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The SCOAN Live Sunday Service witnessed more outpouring of the Spirit of God on congregants as well as on those who watched Emmanuel TV from across different countries of the world. The testimonies echoed the perpetual victory of the forces of Heaven over the kingdom of darkness.

The Mass Prayer and ministration of the New Morning Water further revealed the need for Christians to be in a prayer mood at all times; they showed that satan is on the loose, prowling around looking for souls to devour. At The SCOAN, the anointing never ceases to flow as the power of God is ever present and serves as a shield to those who genuinely seek His face and protection through Christ, our Lord.

Evangelist Dupe’s message reminded Christians of the need to remain steadfast in their quest for His glory by seeing the bigger picture rather than allowing temporary setbacks derail them from the great tidings ahead of them. “From the moment you leave your mother’s womb, you encounter trouble.  Life begins with a doctor’s slap on our backside. When a baby is removed from the mother’s womb, the first thing is a slap to make him or her cry out. This means everyone in life faces almost daily disappointments but they are camouflaged differently. We are unhappy with ourselves because we hardly live the way we want to live. This is the reality of life”, she observed philosophically.

Titled LOOK BEYOND YOUR SITUATION, the message encouraged the children of God to accept whatever situations they find themselves in, in good faith; adding that no amount of self-pity would help them if the situation is the will of God for them: “If what you are going through is an unchangeable event, I mean if it is as it should be by divine will, there is no amount of human sympathy that can change the course of God. No amount of self-pity can change your situation”.

Referring to the story of the Shunammite woman, Evangelist Dupe encouraged Christians to exercise their faith even in the face of the most discouraging situations. By so doing, they can provoke God to action. “As a woman of faith, she saw beyond the present situation. Beyond the present situation was revival, renewal and redemption… She travelled a long distance to meet Elisha, the prophet of God because she had the faith that if only she could meet the man of God, all would be well…”, she pointed out.

Concluding, she had words of advice for people all over the world: “Pull yourself out of this self-imposed shell of self-pity and face the reality of trials, temptations, tribulations, etc. Confront them squarely. I mean, stop being under-cover; face trouble today and have peace tomorrow. When we accept adversities and enduring every pain, then we will learn what we should know and all our grief will turn to gain. No pain, no gain”.




While in desperate pursuit of money and material wealth, Mr Awuzie ran into a set of friends who influenced his initiation into an evil cult. As is usual with such associations, he was never told of the dire consequences of joining the clandestine group. His initiation was consummated by a native doctor from India who had instructed them to provide some materials, including two white fowls without blemishes. The initiation took place inside a forest.

The native doctor chanted some incantations with the white fowls in his hand. Dramatically, slamming them against a big tree trunk, he commanded the tree to open. Like a wide door, the tree opened up and took them in. Life in the belly of the tree was full of horrors. Mr Awuzie saw different shades and sizes of snakes, especially pythons. No sooner had he settled in the new world, then a snake coiled around him from toe to head feeding him through its mouth for seven days.

While he was being fed by the snake, he had noticed that four needles were transferred into him. The essence of those needles was simple – to destroy any woman who had sexual contact with him by afflicting them with ailments like fibroids, barrenness and vaginal discharge. Whenever he had unprotected sex with any woman, those needles would turn to maggots and cause serious problems in her womb.

He was also given power in his eyes that made women fall in love with him whenever he had eye contact with them. “The power in my eyes was enough to seduce any woman”, he said. Such unfortunate women would remain under his demonic influence until he got what he wanted from them. He had wreaked havoc on many homes through the women he had rendered barren and sick, knowing that childlessness would always incur the wrath of in-laws.

One of the catchment areas for his evil activities was inside public vehicles where he usually seduced unsuspecting female travellers. Any rich man who ever sleeps with a woman he had had sexual contact with will lose his wealth, gradually. “The number of women I have destroyed through the demonic power given to me is uncountable”, he told Emmanuel TV, adding that he entered into a covenant that he would be permitted to marry but his wife would deliver all their babies through caesarean sections. This curse rang true four times.


