THE NEW MORNING WATER: THIS IS YOUR POWER! THIS IS YOUR GLORY! - The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations - SCOAN - Prophet T.B. Joshua (General Overseer)



The SCOAN Sunday Service kicked off with vibrant Spirit-filled praise and worship from The SCOAN choristers, ushering everyone into God’s presence.


The atmosphere was charged with exhilaration as footage was shown from the recently concluded two-day crusade in Paraguay with Prophet T.B. Joshua. The crusade was held in South America on the 11th and 12th of August and broadcast live from Asunción, Paraguay. Everyone gave Jesus Christ all the honour and glory for the miracles and deliverances that had transformed millions of lives in the nation of Paraguay, the South American continent and the world at large, through His servant, Prophet T.B. Joshua. Among other awards, the man of God was presented with The National Order of Merit – Paraguay’s highest honour by The National Parliament of Paraguay. It was the first time in the history of the nation that the honour was given to someone who was not a citizen of Paraguay.


 Deliverance, healing, restoration and blessing were the order of the day as the New Morning Water sent by Prophet T.B. Joshua was ministered to everyone present. ‘Lord Jesus Christ, this is Your Power; this is Your glory!’ was the prayer and meditation in the hearts of the evangelists sent by the man of God, as they ministered the New Morning Water, in Jesus’ name. People were set free from the powers of darkness with each spray of the New Morning Water as the demons in their lives were exposed, manifesting violently and confessing their destructive work. Those who had come with various afflictions and sicknesses were also healed through the New Morning Water, in Jesus’ name.


The testimony time lifted everyone’s faith to a new level as people from across the globe tuned in to Emmanuel TV to celebrate with those who had come out to share their testimonies of how Jesus Christ had miraculously restored their lives from hopelessness to happiness, sorrow to joy, sickness to good-health and poverty to prosperity:



Mrs Chisolu testified to how she was left for dead but restored back to life. Mrs Chisolu developed the habit of ministering the Morning Water, in Jesus’ name every morning before going out. One fateful day, Mrs Chisolu was travelling to see her mother and on the way, the bus she was travelling in had a terrible accident. The bus overturned and she was trapped under the bus and its tyres.


She said that at that point, it felt as if she was dreaming. She narrated how she saw herself dying and how she also saw her children crying. Immediately, Mrs Chisolu said that she saw Prophet T.B. Joshua and another man dressed in white appear to her in a vision and the man of God proclaimed, “Be rescued, in Jesus’ name!” After uttering those words, Mrs Chisolu gained her full consciousness to witness how rescuers were pulling a man next to her out of the wreck with a broken spinal cord.


Still in-between life and death, Mrs Chisolu heard how they were discussing leaving her for dead under the bus but others were shouting that they should rather pull her out from under the bus. At that moment, Prophet T.B. Joshua appeared to her again in a vision, dressed in white and said, “Be rescued, in Jesus’ name!” Those were the final words from Jesus Christ through Prophet T.B. Joshua and Mrs Chisolu was fully restored. She was miraculously rescued from the wrecked bus with minor injuries and testified how God had brought her back to life.


Mrs Chisolu encouraged everyone that God can use any medium to do His work and that we should not see The Morning Water as ordinary water but a ‘bomb’ in the spirit that works wonders in Jesus’ name.



It was a prophecy Mrs Gloria Egbelo received from Prophet T.B Joshua in the name of Jesus Christ that totally transformed her marriage from the state of no affection to that of love and happiness.


One fateful Sunday, Prophet T.B Joshua prophesied, saying, “There is a lady, she is contemplating leaving her marriage for good”. Mrs Gloria Egbelo came out identifying herself as the lady whom the Prophet was talking to.


According to Mrs Egbelo, her marriage had been without affection for a long time. Although she lived with her husband, they didn’t talk or live at peace with each other. She recounted that this apathy for her husband came about as a result of her husband’s drinking and smoking, coupled with his womanising. She no longer envisaged herself living in that unpleasant condition, so she decided to leave her home and anticipated dissolving the marriage.

