TALK ON FAITH - The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations - SCOAN - Prophet T.B. Joshua (General Overseer)


The power of the Holy Spirit was massively felt within The SCOAN auditorium as congregants united with their various supplications to the eternal throne of grace. The thoughts of their hearts found expressions in their energetic involvement in the praise and worship sessions led by the choir. The testimonies that greeted the day were infinitely reflective of God’s everlasting supremacy over the hosts of darkness.

Prophet T.B. Joshua’s message triggered a series of spiritual reactions. It reawakened the comatose spiritual understanding of many who had allowed the mundane strictures of a materialistic world to blindfold them from deep Scriptural realities. Titled – TALK ON FAITH, the message encapsulated the modus operandi of the true Christian faith. “Many of us believers today do not know how to believe and express our faith”, he lamented.

Faith is expressed through work; by work, faith is perfected.” The man of God analysed the nature of faith, adding that it requires total dependence on God. He also argued that faith does not thrive on contradictions or doubt just as he made an analogy with the rain. “If I say I believe that it will not rain and at the same time, carry along an umbrella, this puts a question mark and nullifies my faith”, he said.

He also reiterated the fact that faith would never survive in a heart troubled by worries. “When our heart is uneasy and worried, this shows we have not yet had faith”, he observed. Furthermore, the man of God reminded Christians of how they can nurture their faith, “For you to have faith, you must know how much you need God.” Concluding, the man of God declared that “Our God is God of nature. For operations to be successful, God makes it successful. Doctors treat; God heals. He opens the eyes of doctors to give you appropriate and rightful treatment. If not, they will not know how to go about it. Tablets and medication are nature and God is God of nature. If you cannot trust in God with your medicine, you cannot trust in Him without your medicine.


Earlier in his message titled – SET YOUR EYES HEAVENWARDS, Evangelist Edward called on Christians to jettison the material pursuits of life and see the bigger picture of an eternal life in Christ full of glory and everlasting peace. He warned that the earth remains a transitory plane that every man must leave someday, no matter how long we live. “No matter how long you live here, one day, you will leave here”, he said.

He however called for more spiritual enlightenment as an antidote to sin, “The only antidote to the poison of sin is to walk in the Spirit, in Christ Jesus.” God’s Word and His Spirit are the same. Therefore, Evangelist Edward advised that the true Christian should allow God’s Word dominate his heart. “If you allow God’s Word to dominate your heart, you will become a channel of love where there is hatred”, he added.

Making illustrations with Biblical heroes whom he referred to as Pillars of Faith, he emphasised that in the face of danger, sorrow and hopelessness, they looked Heavenwards and became victorious over their different circumstances. “If there is no war, there is no victory”, he said.

He summed up his message with the following counsel, “You should not allow where you are and what you are doing to stop you from getting to your destination.”



Mr Monday Ishaka was virtually demobilised by two terrible ailments – lumbar spondylitis and osteoarthritis. Aside from the pains that made life very uncomfortable for him, the constant hotness of his body made matters worse for the Nigerian from Delta State. Amidst the pain and discomfort, Mr Ishaka was entangled in daily tears of supplication to God to alleviate the suffering he was passing through.

The doctors who diagnosed him with the ailments only offered some relief – a lumbar corset and perhaps some painkillers. Mr Ishaka knew that he deserved better. He knew that there is a God that would make him walk and not manage to walk. He decided to visit The SCOAN and was brought in a car as Mr Ishaka was unable to even stand up on his feet. The evangelist ministered the New Morning Water to him where he sat hopelessly inside the car. As the New Morning Water was ministered on him, the Spirit of God sprang into action, overhauling his troubled health. In a matter of minutes, Mr Ishaka started coughing out thick phlegm and poisonous substances. As soon as he finished vomiting, he stood up on his feet immediately and walked unaided for the first time in a long time.

Thank You, Jesus. Thank You, Jesus!”, he exclaimed with his hands raised in reverence to God’s omnipotence. He testified alongside his wife last Sunday as he walked majestically to the front of the auditorium, thanking God for the great thing He has done in their lives.




As a professional dog breeder and trainer, he had expected a better lot in his career but things were not the way they ought to be. For seven years Mr Gerald Awino’s world was at its lowest ebb,  owing to the failure of his dogs to adapt to training as well as win medals at shows and competitions. For all that, the Kenyan was psychologically taken aback. “Despite all the training I gave my dogs, they would not take to training and they would not do well in competitions”, he recalled.

