THE CHRISTIAN WAY OF LIFE - The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations - SCOAN - Prophet T.B. Joshua (General Overseer)


The grace and peace of our Lord was felt in the congregation and viewers around the world, as they joined in praises to thank God for the great things He has been doing. The testimonies have continued to show that the power of God still is as it had been in the days of old. The same power Jesus used to heal and deliver is still available in the church of God today. The unending testimonies are a proof to this.

In The SCOAN Live Sunday Service, apart from the edification of souls through the Word of God, the forces of Heaven are always on guard against satan and his wicked spirits. Therefore, no weapon fashioned against God’s children prospers, in Jesus’ name. Instead, the sick receive healing while the oppressed are set free during the ministration of the New Morning Water.

Last Sunday’s message centred on the anatomy of Christian life and was delivered by Evangelist Evelyn Joshua. Titled, THE CHRISTIAN WAY OF LIFE, the message encouraged the true Christian to abide by God’s will and exhibit those traits that make him different from the people of the world, “A child of God bears the image of His father by being good and by doing good, knowing that the words he speaks, the conversations he has, shall be evidence either for or against him on the last day.”

Evangelist Evelyn urged the Christian soldier never to give up because he is assured of victory if only he can repose his trust in God: “Our battle is not physical for our enemies are unseen. Don’t sleep, never you quit, for victory is not for those who quit but for those who persevere to the end. If you turn your back upon the enemy, you lie exposed to danger. In all, trust Him who is wiser, smarter and stronger than yourself and that is our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.”

Citing the examples of great men in the Bible who used the power of prayer to change the destiny of their generations, she observed that prayer is the ultimate tool for the Christian way of life, “Prayer should be the Christian way of life. It is the master key to bind and to loose;  the key in which you dialogue with God and make your request known to Him.

Concluding, she threw some light on the true meaning of prayer: “Prayer is a spiritual warfare, in which your mind must be trained to be your servant, not your master. We don’t pray to influence God but to ensure that we are acting according to His will. Come to Him in simplicity and humility of heart in prayer. Trust God, love Him and let the Holy Spirit take over.”

After the message the message testimonies were shared; faith levels were high and expectations of healings and deliverance that day took place as the evangelists ministered the New Morning Water. Congregants both inside and in the overflow canopies at The SCOAN that Sunday, received freedom at the mention of Jesus’ name, as the New Morning Water brought the power and glory of God to the scene. Here are some of them:




Elinah Zgambo was taken aback by the discovery of her doctors. For a woman who had just given birth through caesarean section, life was indeed unfair to her. Those general feelings of ill-health that hampered her care for the new-born were actually tell-tale signs of the doctors’ diagnosis of a heart disease. With the diagnosis, it meant she would have to be on special medications and diet otherwise, she could kick the bucket before she clocks the age of 50. Elinah became depressed and resigned herself to fate.

She had thought the journey was over for her, waiting for the day the numb and cold hands of death would grab her soul onto the great beyond. While she waited patiently for that fateful day, she muted a deep prayer in her heart. “Oh Lord, if I have to go so soon, please, let my new-born child come with me because, I doubt if there is anyone who would care for him as I would do”, she cried. With time, the Zambian gradually mustered the courage to seek for a solution. She began to read books about healing on the internet. Those efforts ignited hope in her.

While surfing through the internet, she had stumbled on one of Prophet T.B. Joshua’s sermons on YouTube and the message spoke to her life rekindling her hope that she would live, not die.

Her devotion to watching Emmanuel TV became so pronounced that she would always glue herself to the screen of her television during the broadcast of The SCOAN Live Sunday Service, praying along with Prophet T.B. Joshua. She would later receive the Morning Water from a friend. As she ministered the Morning Water, in Jesus’ name, signs of positive change began to appear in a matter of days. Elated by the marvellous development, she visited The SCOAN with her friend. During a Sunday Service, she received the ministration of the New Morning Water by the evangelists and the demon troubling her health manifested.