While his business with the evil cult lasted, his life also became miserable as nothing good was working for him. “I am a singer but as I was destroying people, my life was being destroyed too. All my musical equipment was destroyed. I had no peace of mind. I produced a Gospel album but had no breakthrough with it”, he added. He had been to many places for deliverance but could not be delivered until he came to The SCOAN two Sundays ago.

During theministration of the New Morning Water penultimate Sunday, Mr Awuzie manifested the evil spirit in him even as he vomited four needles. Later that day, Prophet T.B. Joshua laid hands on him in order to perfect his deliverance in the mighty name of Jesus. Mr Awuzie vomited profusely and also urinated – a sign that remnants of the evil deposits in him were cleared out by the anointing.

Testifying last Sunday in company of his family, the Nigerian from Imo State thanked God for his deliverance. “I am very healthy now and the nightmares have stopped”, he declared. “Don’t hold on to anger; always make peace with everyone who wrongs you”, he advised.


Mrs Adams had hardly settled down after her return from Rwanda when she started having pains in different parts of her body. As a nurse who had been on a federal government mission to Rwanda, she had thought the problem would only last for a while to enable her return to her duty post. However, her expectations were dashed as it became very difficult for her to walk. She was later diagnosed with arthritis on both knees in a teaching hospital. Being a medical personnel, she was expected by her doctors to accept their advice but she rejected it.

Her doctors had suggested surgery – an idea she vehemently rejected, insisting on seeking the face of God after going to different hospitals which failed to provide a solution. Mrs Adams would not waste any time in her quest for divine solution. Taking a leave of absence from her place of work, she visited The SCOAN, limping and with her eyes filled with tears. One thing was uppermost in her mind – she wanted her pains and inability to walk to become things of the past through Christ Jesus.

She received her wonderful healing at The SCOAN Prayer Line in January, 2016 after the man of God had laid his anointed hand on her, dismantling the yoke that had weighed her life down, in the mighty name of Jesus. Describing her healing, she told congregants that she felt a big bang when Prophet T.B. Joshua laid his hand on her and afterwards, she started running in response to his prophetic command to do so. As she ran, all the pains and muscular strains that had made life difficult for her disappeared. “After the prayer by the man of God, my health was restored hundred percent”, she declared.

The native of Edo State, Nigeria, has also witnessed other miracles after her healing. Her stolen car was recovered from robbers and yet, in an unsuspected turn of events, she was asked to pay a huge sum to have her vehicle returned to her. She refused and left it for God. The Lord has blessed her with three more cars. Testifying before The SCOAN congregation, she told Emmanuel TV that she was blessed with the new cars because she let go of the other one. She also reminded people of the spiritual importance of ministering the New Morning Water. While in Rwanda, she also used the medium to bring breakthroughs and healings to many.

Career-wise, she has also been promoted to the position of Chief Nursing Officer from her former position of Assistant Nursing Officer. She also received a certificate of honour from the Republic of Rwanda for her contribution to the nation’s health sector. Mrs Adams attributes all these blessings to the power of God through the medium of the New Morning Water.  Her son also testified to his healing and deliverance from the yoke of bedwetting and addiction to pornography, respectively.

For the young man who usually wet the bed at least three times in a week, since 2015 when he received prayers from the prophet, he has not wet the bed neither does he still have the urge to watch pornography. Concluding her testimony, his mother advised people all over the world to seek the face of God.


Mrs Agbor was at the brink of falling flat for depression when a friend introduced her to Emmanuel TV. She had constantly wondered why life was so cruel to her and her husband. Though doctors had diagnosed her with hormonal imbalance while her husband was found to have low sperm count, she seemed not to come to terms with the reality that stared her in the face. For six years, she had been unable to get pregnant when most of her peers have had their second babies.

Her introduction to Emmanuel TV brought some hope into her life. After seeing the wonderful miracles that happen at The SCOAN on Emmanuel TV – particularly the case of a woman who was delivered of her baby inside the church after eleven months of pregnancy – husband and wife visited the church and received prayer from Prophet T.B. Joshua. The man of God also blessed them with the New Morning Water which they ministered whenever they prayed together. Just after one month of their visit to The SCOAN, Mrs Agbor became pregnant.

