PEACE BEFORE PLEASURE - The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations - SCOAN - Prophet T.B. Joshua (General Overseer)


The atmosphere reverberated the power and glory of God as congregants and choir sang praises to God for His lovingkindness upon their lives. The ministration of the New Morning Water further heightened the victory of the Spirit of God over the kingdom of darkness as many were freed from age-long bondages while others were healed of diverse sicknesses. The testimonies that followed also showed that God’s promises to His people will never go unfulfilled.

In his message titled PEACE BEFORE PLEASURE, Evangelist Chris admonished Christians on the need to seek Christ first before the material and mundane pleasures of this world. He lamented the fact that most people are busy chasing after the ephemeral fancies of the world and still expect to make the kingdom of God. “So many people today are running after things that ultimately cannot fulfil or satisfy them. The problem we have today is that we are not content; we are not satisfied. No matter what you have – the bigger you have, the bigger you look for. Latest gadget; latest car model; latest fashion. Vanity upon vanity – all is vanity. And every day, we are getting older… People seek every other thing and expect the Kingdom to follow,” he observed.

He further warned that worldly pleasures usually lead to a dead end which ultimately brings regret. Because of our love and pursuit of the things of the world, we jettison God only to start seeking Him when it is late. “Because of youthful lusts, misplaced priorities and other forms of human rebellion, we find ourselves doing things without reference to God until we come to a dead end. Then we realise that we need God, oftentimes very late in life,” he added.

No matter how sweet and attractive the pleasures of the world appear, Evangelist Chris warns that they are temporary and unreliable: “Anything that man gives is temporary and unreliable. The blessings of this world are a fading thing – and so is the life itself on which it is bestowed. The beginning and middle may seem good but the end will prove who is who. The peace which Christ gives is infinitely more valuable than that which the world gives.”

Concluding, he highlighted the benefits of peace to the true Christian: “Peace of heart brings a contented life. When you have peace of heart, you will not compare yourself to others. Whatever others have will not bother you. You will know: I am what God says I am, I have what God says I have, I can do what God says I can do – that is peace of heart.”

                  EVANGELIST CHRIS




Her dream of having a child of her own remained a mirage for seven years, owing to an unexplained barrenness that had made her marriage miserable. Mrs Masoloko’s life was overgrown with weeds of sorrow as she could not understand the reason for her childless lot in life. Matters were made worse by the inability of her doctors to diagnose any problem. The situation was strange and begged for answers that no one was able to answer.

Mrs Masoloko was a sad woman in every sense of the word. Why on earth would she attend other people’s naming ceremonies whereas she could not have her own child? Her sadness usually metastasized into deep yearnings and appeals to God to shine His gracious light upon her. In those deep yearnings for divine visitation, the Masolokos agreed to visit The SCOAN, having witnessed the mighty works of God through Prophet T.B. Joshua when he came to Botswana in 2005 for a crusade.

The couple visited the ministry in 2016 and received deliverance through the anointed touch of Prophet T.B. Joshua. When they returned to Botswana, they ministered the Morning Water with great faith and devotion, believing that all their problems were solved in Jesus’ name. As they prayed with the Morning Water, they waited on God to manifest Himself amidst their high expectations.

While waiting on God, Mrs Masoloko had a dream in which the man of God appeared to her, holding a beautiful baby girl with long hair. In the dream, the prophet explained to her that the long hair actually represented the long life and prosperity embedded in the destiny of the child. She told her husband about the dream and they went out immediately and bought a baby girl’s dress, believing that God had spoken. That same month, Mrs Masoloko became pregnant.

The couple gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, just as was shown in the dream, and named her Abigail Anointed – a product of The SCOAN’s anointing. Thanking God during her testimony last Sunday, Mrs Masoloko simply advised people to wait on God. “Wait upon the Lord; people will see the glory of God in your life,” she advised.













His recurrent ill-health since 2012 had seen him visit different hospitals. Initially, he was diagnosed with malaria and infections and was placed on antibiotic injections. After two years of struggling with these illnesses, he was referred to an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist. The three year old boy was later diagnosed with adenoid enlargement – a condition that was already affecting his heart and breathing. The only solution, as far as the doctors were concerned, was surgery.

The doctors’ recommendation hit Mrs Adjetey like a bolt out of the blue. Considering the deteriorating condition of her son and the cost implication of the recommended surgery, Mrs Adjetey consulted with her husband and they decided to seek the face of God concerning the best course of action to take. She later visited The SCOAN Sunday Service and prayed with the prophet, holding tightly to her son’s picture.