That night, she slept peacefully for the first time in a very long time. By the time she returned to Zambia, the story of her health had changed. Since that day, she has been very sound in health. The fear of death, depression and hopelessness have given way to the joy and glory of God in her life.

Elinah had since visited the same hospital which earlier diagnosed her with the heart disease and the doctors confirmed that her heart is now functioning normally – proof that the power of God supersedes even the viewpoint of the best doctors. Her story amplifies the fact that with God, nothing is impossible, even at the point of death. “After my healing, my body functions properly and I‘m able to walk long distances – something I was not able to do before”, she testified, adding that there is hope in Jesus Christ.



After graduating from the University of Cyprus, Miss Ropafadzo Muzorori had planned to secure a job in her native Zimbabwe but that plan failed to materialise as all the applications she had sent out received no response. The young woman was not happy because one of her passionate dreams had been to secure a good job in order to help take care of her parents who had spent so much to see her through her undergraduate studies.

Informed by an aunty about two newspaper advertisements for internship and scholarship opportunities, Miss Muzorori, quickly applied for both and waited for many months without receiving a response. Worried by the no-response scenario, her family sponsored her to visit The SCOAN to seek the face of God concerning her future. The young woman came to The SCOAN and received prayer from Prophet T.B. Joshua. She was also given the Faith Bracelet as well as the Morning Water. “I felt so much peace when I came to The SCOAN. Things were different”, she revealed.

As she returned to Zimbabwe and started ministering the Morning Water, in Jesus’ name, the grace and favour of God started manifesting in her life. Inspired for greatness, she wrote a letter to the Turkish government enquiring about her application through email. Before sending that letter, she had prayed with her Faith Bracelet and had also ministered the Morning Water on the screen of her laptop. After two weeks, she received a response, informing her that she had been awarded a full scholarship for a Master’s degree in International Relations and African Studies in Turkey including her return flight ticket.

That same day, while still savouring the good news, she also received a call from Mozambique, informing her of a job offer which she had applied for a long time ago. After deliberating with her family, she was advised to choose the scholarship ahead of the job offer with the belief that God would always provide an even better job in the future.

Miss Muzorori has since completed her Master’s programme. Testifying last Sunday to God’s goodness in her life, she had the following advice for people all over the world – “Do not lose hope. Look up to God and do not look up to man. Delay is not denial.”



Recklessness was an understatement concerning the rate at which he consumed alcohol and cigarettes. Mr Kenneth Okeidimbu was never perturbed by the health hazards associated with those habits. He saw them as great past times and invested his fortunes on them. The man from Delta State, Nigeria told Emmanuel TV that the problem had been a family yoke. He recalled that his great grandfather was a witchdoctor while his grandfather was a pagan. His own father was also not a Christian. His ancestry was enmeshed in idolatry which involved the pouring of alcoholic libation to the ‘so-called gods’. Mr Okeidimbu developed his alcoholic habit from drinking the alcoholic libations which his father offered to ‘the gods’.

That habit soon became an addiction that affected his family life and finances. He would sometimes drink himself unconscious and wake up in the gutter. There were funny occasions when he would drink and sleep off while driving, only for law enforcement agents to pull him off the road. On one occasion, he even left one million naira in his car after he had got himself saturated with liquor. The money was eventually handed back to him by officers of the Nigeria Police. Alongside his addiction, he would not eat because his stomach was usually filled with alcohol.

His family was at the receiving end of his addictions. Most times, he never remembered that they even existed. He hardly showed fatherly care to his children. Instead, he starved them of funds for their upkeep. His wife also suffered untold emotional crises as he never had time and affection for her. He preferred to mingle with fellow alcoholics who hailed him for his generous offers of intoxicating bottles. He would even beg people to drink at his own expense without blinking an eye.

