SUCCESS STARTS WITH BOLDNESS - The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations - SCOAN - Prophet T.B. Joshua (General Overseer)


The atmosphere radiated God’s presence as the Spirit-filled congregation expressed their faith in Him through singing, dancing and taking to heart the deliveries of the choir. With their wonderful testimonies, congregants poured out their excitement in the spirit of thanksgiving to the Almighty. The ministration of the New Morning Water brought about deliverance, healing and salvation to many as the anointing broke all yokes and raised a standard against the kingdom of darkness.

In her message titled SUCCESS BEGINS WITH BOLDNESS, Evangelist Anne encouraged Christians to brace up for the uncertainties of life by standing firm and bold in the face of adversity so that God’s will in their lives will come to pass. She referred to the story of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego – the three Hebrew men who called the bluff of King Nebuchadnezzar who had insisted that they must bow to the golden image.

She observed that by their adamant refusal to do the bidding of the Babylonian King, they brought God onto the scene and that was why even when they were thrown into the fiery furnace, nothing happened to them. According to her, such display of boldness should be the hallmark of a true Christian. She however bemoaned the attitude of people who call themselves Christians whereas fear dominates their heart. “God has not given us the spirit of fear but the spirit of sunshine”, she added.

She further stated that it is what we believe and confess as Christians that defines our standing before God. Just as the three Hebrew men stood their grounds against the orders of King Nebuchadnezzar, believing that their God would come to their rescue (and even going to the extent of saying that if their God does not show up, they still would not bow to that lifeless image), the true Christian is expected to be bold to the end even in the face of the gravest danger.

Concluding, she reminded Christians that success in the race of life depends on how they make use of their heart: “Our heart is the contact and communication point for the Holy Spirit or satan, depending on who you give your attention to.” She therefore urged them to confess positively at all times, irrespective of the challenges they may be facing, adding that “Many find themselves bowing to the pressure and tension of everyday living” when they should have known that “Life never closes the door to opportunity” for those who stand firm in Christ. For such people, SUCCESS BEGINS WITH BOLDNESS!



For many years, he was like a shrub whose growth was stunted by lack of recognition on the part of his employers. As a lecturer in the department of Gender Studies, University of Rwanda, all his works were virtually not rewarded with the commensurate promotion. Dr Iyakaremye knew that things were not the way they ought to be and more so, he knew that the root-cause of that challenge was far more than met the ordinary eye. To put an end to the disappointing trend, he had just one thought in his mind – to visit The SCOAN in Nigeria.

During his visit to The SCOAN, he received the New Morning Water which he used as a rallying point for prayer with all members of his family. In a matter of weeks, the glorious winds of change started blowing in their direction. “When I started ministering the New Morning Water in my prayers, two months later, I was appointed by the government as member of a consultative committee of the Gender Monitoring Office – an institution in charge of monitoring the implementation of gender policy in the country, in public institutions, civil society organizations and in the public sector”, he told Emmanuel TV.

The most amazing aspect of his new position was that he never applied for it. He himself expressed utter surprise concerning the development which can be described as an overwhelming act of God after he had used the New Morning Water to pray. “I did not know how the President and ministers knew my name to appoint me to that position. So, it’s only the glory of God. It seems that I was in darkness but God has brought me into light through the New Morning Water… He has located me and I was appointed”, he added.

Being his first major recognition in many years, the Rwandan academic was full of happiness as he testified during last Sunday’s church service. He told congregants how he was also appointed as an advisor by the University of Rwanda and also as a member of the Quality Assurance Committee of the same institution. Dr Iyakaremye’s promotion shows that though, the vision may tarry, yet it is for an appointed time. His trust in God and devotion to prayer using the New Morning Water has finally brought God into the picture of his life.

Moved and inspired by the charitable works of Prophet T.B. Joshua, he has embarked on a couple of charity works, especially for the less-privileged. He has been able to pay for the medical insurance of over 100 less-privileged children. God has also blessed him with plots of land, vehicles and a farmland. Considering the outpouring of God’s favour in his life, Dr Iyakaremye had the following words of advice for people all over the world: “We are blessed – we people living in this time because we have the Prophet. And this Prophet is used by God. He is a true man of God. We should follow his instructions because he is used by God.”


