A BOOK THAT READS US - The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations - SCOAN - Prophet T.B. Joshua (General Overseer)


Prophet T.B. Joshua, led by the Spirit of God, swung into action with the anointing of God, dismantling every stronghold and trap of the devil to bring salvation, healing, deliverance and all of God’s blessings to all. Many were healed of different diseases while others received deliverance from age-long yokes that had strangulated their progress as people of God. The atmosphere was very intense as the demons that had held them in spiritual captivity manifested.


It was total victory for the Kingdom of God as all who received the anointed touch of Prophet T.B. Joshua proclaimed their healing and deliverance to the glory of the God. Many trooped out to give their testimonies.

In his message, Prophet T.B. Joshua revealed that prayer is a dialogue. “Prayer is a two-way conversation. You talk to Him and then you listen to what He has to say”. The man of God reminded everyone that prayer and Bible reading must always go together and that God speaks to us through His Word, by His Spirit. He said, “The Bible is a Book that reads us even when we read it. It is an uncommon sort of Book; it requires an uncommon sort of reading”.






Prophet T.B. Joshua also warned Christians on the dangers of holding grudges and keeping offence, adding that we need a free spirit to communicate with God. He declared that reading the Bible without a free spirit is akin to reading literature: “When you hold grudges against your brother or anyone and you are reading the Bible, you are just reading literature. The difference between literature and the Word of God – one is inspired by the Spirit of God and one is just literature, the language from men.”

Prophet T.B. Joshua went further to expatiate on the true nature and meaning of a free spirit. “You need a free spirit – a spirit that forgives and forgets the past pain. For you to be able to take the Word of God to heart and truly make it part of you, you must have a free spirit. If not, you will only memorise the Word and commit it to memory. It will never dominate you when your spirit is not free”, he said.



The man of God further explained that the Word of God, being Spirit, has the propensity to change a man’s nature if he commits it to heart by meditating and turning it over and over. He stressed that it also has the capacity to purify the soul and safeguard it against sin: “The Word of God has a purifying power; it has converting power. When you take the Word to heart and truly make it part of you, it will by its very nature change you. It keeps one from sin and error. It rejoices the heart. It is food for our soul and a guide for our feet. It is a light to our path.”

In an earlier message titled A MERE CHALLEGE TO GOD, Evangelist Christopher called on the children of God to trust in their God, no matter the circumstances they find themselves in. He warned against self-trust and added that it is only in the name of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ that we can find victory over satan and sin. “Trust in yourself and you are doomed to disappointment”, he observed.

Making a Biblical reference to the historic defeat of the revered giant, Goliath by a rustic shepherd boy called David, Evangelist Christopher submitted that the latter’s victory was based on the word of faith he spoke even in the presence of the intimidating giant who ordinarily would have eaten him up as a snack. “The way you handle your situation matters”, he continued, adding that “David trusted in God and He gave him victory.”

Summarily speaking, he enjoined Christians to brace up for the harsh realities of life by putting on the whole armour of God in order to be able to handle the inevitable troubles, that have, since the beginning, become part of the Christian race. “Life is a battle where only the serious-minded are victorious. He who desires victory must be ready to embrace war”, he concluded.






When he joined the Nigeria Immigration Service, his ultimate ambition was to rise to the upper echelon of the organisation through the dint of hard work.

But lik


e a sprouting tree whose growth was arrested by the vicissitudes of time, Mr Ohia Bede struggled to get promotion. He had borne a lot of disappointments, including a rude dose of embarrassment when his subordinates were promoted ahead of him. It took sixteen years before he was even promoted to his former rank of Assistant Chief Inspector.

Those sixteen years of waiting were strewn with anxiety, psychological agonies and despair. Naturally, Mr Bede encountered a lot of psychological and self-esteem problems, seeing his juniors get promotion before him. Those were some of the most trying times in his career. And so, when another promotion opportunity came in 2015, he was eager to grab it with all his heart. Having learnt from his previous failings, he decided to bring God into the picture this time around.