Returning to Ghana, she began to minister the Morning Water on her son. On the first night, he slept peacefully for the first time in years. After ministered the Morning Water for a while and witnessing her son sleep well consistently without complaints, she decided to take him for a medical check-up in 2015. After the test, the result showed that there was no iota of abnormality with his throat or heart. Since then, the now six-year old boy has been doing very well. There is no more difficulty in breathing and no more sleepless nights for both mother and child.

Mrs Adjetey also testified to her successful passing of the professional accounting exam, which she had failed previously after several attempts. After praying with Prophet T.B. Joshua on Emmanuel TV, she vomited poisonous substances and thereafter passed the exam in flying colours. During her prayer with Emmanuel TV, she keyed into a prayer by the man of God – “Anything you might have eaten from the table of your enemies through the dream – be flushed out!” And the prayer worked indeed, in Jesus’ name.

Last Sunday, she thanked God for her son’s miraculous healing as well as her successful qualification as a professional chartered accountant. “The only solution is in Jesus Christ,” she joyfully advised.














Like a strainer filled with water, young Faith could not sleep even for a moment without wetting the bed. Her bedwetting problem started from birth. It had affected her so much that she could not join her classmates to sit for the West African Examinations Council’s Senior School Certificate Exams, in 2016. She would have had to rent a room with several roommates near the exam hall in order to take the exam but fear of bedwetting in front of her friends discouraged her.

Most nights, her mother would wake her up to go to the bathroom but despite that effort, Faith would still end up wetting the bed. The problem affected her psychologically, keeping her away from many friends and relations. Once, a potential suiter withdrew his marriage proposal after she wet the bed while visiting his family. Fed up with the recurring disgrace, Faith and her mother visited The SCOAN two Sundays ago.

The young woman received her deliverance after evangelists ministered the New Morning Water on her. Immediately, the evil spirit behind her woes manifested and spoke out: “… Her mother likes her too much. I don’t want her to progress”.  The evangelist, commanding the evil spirit out in the name of Jesus, declared her free as she fell to the ground under the heavy influence of the anointing.

Faith testified to her deliverance from shame and disappointments, in company of her mother. Filled with glorious emotion, she thanked God for taking away a yoke that had had a very detrimental effect on her life. “Put your trust in God and as He answered me, He will answer you,” she advised.











Mrs Mensah had been experiencing a moving object all around her body. For four years, that object had made life difficult for her as it would move from her throat through her chest and down to her abdominal region. It also forced her to urinate uncontrollably. She had consulted all sorts of herbalists but none of them could help her. A spiritualist also did a ritual for her after collecting 50, 000 naira and asking her to drink a concoction. But Mrs Mensah only ended up stocking her system with local gin with no solution in sight.

The Togolese visited The SCOAN penultimate Sunday and received her healing during the Mass Prayer. As the prayer raged on, she vomited a needle as the anointing from Heaven re-engineered her entire body system to the glory of God. Because it was not placed there by God, she had to vomit it out for His name to be glorified. Testifying, she thanked God for saving her from the life-threatening problem. She advised people all over the world to desist from patronizing spiritualists and herbalists, adding that only Jesus can save.













On account of the maltreatment she was receiving from her stepmother, Adenike absconded from home. She moved in with a group of girls who introduced her to a travelling syndicate that specialized in transporting women to Spain for prostitution. After agreeing to a slavish bond of 50,000 euros, which she would have to repay, the 21 year old woman was taken to Spain.

She was forced to sleep with as many as six men a day. After each horrendous encounter, they would leave her empty and alone with a very small sum of money as payment for her “service”. Realising she would never be able to repay the person who paid for her travelling expenses to Spain, she ran to Barcelona with the little she had with her. From there, she headed to Seville where she joined another group of prostitutes for a short time before she moved to Las Palmas, vowing to stay put, irrespective of what life had to offer there. One of her customers was a drug dealer who insisted he wanted to have a relationship with her but wanted her to quit prostitution and join him in the drug trafficking business. He opened a hair-dressing salon for her as a front for their real business and she thought she was in love until she discovered that her lover was married to another woman. While she was still smarting from the pain of that bad news, her house was robbed and her belongings carted away. Desperate because she was without documents, she pleaded with her estranged lover to take her in so she would not be forced out of the country. Adenike later had a baby girl for him and  committed three abortions. After that, he was arrested for drug trafficking.