As he drank alcohol, he accompanied it with packets of cigarettes. The yoke continued to take a very destructive toll on him, his family and his finances for thirty-five years, until his wife sought the face of the Living God at The SCOAN. She had received two bottles of the Morning Water and had given them to him. He gulped a whole bottle down, thinking it was just for drinking sake but his wife informed him that it was meant for prayer. Amazingly, after downing the Morning Water, his appetite for alcohol disappeared.

As much as he tried, he could no longer tolerate the odour of alcohol. On several occasions after his deliverance, he had tried to reunite with his drinking friends but the whole environment stunk and so, he could not stand to be around them! For two years now, he has neither tasted alcohol nor smoked cigarettes. He was filled with thanksgiving when he testified in the company of his wife. “This Morning Water is what actually made me become a Christian, even though I had been a church goer”, he said.



Mr Adenrele Odusanya had noticed some abnormality with his urination. Whenever he went to relieve himself, the urine would trickle out with pain. The pain was excruciating and caused him to seek medical advice. To his dismay, the doctors diagnosed the cause of his pain to be an enlarged prostate. Initially, he did not want his wife to be in the know of the battle he was fighting with his health but when the condition became very pronounced, he had to let the cat out of the bag. As a loving wife, Mrs Odusanya’s first reaction was that he should go for medical treatment.

The medical treatment Mr Odusanya was given eventually did not bring about any form of improvement. The more he took his medication, the worse he felt. Rather than waste his time and resources, he decided to seek the face of God at The SCOAN. He visited the church with his wife and proceeded to the Prayer Line where he received the anointed touch of Prophet T.B. Joshua who commanded his enlarged prostate to return to its normal state, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

After that encounter with the man of God, Mr Odusanya’s health was restored. He no longer felt ill. Describing how he received his healing, he told Emmanuel TV, “My body changed when the man of God prayed for me; it was as if something left me. I felt lighter and knew at once that I had been healed.” During his testimony last Sunday, he told congregants that he had since returned to his doctors who also confirmed, through some tests, that his prostate is no longer enlarged. “Do not feel shy to seek Jesus Christ”, he advised as he thanked God for the wonderful miracle.


Mr Victor Olebuike and other members of his family were initiated into idol worshipping by their late father who brought an idol into the family many years ago. The Nigerian would recall how his father had dug a big hole inside their family compound and had brought in a coffin – the totem of that evil idol. After their initiation, they have known no peace. The family became embroiled in crises with siblings at war with one another. Nothing good seemed to come from their midst, even business progress was arrested.

Being raised in a ‘complex home’, where his mother and step-mother refused to speak to each other for 15 years. The family idol ensured that confusion reigned supreme in the family, also afflicting them with sicknesses. Mr Olebuike’s marriage and business were grossly affected by the family idol. He had no affection for his wife and would prefer to lust after other women. Whenever quarrels erupted at home, he would relocate to a hotel where he fornicated with countless women. At a time, he was on the verge of divorce.

His business was under attack by the family idol. He could not make progress as his company struggled to remain afloat. Above all, he was not on good terms with his siblings. Knowing that things were not the way they should be, Mr Olebuike went to different places in search of a solution but could not find one until he visited The SCOAN. He was in the auditorium during a Sunday Service and witnessed the ministration of the New Morning Water. As soon as the anointed medium was ministered to him, the family idol manifested and confessed to its atrocities. Bombarded by the power of God, Mr Olebuike was delivered from the family idol through the New Morning Water as the dazed evil spirit was cast out of his life in Jesus’ name. Since that day, peace, progress and prosperity have returned to his home.

He testified last Sunday alongside members of his family. Love has returned to his marriage just as members of the family have embraced the spirit of peace and reconciliation. “After the ministration of the New Morning Water, I have no urge to go and see other women – I love my wife, she is beautiful to me now”, he added. He advised people all over the world to seek the face of God and run to Him whenever they are in crisis.