When the promotion exams approached, Mr Bede fortified himself with the Morning Water and cried out to God, insisting on his promotion. On the day of the exams, he ministered the Morning Water in Jesus’ name and went ahead to write the papers. When the results were released, he was among the promoted officers. He was promoted from the rank of Assistant Chief Inspector to Deputy Chief Inspector of Immigrations.

In an emotion-laden voice during his testimony last Sunday, the elated Nigerian expressed deep gratitude to God for giving him a cause to smile before his retirement next year. “When you use the Morning Water, believe that your problems are over”, he advised.


After an accident, a quartet of ailments had made life very difficult for Mrs Thelma Sedibe. Hearing loss, cervical spondylosis, knee problem and hypertension unleashed their terrors on her, making her unable to do most things on her own. She couldn’t hear anything even with the use of her hearing aids and she always had to wear a lumbar corset coupled with a knee brace.

These problems really affected her inter-personal relationships negatively. Her job was also seriously threatened and made her to rely on her children for assistance. It was a very shameful experience for her when she could not hear what people said to her. The South African had suffered from these health issues for seven years and could no longer bear the discomfort, hence her decision to come to The SCOAN.                             


She received her healing penultimate Sunday after she received the anointed touch of Prophet T.B. Joshua during the church service as the man of God ministered prayer and healing to congregants in the name of Jesus Christ. Through the mighty power in the name of Jesus, all her problems were uprooted. Instantly, she began to hear again. As she celebrated, she walked unaided for the first time in a very long while to the glory of God.

Having received her healing, Mrs Sedibe no longer needs the hearing aid, lumbar corset and knee brace. Walking majestically during her testimony last Sunday, she advised people to wait for God’s time because it is the best time.




As a child, a strange picture always appeared to her, especially when she was alone. In that picture, she would see herself decorated with a crown, sitting on a throne made of gold. The environment sparkled with all the trappings of royalty as she would be surrounded by maidens who worshipped and served her. That picture usually disappeared whenever a person came into the scene. Miss Hadijat Salami was eight years old at the time of those rare occurrences.

As she grew up, she discovered many other strange things about her life. Somehow, she would find herself bathing in the river, eating and having sexual relations with a man in the dreams. Her problems got to a troublesome climax when she was about to get married. Then, her spiritual husband appeared and engaged her in a spiritual battle. For seven days, she was in the river slugging it out with the evil spirits who did not want her to get married to any other man.

Yes, I will marry him because I can change him after our marriage”, as she justified her decision to marry a man who smoked and drank alcohol. After the battle with the evil spirit, Hadijat went ahead and married the man after her heart. Two months into their marriage, trouble built a tent in their midst. They started having all sorts of disagreements, leading to loss of affection and understanding. It got to an extent that Hadijat was only managing the marriage as a face-saving strategy to avoid being mocked.

During her first pregnancy, her mother in-law had taken her to a herbalist. When they got there, the herbalist threw herself down, worshipped her and told her mother in-law that Hadijat was a queen in the river and that no one should offend her. The herbalist also directed Hadijat to offer a sacrifice to a river which she had dreamt about earlier. After the sacrifice, her problems continued. Even after giving birth to two children, instead of experiencing the joy of new motherhood, she faced the harsh reality of a broken home.

Her husband was also at the receiving end of the endless imbroglio that had taken over their marriage. He lost his job and did not receive any terminal entitlement after serving the organisation for over thirty years. The man who was once rich was reduced to a poor man amid the frustrations from his marriage. On her own part, Hadijat had travelled abroad hoping to start a new life but that journey would come with its own problems. She had issues with her passport and had to change her name to “Queen” with the assistance of a man who said he saw a crown on her head.

When she returned to Nigeria, the same problems – she was running away from – received her with open arms. There was a spiritual embargo on progress in her life. Whatever she ventured into turned out to be a failure. Her jobless husband later passed on due to the frustrations of life.

Any man who had an affair with her always ended up in problems. Some of the men even summoned the courage to tell her how their lives had been ruined after having affairs with her. They even begged her to go for deliverance. Hadijat had been to many places for deliverance but all to no avail.

