was used to. She depended on her children for support. For thirty years, the problem made life unbearable for her as she could hardly turn her neck. She had also consulted native healers but there was no improvement.

The Nigerian also went to different churches and underwent many deliverance sessions yet the problems remained until she encountered Emmanuel TV in her daughter’s house. She was moved by the messages and healings she watched on Emmanuel TV and insisted her daughter must take her to The SCOAN. Mrs Oloh received her complete healing after evangelists ministered the New Morning Water to her in the presence of her daughter.

Her stiff neck immediately became free, allowing her to turn and look sideways for the first time in thirty years. She was also able to walk without the special socks. Sleep has found its way back into her life. During her testimony, she demonstrated to congregants how free and healthy she is now through different exercises. Full of thanks to God, she advised everyone to put their trust in God, no matter the situation. She also added that God has a time for everyone.



Mr and Mrs Dominic Okwosi were experiencing hard times and stagnation in their business. When the Nigerian couple realised that their problem was not ordinary, they decided to start watching Emmanuel TV. Greatly inspired by the wonderful miracles on the anointed channel, they visited The SCOAN and received the Morning Water after Prophet T.B. Joshua had prayed for them.

Three days after their visit to The SCOAN, the hand of God began to manifest in their lives. Mrs Okwosi was granted a travelling visa after four years of waiting. She would also travel four times within that same year. The family’s business also started booming so much so that they were able to acquire plots of land on which they have erected buildings, including one in their hometown which many had said was not going to see the light of day because of a myth that suggested that no one ever started a building project in their hometown and completed it.

The Okwosis did it with God’s grace and against all odds, after ministering the Morning Water on the land. Since they became Emmanuel TV Partners and received the Believer’s Card from Prophet T.B. Joshua, breakthrough upon breakthrough has taken over their lives. Apart from the building they have erected for themselves, they have also erected a building for an old woman to lay her head, in line with the teachings of Prophet T.B. Joshua on extending helping hands to the needy, especially the elderly and vulnerable.

Mr and Mrs Dominic Okwosi testified to God’s goodness in their lives, displaying pictures of their buildings. They expressed gratitude to God for changing their lives within a very short period after they keyed into the anointing at The SCOAN. “Watch Emmanuel TV and believe in God. Become a partner of Emmanuel TV and you will receive breakthrough in your life”, they advised.



No one knowingly walks into a trap. There must always be a disguise, a camouflage to fool the prey. Every parent warns their children to beware of bad friends but for Glory John, the trap had already closed around her before she knew the danger she was in.

From her teenage years, Glory just did what all her friends at school did and to her, it was just a normal way of life. Friends at school gossiped and giggled about the latest celebrity scandals, so did she. Friends at school spoke about what they did at the weekends, so did she. Friends at school discussed the latest fashion and beauty trends, so did she. When the same friends turned to a life of vodka-drinking, tobacco smoking and club hopping, so did she.

“I discovered that once a man looked into my eyes, he was going to approach me for a date,” Miss John explained as she gave her confession of what the evil spirits had pushed her to do. “If a man approached me, the first thing they would say was they liked my eyes. From there, I knew what to do. All I wanted was their money; most of the time, I wouldn’t even like the type of men who came to me, yet I wouldn’t know how I would end up sleeping with them. By the time their money was in my hand, I would develop both a deep sense of regret for what I had done and a thick hatred for the man; I wouldn’t want to see him again”.

The spirit often told her that she was very beautiful and had come to the world for a luxury life which her parents couldn’t give her and so, she shouldn’t try to marry but just keep on ‘enjoying life.’ At first the wicked whispers seemed to make sense to her, yet it soon dawned on her that her behaviour was not normal when she only had married men coming to her for a date or to ask her to marry them.

The wayward lifestyle stole her focus and concentration and although she was a student of Accounting, she was unable to read and apply herself to her course as she ought to have.

Finally, when a young man proposed to her and she accepted, this brought about a violent backlash from the evil spirit within her which made her go to the extent of stabbing her fiancé with a knife over a non-issue. Eventually getting tired, the man abandoned her and she returned to the club life. The anger of the evil spirit now aroused against her, began to make her constantly depressed and try to commit suicide on several occasions. A milky discharge started coming from her breasts and every time she tried to sleep, even just taking a nap in the afternoon, the spiritual husband would come to her and make love, disturbing her sleep and leaving her feeling constantly exhausted.

