THE BEAUTY OF OUR CHRISTIAN JOURNEY - The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations - SCOAN - Prophet T.B. Joshua (General Overseer)


The atmosphere was power-packed from the beginning to the end of the church service. Everyone was in high spirits as they witnessed the demonstration of God’s grace and glory from different angles. The choir had prepared the minds of congregants with songs that propagated repentance, submission to God’s will and love for one another as exemplified by the life of Christ.

The ministration of the New Morning Water by evangelists brought the kingdom of darkness down to its knees as yokes, afflictions and demonic manipulations were brought to an end, in the mighty name of Jesus. The joy of deliverance and freedom from oppression were felt throughout the atmosphere as the children of God testified to the great things the Lord has done for them.

Clips of the Paraguay Crusade with Prophet T.B. Joshua were rebroadcast to the glory of God. As a faith building medium, the testimonies that followed the crusade showed that the power of God is universal and not bound by the barriers of nationality, race or colour. The testimony of Susana Gonzalez who was healed of an age-long spinal problem was incredibly inspiring as it accentuated the fact that Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever.

In his message titled THE BEAUTY OF OUR CHRISTIAN JOURNEY, Evangelist Daniel called on believers to see trials and temptations as necessary elements of the Christian race, adding that they are fundamental in our quest for a higher calling. “Trials, tribulations or challenges are a tonic to their spiritual growth,” he observed, further submitting that, “They are a driving force to a higher aspiration in life”.

Recalling what Jesus said to His disciples in the Gospel of John 16:13, he explained that the world is full of tribulations and trials but that those who are in Christ Jesus, those who are on God’s side will not be overwhelmed by the troubles of the world because He has overcome the world on our behalf.

He also noted that working against such a principle and counsel is indeed working against the beauty of our Christian journey. He then concluded, stressing that as our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ took our place in affliction, we are to bear hardship and tribulations as good soldiers of Christ. “The beauty of our Christian journey are the trials and difficulties we encounter on our way to redemption…They are tests to mature you as a Christian”.




Troubled by financial problems, Marvelous was about to drop out of secondary school when a concerned principal stepped in. Recognising that she was a brilliant student and not wanting the young lady’s illustrious dreams to hit a brick wall, she carried Marvelous’ case to the school council which offered her a scholarship to complete her secondary education. The young Nigerian student returned their effort by studying hard and graduating from secondary school with good grades.

After scaling through the huddles that gave her scholastic ambitions a fight in secondary school, Marvelous was faced with yet another herculean mission of gaining admission into university. She had the lofty aspiration of pursuing a scholarship with a school in the United Kingdom, a scholarship which is usually awarded to only two persons from Nigeria each year. Marvelous became nervous that she may not be able to stand the stiff competition that would be involved.

It was in the angst of that dilemma that she and her mother were introduced to Emmanuel TV by an acquaintance. Watching Emmanuel TV gave them so much inspiration and prepared their minds to look at life from God’s perspective. Through the glorious testimonies emanating from the channel, they were encouraged to believe God and concluded that their case would not be an exception before Him. Mother and daughter came to The SCOAN and received the Morning Water. Poised for miraculous expectations, Marvelous ministered the Morning Water in prayer and sent in her scholarship application.

Out of 500 applicants, 20 were shortlisted and invited for an interview and to God’s glory, she was among them. Her inclusion in the list of the successful 20 was in itself a precursor to the big miracle because it was a highly competitive scenario with many brilliant candidates. After the final interview, which included a written test, public speech and oral interview, Marvelous marveled everyone with her performance and was awarded a scholarship to the United World Colleges. Her speech that day has remained a reference point ‘til date.

After studying for two years in Wales, another scholarship opportunity arose. Ministering the Morning Water, she applied for it. In spite of the huge financial implications of that programme, she was granted a scholarship and headed to her studies in Senegal. After the completion of that programme, she prayed again with the Morning Water and applied for her undergraduate degree programme. In a rare development, a response which normally takes at least two weeks to come was granted positively in only two days.

The hand of God upon Marvelous’ life was made manifest as she was awarded a full scholarship to study for a Bachelor of Science in Biology and Psychology in the United States. Even though her chances were ordinarily slim, her ministration of the Morning Water coupled with her strong faith placed a demand on the anointing and brought God into the picture, thereby making the impossible possible in Jesus’ mighty name. In all, she has received three wonderful scholarships all through her educational career. It can only be God!

Testifying in company of her mother last Sunday, Marvelous praised the name of the Lord for crowning all her educational pursuits with glory. Her mother was also full of thanks to God for His wondrous works in the life of her daughter. It is indeed the Lord’s dong and it is marvelous in their lives. “There is nothing God cannot do for you if you put your trust in Him”, she advised.