Mrs Anokete’s problem started after her marriage seven years ago. She would dream of a strange man coming to make love with her and afterwards she would wet the bed with urine. The whole thing had been a disgraceful trend and had marred her self-esteem in a very terrible manner. All her life had been shrouded in shame for those seven years. There was a time her husband got tired of her bedwetting problem and warned her to find a solution lest their marriage crumbles. Knowing that the solution to her problem was beyond her human capacity, Mrs Anokete was not the happiest of women as it turned out that even her husband was not really willing to tolerate her anymore.

The problem was so serious that her movement was strictly regulated for the fear that she might wet the bed in people’s houses. It continued until she made up her mind to come to The SCOAN. She spoke with faith, declaring that once she stepped into The SCOAN, her problem would be over forever. And true to her confession, she was delivered of her affliction penultimate Sunday during the church service as the evangelists ministered the New Morning Water to her.

During the ministration of the New Morning Water, the evil spirit responsible for her problem spoke out as it came under the fire of the Holy Spirit: “… I want to destroy her! She’s very, very violent in anger. She can say anything when she’s angry. I entered her from her father’s side – an idol from her father’s side…” The evil spirit was cast out of her in the name of Jesus as the evangelist ministered the New Morning Water from her head to her feet, bringing her down under the influence of heavy anointing.

When she stood up from the ground, it was a new lease of life for her as the evil spirit was no more. She could feel the presence of the Holy Spirit all around her as she exploded into shouts of “Thank You, Jesus, I am free!” Testifying last Sunday, she thanked God for delivering her from the evil spirit which had taken a negative toll on her life for seven years. “Now, I sleep peacefully and I feel light since the ministration of the New Morning Water. I have not experienced any bedwetting since that encounter,” she said. She also had an advice for people with the same problem: “People that are in the situation that I was in should run to God.”


After secondary school in his native Nigeria, he had faced a lot of financial problems, trying to gain admission into a tertiary institution. He had written many examinations but could not just gain admission. Out of frustration, he had decided to manage studying in the Petroleum Training Institute, Effurun, Delta State. While in the institute, he had thought of visiting The SCOAN, knowing that he was not yet where he was supposed to be.

While at The SCOAN, he had an encounter with Prophet T.B. Joshua. That very day, he was seated within the overflow congregation while the man of God was passing by. The man of God had already passed where he was but because of the strong yearning in his heart to encounter God, Prophet T.B. Joshua turned back towards him and laid a hand on his head. After that encounter, Mr Balogun returned to his state with the Morning Water to witness the hand of God at work in his life.

Back in his state, he received information concerning a scholarship opportunity provided by the Nigerian government. Though he was ineligible, his brilliance spurred the examiners to give him a chance after he had excellently answered some Chemistry questions thrown at him. He was subsequently included in the scholarship programme and was selected to travel to the Philippines for training. Mr Balogun did not believe his eyes. He was overwhelmed with the realities around him as only God could make them happen.

While in the Philippines, the favour of God upon his life continued to break new grounds. He came out tops in an essay-writing competition (even though he was 45 minutes late to the venue) and also marvelled everyone with his delivery in a speaking competition, against all odds. But for the Nigerian, he had a secret strategy – he usually ministered his Morning Water whenever he wanted to embark on any test.

After registering great and excellent impressions about his academic capabilities, he went on to enrol into the university from where he graduated with a First Class Honours in Marine Engineering, emerging as the overall best student in that academic year. He also attributed his successes to his connection with The SCOAN and Emmanuel TV – mediums that are reputed for uncommon anointing.

Thanking God during his testimony last Sunday, Mr Balogun reflected on the transformation God has brought to his life. “I was a young man who could not even pay for school but after coming to The SCOAN, I came out with a First Class overseas”, he said. “As youths facing challenges, there are many places we go for solution but I chose to seek Jesus Christ and He changed my life”, he advised as ovation upon ovation greeted his wonderful testimony.