Life became unbearable and there seemed no way out until Adenike was introduced to Emmanuel TV by a friend. She received the Morning Water which she ministered on herself and discovered that the evil spirit in her manifested, kicking against her action. In the wake of that very experience, she decided to visit The SCOAN. Returning to Nigeria, she received her deliverance last Sunday when evangelists were ministering the New Morning Water to congregants. The evil spirit which came under heavy shelling with the fire of the Holy Spirit, confessed to have been responsible for all her woes, including her ill-fated sojourn to Europe.

The evil spirit was cast out of her life and she was declared free in the mighty name of Jesus. Adenike raised her hands in thankfulness to God for bringing to an end her dark experience. During her testimony, she told congregants that her life has changed for the best, adding that the spirits of lust, unforgiveness and anger have gone for good. She had the following advice for young people all over the world: “To the young people out there, don’t be desperate for money. Wait for God’s time.”





Mrs Anyanele was the lioness of the house. Her husband was always at the receiving end of her domineering nature. He would wash her clothes and underwear and go to the market to buy food items. The hapless man did all that just to please his wife yet she never found anything good in the former military man. She had framed him twice, accusing him of trying to use her for money rituals. Mr Anyanele even ended up sleeping at the police station.

The unhappily married woman always remembered her own mother’s experience in her father’s house and had vowed that no man would maltreat her the way her father maltreated her mother, leading her to become very aggressive and domineering towards her own husband.

She had turned her husband’s face to a punching bag, slapping him at will for no reason other than to satiate a strange feeling of hatred towards him. There were times she even wished the man was dead. Her daughters were not in support of her attitude towards her husband but she worked tirelessly to damage their impression of him. Unknown to Mrs Anyanele, an evil spirit was behind all her misdemeanours. Through the evil spirit’s influence, the yoke of poverty crept into the family as she could not account for any money that came into her possession and her travel agency business ended in bankruptcy. At a point, she told her children she would abscond to the United States of America and forget them.


One night, Mr Anyanele dreamt of an encounter with Prophet T.B. Joshua. Inspired by the dream, he decided to bring his family to The SCOAN. Penultimate Sunday, as evangelists ministered the New Morning Water during the Sunday service, Mrs Anyanele received her deliverance. The evil spirit in her manifested and was cast out in the mighty name of Jesus as the fire of the Holy Ghost in the New Morning Water landed on her body. After her deliverance, she wept as she regretted all the things she had done to her husband. Her daughter was also delivered from the spirits of anger and stealing. Both mother and daughter testified to the goodness of God in their lives after the deliverance.

Telling congregants that the power of deliverance had created a new spirit of love and affection in her marriage, Mrs Anyanele knelt down to ask her husband for forgiveness for her past bad behaviour. Thrilled over her radical transformation, her husband exclaimed, “For the first time in her life, she knelt down and called me ‘Sir’, something she has never called me before!” Their daughter equally advised people to run to God in all situations.




Kenneth’s life was marred by strange behaviours. First family members, then classmates and finally school authorities observed the ever-increasingly bizarre character exhibited by the otherwise promising young man. After taking his son to numerous hospitals, traditional healers and churches with no real impact, the father decided to enrol him in a maritime academy in Nigeria, hoping the disciplined environment would be good for him.

The problem, however, increased and he was called to the school one day. The moment he saw his son’s condition, the only thought in his mind was that this was the same affliction that had taken the life of his wife, Kenneth’s mother. He immediately vowed to bring the young man to The SCOAN. He had been watching Emmanuel TV and gaining faith through the testimonies he witnessed and the prayers he had joined in with Prophet T.B. Joshua.

Father and son visited The SCOAN and took part in the Mass Prayer during a Sunday service. After the Mass Prayer, Kenneth’s countenance changed and his father saw signs that something good was happening to the lad. They continued to pray with the Morning Water at home and Kenneth’s condition continued to improve.

As a result, Kenneth returned to school and has been stable ever since. His academic performance improved to the extent that he was awarded a scholarship by the Federal Republic of Nigeria to study Marine Engineering in Romania. Now a certified degree holder in Marine Engineering, Kenneth testified last Sunday, thanking God for the restoration and stabilization of his mental health. His father, who described the problem as a generational curse, also thanked God for healing his son and raising him to another level, through the medium of the Morning Water. Kenneth had the following advice for young people: “There is no problem in this life that is too big for God.”