- The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations - SCOAN - Prophet T.B. Joshua (General Overseer)

 God’s grace and glory were reflected as the children of God gathered to pay obeisance to their Heavenly Father at The SCOAN. Songs of praise and worship coupled with those of thanksgiving animated the atmosphere and created the platform for His power to flow in the midst of His people. From the Mass Prayer to the faith-building testimonies that followed, God’s presence was felt as it manifested in the healing, deliverance and blessings that were released on congregants.

In his message, DIVINE PREPARATION, Evangelist Eugene told Christians that God would always prepare those He wishes to exalt in His own ways and not according to the dictates of their own hearts. In other words, we must follow God’s processing if we really want to maintain the future blessings. He added, “To those whom God designs to admit to the most intimate acquaintance with Him, He first makes sensible in order for them to realise how undeserving of His grace they ordinarily are.”  

He further declared that working with God has never been a stroll in the park neither is it a bed of roses. Instead, it is a road less-travelled, a tortuous journey and a path strewn with the thorns and thistles of hard times, pain and long suffering. However, he added that those hard times and unpleasant situations are usually God’s design to draw us closer to Him from our comfort zones. “God often uses hard times to draw us to Himself so that we can take our proper position and possession in Him”, he said.

Referring to the story of Joseph and how he was able to turn his trials into triumph, Evangelist Eugene reminded Christians that it was in the midst of his tribulations that the former slave-boy gained the experience and maturity that propelled him to the pinnacle of God’s glory later in life. “It was in those dark periods of his life that he gained the necessary experience and maturity to handle the responsibilities imposed on him by the exalted position he occupied in the royal court.

Concluding, he assured Christians that they will always come out victorious over their challenges as long as those challenges are in line with the will of God: “When your processing is in line with God, you will be able to withstand any challenge.”

The atmosphere at The SCOAN was electric as Prophet T.B. Joshua sent his evangelists to offer Mass Prayer. Contrary spirits manifested everywhere as they were driven out of people’s lives, at the mention of the name of Jesus Christ. The Word of God and prayer have tremendous power to destroy the powers of darkness.



Twenty-one years ago when he visited The SCOAN for prayer, Mr Frankline Akakuru had been told by Prophet T.B. Joshua that he exuded royalty all around him. That prophetic declaration sounded vague to the engineer. Though he was from a royal family, he never considered himself a contender to the throne of his forebears. As an engineer and certified management consultant, he was contented with his lot in life. Even if he had bigger ambitions, they were not on the paths of royalty.

Three years ago, he was contacted by his people who said they had decided to send him on an errand. That errand turned out to be the fulfilment of the prophecy given to him twenty-one years ago by Prophet T.B. Joshua; his people wanted him to be their king after the demise of his uncle who last occupied the throne. The development inspired his visit to Lagos to consult with the man of God.

Prophet T.B. Joshua encouraged him to accept the call of his people to service, adding that through that platform, he would propagate the Gospel to his people and beyond. So far, he has been able to overcome all the opposition against him through the intercession of Prophet T.B. Joshua. 

As it stands, Mr Franklin Akakuru will be officially crowned on 29 December 2017, during which he will receive his staff of office. He sees the development as rare, bearing in mind the fact that there are many traditional rulers who have spent over ten years on the throne and are yet to receive their staffs of office. Mr Franklin Akakuru now HRH Eze Frankline Akakuru Dabirinze Duruaku IV of Uzuagba Ancient Kingdom testified last Sunday in company of his wife, Ugoeze Peace Akakuru Dairinze.

The king and his queen thanked God for using Prophet T.B. Joshua to prophesy royalty into their lives. They also thanked Him for using the Prophet to guide them through all the turbulent periods of their rise to the throne. Their advice to people was simple and categorical, “Give God a chance. Do not dictate to Him”, they declared.


 Even as a Commonwealth and Fulbright scholar, he had been relegated to the background for eight years without recognition and promotion. It baffled common sense that a widely published scholar of international repute would remain in one spot for so long a time. For the said number of years, Professor Femi Shaka remained Senior Lecturer at the University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria. His lifestyle also did not help matters as he was always in the staff club, drinking alcohol much to the detriment of his research work.

His sister-in-law introduced him to Emmanuel TV and he witnessed the wonderful works of God. He made up his mind to visit The SCOAN. During his visit, he received the Morning Water which he ministered every evening prayerfully with members of his family, confessing his sins and renouncing his ungodly past.

One month after ministering the Morning Water, the urge to hang out with friends at the staff club disappeared. Even when they called him, he would tell his friends that he was now born-again. Shortly after, he was elected the Dean of the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Port Harcourt. Under his tenure, eight departments have received ninety percent accreditation by the National Universities Commission. He has also moved the faculty building to its new sight. He was recently appointed into the Governing Council of the university by the Vice Chancellor. All these achievements were made possible through the ministration of the Morning Water.