Husband and wife were blessed with a baby girl after nine months, to the glory of God. During their testimony last Sunday, Mr Agbor recounted how they had gone from one hospital to the other in search of solution that never came until they visited The SCOAN. The Nigerian also told congregants how they had spent so much trying to have a child of their own with nothing to show for it. He however, thanked God for putting their sorrows away after that fateful visit to The SCOAN. “It is never late with God. Once you have faith and believe, you will see your miracle come through”, he advised.


She had been unable to walk for many years after she had been diagnosed with a disc herniation – a condition responsible for the onset of lumbar spondylosis. All the hospitals she had been to could not offer a permanent solution because, according to them, the condition has no known cure apart from the use of a lumbar corset which is meant to manage the pain temporarily. Mrs Chukwuemerie was in pain and could not function normally. She was always sitting on a wheelchair as walking had become an ‘unaffordable luxury’.

Last Sunday, she was at The SCOAN in company of her husband after they had watched the wonderful miracles God has been performing through His prophet, T.B. Joshua. Mrs Chukwuemerie received her instant healing during the ministration of the New Morning Water by the evangelists. For the first time in a long while, the Nigerian stood up, removed her lumbar corset and walked without any pain.

The crackling of her bones – a sound she had always heard is no more as the mighty hand of God has fixed her problem from its very root. Husband and wife testified last Sunday to the great thing God has done in their lives. For Mr Chukwuemerie, he had been one of the sceptics who nurtured misgivings about The SCOAN. But ever since his wife’s healing, his notions about the church have changed. Thanking God for his wife’s healing, he urged sceptics to jettison their unfounded doubts and seek God.





He had qualified to become a professor since 2010 but for reasons he could not understand, he was instead made an Associate Professor. All his efforts to get an explanation remained inconsequential. Even people who were supposed to take up the matter on his behalf kept silent. The development did not go down well with the prospective Professor of History and International Relations at the Ebonyi State University, Nigeria. He was psychologically affected by the sad reality to the extent that he became hypertensive in 2015.

Associate Professor Mgbada soon realised that the battle was not carnal but a spiritual warfare against the wicked powers and principalities of this world. He started praying with Emmanuel TV, irrespective of all the spanners the devil threw at the wheels of his dreams. Poised to battle high blood pressure and other challenges to a standstill, he visited The SCOAN in December, 2016, with his faith fired up for victory over failure and sickness. Receiving the New Morning Water, he returned home and gave himself into prayer. As he prayed, he ministered the New Morning Water.

By January, 2017, he received a letter from his employers, asking him to represent his request for elevation to full professorship. After representing his request in January, he was made a full professor in June, 2017. As it stands today, he is a full Professor of History and International Relations at the Ebonyi State University, Nigeria. More so, his blood pressure has returned to normal, even without taking any BP medication.

Professor Clement Mgbada testified last Sunday, thanking God for the marvellous things He has done for him. “The spectacular thing about my promotion to the rank of a Professor was that the Associate Professor title was withdrawn while the full professorship was back-dated to 2010”, he declared as congregants erupted in a loud ovation. “In every circumstance, we have to be patient with God and remain prayerful because there is nothing that is impossible with God, if we rely on Him”, he advised.


Right from her teenage years, she rarely had lasting relationships. She would start a relationship with all her heart but after a while, the whole thing would crash; she would suddenly lose affection and interest. The problem became a trend in her life as she grew to become a woman. She had dated her present husband for many years only to reject the idea of marriage with just three days to the big event. It took the intervention of her mother and other well-meaning family members for her to rescind her decision not to marry.

Even when she agreed to go ahead with the marriage, it was with every sense of reluctance and listlessness. When the union was finally consummated, her husband was treated to a dose of absurd drama he never bargained for. It was like a tug of war everyday as her husband became a sort of irritant to her. The evil spirit in Mrs Ipusu ensured that there was no iota of affection in their marriage. She treated her husband as though he was a stranger and hated him beyond description. All her husband’s effort to mend the cold marriage ended up in futility as she remained incurably adamant with her strange demeanours.