Fortunately, she decided to come to The SCOAN to see what God had to say about her situation and glory be to God, she received the prophecy from Prophet T.B. Joshua. At a simple touch from Heaven, she and her husband were delivered and a great change has occurred in their lives since the deliverance. The love and affection between both of them has returned and her husband’s addiction to smoking, drinking and womanising has changed. According to Mr Egbelo, “After the deliverance, I now pay attention to my wife and I love her completely; she is the only one for me.” Mr and Mrs Egbelo candidly advised the congregants that a prophecy received from Prophet T.B Joshua is truly the divine voice from God that not only leads to deliverance but also breakthrough in all areas of our lives.



Mrs Uloaku Christiana Uzor was a chronic bedwetter from birth until her encounter with Jesus Christ through His servant, Prophet T.B. Joshua. The problem had caused her huge embarrassment throughout her childhood and teenage years, leaving her with very low self-esteem. “My parents tried everything to help me but nothing worked!” She narrated how she remembers attending a church programme and bedwetting during the programme. The embarrassment was too much for her and she cried out and confessed her problem to the pastor who was unable to help her.

She exclaimed that the bedwetting was so chronic that she would bedwet every day – morning, noon and night. The problem brought a lot of shame to her life and as she grew older, instead of stopping, it got worse. Mrs Uzor recounted how the problem of bedwetting even grew worse when she got married. She said that her husband never knew she was bedwetting as they did not always live together and she was a master at hiding her problem. Mrs Uzor would get up very early every morning to wash the urine-stained bedsheets and clothes before people would wake up. She said that many times, while washing, her young child would ask her, “Mummy, am I bedwetting?” Embarrassed and ashamed, she would not know what to answer and remain silent. Mrs Uzor said that before bedwetting, she would see herself urinating in the toilet in the dream and in reality, she had no control and would bedwet.


During last week’s Sunday service, Mrs Uzor was desperate to receive her deliverance and she kept praying and crying to God that He would locate her through Prophet T.B. Joshua. The man of God gave a prophecy, “There is a woman who is a bedwetter seated under the gallery, come out”. Mrs Uzor was seated on top of the gallery and by faith jumped up from her seat and came out to confirm the prophecy. The man of God said that she was not the one he had prophesied about and that the person concerned did not want to come out because of pride.


Nevertheless, Prophet T.B. Joshua, recognising Mrs Uzor’s faith, prayed for her, in Jesus’ name and she was delivered – the problem of bedwetting became a thing of the past. She has not bedwet again since her deliverance. She advised everyone to have faith in God because their problems did not embarrass Jesus Christ as He was the Solution Provider.



Chizoba Doris Eze received her deliverance last week Sunday from a spiritual husband and the spirit of anger, during the ministration of The New Morning Water, in Jesus’ name. Chizoba said   that she had been tormented by the spirit of anger and a spiritual husband for many years. Growing up, people would warn young Chizoba’s parents that if nothing was done to tame her, the anger and stubbornness that the young girl portrayed would wreak havoc in her future. Her parents were powerless and there was nothing they could do to restrain her. She said that she would especially be every active and awake at night, after midnight when everyone else would be sleeping.


Chizoba explained that the spirit of anger in her was so fierce that despite her young age, she would fear nothing and could enter and challenge people that her friends would not dare to do. During her university years, her student friends would even ask her to help them to stand up for them and challenge lecturers if they had any problem. Chizoba said that she would boldly walk into lecturers’ offices and demand from them what she wanted and she would always get it.


She said that the spirit of anger was given to her by a spiritual husband who would manifest in her dreams in the form of a woman. The result of her experiences at night with her spiritual husband was an unexplained hatred and anger physically especially towards men. The evil spirit in her also pushed her to set up and hurt fellow workers to get whatever she wanted; she did not care who she had to offend in order to get it. She said that she would do whatever she had to do to a person with the thought that she would apologise after attaining her aim.