One day while on the bed with a man, something strange happened. The man had screamed out from sleep, saying that he dreamt that she turned into a dog and attacked him. It was then, she realised the urgent need for deliverance. She was introduced to Emmanuel TV and started watching the channel where she witnessed many great deliverances that gave her faith a boost.

Finally, she was in the church two Sundays ago and received her deliverance after Prophet T.B. Joshua had laid his anointed hand on her. It was an instant demonstration of God’s power. As soon as the demon in her came in contact with the Spirit of God, it manifested and confessed all it had done to her. “I seized her money. I locked her up. She will not enjoy marriage”, cried the big- for-nothing demon before it was sent back to the pit of hell.

Testifying last Sunday, Hadijat thanked God for severing her relationship with darkness. She revealed how she had used the evil powers in her eyes and waist to destroy men. “Since I got my deliverance last week, even people around me will testify; I sleep like a baby. I no longer have those nightmares. No more seeing pythons. I don’t have those dreams again. I was even healed of piles that day the man of God laid his hand on me and since then, I have not taken any drugs”, she said. She advised people, especially married couples to be faithful in their marriages.


She had been diagnosed with HIV/AIDS. With this, death was only a matter of time. Overtaken by fear and the constant hearing of a voice which kept telling her that she would die, Mrs Estella Mutale could not compose herself to do anything productive. The psychological trauma that followed her HIV/AIDS status dealt a destabilising blow to her business. Not willing to fold her arms while the callous hands of death inched closer and closer to her, she mustered the courage to gather her family members and told them about her status.


Her son, on hearing about the sad news, introduced her to Emmanuel TV and encouraged her to seek healing at the arena of liberty, The SCOAN. Mrs Mutale started watching Emmanuel TV and became more and more inspired by the testimonies she had seen on the anointed channel. One day, she saw the testimony of a woman from Botswana who was healed of the same HIV/AIDS. That very testimony gave her faith a magnificent leap. The Zambian visited The SCOAN in 2015 and received her healing. As the man of God laid his hand on her at the Prayer Line, the evil spirit behind her sickness manifested and confessed that it had infected her with the medically-incurable disease.

In a matter of seconds, the Spirit of God had crushed the sickness out of her life. After just two days, all the rashes and opportunistic infections that came with the disease vanished. Mrs Mutale gave her testimony last Sunday during the church service. She told congregants how she had returned to the same hospital where she was diagnosed with the disease and how it was discovered that she is now HIV/AIDS negative. She thanked God for giving her a second chance. She also advised everyone to keep away from sin.


Ms Nokulunga James had been to many doctors just to sort out her bedwetting problem but none of them could proffer a solution. Already, the strange malady had taken a great psychological toll on her as it restricted her movement. There were places she could not visit lest she embarrassed herself. It also regulated her relationship with the opposite sex, albeit she had a fiancé who knew her predicament. Ultimately, she was afraid of marriage because she felt it could further create an avenue for more disgrace by the spirit of bedwetting.

Ms James was introduced to The SCOAN by a friend. The South African wasted no time in attuning herself to the many miracles and testimonies broadcast on Emmanuel TV. She discovered that her problem was decreasing gradually as she watched the anointed channel. That personal discovery convinced her, beyond every doubt and unfounded insinuations, that God is truly at work in The SCOAN.

She received her deliverance two Sundays ago when Prophet T.B. Joshua was ministering prayer and prophecy during the Sunday service. He had prophesied that there was a woman in the congregation who had been battling with the problem of bedwetting. He urged her to come out, assuring her that the problem would be a thing of the past as God would deliver her permanently that day. With just one anointed touch from the man of God, the evil spirit behind her problem was deposed by the Spirit of God, bringing an end to all the disgrace and shame it had caused her.

During her testimony last Sunday, she lamented on how she had suffered from the yoke of bedwetting since 2013. She narrated how the problem had prevented her from getting married due to the fear that she might embarrass herself. She thanked God for making it a thing of the past through the power in the name of Jesus. “Jesus expects us to talk and walk as overcomers. We should stay strong through hardship and sickness, believing in God”, she advised.


True to what Prophet T.B. Joshua said, “The battle is of Jesus and the winning is of God.”