Mrs Ipusu was the one in control of their marriage. Her husband wielded no powers at all. She always took decisions without his consent. After all, in her mind, he never even existed. There were times when she would drive him out of the house just so that she could have ‘peace of mind’. It was that bad for Mr Ipusu. It was frustrating for a man to see the wife he married turn him into an emotional slave, in his own house.

At a point, Mr Ipusu could no longer bear the stress he was receiving from his wife and so, the best option for him to be able to find solace was to embrace alcohol drinking. He would spend days outside his home, drinking and trying to run away from the troubles at home. The more days he spent outside, the happier his wife was because as far as she was concerned, it was good riddance to bad rubbish. She had never hidden the fact that his presence irritated her to the marrows.

Matters got to a head when Mrs Ipusu packed her belongings and left her husband’s house. Her decision stemmed from her failure to come to terms emotionally with their marriage. She felt that it was worthless sticking with a man for whom she had no affection. Though, her husband did everything within his power to make the marriage work, his wife was just a hard nut to crack. Even after his wife left him, Mr Ipusu did not give up. Instead, he still believed that God would restore the lost affection and bring his wife back.

He reached out to his wife and told her about the idea of coming to The SCOAN. After so much pleading, she agreed to come with him to the arena of liberty. Mrs Ipusu received her deliverance after a recent Sunday Service when Prophet T.B. Joshua laid hands on congregants. The evil spirit in her spoke when it came under the hot anointing of the Holy Spirit: “I’ve destroyed her. I have destroyed everything.” The man of God declared her free as he laid his hand on her head. Mrs Ipusu fell to the ground – a sign that the power of God was transferred through Prophet T.B. Joshua into her.

During her testimony last Sunday, she thanked God for restoring the lost affection in her marriage. She also regretted all she had done to her husband, promising to continue to live in the light of God that is now shinning in her marriage. Since her deliverance, the affection in their marriage has been wonderful. The darkness that held it down has been dispelled by the power of deliverance through Christ Jesus. She had the following advice for people all over the world – “In all challenges, seek God.”


Dr & Mrs Ifediorah’s marriage almost fell apart as the evil spirit controlling her was determined to carry out the threat of destruction it had made earlier, “I will scatter your marriage!” That was the the cold voice that she heard while alone in the house, after which she started to experience strange things happening in her marriage, including a lack of affection, lack of trust and unnecessary and frequent quarrels. It was these challenges that brought the couple to The SCOAN.

Her husband, Dr Ifediorah, a doctor of Sociology and a retired controller of prisons said that his experience in marriage had left him with a heart full of regrets. He said he had suffered so much ignorantly, not knowing that The SCOAN was in his own country which would have carried his burdens away many years ago.

As a controller of prisons and a ground-breaking thinker in his field, Dr Ifediorah had to travel all around the world, meeting with government officials and dignitaries. As a proud Nigerian, he always spotted his traditional attire, in order to be instantly recognisable. However, to his dismay, as a Nigerian, he was always asked if he knew Prophet T.B. Joshua.

One day while abroad, after meeting with a government official of Uganda who had repeated the usual question, as he went to his hotel, he tuned to Emmanuel TV for the first time. As he was seeing the wonders God was doing through Prophet T.B. Joshua, he started to shed tears, regretting that he had not known about the prophet earlier.

Watching Emmanuel TV, it was clear to the couple that what was happening in their marriage was not ordinary. Their challenges brought them to The SCOAN where Mrs Ifediorah was delivered through the New Morning Water.

Quoting the Scripture, Dr Ifediorah said, “My people perish for lack of knowledge”, and that, “A prophet is without honour in his own country. If I had come six years ago, my life would have been different”.
After his wife’s deliverance, Dr Ifediorah said, “I have seen a lot of changes. There have been no quarrels and unnecessary arguments. The anointing has broken the yoke and we are free!”

“From last Sunday to date, it has been wonderful”, said Dr Ifediorah as he went on to advise everyone listening, “If God has given the man of God enough grace to lift burdens, don’t let anybody confuse you. The man of God has been given the anointing to heal and save”.