Chizoba testified how she received her deliverance through the New Morning Water during last week Sunday’s service. She said that when the evangelists started ministering the New Morning Water, she thought that it was the same as the Morning Water but once it was ministered to her, in Jesus’ name, she knew it was not ordinary but filled with the power, glory and fire of God. The evil spirit within her manifested and confessed its evil activities in her life. She was set free, in Jesus’ name.


With a smile on her face, she testified that she has a free spirit and that she no longer holds grudges against others. She advised everyone to involve the Spirit of God in their decisions. “Allow the Spirit of God to direct and rule you in everything you do!”



One fateful weekend in January, whilst on the public bus with other passengers, Miss Monica Paul was hit on the forehead by a man with a charm and instantly became unconscious. Miss Monica recalled the moment a beautiful day turned into a nightmare. When she woke up, she discovered that she was in a gloomy and sully place, that could be described as a shrine, where she saw two men. One of the men was an old man who surprisingly called her name and surname. The old man instructed her and the other man to remove their clothes and carry a black pot. Reflexively, she did as she was instructed and made an oath, swearing never to tell any soul of what had taken place in the shrine. She lost consciousness again and when she regained consciousness, she found herself on the road and went back home. Being under the umbrella of fear and anxiety, Miss Monica couldn’t tell anyone what had happened and her life became haunted by the dreadful experience.

As the weeks followed, Miss Monica received a phone call and a voice resembling the voice of the elderly man did some incantations, causing her to lose consciousness and start acting like a zombie. The elderly man instructed her to go to a hotel and meet a particular man who would have intercourse with her. Subserviently, she went to the hotel and had sex with this ‘strange’ man. The next day, the man called her on the phone and instructed her to get some money and come to the hotel; she obediently collected some money and went to the hotel to sleep with him. This predicament continued in her life, making her insolvent as she had used all her money in her savings; she had to start begging family and friends for money to give to the ‘strange’ man.


One fateful day, Miss Monica decided to watch Emmanuel TV with her elder brother who was an avid Emmanuel TV viewer. She joined the mass prayer and touched the screen of her television when Prophet T.B. Joshua was praying. She recounted that the next day, when she received a phone call from the strange man again, a boldness came upon her and she questioned him and even refused to go to the hotel. That instant confrontation with the strange man gave her hope and she decided to come to The SCOAN.


She visited The SCOAN and Prophet T.B Joshua prophesied, saying, “There is a woman here, the devil speaks to you…. You receive phone calls and then, meet with a man who sleeps with you.” Weighing the gravity of her life, Miss Monica came out to identify herself as the lady whom the Prophet was talking to and received deliverance in the name of Jesus Christ. Miss Monica recounted that during her ordeal in bondage, she could not sleep or eat freely because she was in constant fear; everything around her alarmed her. She lived like a prey who was relentlessly watched by its predator, fearing that each day was its last of survival. After her deliverance, freedom was born. Now, she sleeps freely and moves freely; the thoughts and fear of dying are no longer there. Most importantly, she no longer receives any strange phone calls.


In advising viewers all over the world, Miss Monica stated that no matter the bondage we are in, we should find boldness to run to God’s presence because He is ready to free us because He loves us and wants the best for us in our lives.



Mr Ian Phiri came all the way from Zambia possessed by the spirit of the devil and the queen of the coast. Through this demonic possession, he developed an irresistible urge to sleep with older women.


 During his testimony, he recounted that it all started when he visited a traditional priest in Mozambique in search of fortification and breakthrough in his football career. During the ritual, he was asked to stand next to a boiling pot of water and concoctions; the concoctions were subsequently poured over him.