One day, Mr Awino came across Emmanuel TV through which he sought divine help by praying constantly with Prophet T.B. Joshua. He later visited The SCOAN where he received the Morning Water which he ministered regularly to his dogs when he returned to his country. Within a very short time, his dogs started responding to training and went ahead to win three different medals, coming First, Second and Third, respectively in three categories.

Mr Awino testified last Sunday to the delight of congregants who were amazed and amused at the same time about his faith which led him to pray even for his dogs to excel. He thanked God that his career, as funny as it looks, has been blessed and elevated to winning ways through the medium of the Morning Water. His clientele has also increased as he now trains dogs for many organisations including embassies. “Whatever situation you are facing, put your hope in God. With God, all things are possible”, he advised.


Her career as a professional nurse had been in the woods for twenty-six years, owing largely to stagnation and lack of promotion. Mrs Martha Ntuli fought a serious psychological battle as most of her subordinates were promoted ahead of her, including fresh school graduates who got promoted just after two years of service.

Her worries worsened whenever she pondered over the fact that she was the person who taught most of her subordinates the way things were done and why on earth would they be promoted ahead of her? It was an unacceptable reality in all ramifications. Something drastic must be done to arrest the ugly scenario. So, she must have thought.

The South African had even thought she was bewitched or cursed. While grappling with the no-promotion saga, she had undertaken a couple of courses to better her CV, yet there seemed to be no light at the end of the tunnel. She had applied several times for senior positions but each application received no positive response. Sometimes, there was not even an invitation for an interview. She was once asked to leave an interview venue after her name went missing from the list of candidates.

Mrs Ntuli would sometimes resort to crying, lamenting why her life was full of disappointments. In the course of her travails, a friend introduced her to the Morning Water, telling her that faith was all she needed to be able to get the kind of results she desired whenever she ministered the anointed medium. As advised, she started ministering the Morning Water, in Jesus’ name, insisting that her stagnation was over.

Soon, she was invited for another interview. This time around, she prayed fervently and ministered the Morning Water, asking God to take control of the entire process. During the interview, an inexplicable boldness came upon her as she answered all the questions thrown at her by the interview panel. After two weeks, she received a phone call, informing her of her promotion as a Nursing Manager in a clinic.

Testifying last Sunday, Mrs Ntuli also told congregants how God healed her of sinusitis and rhinitis through the same Morning Water medium. She had suffered from the ailments for ten years and could not help herself even as a nurse. She revealed that all the medications she had received did not work until she met Jesus Christ. “Have faith and what you ask shall be done. Pray for strength”, she advised.


Mr Peter Eviam Ayao had been a hustler on the seas, paddling his small canoe from ship to ship, selling fuel to them just to survive. His immediate and most pressing yearnings then were to be able to settle his bills and provide food for his family. Those were really trying times for the Togolese. Even his friends were not comfortable with the risky nature of his business. More so, they were very scared of the small boat he was using. What if he experiences turbulence and how would he paddle himself to safety under the tempestuous currents of the sea?

Out of brotherly concern, one of his friends who did not like the way life was handling him installed Emmanuel TV in his house. Watching the channel brought hope and ignited his faith to the highest Heavens. Peter later visited The SCOAN, where he received the Morning Water. When he returned to Togo, he gathered his family together and prayed with them, ministering the Morning Water, in Jesus’ name.

One day while at work, he was informed by his wife that something strange was happening in his house. When he got home, he discovered that a bone was protruding from the ground in the front of his apartment. How did the bone of a human hand with red strings tied to it, find its way to the front of his apartment? Reaching for his Morning Water, Peter ministered it on the strange human bone which he later burnt.

Two weeks later, things took a positive turn in his business. Customers started calling him for supplies. Within three months, he had bought a storeyed building with a penthouse. After six months, Peter bought three massive vessels with different brands of exotic cars, most of which he had given out as gifts. He has since registered his own company and is moving from strength to strength in his business.

His testimony was greeted with an enthusiastic exclamation of God’s illimitable power by The SCOAN congregation. “Have faith in God and He will work wonders for you”, he opined.


Mr Victor Kachiro and his friends had gone out in search of fun in the most ungodly of ways. Together, they had gone to drink all sorts of concoctions in order to be able to have exotic times with prostitutes. Problems started when his manhood refused to come down and remained permanently erect after he had met with a prostitute. For two hellish weeks, he was in pain as all the veins in his penile region became overstretched due to what is known as priapism in medical terms.