At age 16, Ms Kimberly was forced to marry a man 43 years older than her. As soon as that union was consummated against her wish, things fell apart in her life. Strange dreams became the order of the day. She would eat in the dream and have sexual relationships with a strange man. As those dreams became frequent, she also discovered that her urge for sex in real life became uncontrollable.

Her marriage was at best a union of two strange bedfellows. There was quarrelling and in-fighting almost on a daily basis. The Congolese was not fulfilled at all. Perhaps, she only remained in that union because she was not really in control of herself. However, the marriage crumbled eventually, prompting her to relocate to Belgium in search of a new beginning. Her sojourn to Europe would later turn out to be another disappointing chapter in the story of her struggles.

Living in Belgium offered its own troubles as she came under the attack of different ailments. Her doctors would only diagnose the problem but could not offer any medical help. They only suggested that she would have to undergo surgery. Going from one medical doctor to another, she later developed depression and was lost in the middle of her dilemma because she could not categorically say from where her problems came.

Within her, a force kept making matters worse. That force kept pushing her to have affairs with married men. She also became a night crawler, hanging out at clubs. But in the midst of the so-called enjoyment, she had no peace of mind as she was always sick and troubled within. Though she was quite aware that the path she was treading was bad, she could not stop because a force greater than her was involved. Mary’s fears were heightened when she noticed that her intestines were protruding anytime she visited the restroom and because the only solution available, according to her doctors, was surgery, she decided to come in search of God at The SCOAN.

Mary visited The SCOAN and was in the auditorium during a Sunday service when the man of God was giving out the Believer’s Card to congregants. Immediately she received the anointing-filled card, she fell under the influence of God’s power and manifested the evil spirit behind all her challenges. The spirit spoke out as it could not escape the fire of the Holy Spirit: “Leave me! I am tired! I am her spiritual husband. I gave her sickness. She cannot marry; she just has children. I don’t want her to marry.”

Without a word from the man of God, the Believer’s Card filled with the power of God sent the evil spirit packing from her life in the name of Jesus. Mary became a free soul in Christ ever since that deliverance. All her sicknesses are no more even as she has retraced her steps from those ungodly ways. During her testimony last Sunday, she thanked God for rescuing her from all the troubles the evil spirit caused in her life. She also expressed joy that unlimited freedom has come at last through the power of God in The SCOAN.

As soon as I received the Believer’s Card, the Spirit of God came upon me and I was delivered, in Jesus’ Name”, she said. She advised people all over the world to come to God as He is the final solution.


Mr Roger Makanga had suffered from inability to walk for two years. Within those two years, the Congolese experienced so much pains and discomfort that he was rarely able to do anything on his own. He went from hospital to hospital but there was no solution to his problem. At a time, he even patronised herbalists, yet, his problem remained. Mr Makanga went to the extent of selling his belongings in order to be able to fund his medical bill. After all the expenses, the problem persisted.

Running into bankruptcy and confined to a wheelchair, he became psychologically down with depression and started drinking alcohol in an escapist attempt to forget his troubles. While brooding over his situation, a Good Samaritan introduced him to Emmanuel TV. After watching the anointed channel, he realised that there was light at the end of the tunnel through Christ Jesus. But his hope became a challenge when he thought of the cost of visiting The SCOAN, having sold everything he had.

The same Good Samaritan would later sponsor his trip to Nigeria after he had prayed along with Prophet T.B. Joshua on Emmanuel TV, asking for divine assistance. He also received donations from other people. Arriving at The SCOAN on a wheelchair and with his feet swollen, Mr Makanga was given the New Morning Water to minister on himself. Because he was expecting a direct prayer, he started crying. But a day after he ministered the Morning Water, he began to sense changes in his body. After two days, he could raise his legs. Within three days, he started walking unaided. It was a wonderful moment for him as he started shouting, “I can walk. I can walk”. All the pains and discomfort also disappeared!

Testifying last Sunday, Mr Makanga was very happy and full of praise to God for his miraculous healing. He advised people all over the world to turn to God as He is the ultimate Healer.