After the ritual, he had a dream in which he saw himself having intercourse with a woman. He later received power all over his body and developed the urge to command any woman using his eyes. This also led him to develop a lifestyle of drinking, smoking and womanising. Women of all forms would often seek him out even without him having to persuade them. His football career was negatively affected as he became impoverished.
His friend was concerned about the downturn in his life and advised him to visit The SCOAN for deliverance. He heeded his advice and visited The SCOAN last week.


During his visit, the man of God announced the medium of the New Morning Water for ministration to the power and glory of God. Mr Phiri began meditating and started to experience a burning sensation and felt a strong impulse to leave the church auditorium.
He however stayed back and as the New Morning Water was ministered on him, he felt consumed by a large fire from his head to his toes and subsequently received his deliverance.

After his deliverance, he had a dream in which a woman walked up to him and demanded for the keys to his brand new car. He declined and the woman then disappeared, thus re-affirming his complete deliverance. Since then, he’s been sleeping peacefully and his past life of eating in the dream and meeting with women in the dream has been put to an end.


He advised the viewers to have patience and be persistent in seeking deliverance from Jesus Christ.



Regina Sarpeh from Ghana was one of the most popular and well known actresses in the home video industry and she had starred in many successful movies. Everything was progressing well and she thought that she had reached the top of her game until she was cast to play a lead role of a smoker in a particular movie.


 She explained that she had never smoked before playing the role. Smoking did not end after finishing the movie, instead, Regina started feeling an uncontrollable urge to smoke and she started smoking many packets of cigarettes a day. Realising where her problem had started, she said, “The role I played in that movie affected my life badly”. She explained that the urge to smoke would push her to smoke not only during the day but also at night when everyone else was fast asleep. “The bad habit really disturbed me and I felt bad each time I saw my children watching their mother smoke but I just could not stop!”


In 2013, she met a friend who introduced her to Emmanuel TV and she saw how people were set free from different addictions through the Morning Water. She ministered the Morning Water to herself, in Jesus’ name believing that Jesus Christ would set her free and that night, she had a dream in which she saw a pot filled with water in her stomach; she watched how the water in the pot was struggling with the smoke and in the morning, when she woke up, she started vomiting poisonous substances uncontrollably. Immediately, the urge to smoke left her completely and Regina testified that since that day in 2013 till date, she has not smoked one cigarette and is completely free!


Her advice to fellow actors and actresses was that they should focus on their salvation and not on the fame and money in the acting industry. “Salvation first!” she earnestly stressed to everyone. Thank You, Jesus Christ!



Miss Naomi Kok came all the way from The Netherlands with her mother in search of a meaning to life due to her constant struggles with suicide, depression, drinking and smoking.
Two months ago, she had a confrontation with her mother as a result of her suicidal and negative thoughts. She subsequently developed refuge in partying, smoking and drinking to a stupor with friends. Each time, she had a confrontation, she would try all means to desperately end her life. This led her to surround herself with other suicidal friends who advised her to cut herself. Her mother had no idea how desperate she was in searching for a means to end her life. This led her to perform woefully in school as she lost concentration.

As the months passed, the situation became worse and she finally confided in her mum who arranged for her to visit The SCOAN in search of a solution and a divine meaning to life.
Her mother re-affirmed her daughter’s account to be an accurate representation of the situation. She had no clue her daughter desperately wanted to end her life. Naomi’s mother further mentioned that during confrontation, her daughter would become very angry, pick up her phone and withdraw into her privacy in order to interact with friends on social media sites.

During her visit to The SCOAN, Naomi was prayed for by Prophet T.B. Joshua in the power of the Holy Ghost. During the prayer, she felt a sensation and something coming out of her and received her deliverance. She advised the youth to run to God when they encounter similar situations and decline from a lifestyle of partying, drinking and smoking.


She also mentioned that she would be returning to a new life in The Netherlands which would involve meditating on the Word of God with the help of the faith tools she had acquired from The SCOAN.


Naomi’s mother advised parents to monitor their children constantly, especially during periods of confrontation and advised them to guide their children against developing a life of isolation as a result of such confrontations.