Lucy relocated to Lagos in anticipation of a new and glorious working life. Her expectation soon turned sour, however, as the off-and-on pain she had been encountering in her womb hit her with a terrible and excruciating force. While the pain raged, she found it very difficult to walk and in the night, would find herself in the dream, eating and drinking all sorts of strange concoctions.

She thought the problem was medical and consulted a pharmacist but all the medication she received could not stop the excruciating pains. She was inundated with many theories as to the cause of her stomach problem, some even suggesting that the water she was drinking in Lagos was the cause of her affliction. By the time the pain gathered a destabilizing momentum, Lucy had no other choice than to run to a hospital. It was like a flight from pillar to post as all the diagnoses carried out did not find anything wrong with her.

Three weeks ago, she came to a Sunday service at The SCOAN seeking relief and received the ministration of the New Morning Water from the evangelists. She felt shivers down her spine as the pain, rather than subsiding, became worse. Soon after, while at home, the pain began to feel like labour. She called a friend and told her that she felt as if something was about to come out of her body. She went to the restroom and behold, a long wormlike creature came out of her womb and immediately, the pain stopped. During her testimony last Sunday, Lucy told congregants that she is now pain free. “Once you are focused on Jesus, He will definitely see you through,” she advised.



Mrs Maryann Victor suffered in silence for 22 years. She had the problem of bedwetting and had tried to conceal it for long. As a minister of the Gospel doing missionary work in Kenya, it was a tough job for her because whenever she was invited to preach or teach, she had to make sure that she never slept over, no matter the time the service finished. She took that precaution to avoid embarrassing herself.

Her bedwetting problem was strange in that, whenever she wet the bed, someone in her close circle would die. More so, disappointments and failures always followed her bedwetting episodes. The problem appeared to be a family yoke because her son also suffered from it. Sometimes, when he was confronted with the volume of urine on the bed, he would ask his mother if he was the only one that messed up on the bed. Unknown to the young man, his mother was a fellow bedwetter.

Apart from the emotional hassles she faced in trying to contain her bedwetting problem, she also discovered that her finances were not spared. All the money she had saved as a retiree vanished without any meaningful explanation, leaving her the more confused. This also affected her interpersonal relationships as she preferred to keep people at arm’s length with the fear that they might discover she was bedwetting. Mrs Victor continued to struggle with the yoke of bedwetting until she was introduced to Emmanuel TV by her son.

As mother and son watched Emmanuel TV, the testimony of a man who had been delivered from the same yoke of bedwetting kindled the fire of hope in them. Her son was particularly delighted that at last, he had found a place where his problem would be tackled once and for all. As he expressed his delight, he was still unaware that his own mother had the same problem. Deep down her heart, Mrs Victor was consumed by unlimited joy, knowing that an end to her problem was in sight.

Later, Mrs Victor dreamt of coming to The SCOAN. In that dream, as she approached Gate One, she met so many ushers who kept telling her to drop the man behind her. Looking back, she saw an elderly man strapped to her back. She dropped him instantly and made her way into the church where she met Prophet T.B. Joshua. He did not ask her any question. Rather, he just declared “It is well” and that was all.

When she woke up from that dream, she headed straight to The SCOAN where she received the Morning Water and returned home. Since the day she started ministering the Morning Water ‘til this very moment, the yoke of bedwetting has disappeared from her life. Last Sunday, she testified to her deliverance from that disgraceful yoke. She also advised the whole world to run to Jesus Christ to find solutions to their problems.



His lust for women started like a small fire when he was 16 years old. As Mr Akalbeo grew, he discovered that little fire was becoming an inferno and taking over his soul. He could not stay with just one woman. He engaged in multiple affairs without the knowledge of his family and friends. He had a secret way of going about his ungodly business. There were times he would realize that what he was doing was not normal but he lacked the power to turn a new leaf.

He knew that something was wrong with him and had made several efforts to stop but the beast of lust would not be tamed just like that. He thought that the problem would stop after his marriage but opposite was the case. After he got married, the spirit of lust and anger upped their games in the playground of his soul. He lost affection for his wife and spent more time with strange women. Whenever his wife confronted him about his extramarital affairs, he would become wild with anger. Mr Akalbeo was a tough man who would not easily forgive when he was hurt. He was a slave to the spirits of anger and unforgiveness.

His 3-year-old son, however, became instrumental to his deliverance. He would always insist on watching Prophet T.B. Joshua on Emmanuel TV. That insistence made Mr Akalbeo watch the channel and he began to witness the power of God at work. After that great encounter with Emmanuel TV, he decided to come to The SCOAN for his deliverance.

Three weeks ago the evangelists ministered the New Morning Water on him and the evil spirit behind his problems began to manifest. While under the influence of the anointing, the evil spirit spoke out: “… We are two. Spirit of lust and spirit of anger…. From one woman to another. I want to destroy him. Anger! I caused lack of affection. Illness – I want to kill him. I want to make him blind! He can’t tolerate nonsense. He wants to fight and get results.”