When he was taken to hospital, the medical advice was that he would have to undergo surgery, albeit with a very high probability of becoming impotent later in life. Out of desperation, the lad had accepted the idea of surgery but his mother would not buy that kettle of fish. Instead, she strongly believed that if she brought him to The SCOAN, God to have mercy on him. The 24-year-old Nigerian came to The SCOAN alongside his mother and received the anointed touch of Prophet T.B. Joshua.

His healing was instant as soon as the man of God touched him, in Jesus’ name. The young man fell to the ground as his perpetually erect manhood went flat like a deflated tire. All the pains and discomfort stopped immediately. He testified last Sunday in company of his parents, declaring that all is now well with him. “When I came to The SCOAN, I was in a critical condition and in severe pain but when the man of God prayed for me, I fell to the ground. After the prayer, I felt no pain”, he said. His mother advised parents to observe their children. She also urged them to pray, adding that God would answer their prayers.



Mr Dikarabo Ramadubu, a journalist from Botswana, came to testify to the world his success story ever since he stepped his foot at The SCOAN.

According to Mr Dikarabo, he came to The SCOAN a couple of years back and received prayer from the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua after which he was given the Morning Water which he also ministered, in Jesus’ name. Since then, he has received recognition and series of awards as a journalist in his country.

During the 50-year Independence Day celebration in Botswana, he again received a prestigious award as the best Print Media Journalist in the last 50 years. Mr Dikarabo acknowledged the fact that it was the pure grace of God that brought about this feat in his life as he was not the best writer in his country. Yet, he was singled out amongst many other journalists as the recipient of this magnificent award.

Mr Dikarabo could not contain his joy as he displayed pictures of the awards to viewers all over the world while advising all to trust in the Lord who is able to elevate them to a position of excellence in life. To God be the Glory!



For fifteen years, he had been suffering from scoliosis, an ailment that was somewhat hereditary in his family. The entire family was in pain and discomfort as they grappled with the ailment. Pastor Robert Acosta and his family from Argentina went from hospital to hospital in search of solution without finding any. They were only advised to wear lumbar corsets and use analgesic creams.

Pastor Acosta was almost totally incapacitated by the ailment as he would have to depend on church members for most of his daily activities, including driving his car. He could not do anything that required strength and it was an enormous task for him to even lift his grandson. One of his daughters, Annabella, was so affected by the problem that she would always have to support herself by leaning on the wall until the pain stopped.

As a minister, he was always cautious whenever he had church programmes as he would end up having severe pain when he got home. The problems continued until he attended the Paraguay Crusade with Prophet T.B. Joshua. During Day 2 of the crusade, he and his daughter, Annabella, received their healing as the man of God prayed for the congregants. Since that moment, they have stopped using lumbar corsets. One of his daughters was also healed of spiritual attacks through nightmares as she watched and prayed with Prophet T.B. Joshua on Emmanuel TV.

The Argentine testified last Sunday in company of his daughters. He described their healing as awesome, adding that he travelled for forty hours from Argentina to Lagos and did not feel any pain. As for his daughters, it is the same story of victory over sickness and disease, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. “Have faith in what God uses Prophet T.B. Joshua to do”, they advised.


Mr and Mrs Edward Kalayi were on the verge of calling it quits with their marriage due to frustration emanating from their inability to make ends meet. Life for them was a cycle of disappointments. Mr Kalayi had even concluded plans to abscond from home when his agro business suffered serious stagnation in the face of the many utility bills he had to pay coupled with his children’s school fees.

In the midst of their frustrations, a family friend introduced them to Emmanuel TV. As they watched the powerful channel, Mrs Kalayi later received information that an acquaintance had just returned from The SCOAN with the Morning Water. With a gallon filled with ordinary water, she approached that acquaintance and received just a drop of the Morning Water into the gallon. When she got home, she ministered the anointed gallon of water and prayed for their business and wellbeing, in Jesus’ name.

Soon after they had ministered the anointed gallon of water to their agro business, their story changed. Their business started booming and they have become a household name in Liberia when it comes to citrus production, agro consultancy and training. For her meritorious efforts in the agro-allied industry, Mrs Kalayi received two national awards in the agro industry. One of the awards she received was Officer of the Order of the Star of Africa by the President of Liberia, which is one of Liberia’s highest honours

She and her husband have also been able to upgrade their business with new acquisitions, including a truck and a fleet of cars. God raised them from the depths of lack and frustration to the zenith of prosperity and glory through the medium of the Morning Water.