Testifying last Sunday together with his wife, Professor Shaka marvelled at the goodness of God in His life. Describing the Morning Water as a wonderful medium in God’s hands, he urged Nigerians to thank God for sending their way a great and world-renowned servant, Prophet T.B. Joshua. Professor Shaka had the following advice to people all over the world, “Come back to God. He is the only One who can give you peace.”


Mr Lambert Van Sittert, had suffered from the problems of sleep apnea and kidney disease for over five years. He had been confined to the use of a breathing machine without which he could stop breathing, ending his life. The South African told Emmanuel TV that the problems started when he became overweight and that all efforts to get a solution medically proved abortive until he was given the machine. 

Knowing that the breathing machine in itself was not a solution but a stopgap measure, he visited The SCOAN and received his healing after the evangelist ministered the New Morning Water on him. As he received the ministration of the New Morning Water, the Holy Spirit brought a breath of new life into him. Instantly, all his problems came to an end, even his blurry vision was  corrected.

It was an emotional moment for him as he testified last Sunday, thanking God for healing him and giving him the grace to face life with renewed hope and faith. Being a minister of God, his healing will enable him carry out his evangelistic activities with more ease and peace of mind. “Ever since my healing, I have not used the breathing machine”, he said. He also encouraged people all over the world in the following words, “Jesus died on the Cross so we can be healed.”


Mrs Eno Mboho came to The SCOAN unable to walk with lumbar spondylosis and arthritis. For a long time, she could not do anything without the help of her children. Her doctors could not deal with the problem. They only offered her a lumbar corset and some painkillers. The Nigerian from Akwa Ibom state was forced into retirement because of the problem and lived an almost stationary life.  

Having spent ten years with the debilitating problem, Mrs Eboho came to The SCOAN and received her healing after an evangelist ministered the Morning Water to her. She was brought in a car where the evangelist ministered the Morning Water to her, in Jesus’ name. Seconds after receiving the ministration of the Morning Water, the evangelist directed to rise and walk.

To the glory of God, Mrs Eboho walked unaided for the first time in ten years. During her testimony last Sunday, she told congregants that she can now do all those things which she could not do previously. Thanking God for giving her another opportunity to live a normal life, she started singing and demonstrating her agility. She advised people not to give up on God, especially in times of trouble.


Mrs Anabela Pina came to The SCOAN with inability to walk due to multiple nerve damage coupled with diarrhoea and difficulty in urinating. Like a toddler, she was always on diapers and had to change them two to three times daily. Due to the severity of her condition, the government and doctors of her country of residence, Germany, gave her a special identification card to certify that she was a hundred percent disabled.

The Portuguese woman also had other serious issues to contend with. For over two years, she did not see her menstruation and could not control her urination and defecation as a result of the paralyses. She also experienced total numbness in her legs. She had been restricted to the use of a wheelchair for eight years. Doctors had given up on her, saying that there was no hope for her to ever walk again. 

After building her faith by watching the marvellous healings and testimonies on Emmanuel TV, she decided to visit The SCOAN to seek God’s face. To her surprise and joy, it was through the ministration of the New Morning Water that she received her healing. It was an immediate restoration as she experienced a tingling sensation that woke her body from years of numbness. “When I came to The SCOAN, the evangelist ministered the New Morning Water to me, in the name of Jesus. I was totally restored and began feeling my body. My menstruation also started to flow again”, she exclaimed.

A week later, radiant with joy, Anabela testified that she could now walk without support, explaining that all her body functions have returned to their normal state through the power of God in the New Morning Water. “I am completely free; I am normal again!, she exclaimed. As she prepared to travel back to Germany, now wheelchair-free, she had the following words of encouragement for people all over the world, “Don’t lose hope; trust in Jesus.”


Ms Hannatu Yusuf was riding on a motorbike on a busy road when she was knocked down by a speeding car. Her bones were fractured in the process, making life very terrible for her. After spending four months in an orthopaedic hospital, she was taken to a native hospital where she spent five months and yet, there was no improvement in her condition. She lost her job and also suffered emotional trauma as her wedding plans went crashing after her fiancé disappointed her.

 The pain that she experienced were very excruciating. Most times, she did not sleep at night to the extent that she was diagnosed with high blood pressure. After several attempts to get a permanent solution failed, Hannatu decided to come to The SCOAN. Even though she is of a different faith, she has always watched Emmanuel TV and believed that God is ever present at The SCOAN. She visited the church and received her healing through the New Morning Water. 

Seated in the auditorium with her crutches, she received the ministration of the New Morning Water, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Her two-year inability to walk immediately became a thing of the past as she was instructed to rise up and walk. Hannatu walked without her crutches for the first time in two years, thanking Jesus Christ for healing her and giving her the much needed reprieve to continue living her normal life.