Whenever she went for a job interview, men would want to sleep with her, making her to lose interest in the job. At a time, she got a job only to resign after her boss harassed her sexually. The evil spirit was behind the whole drama; it never wanted her to have a legitimate source of income.

As a last resort, her family realizing something was wrong with their daughter that she was not letting on, they brought Glory to The SCOAN where she received prayer from Prophet T.B. Joshua. Immediately brought into the light, the evil spirit that had propelled Glory into all kinds of waywardness was exposed and cast out of her forever. Testifying, Glory said she felt a wonderful calmness she had never experienced before since her deliverance. She sleeps soundly without any more demonic molestation, discharges or discomfort to the glory of God.

She advised young people watching her all over the world who may have found themselves in a similar kind of life that they should realise it was not normal; it was not really their desire and they should seek God’s deliverance from the spirit behind their bad habits. She had the following advice for people all over the world: “In whatever situation you are, there is a spirit behind it, seek the face of God.”




After losing her first child to the cold hands of death, Mrs Dangana discovered a sharp pain in her tummy. Getting to the hospital, she was diagnosed with multiple fibroids. Prior to the sad death of her first child, she had suffered several miscarriages and inability to conceive. And so, the diagnosis of multiple fibroids was like worsening an already terrible situation. Scared and confused, Mrs Dangana told her parents about the new development.

No wonder she had been experiencing difficulty whenever she wanted to bend or engage in any strenuous activity. The fibroids had affected her day to day activities and had been the gap between her and a child in her marriage. Without wasting time, the Nigerian visited The SCOAN and received the Morning Water which she ministered together with her husband in prayer. After several weeks, she became pregnant.

Her pregnancy brought so much joy that she did not remember she had ever been diagnosed with fibroids. She continued to minister the Morning Water with her husband until she delivered a baby boy. The Holy Spirit in the Morning Water indeed dried up the abnormal growth and enabled her to put to bed without any complaints or complications. Even the pains she had been having in her tummy disappeared, in Jesus’ name.

She testified alongside her father to the marvellous work God did in her life through the Morning Water. “After ministering the Morning Water, all the pains and symptoms associated with multiple fibroids disappeared”, she told Emmanuel TV. “Trust in God with all your heart. God is still doing miracles every day. Hold on to God firmly”, she advised.





Mrs Amadji had suffered from ceased menstruation for more than two years. As a married woman, the problem left much to be desired about her life and marriage. Knowing that the problem could lead to barrenness, she was not happy. She also experienced pains and discomfort all over her body, aside from the psychological agonies the problem caused. She had even consulted a gynaecologist who gave her some medication but the situation remained the same after she had taken the medication.

Mrs Amadji’s menstruation was restored after she had an encounter with Prophet T.B. Joshua. The man of God laid his anointed hands on her penultimate Sunday and immediately, her ceased menstruation started flowing. All the pains she had been experiencing all over her body also stopped. The Beninese testified last Sunday in company of her husband who was full of joy as his wife thanked God for the miracle. “Don’t give up and pray all the time. God will visit you in His time”, she advised.




Mr Sunday Joshua was incapacitated after he had fractured his femur bone. He was taken to different places, including orthopaedic hospitals, herbalists and churches but could not get the desired solution. He even lost his job as he could not walk. The problem created an economic crisis in his family as he could no longer provide their needs. He depended on his wife for assistance whenever he wanted to take a bath or ease himself.

His miseries continued until he visited The SCOAN and received the anointed touch of Prophet T.B. Joshua. Immediately the man of God laid his anointed hand on him, his fractured leg started shaking as the Holy Spirit embarked on a divine repair. As the process continued, the Nigerian felt heat all over his leg and suddenly stood up to walk at the command of the man of God, in the mighty name of Jesus.

He testified in company of his wife last Sunday, beaming with smiles and thanking God for bringing him back on his feet without spending a penny. He had the following advice for people all over the world: “If you have a problem, come closer to God; do not run away from God.”