After revealing the havoc it had wreaked in his life, the evil spirit was expelled by the Holy Spirit through the medium of New Morning Water. Mr Alkabeo was declared free in the mighty name of Jesus. He gave his testimony last Sunday in company of his wife. Radiating in his new-found freedom in Christ, he no longer nurses lustful feelings. His marriage is now peaceful and full of love. Anger is nowhere to be found around him.

My husband is a lovely man. I love him,” said his wife who was once in the eye of the storm with her marriage. Mr Akalbeo advised people with the same problem to run to God as He is the only One who can deliver them. “If there is a strange spirit in you, stop pretending and run to God. He has a solution to your problems,” he said.



Comfort’s family background was a problem in itself. Her father and mother always kept their daggers drawn and the children consistently faced the brunt of their father’s wrath, receiving beatings at the slightest provocation. Gradually Comfort started exhibiting troublesome traits while in school. Regularly engaging in fights, mostly with boys, she became unconquerable, a bad habit that endeared her to her father.

After her mother left her father’s house, Comfort’s father at different times, got married to four other women. Comfort was a terror to them all, forcing them out of her father’s house through serious beatings when the father was not around. The fourth one was so unlucky that she copped a broken hand after one of the beatings.

Her father beat her in response, sometimes locking her up in the house but Comfort would not change. She became hardened and continued fighting on the streets, beating boys and whoever

dared to look for her trouble. She eventually fled her father’s house and settled with her mother in Jos. It was there that she later met her husband.

Before their marriage, the new couple visited a herbalist who made incisions on them, telling them that their problems would be over. After their marriage, however, peace became alien to their home. They fought nonstop. Comfort was always the aggressor and would never surrender, throwing all the arsenals at her disposal, including her head and teeth. Her husband’s hand even had to be stitched once after she bit him. She was a terror to everyone around her, once beating a woman to stupor and being arrested by the police. Not long after she was released, she head-butted a man and broke his head. Comfort also went to her sister’s house to beat up her in-law after he abused his wife. She fought and bloodied a woman inside the bus that brought her to Lagos.

One day, Comfort was introduced to Emmanuel TV by a friend. After watching, she reckoned that she needed deliverance, admitting that she had not been living right. She visited The SCOAN two weeks ago and received her deliverance after the evangelists ministered the New Morning Water on her. That day, the evil spirit in her revealed all the things it had done to her.

I have finished her. Her marriage – I wanted to kill her husband last year December but I did not succeed. I made her to faint. I wanted to kill her because she is disturbing us…

The spirit of anger! I knew her when they married her in my place. I destroyed her. I marked her husband all over. I destroyed the husband’s career. I destroyed everything about her husband. He works like an elephant but eats like an ant,” said the evil spirit. Taking the authority in the mighty name of Jesus, the evil spirit was commanded out of her life as she fell to the ground under the influence of the Holy Spirit.

Comfort was in The SCOAN last Sunday to testify to her deliverance together with her husband and children. She thanked God for taking away the spirit of anger and aggression from her and for restoring peace and love to her marriage. Her husband also shared the joy of her deliverance as he recollected the terrible times she gave him. “Don’t run from God, run to Him”, he advised.



Aside from the beauty of her name, there was nothing joyful about her attitude, especially towards her husband. Joy was a thorn in the flesh of her husband. She was domineering and treated her husband, a pastor, as an errand boy. She would neither cook nor carry out other domestic chores. Instead, whenever she returned from her shop, she would send her husband out to buy her food. Many a time, she would quarrel with him and threaten to leave the house. She continually heard voices, urging her to leave her marriage. Joy’s background did not help matters as her grandfather had been an idol worshipper and a major problem she had was that she always dreamt of having sexual relations with a strange man.

Physically, Joy had issues with her health, having been diagnosed with fibroids and told she would not be able to conceive. All the hospitals she visited made the same conclusion. Unknown to her and her husband, a jezebel spirit was behind Joy’s predicament. That spirit was also responsible for her husband’s persistent toothache, as revealed during her deliverance.

One day, her husband introduced her to Emmanuel TV and as she started watching, she soon realized how urgently she needed God. That desire to experience the power of God brought her to The SCOAN penultimate Sunday in company of her husband. That day, the evangelists ministered the New Morning Water on congregants. As soon as the anointed medium was ministered on her, the demon that had been tormenting her life spoke out. “I am a jezebel. I’ve destroyed her. I put fibroids in her womb. She can never conceiveI’ve destroyed her husband. I gave her husband sickness. I don’t want her to make it in lifeI want her husband’s people to hate her so that they will send her back,” cried the demon. It was finally cast out of her, in the name of Jesus and she received her freedom!

Last Sunday, she came to testify in company of her husband. Thanking God for changing her life and for restoring peace and love to her marriage, Joy advised people all over the world to seek God’s face whenever they encounter problems.