She testified last Sunday amid tears of joy. She told congregants how she had always cried out to God to heal her and how that prayer was answered through the New Morning Water. Throwing them away, she declared that the crutches are no more useful to her. “I thank God for what He has done for me”, she said while taking a walk around the auditorium. She advised people to hold on to God because with Him, all things are possible.



Mr Obioha Chibuikem was framed up and wrongly convicted for murder after he had rejected a fellow’s offer to join a campus fraternity. That fellow had promised to deal with him for turning down the offer. Some time later, he was wrongly accused of murdering a fellow student and was sentenced to death by hanging. He had been on death row for seven years. During his stay in the condemned prisoners’ cell where he was awaiting death, he had an encounter with a lady evangelist to whom he narrated his problem, begging her to go to The SCOAN to let Prophet T.B. Joshua know about his ordeal.

The lady evangelist did more than he had requested. Aside from contacting his parents and taking his picture to The SCOAN, she also collected the Morning Water and the Faith Bracelet and took them to him in prison. She also directed him on how to use the anointed materials for prayer. Mr Chibuikem started praying with his Faith Bracelet every day while also ministering the Morning Water, calling on the God of Prophet T.B. Joshua to come and set him free. He prayed with every sense of urgency because he had no other hope apart from God.

One day while asleep, he dreamt that he came to The SCOAN and was asking to be allowed to see Prophet T.B. Joshua but was prevented from gaining entry by the security. Refusing to give up, he told the security that he was a singer and wanted to sing for the prophet. As soon as they agreed to his request, a microphone appeared and he sang which drew the attention of Prophet T.B. Joshua who ordered the security to let him in. 

Still in the dream, as he entered the church and stood face to face with the man of God, he said that he needed deliverance from prison. The man of God told him that he was already free since he could come to the church. While celebrating that prophetic statement, he woke up from sleep. Though he was still in prison, something inside kept telling him that he would regain his freedom someday. The young Nigerian intensified his prayers, hoping the day of freedom would come soon.

While meditating inside his cell one day, he received a message from a prison warder that there was a man who wanted to see him. When he was ushered into the visiting room, his visitor was a Senior Advocate of Nigeria who said that the Spirit of God had directed him to free him from prison. Mr Chibuikem would not be cajoled by that promising development. He had refused to sign the Appeal Court documents brought by the advocate, thinking it was another ploy to bring him closer to his grave. After two of such visits and without cooperation from him, the Senior Advocate stopped coming.

When he narrated the story to the lady evangelist, she reminded him how he had sought divine intervention by sending her to The SCOAN. She added that the Senior Advocate could indeed have been sent by God to free him. Therefore, the lady evangelist contacted the Senior Advocate and started pleading on his behalf. Though the Senior Advocate was annoyed, he eventually agreed to start the Appeal Court process. After several hearings, judgement was scheduled for January 31, 2017.

To the glory of God, Mr Obioha Chibuikem was discharged and acquitted on the same day even though the news was broken to him days later by the lady evangelist. It was like a dream come true. After seven years on death row, he would once again walk as a free man. It was a paroxysm of emotions as he testified last Sunday in company of his mother, the lady evangelist and other family members. Though his ambition to become a medical doctor has been hampered by his prison sentence, he believes his freedom is worth more than the loss.

He thanked God for making him come out alive, knowing that there are many death row convicts who have spent over thirty years in prison and are still looking for freedom. He remains grateful to the God of Prophet T.B. Joshua who allowed the lines to fall unto him in pleasant places, in the mighty name of Jesus. “Be careful with the friends you associate with and be very prayerful. Believe in God and that with Him, all things are possible”, he advised.


 Mrs Ajoke Falode was tormented by a spiritual husband which ensured that she had no peace in her life and marriage. Every venture she embarked upon met with a lot of setbacks, including her education which resulted in an endless wait for graduation. Her husband endured so many things from her, including losing his right to intimacy. She went to the extent of ensuring that they slept in separate rooms and whenever they had squabbles, she would slap him in his face and would raise her voice to amplify the intensity of her anger.

She was always the undisputable aggressor whenever trouble brewed between them. All his efforts to please her failed. Even when he had given her money, he would always come home to find no food cooked for him. She had always seen her marriage as the greatest mistake of the century and her husband as punishment. There was no vile language that she did not use against him, yet he remained patient and still professed his love for his family. She had also planned to abscond from her matrimonial home and had even concluded plans to relocate to Lagos to start a new life with her daughters without her husband’s knowledge.

Ajoke was delivered at The SCOAN after she received the anointed touch of Prophet T.B. Joshua. There was an immediate transformation after her encounter with the man of God. The veil of disaffection that had truncated their marriage was lifted by the power of God. Ajoke confessed during her testimony that she was not in control of herself and did not know why she had to maltreat her husband. She openly apologised and asked for forgiveness amid tears. Thanking God for restoring the affection in their marriage, the couple advised people, especially married couples to be patient during trials.